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Live Reporting

By Matthew Davis, Gerry Holt, Toby Brown and Zoe Murphy

All times stated are UK

IS air strikes

Jonathan Beale

Defence correspondent, BBC News

RAF Tornados have taken part in a "major" coalition air strike on an extensive complex of Islamic State bunkers and tunnels in Kirkuk, in the north-west of Iraq, says the Ministry of Defence.

Elsewhere in Iraq, an RAF Reaper hit a bulldozer believed to have been been used to prepare IS fighting positions.

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The World at One

BBC Radio 4


today's show - how should the NHS be funded? Does the new Paddington Bear movie need a PG certificate? And how will last night's vote allowing pubs to buy their beer on the open market affect your local?

Lib Dem MP Alistair Carmichael, Labour MP Pat McFadden, Tory MP Graham Brady and UKIP MEP Diane James

Guests include Lib Dem MP Alistair Carmichael, Labour MP Pat McFadden, Tory MP Graham Brady and UKIP MEP Diane James.

Listen live on BBC Radio 4 or follow @BBCWorldatOne

Reeta Chakrabarti

Presenter, BBC One O'Clock News

one o'clock running order

This is the running order for the One, looking to lead with the Royal Mail saying its universal delivery is under threat because of stiff private competition. But of course anything could happen between now and 1300...

PMQs is under way

David Cameron

David Cameron is on his feet. He starts PMQs off by condemning the "senseless and appalling" attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem.

More live text from the BBC politics team here.

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BBC News Channel Joanna Gosling presenter reveals a few more viewers' suggestions for what you would send to the moon:

Berlin Wall
Simon McCoy

What would you send? Text 61124

Latest Headlines

Police probing the disappearance of British girl Madeleine McCann

are to question former suspect Robert Murat, the BBC learns.

UKIP has denied that it advocates the repatriation of EU migrants living and working in the UK.

Average weekly pay for full-time workers increased by just £1 in the year to April,

the smallest growth since 1997.


Police probing disappearance of British girl Madeleine McCann to question former suspect Robert Murat,

BBC learns

Prime Minister's Questions


Follow all the latest from today's PMQs, as David Cameron faces questions from Ed Miliband in their first encounter for a fortnight following last week's recess.

Join our Millbank team for

live text and video coverage here

On the trail

Anna Holligan

BBC News, The Hague

IM snap shot

I'm on the trail of the

Dutch girl who went to Syria to wage jihad. I've had contact with the man who married her through instant messaging.

Islamic State

As France and other European government make intense

efforts to uncover the identity of the jihadists in the latest Islamic State video, in which they carried out a mass beheading of Syrian captive soldiers, information is also now beginning to come out about some of their victims.

BBC's World Service Middle East editor Sebastian Usher gives an update on the

Outside Source programme.


What makes a great Christmas advert?

Ben Thompson

Business correspondent, BBC News Channel

John Lewis pengiun

The John Lewis Christmas advert is topping the

viral video chart at the moment - but what makes a great festive ad?

Sarah Wood, co-founder of marketing technology company Unruly, tells me it's key to make a "strong, emotional connection" with the viewer, and there's lots of opportunity to do that at this time of year.

But she adds it's "not about who wins in the social media charts it's all about who wins at the cash register".


Anna Holligan

BBC News, The Hague

tweets: Speaking to Dutch jihadi alleged to have seduced Dutch teenager into travelling to #Syria - will share his side of story @BBCOS

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Annita McVeigh and Simon McCoy

BBC News Channel presenters Annita McVeigh and Simon McCoy have just revealed a few more of your suggestions for

items to send to the moon.

One viewer says: "Is there room for more than one politician? I just can't make my mind up."

While Simon says Chris in Leicester has given the rather "brave" suggestion of his mother-in-law.

More of your suggestions at 11:20 on the BBC News Channel

Latest headlines

UKIP has denied that it advocates the repatriation of EU migrants living and working in the UK.

Royal Mail has warned increased competition is threatening its guarantee to deliver letters all over the UK for the same price.

A British nurse who returned to work in Sierra Leone after recovering from Ebola says

he's frustrated by the pace of the international response.

A second French jihadist has been identified in the latest video showing Islamic State militants murdering prisoners.

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BBC Radio 5 live

Autism pic

This morning we want to hear if you, or someone you live with has autism - how have you been treated? Do you think people understand the condition?

It comes after a shop worker in Crewe saw a child with autism getting agitated in the supermarket, and was shocked at how other shoppers were reacting.

Hayley Bicker (pictured) has now locked herself in a glass box for 100 days, to raise awareness of the disability. She says being isolated, stared at and finding it difficult to communicate is how some people with autism feel.

Call 0500 909 693, 85058 or get in touch on Twitter @bbc5live

Got you looking

BBC Newsbeat

Radio 1 and 1Xtra

Google billboard

Google's become the first company to rent the world's largest and most expensive digital billboard in Times Square, New York -

here's the lowdown.

Ben Thompson

Business correspondent, BBC News Channel

tweets: The battle of the Christmas ads is on. Which ad is topping the
viral chart? 1045 on @BBCNews with social video advertising expert @sarahfwood

Outside Source

Ros Atkins

Hi. Ros Atkins here from Outside Source. We're on the BBC's global news channel, but those in the UK can catch our radio edition in 35 minutes. We broadcast in the middle of the BBC newsroom with wireless gear so we can move around as and when updates on stories come in.

We have a huge array of stories today that may get on air, including further reaction to the Jerusalem synagogue attack, the crowd-funded moon landing project, new words in the Oxford Dictionary (do you know what bae means? I didn't), attempts to identify the Syrians killed in the most recent IS video, 50 US states freezing at the moment, and a huge conference on the internet being hosted by China. In fact here's a stat for you - a quarter of all web users are in China.

So those are some of our plans, but they change all the time and you'll hear those changes in real-time. If you're in the UK you can get us on DAB and the iplayer radio app. Around the world is the best bet. Speak to you later - and do stay in touch
@BBCRosAtkins and

Talking point

Joanna Gosling

Researching stories ready to go on air at 11:00. Fave talking point so far - the couple who say they were fined £100 for posting a bad review of a

Blackpool hotel on Trip Adviser. Apparently the hotel warns in the small print when bookings are made that guests will be fined up to £100 for posting bad reviews. Has this ever happened to you?! Text us on 61124, or email us at See you at 11.

Carrie Gracie

BBC China editor

China pic

tweets: BBC team at China's world internet conference. On imperial era information superhighway.

For more updates from the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, follow @BBCCarrie

Interstellar Contact

5 Live


In 1997 Robert Zemeckis' sci-fi epic Contact told a very similar story to 2014 blockbuster Interstellar. Which is the better film?

Mark Kermode has the answer.

Latest headlines

Royal Mail is warning that increased competition from rivals is

threatening its guarantee to deliver letters all over the UK for the same price.

UKIP has strongly denied it wants to repatriate EU migrants living and working in Britain - after the party's candidate in the Rochester and Strood by-election found himself caught up in a political row.

Performance data for around 5,000 surgeons in England is being published this morning

The family of the late Jamaican reggae star Bob Marley have

launched a global cannabis brand named in his honour.

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BBC News Channel presenters Annita McVeigh Simon McCoy

BBC News Channel presenters Annita McVeigh and Simon McCoy say your suggestions for

items to send to the moon have been coming in thick and fast.

"The predictable ones have come in - we've had Ed Balls, David Cameron, Nigel Farage, Nick Clegg... Simon McCoy's had a few mentions as well," says Simon.

Annita says other suggestions have included The Clangers, scientist Professor Brian Cox and an interview with the surviving lunar astronauts.

Text your suggestions to 61124.

BBC Breakfast

Michael Bellingham

tweets: "No one talks about death... Lynda wanted to" - @LyndaBellingham's husband on her legacy

More on the

BBC Breakfast's Facebook Page.

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Producer Julia Pittam and presenter Ben Thompson

The BBC News Channel's business team will be crunching new numbers from the Office of National Statistics as they release the latest data on 'hours and earnings' - who's earning what by working how many hours. Ben Thompson will be on air at 09:45 interviewing James Tucker of the ONS.

Rochester by-election

Norman Smith

BBC Assistant Political Editor

Norman Smith

The row over Mark Reckless's remarks on immigration has, to some extent, forced UKIP on to the back foot for the first time during this by-election campaign in Rochester.

Before this they'd pretty much been running away with it, largely because of their stance on immigration which has been the main issue in the run-up.

Reckless in Rochester

Mark Reckless

Mark Reckless has just been speaking to the BBC live from Rochester, ahead of Thursday's by-election.

The UKIP MP says he's "absolutely astonished" over claims he called for all EU migrants to be deported, saying Tory critics have "twisted" his words.


Coming up: BBC News assistant political editor Norman Smith gives his analysis on the News Channel

Your Call

BBC Radio 5 live

Nicky Campbell

BBC Radio 5 live's Your Call is under way with Nicky Campbell.

This morning he's asking "Where we draw the line with football chants?", following reports of anti-IRA chanting by England fans at the match versus Scotland last night.

You can

watch the programme online and on mobile here, and if you want to take part call 0500 909 693, text 85058 or tweet @bbc5live

Latest headlines

Royal Mail has said its guarantee of delivering letters anywhere in the UK for the same price is under threat,

because of increased competition.

UKIP has strongly denied it wants to repatriate EU migrants living and working in Britain - after the party's candidate in the Rochester and Strood by-election found himself caught up in a political row.

Information on how patients fare with specific surgeons in England is highlighted in

an NHS transparency drive.

A British consortium is trying to raise half a billion pounds from the public to

send a robotic probe to the moon in 10 year's time.

The Papers

Andy McFarlane

The Papers, BBC News

The i

Bloody images from Jerusalem, where two cleaver-wielding Palestinians ran amok in a Synagogue, feature in most of today's papers.

"Terror in the temple," is

how the i sums up the incident, which left four rabbis and a policeman dead.

Ed Miliband and Myleene Klass

Meanwhile, political correspondents enjoy seeing Ed Miliband "put to the sword" -

as the Telegraph puts it - by musician and model Myleene Klass who, it says, left the Labour leader "squirming" when she claimed his plans for a mansion tax to help fund the NHS would hit "little grannies".

"Myleene outKlasses Ed," on ITV show The Agenda,

is the Daily Express's verdict. The paper's cartoonist Paul Thomas pictures Mr Miliband complaining: "I didn't come here to be rubbished." In the sketch, the celebrity responds: "Where do you normally go?"

Read a full review of today's papers here.

BBC Radio 4 Today

tweets: 'We didn't give child sexual exploitation the forensic focus that we do now' - Debbie Jones, @Ofstednews social care director #r4today

Coming up...

At 09:15 the BBC News Channel will talk to Tony and Jan Jenkinson, the couple who say they were 'fined' for criticising

a Blackpool hotel on the review website Trip Advisor.

Tony and Jan Jenkinson
Tony Jenkinson