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  1. Leonardo DiCaprio wins best actor; Spotlight wins best film
  2. Mad Max: Fury Road picks up six awards
  3. Best director award goes to Alejandro Inarritu for the second year running
  4. Host Chris Rock doesn't hold back over diversity row

Live Reporting

By Keily Smith

All times stated are UK

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Packing up and heading home

Red carpet

It took weeks and hundreds of people to build, but the extensive staging for the Oscars is being taken down in swift fashion. 

This is all that's left of the vast red carpet that just last night carried the stars to their seats inside the Dolby Theatre to find out if it was going to be their year.

And it certainly was for Leo, Alicia, Brie and Mark, who took home the acting honours.

Cinemas will once again be full of fun movies like Eddie the Eagle and London Has Fallen as the studios roll out the movies they know people want to see, but won't be featuring in next year's awards season.

But let's not look ahead to next year just yet and just enjoy the spectacle that has been this year's Academy Awards.

Leo feels the love

Leonardo DiCaprio
Getty Images

At times it felt like the whole world was rooting for Leonardo to finally win an Oscar, a sentiment not lost on the actor.

"It all feels incredibly surreal, and it's surreal because you can't reach out and physically meet everybody. 

"You hear it on the internet and hear it from other people but the truth is you always strive to be the best. 

"This film in particular I had such support from the fans and from the industry, it's quite shocking actually and what can I say? I'm very grateful."

Sam Smith speaks up for community

Sam Smith dedicated his Oscar win to the LGBT community "hoping we can all stand here as equals".

Backstage he said: "It's important to show I care about my community. In the past in my career, people have said that I didn't care. I just wanted to make it clear that I really do care."

Sam Smith 'a little bit drunk'

Sam Smith
Getty Images

Speaking in the press room, best song winner Sam Smith was clearly excited about his and Jimmy Napes's triumph 

"We are overwhelmed, I can't even speak. I'm a little bit drunk as well."

On hearing he was not the first openly gay man to win the an Oscar, he offered a few choice swear words.

Stutterer success

Benjamin Cleary and Serena Armitage
Getty Images

Stutterer director Ben Cleary has tasted success with his very first film, winning best live action short film.

Speaking on the red carpet, he said he had been in LA for a couple of weeks, allowing him to get over "a week of crippling jet lag".

"There's been a lot of really nice parties but I've been kind of ducking out early enough to keep my head on my shoulders."

Producer Serena Armitage only arrived in LA on Friday, having been doing her day job at ITV.

"it's been wonderful to get the time to come over but then it's back to reality immediately I land, it's straight to work," she said.

Ben added: "It's just amazing to have all our friends and family and the cast and crew here and hopefully it will be a special night." 

It certainly was. 

Vikander hopeful for LGBT

Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander, the winner of best supporting actress for The Danish Girl, said she was hopeful her film would boost LGBT issues.

"I came on this film only two years ago and I know that this was not an easy film to get made and it has been almost 15 years that one of our producers, Gail, had worked on it and to see the cultural change with over the years since I actually finished the film with... Caitlyn Jenner coming out, with Transparent and Tangerine.

"It's like a social change and I just wish that - in the same way that this film has been so educational for me and with so many people that I got to meet and in preparation for it, I hope that it can open up an even wider conversation, if our film can be a part of that discussion." 

Changing opinions on Amy

Amy director Asif Kapedia said one of the great things about the success of the documentary is that it changed people's opinion about Amy Winehouse. 

"People who saw the film say they just wanted to give her some love, that's great but she didn't necessarily get that. Now I think there is a much better feeling about her and that's been the big change."

Rylance just 'a spokesman'

Mark Rylance

There was a gasp of shock in the press room when Mark Rylance's name was read out in the best supporting actor category over favourite Sylvester Stallone.

Rylance, a winner for Bridge of Spies, also seemed genuinely shocked by his win.

"I find people come out and say things about competing as actors and I know that it's necessary to make a show out of it but those actors are so good I feel more like a spokesman than someone who's better than the other nominees," he said.

"And there are so many other great performances outside of the nominees, like Idris Elba and Paul Dano, so I don't take it too seriously."

Lighthouse party

Room director Lenny Abrahamson and producer Ed Guiney told me they had a large contingent of friends and family staying up late to watch the awards back in Dublin.  

"We own a cinema called the Lighthouse Cinema and it's open all night and everyone’s watching it there so it’s going to be a big night in Dublin," said Lee.

Abrahamson joked that it was going to be a tee-total affair. 

He was also sporting a pair of funky silver shoes he was given by Manolo Blahnik.

Spall going solo

Rafe Spall

Rafe Spall, who is part of The Big Short ensemble cast, said his wife Elize du Toit had to skip the ceremony because she was nursing their three-month old baby.

He said this was his first Oscars "and might be the last, you never know".

Oscar winners join abuse protest

Oscar-nominated film Spotlight tells the story of how The Boston Globe exposed the systemic cover-up of sex abuse by priests in the Catholic church.  

Asked about the abuse survivors, Spotlight Oscar winner Josh Singer revealed he, fellow screenwriter Tom McCarthy and actor Mark Ruffalo had spent the morning at a Los Angeles cathedral, with 20-30 people protesting against abuse.

"It was very fulfilling to stand there with them and press the church to take action," he said.

"Our message (to the survivors is) we hear you, there’s no shame in this, come forward, speak loud, save lives."

Bridge of Spies star Mark Rylance

Mark Rylance

Alejandro Inarritu

Alejandro Inarritu

Looking relaxed ahead of the ceremony was Alejandro Inarritu - up for best director again, this time for The Revenant. He won last year for Birdman.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Hug it out.... Charlize and Emily

Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt catch up on the red carpet.

Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Eddie Redmayne returns

Eddie Redmayne

Last year's best actor winner Eddie Redmayne is back on the red carpet - this year he's up for best actor again for The Danish Girl.

Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling

Following her controversial comments about diversity at the Oscars, best actress nominee Charlotte Rampling was perhaps unsurprisingly quiet on the red carpet.

Brie Larson poses for the press

Brie Larson

Wrapping up

Sian Grigg

Sian Grigg (up for hair and make-up) - said she was lucky filming on The Revenant because she and her team got to wear cold weather gear unlike Leonardo and the rest of the cast.

Waiting game

Red carpet

The press are all in place - there are hundreds of us - and the red carpet arrivals are about to kick off.

The bleachers are full of fans who won tickets in a lottery for the best seats in the house.

It takes about two hours to get everyone in, and there's still three hours until the show goes live. So we are in for a bit of a wait.

Where to listen for the latest on the Oscars

Colin Paterson

Entertainment Correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live

This evening from 20:30 GMT, I will be hosting a 90-minute Oscars preview show on BBC Radio 5 live, live from Beverly Hills. 

Nominees will be popping in on their way to the awards, wearing their tuxes and dresses while their limos are parked outside. 

Monday’s Breakfast show will feature me live from the Vanity Fair party, talking to the winners as they arrive with their Oscars in their hands. 

It's normally a lively listen. 

Two years ago on Oscars night, Russia moved troops into Ukraine. But the Daily Telegraph decided to make me the subject of an editorial for having shouted “Bono!” six times as he arrived. 

Let’s see if this year I can do seven. 

“Leo! Leo! Leo!"

Room with a view...


The glamorous view of Hollywood from my hotel window!

Luther film still a dream


Idris Elba, fresh from his Independent Spirit award win, managed to avoid diversity questions but was more than happy to talk about Luther.

Asked if there would be a big screen version of his hit drama, he said: "It's not a reality yet but hopefully we can get it off the ground."

Costume designer's outfit dilemma

Costume designer Jenny Beavan is hoping to add to her awards haul on Sunday with her nomination for Mad Max: Fury Road.

If the name is familiar it's probably because Stephen Fry caused upset when he described her as "a bag lady" on Bafta night, although he later revealed they were good friends. 

Beavan spoke to the BBC's Alex Stanger about the process of making the costumes for Mad Max and the problems the extreme weather of the Australian desert posed.

She also revealed her plans for her own Oscars outfit. 

Watch the interview below.

Razzie razzmatazz

The annual Razzies put on a fun event - which had a distinct whiff of sixth-form end of year show.

Although it lambasts dreadful films it manages to still feel like it's for movie fans.

It was no surprise that 50 Shades of Grey picked up a crop of awards, with worst screen combo for Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan among its haul.

Fantastic Four also came in for a drubbing, with director Josh Trank winning best director. He disowned his own movie before it was released, saying the studio had meddled with his vision.

There was good news though for Sylvester Stallone, a serial Razzie nominee, who was given the title Razzie Redeemer for his stellar return to form in Creed.

The awards show itself though could be named worst timekeeper, over-running by at least an hour and a half. 


The Independent Spirit Awards are held in tents on the beach in Santa Monica and as such the ahem..facilities are temporary.

Not even the stars escape having to use the Portaloos.

I was a little bit starstruck to find myself in the queue as Stana Katic from Castle came out of one in an ever-so floaty dress. I'm a huge fan of the show but refrained from grabbing her for a selfie.

Stana Katic

Idris picks up Independent Spirit award

I'm at the Independent Spirit Awards on Santa Monica beach - but only just.

The taxi driver took me to the wrong part of the city (and this city is big) and when we arrived at a dog grooming salon, he said: "Is this it?"

So 40 minutes in the opposite direction I am now here.

Among the guests walking the blue carpet were Idris Elba, Sean Penn, Patricia Arquette, Jessica Chastain and Brie Larson.

Elba picked up the first award for best supporting actor for Beasts of No Nation. He brought up his young co-star Abraham Attah and thanked him and the largely novice cast of the Netflix film for their talent.

Last-minute touch ups

Keily Smith

Last minute preparations are still going on down on the red carpet. The carpet itself is still covered with plastic sheeting to protect it from the hundreds of press and staff already traipsing across it - including me!

There's last minute touching up of gold paint and gold leaf being pain-stakingly attached to the walls by the set artists, all the while tourists and shoppers can still get up close to where the action will take place. 

By Saturday the area will be closed off and only those with the right passes will be allowed anywhere near.


Jack Whitehall joins LA party

Jack Whitehall

Comic Jack Whitehall was on the guest list at the Film is Great reception, hosted by the British Embassy, having made his full-length film debut last year with Bad Education. 

Ever the wit, he joked at his surprise that Bad Education was not among the Oscars contenders.

"Can you believe it. I think with Bad Education and The Revenant it was an either/or situation and they went with The Revenant, which I'm fine with because Leonardo's due one," he said.

Also at the same event was Whitehall's pal James Corden, who has become a huge success Stateside.

Asked if he would like to follow in his footsteps with a US career, Whitehall said: "I just want to do what I enjoy doing and if it ends up being here that's fine.

"There's plenty of breaks for white posh actors. They do very well for themselves. I don't think anyone can complain that there is a lack of roles for white posh men. I'm not going to be the flag bearer for that cause!"

Can we predict the winners?

Two US firms claim they can predict the winners of the Oscars not with film expertise but by data crunching.

That data includes 150,000 text reviews and more than 38 million star ratings from IMDB alone.  

But will they get it right?

Read the feature.

Room director on his first Oscars

Room director Lenny Abrahamson was chatting on the green carpet at the Oscar Wilde Awards last night about his experience so far of his first Oscars.

He was more than a little surprised to find a suit and luxury watch waiting for him in his hotel room to wear on his big night - all of which he has to return, a bit like Cinderella.

"The Oscars feel like a fitting end to the film's cycle, which has been six months of promoting and travelling. I'm determined to enjoy it and celebrate where this film has got to," he said.

He also ran through the list of people that he would have to thank if he won the prize. He came to the conclusion that he "better write it all down in the unlikely event that I do win."

Corden 'not feminine enough' for Star Wars role

James Corden

British star James Corden was given honorary Irish status at the Oscar Wilde Awards on Thursday.

In his acceptance speech, he relayed the story of how he was contacted by JJ Abrams' "people" about a possible part in the new Star Wars film. 

After meeting JJ and thinking he had landed a role he was told that the part had and been rewritten for a girl. "Exactly the same thing happened with Game of Thrones," he quipped.

Corden also wasn't shy about speaking up on American politics. The chat show host - who is not able to vote - asserted that, despite what anyone's feelings on Donald Trump may be, the current presidential race revealed what democracy was all about.

Abrams: Star Wars VIII 'in safe hands'

Speaking at Thursday's Oscar Wilde awards, The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams (pictured below with Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley) said he was looking forward to Oscar night, where he is presenting an award.

"I'm looking forward to Chris Rock, who is one of the most brilliant comedians out there. I've gotten to hear some of what he is working on and, as you would expect, it's as sharp and funny as he is."

He also admitted that he was torn about filming on Star Wars: Episode VIII which has a new director, Rian Johnson. "On the one hand, I'm happy because I know it's in safe hands, but on the other, I'm jealous because he gets the work was such a brilliant group of people."

JJ Abrams
Getty Images

Irish eyes are smiling in Hollywood

The green carpet was out for the Oscar Wilde awards, the annual event hosted by JJ Abrams at his Bad Robot offices in Santa Monica. 

The awards recognise the special relationship between America and Ireland in film-making. This year's recipients included Daisy Ridley, who shot scenes for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Ireland, Lenny Abrahamson,  director of Room, Snow Patrol and James Corden - who was made an honorary Irishman.

Ridley admitted she was petrified about presenting an Oscar on Sunday, and she was pretty nervous reading out her acceptance speech at Thursday evening's ceremony.

She told the audience what a pleasure it had been to return with her father to Skellig Michael in Ireland where she had filmed Star Wars.

There was mutual banter and affection between Snow Patrol and Corden, with Corden saying the band had played at his wedding and how happy he was to have them as such good friends.

James Corden and Snow Patrol
Getty Images

No umbrellas required?

Red carpet

The red carpet is already being rolled out at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

With mainly sun predicted for the weekend, it looks like there will be no repeat of last year's rain-soaked awards night. 

It was an umbrella-seller's dream in 2015 as PRs attempted to keep their perfectly-primped stars dry before facing the cameras. The carpet itself wasn't immune to a few puddles after the plastic roof sprung a leak.

But with temperatures above 23 degrees and clear skies predicted, sunglasses could be the accessory du jour. (Famous last words!)

Red carpet

Docter in the house

Pete Docter

Pete Docter certainly has the magic touch – with his animation movies winning the hearts and minds of both children and adults. He directed Up, Monsters Inc and most recently Inside Out, as well as writing on all the Toy Story films and Wall E.

I chatted to him just after he won his Bafta for best animation, adding to Inside Out’s massive awards haul.

Despite being nominated seven times for an Oscar, winning once already for Up, he’s still excited about attending the awards.

“It’s always a thrill. It’s not part of my real life so it’s great to hobnob and be a part of what everybody thinks is Hollywood for a very short amount of time, and then you go back to work,” he said.

Fellow director Adam McKay of The Big Short recently told me that Inside Out was his favourite film of the year and should have been up for best picture.

Asked if he was disappointed Inside Out was overlooked in the best picture category, Docter said: “I think what happens is people have a different look on these films, for whatever reason. It’s different - it’s not really the same as live action film-making. If they saw behind the scenes they would be shocked.

"Yes, we are making it inside the computer but we are still talking about wide shots, tracking shots…we have costume design, we have set design we have all the same things but just made in slow motion over a year and a half."

Inside Out

At the Baftas, presenter Eddie Izzard joked about how how difficult it must be to pitch animation ideas to the people holding the purse strings. 

But surely Docter can pick and choose his own projects?

“It’s not like 'hey do whatever you want', it’s definitely a process. And frankly I’m happy with that - you want to check your ideas and have them tested on other folk. 

"The nice thing about working at Pixar is that the boss is himself a creative storyteller and so we have really come to rely on John [Lassiter] having this amazing instinct for entertainment and what audiences will connect with."

And Docter's own tip for best picture this year?

"I really enjoyed a lot of the films this year but Spotlight has a particular fascination for me because it was so emotional. 

"It could have been kind of factual, cold and kind of off putting but it was so well handled. In fact, I need to go back and look at it again because there’s not even a clear main character and yet it’s so compelling and engaging and I was amazed by it."

What are the odds?

The Oscars will be the climax to a pretty long awards season, which has seen Leonardo DiCaprio emerge as the darling of the voters – with “it’s his year” pretty much extolled by everyone.

If you were a betting man/woman you’d hard pressed to make any money this year, such are the short odds for winners in the main categories – both William Hill and Paddy Power have Leo down for best actor at 1/50 and Brie Larson at 1/20 for best actress for Room. The pair have been picking up awards left, right and centre.

Things are slightly closer in the best picture category – only just – with The Revenant on 4/7 followed by Spotlight on 2/1. Poor Bridge of Spies is a definite outsider at a long shot 200/1.

Countdown to Academy Awards night

Keily Smith

Entertainment reporter

Oscar envelopes

The Academy Awards are just five days away and Hollywood is gearing up to welcome its glamorous guests on to the red carpet.

I’ll be bringing you news, gossip and colour from Los Angeles in the run-up to the big night as we get excited for curtain-up.

While the Oscars are the main event in Los Angeles this week – there are some other celeb-filled gatherings that will celebrate all things movie-making.

The Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday reward those movies made on a “budget”. Although the $20m ceiling may not seem small potatoes, The Revenant - the frontrunner for the Oscars this year - cost upwards of $130m to make.

There’s a couple of British hopefuls nominated, with Idris Elba for Beasts of No Nation and newcomer Bel Powley up for awards.

Brit hopefuls at the Academy Awards include Charlotte Rampling, who found herself in hot water recently when she offered her opinion on the diversity row, and Eddie Redmayne, back in contention for a second year in a row.

And of course, there's the Razzies - the award no-one wants to win. The organisers put on a fun event but it's a rare thing for a celebrity to appear in person to collect - but you never know!

For some Oscar-watchers it's all about the quality of the films and the talent on show, but for many others it's really all about the frocks. There's no judgement here!

Check back for regular updates.