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  1. Conservatives lose Worcester and Labour loses Dudley to no overall control
  2. Labour keeps control of Coventry, Birmingham, Sandwell and Wolverhampton
  3. Labour keeps control of Nuneaton and Bedworth but loses three seats
  4. Turnout percentage in Birmingham was 31.88%
  5. Elections in all of the seven metropolitan district councils - one third of seats contested
  6. Voting also in ten other district/borough councils - again one third of seats contested
  7. Coverage from the West Midlands of the 2016 English local council elections

Live Reporting

By Alex Homer and Raj Bilkhu

All times stated are UK

Have a good morning

I hope you have enjoyed our live updates on the local elections. We'll have more in our Local Live service from 08:00, including results from the police and crime commissioner elections as we have them.

Sandwell: Labour's clean sweep revealed before 02:00

The chief executive has managed to get more sleep than most in similar shoes.

24 seats out 24 held by Labour at #SandwellCouncil - and all declared and finished by 1.50am. Now to bed before counting PCC votes tomorrow

Dudley: Five recounts needed in decisive ward

Ben Sidwell

BBC Midlands Today

Labour lost control of Dudley Council following gains by the Conservatives and UKIP. Five recounts were needed in the decisive seat of Wollaston and Stourbridge Town before it was finally confirmed that Labour had lost grip on power after four years by a margin of just three votes.     

Dudley voters' verdict

Recap of the local election results across the West Midlands

Alex Homer

BBC Local Live

Here is a recap of some of our top stories from the local elections overnight:

- Labour lost overall control of Dudley, falling two seats short

- The Conservatives lost overall control of Worcester

- Labour leader Sean Coughlin is confident of making a deal with the Liberal Democrats to take control in Walsall

- One seat made all the difference in Cannock Chase as Labour held on to overall control 

- Conservatives were left frustrated in Redditch where Labour also held an overall majority of one seat

Labour 'not good enough' in local elections - Emma Reynolds MP

Today Programme

BBC Radio 4

Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East Emma Reynolds has said the party's results overnight were "not good enough" in the face of "Tories in disarray".

She said Jeremy Corbyn as leader "should not be content with standing still" at this stage of the parliamentary cycle - highlighting other leaders who had made significant gains after one or two years in power.

She stopped short of saying Corbyn should be replaced, saying the party's immediate priority was making its case in the pending EU Referendum.

Emma Reynolds MP

Birmingham: Labour stays in the driving seat

Kathryn Stanczyszyn

Political Reporter, BBC WM

This was the last set of elections to be done in thirds in Birmingham - it's going to whole council elections in 2018. 

It was also the last for certain wards in their current form, as boundary changes are due to come in before then; some of which are likely to be controversial. 

Yesterday's vote was the first with John Clancy as Labour leader and his party gained two seats, leaving it with a strong majority - two thirds of the 120 seats on the authority.

Local elections: How the night unfolded in numbers

From the fastest council count in England to the thousands of cups of tea it takes to get through, here is how election night unfolded in numbers.  

The Conservatives' own voters - and a mix-up - nearly cost them a seat in Wolverhampton.


An "error" saw the party field two candidates in the same ward. The winning Conservative candidate, Udey Singh, received 1,045 votes and was elected to the Tettenhall Regis seat, with Labour's Chester Morrison in second on 970. 

The other Conservative, outgoing councillor Mark Evans, polled 415 votes. If he had taken just 65 more from his fellow Tory it would have lost the party one of the two seats they were defending.  

Walsall: Labour could resume council helm

Mike Taylor


Walsall council remains in no overall control – as it has been since 2011 – but a change in administration may be in the offing.

Several seats changed hands between the parties – but the outcome appears to leave both potential coalitions dead level.

Labour had a net gain of one seat, leaving them with 28 on the 60-seat council, and the Liberal Democrats held their two wards in Short Heath and Willenhall North.

Sister Dora

The Conservatives remained on their original total of 25 seats, having had support from three UKIP and two Independent councillors to run an administration since last June.

That makes 30 seats on each side – but as the current Mayor, who will have the casting vote, is Labour, it looks as though their leader Sean Coughlan will be returning to the top job on the council after 11 months away.

England elections: Labour loses seats but holds key councils

The make-up of England's councils has remained stubbornly unchanged following Thursday's elections, BBC News reports.

With results in from two thirds of the 124 contested council areas, Labour has lost overall control of Dudley in the face of Tory and UKIP gains.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives lost Worcester to no overall control but gained a majority in Peterborough.

Clapping in Harlow

Dudley: Proof that every vote counts

Ben Sidwell

BBC Midlands Today

Proof that every vote counts - three very narrow defeats cost Labour overall control in Dudley.

They finished two seats short of retaining their overall majority – but lost seats to the Conservatives by just three votes in Wollaston and Stourbridge Town (after five recounts), 13 votes in Belle Vale and 27 votes in Gornal.

UKIP potentially hold the balance of power, with eight seats – but the senior Dudley Conservative councillor Anne Millward told BBC WM that they are not inclined to work with UKIP, and would consider coming to some form of arrangement with Labour.

New council: Labour 35 seats, Con 29, UKIP eight.

Redditch: Conservatives frustrated as Labour hangs on

Bob Hockenhull

BBC Midlands Today

Conservative hopes of making a breakthrough in Redditch failed to materialise. Labour hung on to a council it was expected to lose if results reflected opinion polls.

Redditch voters' verdict

Worcester: 'Disappointing' night for Conservatives

Conservative MP Therese Coffey said it was "disappointing to hear" that her party had lost control of Worcester council. 

But she stressed that they only lost control because they lost one seat. She said: "I wouldn't read too much into the loss of one ward in a council."

Walsall: 'Low turnout has not helped' - Conservative leader Mike Bird

Ben Godfrey

BBC Midlands Today

Labour are expected to lead Walsall Council with support from the Liberal Democrats. The party gained two seats but the authority remains under no overall control. 

Walsall voters' verdict

Newcastle-under-Lyme: No overall control

James Bovill

Staffordshire Political Reporter, BBC News

And now all the scores are in at Newcastle - it's nearly static: Labour gain two to take them to 27 seats, Tories gain one to 21, the Lib Dems lose two leaving them with three seats.

Independents have six seats, UKIP two and the Green Party has one.

The council remains under no overall control.

Newcastle-under-Lyme: Coalition may be required

James Bovill

Staffordshire Political Reporter, BBC News

Labour’s overall majority in Newcastle-under-Lyme disappeared in February 2015, and a succession of councillors leaving to sit as Independents had left them some way short of the 31 required for overall control.  

Reaching that target will be difficult for either of the two largest parties, and with none of the six Independent-held seats being contested, some form of coalition may be required after today’s results.

Results are not fully in yet but it appears that it will be no overall control.

UKIP make gains in Tamworth

UKIP gained two seats in Tamworth, taking its total to three, but there was no change in overall control with the Conservatives remaining in charge.

The Tories have 20 seats, gaining two, and Labour has seven, losing three.

Nuneaton and Bedworth: Recap Labour hold

Kevin Reide

Midlands Today

Labour has retained control of Nuneaton and Bedworth Council. The party lost three seats and the Conservatives gained three. 

The Green Party held onto the Weddington ward.

The Nuneaton parliamentary constituency is regarded as a bellwether seat. Labour's failure to win it in the 2015 general election was seen as symbolic of its national failure. 

Labour hold Nuneaton and Bedworth

Conservatives retain Solihull

The Green Party gained two seats and Independents lost two but the Conservatives stay in charge at Solihull.


The party has 32 seats compared to 10 for the Greens, six for the Lib Dems, two for UKIP and one for Labour.  

The turnout for the local elections in Solihull was 31.34% #SolVote #LE2016

Birmingham: Labour wins three quarters of seats

Total results in for Birmingham City Council. Of the 40 seats up: Labour 30, Conservative 7, Liberal Democrats three.

Birmingham City Council's make-up is now Conservative 29, Labour 80, Liberal Democrat 10 and others one.  

Dudley: How Labour lost overall control

The Conservatives gained two, and UKIP gained one seat, leaving Labour unable to achieve an overall majority.

Infographic showing how Labour lost overall control of Dudley

Anne Millward, senior Conservative on Dudley Council, tells BBC WM that they will not work with UKIP – but would consider coming to some form of arrangement with Labour.

Worcester: Labour expected to take control of city through deal with the Greens

James Pearson

Journalist, BBC Hereford & Worcester

Once again there's uncertainty over Worcester, with no party in overall control. The Conservatives will be disappointed they didn't make the gains they were hoping for tonight, and will be gutted to lose Battenhall to the Greens. 

Though the Conservatives remain the largest party, their leader Mark Bayliss expects Labour to take control of the city by doing a "private deal" with the Greens.

Green candidate Louis Stephen for Battenhall Ward, who won the seat from the Tories with a turnout of more than 50%.

One major policy is now up in the air. Both Labour and the Greens opposed plans to outsource bin collections and park maintenance. Despite going out to tender, that's now likely to be scrapped.  

Dudley: Labour loses control of the council

Mike Taylor


Dudley is going to no overall control.

With one result to come – Wollaston and Stourbridge Town – Labour are on 35 seats, two short of what’s required to retain an overall majority.

UKIP now have eight seats, gaining one.  Dean Perks from their group told BBC WM that they would vote as a group on whether to do a deal with any other party – but personally he’s against it.

Analysis: Recap the night's results so far

Patrick Burns

Political editor, Midlands

The latest analysis on the night's local election results from BBC West Midlands Political Editor Patrick Burns.

Election analysis

Rugby: Still no overall control of the council

Moira Rawlings

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire

The calm after the storm.

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Wolverhampton: A tale of two Tories

Before today, an "administrative error" was blamed for the Conservatives fielding two council candidates for the same ward in Wolverhampton.

Conservative Udey Singh took the Tettenhall Regis ward with 1,045 votes, with outgoing Mark Evans in third place with 415 votes. Chester Morrison for Labour was in second place with 970 votes.

Upper Green, Tettenhall

Redditch: Labour retain overall control

Mark Regan

BBC WM Sport

Redditch went to the wire – but Labour started with the narrowest possible majority – and kept it.

All nine seats contested in Redditch stayed as they were – Labour holding some very tight marginal seats, notably in Matchborough and West.

New council: Labour 15 seats, Con 13, UKIP one.  Labour majority one.

Dudley: Labour hold swing seat

Ben Sidwell

BBC Midlands Today

Labour have held Amblecote in Dudley, which we believe may prove significant for the party to retain control in the borough.

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'Dual validation' behind slowness of results

Patrick Burns

Political editor, Midlands

If people are wondering why some results are proving slow to announce, it's partly down to the so-called "dual validation" process taking place this year.

Due to the police and crime commissioner elections, votes in that election are being validated at the same time as the local election ballots even though the PCC ballots will be counted tomorrow.

Patrick Burns

Walsall: Labour expect to take the council's leadership

Ben Godfrey

BBC Midlands Today

Walsall is now certain to remain in no overall control.  No single party can now win. 

Labour group leader Sean Coughlan however says they’ve arranged to meet with the Lib Dems tomorrow morning to make arrangements to run the council. 

Labour are confident that with the Lib Dems they can total 30 seats – and as the current Mayor is Labour and has the casting vote, that’s good enough.

Cannock Chase: Labour hold overall

Mike Taylor


Just three votes made the difference for Labour in holding control of Cannock Chase.

They won the Brereton and Ravenhill seat by a three-vote majority – and now hold an overall majority of just one seat on the council.

The Green Party gained Hednesford South from Labour – their first seat on the council.

New council: Labour 21 seats, Con 13, UKIP 4, Lib Dem one, Green one, others one.  Labour majority one.

Worcester becomes first council of night to change hands

The council goes to no overall control after the Conservative party loses two seats leaving them one short of a majority. The Green Party gained a second council seat.

Tories lose their majority on Worcester council - first council of the night actually changes hands

Tom Watson: Corbyn 'needs time to set out his stall'

West Bromwich East Labour MP Tom Watson and deputy leader of the party, has said should the party have a disappointing set of results nationally in the first elections since Jeremy Corbyn became leader, members will stand by him in the knowledge he needs time "to set out his stall".

He told the BBC News Channel: "I've probably spoken to more Labour party members than any other MP this time round.

"They all say Jeremy Corbyn has a mandate [from the party membership] and we have to respect that."

Tom Watson being interviewed on the BBC News Channel

Worcester: Conservatives lose political control

BBC Midlands Today

All the results are in - the Conservatives lose two seats and political control of the city council. They remain largest party.

Solihull: Count now under way


Councillor James Burn, leader of the Greens on Solihull Council, is all smiles as the count gets underway.

Councillor James Burn

Sandwell: Labour hold but have an opposition of one

After tonight, there is one opposition councillor in the borough - UKIP's Philip Garrett.

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Redditch: 'It could be close' - Labour leader

Bob Hockenhull

BBC Midlands Today

Labour are fighting to remain in control in Redditch where they currently have a majority of just one.

Redditch election fight

Dudley: Gain could hand UKIP balance of power

Steve Hermon

Journalist, BBC WM

UKIP have gained Wordsley from Labour.

Labour are now under pressure to hold overall control. UKIP will be up to at least eight seats and are likely to hold the balance of power.

Labour held an overall majority on the council before today and the Conservatives were 13 seats short of a majority.

Dudley Castle
Getty Images

UKIP had seven seats which were not up for re-election and have now won one of the four gains the party was targeting.    

Coventry: Labour hold overall

Sian Grzeszczyk

Political Reporter, BBC Coventry & Warwickshire

Two ward results have been declared so far but Labour have held Radford and Upper Stoke, which means they will still have a majority on the council.

Birmingham: Labour retain overall control


Labour has been confirmed as the majority group on the city council.

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Nuneaton and Bedworth: Big relief for Labour?

Last year, the Nuneaton General Election result proved an early indicator of Conservative success.

By doubling his majority, Marcus Jones confirmed the Tories were on course for an unexpected win, leaving his exclamation mark in history.  

We've now heard Labour retains overall control of the council after today despite the party losing three seats.

Infographic showing Labour hold in Nuneaton and Bedworth
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