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  1. Ukraine's Jamala wins 61st Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden
  2. Australia finishes in second place. Russia in third
  3. UK entrants Joe and Jake finish in 24th place out of 26 acts

Live Reporting

By Steven McIntosh and Genevieve Hassan

All times stated are UK

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Well, that's just about it from our live page tonight.

Thanks so much for joining us and getting in touch with all your thoughts - you've kept us thoroughly entertained.

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  See you next year in Kiev!  

Eurovision: A brief summary

Judging by Twitter:

  • The British public are not fans of the British jury
  • Having said that, it's thanks to juries' votes that the UK got the most points it's had since 2011
  • Many people are happy for Ukraine but puzzled that a political song was allowed to qualify in the first place
  • Justin Timberlake should have been allowed to compete and would be a welcome annual fixture at all future contests, just saying
  • Verka Serduchka simply must host next year
  • And finally, as always, you can't please everyone

Here's the final scoreboard:

Eurovision scoreboard

One thing is for sure - that was one heck of an entertaining show tonight.

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BBC Monitoring

Apparently Jamala's victory caught Ukrainian TV networks by surprise - even the news-based 5 Kanal is keeping quiet, same for Inter, One Plus One, Ukrayina and News One.

View from Stockholm

Helen Bushby

Entertainment reporter

So Ukraine confounded the bookmakers and Eurovision commentators who had been convinced that Russia - or possibly Australia - would win.

The computer graphics behind Russia's song and the brilliance of Australia's singing weren't enough to defeat jazz artist Jamala.

She is the first ever Crimean Tatar to perform at the contest, and her song could not have been further from the usual Eurovision fare.

1944 is about the mass deportation during World War Two of the entire ethnic Tatar population from Crimea, by Soviet troops under the orders of Stalin.  

Jamala dedicated the song to her great grandmother Nazylkhan, who with her five children were among a quarter of a million Tatars who packed on trains "like animals".  

"I had to release their souls. Because they never came back to Ukraine," she has said.

Important question: Does this mean Verka Serduchka will host next year's contest in Ukraine? 

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  We certainly hope so!   

Getty Images

Ukraine's Jamala has won this year's Eurovision Song Contest, held in Stockholm, Sweden.

The country scored 534 points with its song 1944, about Stalin, Crimea and claims of ethnic cleansing.

Australia finished second with 511 points, while Russia - which was the favourite going into the competition - was third with 491 points.

Joe and Jake, who represented the UK with their song You're Not Alone, finished in 24th place with 62 points.

BBC Monitoring

"The voting was biased, it's clear", Russian state TV commentators say. "Burning disappointment".

"Sergey was the best for us anyway".

And this from Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko:

 "YES! Incredible performance and victory! All of Ukraine thanks you, Jamala!"

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Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroysman has tweeted:

"Bravo, Jamala is the best! Sincere congratulations on the win! Glory to Ukraine!"  

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Ukraine reacts to win

BBC Monitoring

Presenters on Ukrainian state TV are ecstatic, shouting: "This is fantastic, thank you Jamala!

"We've been waiting for this moment for 12 years. This is unreal, we can't believe this."

New voting system helps Ukraine to victory

Well - we don't know about you, but we think the new voting system is fascinating. 

We were absolutely glued to our screens there, not going to lie. Proper edge-of-your-seat stuff.

Australia were miles ahead with the juries, but when the public votes were added, they were leapfrogged by Ukraine.

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BreakingUkraine win Eurovision Song Contest 2016


Ukraine leap into first place when the public votes are taken into account, and finish with 534 points.

Incredibly, Poland leap from last place to sixth when the public's votes are taken into account.

Interestingly, Australia only came fourth in the public's rankings. They were the clear winner with the juries.

Looks like the UK is going to finish in third last place...

It was all going so well for us until the public got involved!

As Graham Norton notes - very interesting to see the huge disparity between the juries' votes and the public's votes.

Stand by

The announcement of the winner is imminent...

Oh dear - the UK comes second last in collated public votes.


  1. 320 Australia
  2. 211 Ukraine
  3. 148 France
  4. 137 Malta
  5. 130 Russia

Australia still firmly ahead, with 320 points awarded by juries.

Now we have to see how the public voted...

Hungary gives 12 points to Australia.

Montenegro gives 12 points to Malta. 

And the last of the 42 countries to declare, host nation Sweden, award 12 points to Australia.

Favourite tweet of the night

Well, Ukraine are putting up a good fight to be fair, with 12 points from Slovenia.

Twelve points to Spain from Italy, while Poland award 12 points to Ukraine.

We're still miffed too...

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verka serduchka

Brillaint to see the legendary Verka Serduchka announcing Ukraine's votes...

...which are 12 points to Lithuania and 10 to Belgium.

Sweden receive 12 points from Estonia

FYR Macedonia give 12 points to Ukraine and Albania give five to UK and 12 to Australia.

Another 12 points for Australia from Lithuania and two for the UK from Serbia, who give its 12 points to Ukraine.

Joe and Jake
Getty Images

A little Joe and Jake update for you...

The UK now have more points than we've scored since 2011, when Blue represented us.

Croatia award Australia 12 points (come on guys, give someone else a chance!)

Greece give their 12 points to Russia, and only eight for Cyprus.

And Richard Osman announces the UK's votes.

We award 12 to Georgia (?!), 10 to Ukraine and eight to Australia.

Italy get 12 points from Norway

Australia, currently ahead, give 4 points the the UK and 12 points to the Belgium

Russia give the UK six points and Armenia 12 points, and nothing to Ukraine.

Ukraine receive 12 points from Israel.

Russia get 12 points from Belarus.

and Germany award 12 points to Israel.

Russia were the bookies favourites but they're in fourth place at the moment.

Australia are currently 53 points ahead of Ukraine, who are in second place. They haven't had that many 12 point scores but they're consistently scoring highly, with eights or 10s.


Current top five:

  1. 144 Australia
  2. 91 Ukraine
  3. 82 Sweden
  4. 78 Russia
  5. 72 Malta

And even more points to Australia from The Netherlands, who award them yet another 12.

Latvia award 12 points to Ukraine.

Australia are ahead by more than 50 points at the moment.