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  1. News and updates for 26 June 2015
  2. Tributes paid to Avengers star Patrick Macnee
  3. Harry Potter play to debut in London next year
  4. Rain sets in on Glastonbury's official opening day

Live Reporting

By Kev Geoghegan and Victoria Lindrea

All times stated are UK

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So long... farewell

Kev Geoghegan

Arts and entertainment reporter

That's all from us today. To everyone at Glastonbury, have a fab time; to everyone else, have an equally fab time - and maybe a drier one...


Keep an eye out for our tweets throughout the weekend @BBCNewsEnts, and join us again on Monday.

Puss Perfect 2?

As we inch closer to the end of the work day, some light relief in the form of 'cat movie' posters

Thanks @SoFilmUK for bringing this into our lives. Some fabulous Friday fun in the Peccadillo office...

Thanks @SoFilmUK for bringing this into our lives. Some fabulous Friday fun in the Peccadillo office...

Films for summer

The Trainwreck
Production still

BBC Culture has complied

its list of ten films you should be making an effort to see this summer.

The list includes Minions, Southpaw and The Trainwreck, starring Amy Schumer (above).

Barrett documentary get release


Syd Barrett
Getty Images

A new documentary about founding Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett will be released later this year.

Barrett, who died in 2006 from cancer, retreated from the media spotlight after leaving the band in 1968 to be replaced by David Gilmour. The Pink Floyd song Shine on You Crazy Diamond was written about him.

Barrett went on to record two solo albums.

Have You Got It? will feature interviews with the surviving members of the band.

Read more.

Terminator 'ludicrous' say critics

Terminator Genisys

The return of the Terminator franchise - the fifth film in the series - has received lukewarm reviews in the US, where it premieres next week.

Terminator: Genisys sees Arnold Schwarzenegger return to the career-defining role that he first played more than 30 years ago.

Variety deemed it "a ludicrous and faintly depressing spectacle".

"The Terminator franchise, by now, has become its own worst Skynet - a monument to self-regeneration that endlessly repackages the same old thrills in ever sleeker, sexier models, and that gladly screws with its own past to ensure its future survival," writes Justin Chang.

"Genisys never lacks for forward momentum or precision action filmmaking. But the movie's greatest attraction remains Schwarzenegger," writes Tim Grierson,

in Screen International.

"Schwarzenegger is still right at home as the stiff metal man, but the grey in his hair and the wrinkles on his face provoke an undeniable poignancy, acknowledging that no machine (or franchise or Hollywood star) is indestructible," he concludes.

The Hollywood Reporter's Todd McCarthy dismissed the film with "enough already".

"The film just lumbers along, often tediously; there's no sense that the scenario has been carefully kneaded, structured and shaped by attentive dramatists. Visually, we've seen these images - or many like them - so many times before, and the score accentuates the retread feel with its monotonous thudding."

"If Arnold really wants not only to come back but to be welcomed back, he'll one day need to unterminate."

Record audience for Game of Thrones

Radio Times

Game of Thrones, season 5 finale

The dramatic finale of season five of Game of Thrones delivered a record audience of 3.1 million on Sky Atlantic, making it the most-watched programme ever on Sky, aside from live sports events.

The figures include live audiences for the 0200 simulcast with the US and 2100 broadcast on 15 June, as well as fans watching Sky+ recordings and catching up on demand over the next seven days.

Overall, audiences for the latest series of Game of Thrones were up 42% on the average audience for the previous four series.

We love you... Annie

Annie Jr cast

Eight lucky girls have been chose to play the lead in an adapted stage version of Annie in London's West End.

AnnieJr will be a one hour-version of the hit 1977 stage musical, featuring songs including Tomorrow and It's a Hard Knock Life.

A total of 350 youngsters will perform during the month-long run at the Arts Theatre, picked from nearly 3,000 who auditioned.

Producer and director Matthew Chandler said: "We hope this will be a great experience for everyone taking part."

"AnnieJr. is the perfect family-friendly show and an ideal show for children to experience as their first musical live on stage."

'Grandfather of rap'

Jalal Nuriddin
Carl Hyde

It's been called the first rap album - Hustlers Convention, released in 1973 by Lightin' Rod - the pseudonym of poet Jalal Nuriddin.

Yet, few people

have heard of it, let alone heard it - though it has been sampled by artists such as the Wu-Tang Clan and

Now a new documentary is giving some long-overdue exposure to a classic record.

Read more.

Heroes Reborn trailer

We're still not sure how excited we should be by this... but we are digging Hiro's badass soul patch. 

View more on youtube

Cover up Glasto

The rain, erm, has arrived....


But these punters just don't care, and with Alabama Shakes on stage, we don't blame them.


BB King row deepens

BB King

BB King's manager has been named sole executor of the late blues legend's estate, deepening a rift between LaVerne Toney and King's surviving daughters.

The will, filed in January 2007, puts Mr Toney alone in charge of administering King's assets, his property and his trust.

But King's daughters, Karen Williams, Patty King, Rita Washington and Barbara Winfree, have alleged Mr Toney - who managed King for nearly 40 years - stole from their father, isolated him and poisoned him before his death on 14 May, at the age of 89.

His lawyer, Brent Bryson, argues the claims have no basis in fact and says the family members has provided no evidence that a competing will exists.

"There has to be more to the objections than hollow allegations and innuendo," he said.

The trust documents have not been filed publicly.

King has 11 surviving adult children, and 35 grandchildren.

Emma Peel on her Steed

Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg in The Avengers

Dame Diana Rigg has paid tribute to her Avengers co-star, Patrick Macnee.

"Patrick was a very dear man and I owe him a great deal" said the 76-year-old actress and former Bond girl.

Rigg played leather-clad sidekick Emma Peel in the cult 1960s series, opposite Macnee's Steed.

Best film crowned in Edinburgh

45 Years
Production still

News from the Edinburgh International Film Festival, where 45 Years has been named best British feature film.

The winning film is directed by Andrew Haigh, and stars Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay. It tells the tale of a husband and wife approaching their 45th wedding anniversary whose relationship is shaken following the discovery of the body of his first love.

The prize jury included LA Times film critic Kenneth Turan, actress Karen Gillan and actor Ian Hart.

They called 45 Years "a quietly explosive film which represents classic filmmaking at its best".

Rampling also shared the best actor award with Scottish actor James Cosmo, who was honoured for his performance in The Pyramid Texts.

Read more.

Keep your shirt on

Colin Paterson

Entertainment correspondent

Official Lionel Ritchie Glastonbury t-shirts

Kanye's ego has landed- his official Glastonbury t-shirts are the most expensive at £35.

Florence and the Machine versions are selling for £30.

First to sell out at 11am - Lionel Richie. I may have bought the last one. Had to go XL.

Horner death 'an accident'

Debris from the crash site where James Horner's plane was found

A Californian medical examiner has confirmed that James Horner's death was an accident.

The 61-year-old Titanic composer died on Monday when his plane crashed in a remote area of the Los Padres National Forest, about 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

The rare S-312 Tucano MK1 turboprop was one of several planes owned by Horner, an avid amateur pilot who flew frequently.

Attenborough in the West Wing

President Obama and Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough has paid a visit to the White House at the invitation of US President Obama, to discuss the future of the planet

The president described himself as a "huge admirer" of the British broadcaster. "You've been a great educator as well as a great naturalist," he told Sir David.

Sir David, who made the visit on his 89th birthday, described the president as "friendly, hospitable and genuine".

The full interview can be see on BBC One at 2230 on Sunday 28 June.

Watch the clip.

The missing Glasto link?

An engineer on Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage may have inadvertently given away who is filling the slot vacated by Florence and the Machine, who are now topping the bill .

Albion? Could it be those cheeky chappies The Libertines? Keep an eye out for Doherty backstage, people...

William Hurt on film set tragedy

William Hurt
Getty Images

Actor William Hurt has spoken publicly about the death of camera assistant Sarah Jones, who was hit by a train on the first day of filming Midnight Rider in February 2014.

"It's the sorrow of my professional life and one of the great sorrows of my personal life," he told Canadian Press

Hurt explained how he had "an unsettled feeling" ahead of filming, as the cast and crew of the Gregg Allman biopic gathered on the railway track in Doctortown, Georgia.

The crew were told they had 60 seconds to remove a bed from the track in the event of a train approaching.

Hurt was on track when they heard the unexpected train: "I was barefoot and I turned around, I twisted my head and I said, 'Someone's going to die now'.

"I tried to yank the bed up, my feet were getting clobbered by the splinters in the ties. I couldn't move the bed at all.

"It was simply impossible to imagine anything like that could happen."

"The one other thing I could have done was say, 'This isn't good enough for me, I'm walking off the set.' But it was our very, very first day with a crew that had worked together before."

"You can always imagine what you could have done," he concluded.

Pussy Riot bring anarchy to Glasto

Ian Youngs

Entertainment reporter

Pussy Riot, at Glastonbury

Feminist punk band Pussy Riot have staged a coup de theatre at Glastonbury in order to convey their anti-Putin message.

It began with an accented actor in military uniform waving a (fake) machine gun on top of an army van and declaring a republic.

Pussy Riot's Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, who were imprisoned in Russia for almost two years for their protests, then climbed up, tied him up and put one of their trademark multi-coloured balaclavas on him.

They went on to deliver their anti-government manifesto, which made all the other rebels and anarchists at Glastonbury look tame.

In a strange twist, Charlotte Church then climbed up and interviewed them. Sample question: "You're a Spice Girls fan. Was that the start of girl power for you?"

Andie joins the strippers

The Guardian

Andie MacDowell

"Is it raining? I hadn't noticed."

If there's one film quote that could sum up Glastonbury weekend, it's Andie MacDowell's inane rejoinder in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

The week sees the 57-year-old actress promoting her latest role in forthcoming stripper sequel Magic Mike XXL.

She told the Guardian she revelled in being cast against type as a foul-mouthed mother - but added: "There was a cougar line; I took it out. I didn't wanna say it."

"It's demeaning. I think the idea that men get more handsome and sexier as they get older is a fallacy. There's no difference. We're the same.

"It was a way to empower men and dis-empower women. And that's changing, because if I wanna date someone that's 20 years younger than me, I can do that now."

Ewan McGregor's "up for it"

Ewan McGregor


been speaking about it a bit recently and now Ewan McGregor has told chatshow host Graham Norton that he is "up for" making Porno, the sequel to Trainspotting.

He famously fell out with director Danny Boyle after he was dropped from Boyle's adaptation of The Beach in favour of some unknown actor called Leonardo Di-something or other.

Now the pair have patched up their differences and McGregor says: "For the longest time I didn't want to do it. I thought a sequel would damage the memory of it."

"But recently I have changed my mind - it would be extraordinary to go back and explore the characters.

"If it means working with Danny Boyle, I'd be up for it."

Watch the interview on BBC One's The Graham Norton Show, from 22:35 BST

Potter play's 'magical effect'

Tim Masters

Entertainment correspondent

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Warner Bros

The plot details might still be hazy, but there's little doubt that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will have a magical effect at the West End box office.

It will take place at the 1,400-seat Palace Theatre, which was home to theatrical blockbuster Les Miserables for a record 19 years.

JK Rowling's success needs no introduction, but the new Harry Potter play reunites the creative dream team behind the stage adaptation of supernatural love story, Let The Right One In.

And when it comes to West End hits, producer Sonia Friedman has a golden touch. Her biggest successes include Book of Mormon and Sunny Afternoon, while her musical Bend It Like Beckham kicked off to rave reviews this week.

Macnee co-star pays tribute

Patrick Macnee and Linda Thorson

Avengers co-star Linda Thorson has spoken to the BBC about the late Patrick Macnee, who played Steed to her Tara King.

"He was the best-dressed man on television and a nudist in real life," she told

BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

"He was always upbeat. He had great stories and great detail and wonderful energy," she continued.

"Patrick [had] a very happy and long life and the most wonderful children who took the greatest of care of him, in the last decade in particular."

The oldest swinger in Glastonbury

Sarah Jane Griffiths

Entertainment reporter

Burt Bacharach
Getty Images

We've had a very quick chat with music legend Burt Bacharach about his forthcoming appearance at this year's Glastonbury.

At 87 years old, he takes over from Sir Bruce Forsyth as the eldest performer in the festival's history.

"It's pretty wild," he summarises.

"I was supposed to play about fifteen years ago and hurt my shoulder and had to cancel, so we're making it 15 years later.

"We're doing five shows in six days starting with the Royal Festival Hall on Friday and then Glastonbury."

The lack of prep time is of some concern to the veteran who, lest we forget, co-wrote Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head (an omen perhaps?).

"We have one hour on stage, no sound-check, so you never know what your going to hear," says Bacharach.

And as for that weather, how's it looking?


The BBC's webcam is showing some dark (ish) skies, while our reporter Ian Youngs says it's drizzling.

Burt, we're blaming you...

Sshhh... it's a secret!

Florence Welch
Getty Images

Glastonbury's main stages are getting ready to rock - but there's still a gaping hole in the line-up left when Florence and the Machine were promoted to headliner.

Last night organiser Emily Eavis said she hoped the identity of the performers would remain a secret until they step onto the stage.

But she did give a few clues - it's a band who have never played the Pyramid Stage and weren't otherwise due to play Glastonbury this year.

Any ideas?

Read Emily's quotes.

More money than you (and us)

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift

This shouldn't really come as any surprise to anyone but Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift have topped the Forbes Celebrity 100 list of the richest celebrity couples.

The rumoured couple (he referred to her recently as '"my girl") are reported to be have earned $146m (£93m) in the past year, which was enough to knock former power couple Beyonce and Jay Z from the number one spot.

They earned a paltry $110.5m (£70 million)

We will be organising a whipround for Jay and Bey. Please give generously.

T(aylor) in the Park

Taylor Swift is gearing up for her concert in London's Hyde Park on Saturday.

View more on twitter

Calum Best still looking for love

Calum Best has tweeted that he is returning to Love Island, 10 years on.

View more on twitter

Reaction to news of Harry Potter play

There has been a frenzied reaction to the news of a new Harry Potter stage show with #CursedChild already trending worldwide on Twitter 

There is a Harry Potter sequel in the works and we've never been this excited about ANYTHING. #CursedChild

How exciting! Can't wait to see it. #dreamteam #CursedChild…

Words fail.....a play #CursedChild I just can' is a new life goal to see this! #HarryPotterForever

Apologies to everyone who heard me go "SQUEEEEEEEEEE" over the #CursedChild news.

i am booking my ticket to London now!!!! #HarryPotter #CursedChild…

Azealia Banks pulls out of Glasto

Beach Boy calls off UK tour

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson has called off his UK tour later this year, to promote a new movie about his life.

The 72-year-old former Beach Boy was due to play a string of shows this September.

But due to the success of the biopic Love And Mercy, starring Paul Dano and John Cusack as the singer at different stages of his life, Wilson has postponed the tour to support the movie.

A statement

on his official website read: "I'm sorry I won't be able to make these shows this year, but I look forward to seeing all my fans in 2016 to help me celebrate 50 years of Pet Sounds. This will be my final European tour."

Love And Mercy

The film is generating some early awards buzz, particularly for Dano, who plays the young Wilson during the recording of Pet Sounds.

Will he bring Wellard Jr?

Dean Gaffney

If you missed some stories overnight, here's a quick round-up...

Dean Gaffney is returning to EastEnders for a brief stint later this year.

Robbie is coming back to see off his mum Carol, who is leaving the soap.

Now that Taylor Swift has settled her beef with Apple,

her 1989 album will appear on the tech giant's new streaming service.

Saved by the Bell actor Dustin Diamond - he played Screech in the series - has been

sentenced to four months in jail for a bar fight during which a man was stabbed.

Potter play set for West End

JK Rowling

Get ready for Potter-mania all over again - a new Harry Potter play will premiere in London's West End next year.

Based on an original story by JK Rowling, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will make its debut at the Palace Theatre next summer, with a stage play written by Jack Thorne, who adapted the vampire flick Let the Right One In.

The author, who began working on the stage play in 2013, tweeted that the story was "not a prequel" and would tell "a new story".

"I don't want to say too much more because I don't want to spoil what I know will be a real treat for fans," she wrote.

The Daily Mail's Baz Bamigboye suggested it would explore the backstory of Harry's murdered parents.

Tickets for the new production will go on sale this autumn.

Glastonbury weather update


Latest news from the weather centre.

Conditions will improve today for #Glasto2015 & Saturday is looking great! Cloudy with some rain on Sunday. Stav D

Conditions will improve today for #Glasto2015 & Saturday is looking great! Cloudy with some rain on Sunday. Stav D

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