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  1. SNP secures historic landslide
  2. Nationalists win 56 out of 59 seats
  3. Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems secure one seat each
  4. Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy loses seat but vows to 'fight back' as leader
  5. Douglas Alexander and Margaret Curran also high-profile Labour casualties
  6. Lib Dems Michael Moore, Danny Alexander and Charles Kennedy also lose seats

Live Reporting

By Thomas McGuigan, Steve Brocklehurst, Graham Fraser, Louise Sayers, Jo Perry and Rachel Grant

All times stated are UK

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Scotland Live

Jo Perry

BBC Scotland news website

Thanks for staying with us over the past 21 hours. We hope you've enjoyed our coverage of a truly remarkable election.

We'll be back on Monday at 07:00 with Scotland Live.

In the meantime, you can keep up to date with all the latest election twists and turns on the BBC Scotland News


Nicola Sturgeon interview

Reporting Scotland

In a interview outside the Houses of Parliament in London for Reporting Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon said: "Last night was an outstanding victory for the SNP. We broke the swing-o-meter."

Nicola Sturgeon

She said she made clear to David Cameron today that "he can't act now that it is business as usual in Scotland. People have voted to end austerity and have their voice heard and I look forward to having discussions with him in the weeks ahead."

Ms Sturgeon added: "Given that we do have a majority Conservative government... it is all the more important that we have SNP MPs standing up for Scotland."

She said the Smith Commission proposals had to be set out and strengthened and that she had "no proposal for a referendum".

"Something fishy in Scotland"

A baffled American's take on GE2015

There will be lots of serious and considered political analysis in the aftermath of the 2015 general election. Here PJ O'Rourke offers something else.

Fox on Downing Street

Read the full article


20 things you may have missed from the election

It's sometimes difficult to catch everything during an election night whirlwind of facts, stats and spin.

Here are 20 things you may have missed.

Two tens on a door generic

'Can't be business as usual'


Tim Reid

Political correspondent, BBC News

Sturgeon says she congratulated PM; he congratulated her. She told him it "can't be business as usual" re Scotland #ge2015

Coming up...18:30

Reporting Scotland

At 1830: An extended #RepScot, with more #GE2015 reaction and analysis.

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'The only remaining question'

Political editor Nick Robinson on BBC News at Six said:

"This is undoubtedly David Cameron's personal triumph but is of course also Nicola Sturgeon's."

"So the only remaining question is 'can they ever live together - can Scotland live with the rest of the UK?'

"Or will David Cameron become the last ever Primer Minister of the UK and Nicola Sturgeon the first ever leader of an independent Scotland?"

Apocalypse now...what next?

Election 2015 analysis

Brian Taylor

Political editor, Scotland

Of all the comments on the overnight apocalypse, undoubtedly the most straightforward came from a defeated Scottish Labour MP.

Jim Murphy

Since there were quite a few of them, let me narrow the focus a little. Come on down, Tom Harris.

Mr Harris had plainly anticipated defeat. Nonetheless, he looked suitably lugubrious as his fate was confirmed.

Read the full article


Message to Ed


Outgoing Labour leader Ed Miliband's brother tweets his reaction to #GE2015 result.

David Miliband tweet

SNP meeting

BBC Scotland News

The leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, is reportedly set to meet her 56 MPs tomorrow morning in Queensferry, near Edinburgh.

'Peculiar' Scots

Lord Hurd comments

BBC News Channel

In response to suggestions that David Cameron had stoked anti-Scottish sentiment during the election campaign, the former Conservative foreign and home secretary Lord Hurd said: "What David Cameron was doing was drawing attention to the fact that there are different parts to the United Kingdom and the biggest is England.

"By drawing attention to that he's not offending anybody, he shouldn't be offending anybody.

"It's only the Scots who have this peculiar feeling I think.

"I don't want to be rude about the Scottish Labour MPs but they are not the pick of the bunch."

'No discussions' for Sturgeon and Cameron


Tim Reid

Political correspondent, BBC News

Sturgeon and Cameron spoke by phone before ceremony at the Cenotaph. They appeared together at the VE ceremony but aides say no discussions.

Russell Brand describes 'mad moment'

Russell Brand says he got "caught up in some mad moment" when he backed Labour and Ed Miliband before the election.

Russell Brand
YouTube/Russell Brand

The comedian has released a video on The Trews, his YouTube channel, saying at the time he thought he could "

influence the outcome of an election".

Lord Hurd on Conservative pull in England

Lord Hurd spoke to the BBC about the Conservative win.

The former foreign and home secretary said: "This is third time in my political lifetime that a Tory party, not favoured in the opinion polls, has swept to victory, to everyone's surprise."

Lord Hurd

He said it was a "remarkable thing and may tell us something about an underlying pull to the Conservatives, regardless of the issues".

"People like to hang on to what they know," he said.

"Some of them say lets do away with the rascals but outweighing that is the sort of feeling that David Cameron has done his best, a good job, and we'd be taking too big a risk with Ed Miliband."

Election shocks: The big name losers

It was billed to be one of the most unpredictable elections in generations - and that it has been.

Vince Cable

There have been some

shock results throughout the night, with several household names across the UK losing their seats.

Here's a .

Maps of turnout and party strength

Find out how

each party fared in constituencies across the UK, and compare turnouts.

Party strength maps

You can use the interactive maps to see the share of the vote won by each party regardless of whether they won in that particular seat.

Cameron 'must make case' for EU membership

European Council President Donald Tusk has said he wants newly re-elected

British Prime Minister David Cameron to make the case for EU membership.

David Cameron in Brussels
Getty Images

Mr Tusk said he was "deeply convinced that there is no better life outside the European Union, for any country".

Mr Cameron has pledged to negotiate a "better deal" for the UK and hold a referendum on membership.

Clarke calls for separate Scots Labour

Charles Clarke, the former Labour Home Secretary, has said there is a "real question" over whether Labour's Scottish arm should be a separate party.

He said that Labour's campaign in Scotland demonised the SNP in a way that backfired.

Charles Clark sitting in studio
(C) British Broadcasting Corporation

He added that Nicola Sturgeon ran an "excellent" campaign.

"We just gave her a free hit and she just went for it," he said.

Mr Clarke said Labour needed to act quickly so it was in a position to challenge the SNP better at next year's Holyrood elections.

"I think there's a real question over whether we should simply say right now, the Scottish Labour party is an independent force," he said.

"It has it's own constitution, it's own operations, they're like the SDLP in Northern Ireland - a fraternal party."

Fallon is defence secretary


David Cameron

tweets: "My final appointment tonight is Michael Fallon as Defence Secretary."

'Stunning result'

Federation of Small Businesses

Commenting on the general election result Andy Willox, Scottish policy convener of the Federation of Small Businesses said:

"We congratulate the SNP on a truly stunning result.

"We look forward to working with all those now charged with making our voices heard in Westminster.

"No matter the scale of the political sea-change, though, the big issues facing the class of 2015 remain the same: sorting out the economy, securing the recovery and backing business to create jobs and raise revenues."

Cabinet re-shuffle



  • Philip Hammond will remain as Foreign Secretary
  • Theresa May continues as Home Secretary

Lord Tebbit on an independent Scotland

Lord Tebbit, speaking to the BBC

Former Tory minister during the Thatcher era, Norman Tebbit, spoke to the BBC about the SNP's landslide win in Scotland.

He said: "The Scots haven't yet tumbled to the fact that the SNP is not proposing independence to Scotland. They are proposing that Scotland should be like Latvia and Estonia, and countries like that, in the little boys league, of whom nobody takes any notice at all - still in the EU, still being told what to do by Brussels without any influence there whatsoever."

He added that he had been an advocate of establishing a Scottish Unionist party - not one associated with the Westminster establishment.

Lord Tebbit said it would be: "A grassroots organisation that would fight for the Union. I think that is what we need, and sooner or later that is what we will have."

Success of Scotland's SNP changes landscape of UK politics

Rob Broomby

British affairs correspondent, BBC World Service

The political contours of Scotland have been redrawn by the Scottish National Party's landslide victory.

The SNP leader and Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, said she wanted Scotland's voice to be heard and that it would be hard to ignore.

Nicola Sturgeon
Getty Images

Alex Salmond, the man she replaced as party leader after last year's independence referendum, put it more rhetorically: "The Scottish Lion has roared," he said.

But what will that roar mean in the months ahead?

Read the full article


Jings! Crivvens!

What's changed? A lot.

Douglas Fraser

BBC Scotland

Five years ago, the political map of Scotland remained unchanged from the 2005 election, even though there was a new complexion of government at Westminster, and even though the SNP was in power at Holyrood.

David Cameron meeting Nicola Sturgeon earlier this year

That was probably a key contributor to Labour and Lib Dem complacency.

Read the full article


'Stand aside'


Tim Reid

Political correspondent, BBC News

Scottish Labour Campaign for Socialism say trust in Labour has been squandered and say Jim Murphy and his team must stand aside

'Clear way'

Rev Sally Foster-Fulton: Church of Scotland

"The issue of Scotland's relationship with the rest of the United Kingdom will clearly be a vitally important issue over the coming weeks, months and years.

Rev Sally Foster-Fulton

"It is imperative that the clear way in which Scotland has voted is recognised by the new government at Westminster.

"An early step in achieving this will be delivery of the new powers for Scotland promised in the Smith Commission Agreement. It must also include a commitment on the part of both governments to work together for the people of Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom."

George Osborne reappointed


David Cameron

British Prime Minister

I have re-appointed George Osborne as Chancellor of the Exchequer. He will also be First Secretary of State - the ranking Cabinet Minister.

'Huge loss'


Tim Reid

Political correspondent, BBC News

Tory, Lord Tebbit says that LD ex Chief Sec Danny Alexander will be a "huge loss" and will be missed by Osborne #ge2015

How David Cameron won it

Jonny Dymond

One thing is rock-solid true: the Conservatives who worked on this campaign are as surprised by the result as the pollsters, pundits, politicians and general population.

David Cameron

Maybe they shouldn't be - the economy is in good shape and the Conservatives had incumbency advantage.

But when I travelled back from the prime minster's last rally with group of exhausted Conservative campaign officials it was clear that 290 seats was a hoped-for target.

No one talked about anything over 300 sets, and no-one even mentioned an overall majority.

Read the full article




Barack Obama among world leaders to congratulate David Cameron's "impressive" #GE2015 victory.

David Cameron

A view from outside

So what does the rest of the world think about UK election and the "Scottish issue"? The World Service speaks to a panel of journalists from around the world to look at what is at stake following the vote.

Screen grab

And CNN discusses how "Sturgeon might be the planet's fastest-rising politician" in

this article. A video by Stephen Collinson declares "if you like politics you are going to love Scotland".

Screen grab

'Too many mistakes'

Lord Steel

The former Liberal Democrat MP Lord Steel said: "History will be a lot kinder to Nick Clegg than the electorate has been.

David Steel

"It was a bold decision to take the party into government. We've had the most professional election campaign that I've ever seen.

"And yet the lesson is that the message wasn't being listened to. And the reason was that too many mistakes were made way back at the beginning of the coalition, most famously on the student fees."

Number 10

David Cameron enters Downing Street

David Cameron enters Downing Street

Full result

BBC Scotland News

Full general election 2015 result:

  • Conservative 331
  • Labour 232
  • SNP 56
  • LibDems 8
  • UKIP 1
  • Greens 1
  • Plaid15 3
  • Others 18

Shares surge on election outcome

UK shares and the pound have jumped after the

Conservatives won a parliamentary majority in the election.

FTSE 100

The FTSE 100 rose 116.69 points, or 1.7%, to 7,003.64, with shares in banks and energy companies seeing big gains.

On the currency markets, the pound was up nearly two cents against the US dollar at $1.5438.

The Conservatives have unexpectedly managed to secure a slender majority, to the relief of investors who had expected a long period of uncertainty.

SNP Westminster leader


Tim Reid

Political correspondent, BBC News

I'm told there is "absolutely" no question of Alex Salmond becoming SNP Westminster leader for their 56 MPs. "It won't happen" #ge2015

Final UK seat declared

The final seat to be declared has gone to the Conservatives as Derek Thomas wins St Ives from the Liberal Democrats

The Conservative Party has a majority of 12.

Star Sturgeon


Nicola Sturgeon was "the star of the campaign", says Labour adviser Catherine MacLeod on party's collapse in Scotland.

Who is Ian Murray, Labour's only Scottish MP?

He is the man who led the campaign to save Hearts Football Club from administration - winning over fans across Edinburgh.

Ian Murray

And now he has become Scotland's only Labour MP by retaining his Edinburgh South seat in the face of an SNP landslide in the Westminster election.

Read the

full article here.