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  1. Portugal win for the first time: 758 points
  2. The UK comes 15th with 111 points
  3. Bulgaria come second and Moldova third
  4. Spain come bottom with with 5 points

Live Reporting

By Helen Bushby and Emma Saunders

All times stated are UK

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What was Portugal's song all about?

In case you were wondering, here's a translation of Portugal's song Amar Pelos Dois, which means Loving for the Both of Us:

If anyone ever wonders about me

Tell them I have lived solely to love you 

Before you I only existed 

Worn out and with nothing left to give 

My love 

Listen to my pleas

I beg you to come back 

To want me again 

I know 

That one can't love by oneself 

But maybe with time 

You will learn to love me as well 

If your heart 

Won't be wiling to give in 

Won't be willing to feel 

Won't be willing to suffer 

Without making plans of what will come ahead 

My heart can love for both of us instead  

Australian mooner was Ukrainian prankster

BBC Monitoring

News from around the globe

Ukrainian TV has identified the man who bared his rear during Eurovision 2016 winner Jamala's performance as "scandalous" Ukrainian prankster Vitaliy Sedyuk. 

Jamala continued to sing "unfazed", the broadcaster 1+1 TV said.

View from Kiev

Neil Smith

Entertainment reporter

Salvador Sobral
Getty Images

The noise in the press room at Kiev's International Exhibition Centre was deafening as Salvador Sobral from Portugal became his country's first ever Eurovision winner.

To say the 27-year-old is a popular victor is an understatement. Where others brought slick precision sheen and dancing gorillas to the contest, he brought heart, sincerity and a simple, guileless charm.

He also brought something of a sob story - a recent bout of ill health and a serious heart condition. Yet it would be an injustice to him and his songwriting sister Luisa to suggest that sentiment was behind his triumph.

He is, simply put, one of a kind - an antidote of sorts to Eurovision's history of short-lived fads and trashy kitsch, and all the more refreshing for it.

A journalist I know choked up when discussing how he felt when he saw Salvador sing Amar Pelos Dois (Loving for the Both of Us).

Sobral entered the contest with the stated aim of making "people outside of Portugal know and recognise my work." Job done, sir.

Final scores

Here's how the final scores looked after the jury and public votes were added together - with Portugal winning by a clear margin.

Eurovision score board

Portugal's winner sings with his sister

Salvador Sobral performs Amar Pelos Dois (Loving for the Both of Us) with his sister Luísa, who wrote the winning song. Aah!

Music is not fireworks. Music is feeling.

Salvador Sobral, on collecting his trophy from last year's winner Jamala

Lucie should be proud...

It's our best result since Blue in 2011.

53 years of waiting are over

Portugal have never won before tonight.

And the winner is...

Getty Images

PORTUGAL! Salvador is asking: "We won?!"

We're on the edge of our seats...

UK gets 12 points from the public vote

Let's see how it all shakes down.

Austria gets the lowest number of votes from the public

Zero. Ouch.

More voting to come

The UK currently has 99 points. It's trailing a long way behind Portugal with 382 points at the top of the leader board. 

Now get ready for the all important votes from the public

Will they also feel the love for Portugal?

It's Katrina!

Katrina Leskanich read out the UK's vote. She is, of course, the lead singer from Katrina and the Waves, who won Eurovision for the UK in 1997. 

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And the hosts, Ukraine, give 12 points to...


And another 12 for...


It's another...

12 points to Hungary. 

Hello Katrina!

Former winner Katrina from Katrina of the Waves (they won 20 years ago!) reveals the UK jury vote.

Another 12 points for Portugal.

Poland sends 12 points to...


Belgium dial in

And it's Sweden who get 12 points.


They give the UK 10 points! And 12 for - you guessed it - Portugal. 

We have 87 so far, pretty good!

Hello Hungary!

12 points to Portugal. 

It's a good result for UK's Lucie Jones

Regardless of the final score, the UK has now scored more points from the juries than we did last year, when we got 62 points for Joe and Jake's You're Not Alone. 

Well done Lucie!

Romania rings in

Apparently they are "running for joy" in Bucharest. They give 12 points to the Netherlands.

Belarus next

This lady is straight to the point, love it... 12 points to Bulgaria. They are still hanging in there.

Good evening Cyprus

And guess what? They give 12 points to Greece - and receive some booing for their choice.

Georgia calling

It's Portugal again. 12 points!

Hello Nicky from Westlife!

Dublin calling - they give Belgium 12 points.

The Netherlands host is holding a dog called Tammy

And in other news, 12 points go to... Portugal. Again.

Switzerland dial in

Their 12 points also go to Portugal. 

Portugal send love to Salvador

And they also give 12 points to Azerbaijan.

Germany gives 12 points to...


Ciao Italy

Azerbaijan get their first 12 points.

Good morning Australia!

Looking suitably sunny in Sydney - and they give 12 points to the UK!!!!! Our first 12 points! Lucie is VERY excited!!

Serbia sings its results...

...and it's Portugal again! Douze points!


12 points go to Portugal! This is getting a bit predictable now... or is it?

Bulgaria - welcome to the party

"Without any further ado" (thank you), Bulgaria gives 12 points to Austria.

What are they doing right now?

There's some very odd dancing going on during a break from the voting, with the hosts, audience and former contestant Verka (see below) doing robotic-style arm moves to traditional Ukrainian music. Er, okay.

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