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  1. Police searching for a missing man find a body in the River Kent near Kendal, in Cumbria
  2. Met Office confirms record rainfall fell on Cumbria in 24 hours - 341.4mm
  3. As many as 5,000 homes in Northern England and southern Scotland flooded
  4. Power has been lost to 42,000 properties in the Lancaster area and more than 1,400 in Cumbria are also without power
  5. Schools closed and hospital services cancelled. Road and rail travel also disrupted
  6. David Cameron has visited the flood-hit region and has chaired an emergency Cobra meeting

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Recap of Monday's events

Day three of flooding aftermath

  • Police searching for a missing man recover a body in the River Kent near Kendal, in Cumbria
  • A man from Northern Ireland was swept away after his car got stuck in flood water in County Monaghan
  • Met Office confirms record-breaking amounts of rain fell in Cumbria, the worst-hit county
  • Emergency services continue to evacuate people from their flooded homes
  • Many roads remain closed and the West Coast Mainline rail route to Scotland was suspended 
  • Around 40 schools were closed in Cumbria and appointments and routine business across NHS hospitals and services were cancelled
  • The Environment Agency estimates 5,200 homes have been affected by flooding in Cumbria and Lancaster
  • A total of 1,450 properties remain without power in Cumbria
  • A fresh loss of power supply to 42,000 homes and businesses in Lancaster, Morecambe and Carnforth took place at 16:00 GMT due to "unforeseen flood damage" at a substation in Lancaster
  • Prime Minister David Cameron visited the worst-hit areas and said the flood defences "were not enough"
  • He said the government would fully reimburse councils for the costs of dealing with flooding, and ministers would review all flood defence plans 

Power back on for some in Cumbria

Electricity North West says its engineers have restored power to a further 1,200 customers in Cumbria, although more than 1,450 - the vast majority of them in Carlisle - remain without.

The company said engineers were still trying to access substations across Cumbria  - in some cases by boat - to restore power to the remaining customers.

Storm names

Storm Desmond is the fourth storm to be given a name by the public in a project by the Met Office and Met Eireann in Ireland to help raise awareness of severe weather. 

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Update on power cuts

There were fresh power cuts on Monday afternoon, affecting 42,000 properties across Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham and Carnforth.

In a statement on Monday night, Electricity North West said 19,000 homes in Lancaster were being supplied by generators and plans were in place to begin restoring supply from 08:00 GMT on Tuesday 8 December.

Flood fatality in Republic of Ireland

A 70-year-old man from County Tyrone in Northern Ireland has died after his car got trapped in flood water. He has been named as Ivan Vaughan from the village of Caledon.

Irish police say his body was found a short distance away from his car on Monday morning on a cross-border road in County Monaghan.

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Problems expected on Tuesday:

Flood warnings in Scotland

While much of the attention is focused on Cumbria, there are still warnings in place in Scotland:

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Latest weather

BBC Weather tweets:

Info centre wrecked

BBC's Danny Savage shares this information:

'Kindness is keeping Cumbria afloat'

The BBC's Lauren Potts has been finding out how complete strangers have been lending a hand and offering support.

Pets rescued by boat

BBC North of England correspondent tweets...

It's not often we get a chinchilla into a news report but we've seen all sorts of pets in boats ...
It's not often we get a chinchilla into a news report but we've seen all sorts of pets in boats ...

It's not often we get a chinchilla into a news report but we've seen all sorts of pets in boats ...

Shop owners in Cumbria speak of devastation after floods

Press Association

Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria
Getty Images

Shop owners in Appleby-in-Westmorland - the first town to be affected by the floods at the weekend - have been speaking of their devastation.

Catherine Hoggins was among them. She had only opened Appleby Barber Shop in Bridge Street last Monday - having relocated from the market arcade, which has escaped much of the damage. 

What can you say? Self employed, three kids, single mum, three weeks before Christmas, what do you do?

For me personally it's devastating. You have got to crack on, haven't you? I'm devastated more for my kids because there is no money coming in.

Jackie Kilpatrick, 58, who runs interior furnishings firm Jak & Co - a new business venture which has only been open four weeks - said many businesses would not be reopening until February. 

I'm devastated. Everybody has been affected but I will say there has been an amazing community spirit.

Everybody all day long has pulled together. We have gone from shop to shop, there has been a lot of people who have helped.

Animation of weekend rainfall released by the Met Office

The Met Office has released an animation showing how the rainfall affected the UK over the weekend - the bright colours show where Storm Desmond hit. 

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Desmond v Diddu

Storm heading towards Iceland

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BBC weatherman Simon King has posted this dramatic image of a storm heading towards the south of Iceland.

And do Icelanders name their storms like we do? It seems the answer is yes... 

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Corbyn accuses the government of failing to deliver on its promises on flood defences

Jeremy Corbyn

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn - speaking at the Trade Unions for Energy Democracy meeting in Paris - has accused the government of failing to deliver on its promises when it comes to dealing with flooding. 

Last year, the prime minister of Britain promised that 'money is no object' in dealing with flooding, itself a consequence of the destruction of our environment.

But this has proved to be yet another false promise. In the last parliament, the government slashed spending on flood defences before the 2014 winter floods.

The government has failed to deliver on their promises. They have abandoned the consensus on flood investment built by the Labour party after the 2007 floods - and are failing the British people because of their obsession with austerity.

Churches stand with those affected by Storm Desmond

The Diocese of Carlisle tweets...

Pictures: Carlisle United's flooded stadium

Carlisle United's flooded ground
Carlisle United's Brunton Park stadium
Carlisle United's flooded ground

The pitch is under water at Carlisle United's Brunton Park stadium - with flood water also covering some of the stands. 

Power cut update from Electricity North West

Electricity North West tweets...

UK storm names explained

The storm names for this winter were released earlier this year after being chosen by members of the public - here's a reminder of why storms are named, and which other monikers have been selected. 

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Work carries on as darkness falls

Emergency services workers in Carlisle

Even as light faded, emergency services teams were continuing to rescue residents in Carlisle, where many will face another night away from their own homes. 

Train services update

Virgin Trains have updated their information for anyone travelling on their services tomorrow. 

#VTUPDATE: Please see the latest update on our website in regards to travel for tomorrow

#VTUPDATE: Please see the latest update on our website in regards to travel for tomorrow

Short, medium and long-term effects for residents

One of the problems in Carlisle is that the flood defences were built to withstand a flood of 7.2m - but water levels rose to 7.9m in the early hours of Sunday, says BBC correspondent Danny Savage. 

You ask people here, do they think now that flood defences will be built to defend such a height of a river. I don't think they seem very positive about that.

In the short term, affected residents have to think about the security of their homes while they are not in them. 

In the medium term, they have to have their houses dried out and getting them back to normal. 

And in the long term, residents will have to worry about premiums possibly going up and any impact the floods might have on the ability for them to sell their homes.

They have very little confidence that people will want to live around here, knowing in the back of their mind there's always that risk of flooding taking place. This will have a very long-term effect.

Could climate change have played a part in the floods, Met Office asks?

Dame Julia Slingo

The Met Office's chief scientist Dame Julia Slingo says the extreme weather conditions over the past few days have been "extraordinary". 

She told the BBC: "Is it to do with climate change? There can't yet be a definitive answer but we know that all the evidence from fundamental physics and what we understand about our weather patterns, that there is potentially a role."

Situation 'dire' in north-west England

Emergency services from across the UK were sent to Cumbria to help deal with the floods, BBC's Danny Savage says. With the water now slowly receding, they have been sent back to their home areas, he says. 

For many people in north-west England tonight, the situation is "still dire", says our correspondent, with thousands of homes ruined and roads looking like canals.

Flood adviser on 'hardship' faced by residents

Bryn Coleman, a flood adviser from Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue who is assisting in Carlisle, says people are finding it increasingly hard to stay in their homes.

He said: "There's no power. A lot of these people have been in their own properties, and wish to remain in their own properties, since the flood started. Obviously some of them are now really suffering. And the hardship, you know, you really can't get across the hardship of these people.

They're struggling for food, they're struggling for water, there's no power on. And it's quite a frightening experience for them."

Pictures: Returning home to survey the damage

Carlisle residents Campbell and Julie Hannah were rescued, along with their two daughters, from the upstairs of their flooded home by boat on Sunday. They returned on Monday to see what had survived the deluge. 

Belongings piled high in a home in Carlisle
Belongings piled high in a home in Carlisle
Campbell and Julie Hannah

Power cut closes Lancaster train station

Climate change warning in Desmond's wake

Storm Desmond is the sort of storm that we will see more of over the coming decades if we fail to tackle climate change."

That's the warning from Dr Stephen Cornelius, WWF-UK's chief adviser on climate change, who added: "We must urgently reduce our carbon emissions and better protect those people most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, wherever they may live in the world. 

"It is another example of why we need a good deal at the Paris climate talks that will set us on a path to a safer, low-carbon future."

Security concerns over evacuated homes

Sgt Stewart Campbell, of Cumbria Police, sought to reassure people about the security of evacuated homes.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 live, he said: "It is a concern, obviously. And there's going to be a police presence here for the foreseeable future - certainly until the point that we can be assured that everybody's out of their house, and they're out of their house safely. But we're not going to be just walking away from the scene.

We're here for the long term to see it through. And of course we'll be providing what security that we can."

What's the government spent on flood defences?

Graph showing spending on flood defences and coastal erosion, 2005/6-2015/16

Local appeal gets 'great response'

This arts organisation in Cumbria has praised a "great response from Eden" to its appeal for donations for victims of the flooding.

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Power comings and goings

It's been a busy couple of days for Electricity North West engineers, currently working at Lancaster's main substation to restore power to more than 40,000 homes. Just a few hours ago power had been restored to customers following problems late on Saturday night, when flooding to the substation cut off supply to 55,000 properties.  

Engineers at Electricity North West main substation
Electricity North West

Pictures: David Cameron in Carlisle

The prime minister has been in Carlisle this afternoon.Mr Cameron visited the flood barriers, attended a meeting of flood rescue services at Carlisle's police headquarters and met members of the armed forces who have been helping with relief efforts.

David Cameron in Carlisle
David Cameron in Carlisle
David Cameron in Carlisle

Rainfall records - in graphic form

So what do those rainfall records actually mean? 

If you're having problems visualising what 341.4mm of rain looks like, our image here should help... 

Rainfall records

Flood warnings update

Environment Agency North West tweets...

There are now 44 severe flood warnings in place, the Environment Agency says.

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'Enormously challenging time'

Mark Williamson, operations director for Electricity North West, said of the latest power cuts: "We are onsite and investigating the cause and we will update customers as soon as we find out more and again we would like to thank our customers for their patience and support during what continues to be an enormously challenging time for everyone involved.”   

Number of homes without power in Lancaster amended

Following the tweet sent by Electricity North West, its press office has said the number of those affected in the Lancaster area is actually 42,000 - not 61,000 as they (and we) earlier reported. 

There are also still 2,657 homes in Cumbria currently without power.

Lancaster station closed due to lack of power

Virgin Trains tweets...

More power supplies lost in North West England

Power has been lost again in the Lancaster area - more than 60,000 homes are affected.

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Cumbria flood defences will be re-examined - Cameron

The flood defences in Cumbria - where millions of pounds were spent on flood barriers after the 2009 floods - will be re-examined, says David Cameron. 

"After every flood, the thing to do is sit down, look at the money you're spending, look at what you're building, look at what you're planning to build in the future and ask, is it enough? And that's exactly what we'll do.