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  1. As it happened for the West of England on Wednesday 22 June

Live Reporting

By Tammy McAllister

All times stated are UK

School staff and pupils overcome festival disruption

That's it from a Glastonbury-tastic Local Live for today. Fingers crossed 'rush hour' tomorrow will be a little less chaotic on the roads around Somerset! 

In the meantime, we'll let Gill Rennard - head teacher of Whitstone School in Shepton Mallet - have the last word.

She's been telling us how her pupils and staff got into school today, using sheer determination to beat the traffic disruption.

Shepton Mallet school head says some delays are expected before Glastonbury Festival.

Purton Hulks site 'absolutely unique'

Ships were deliberately scuttled on the site, known as the Purton Hulks, between 1909 and 1965 to try and prevent the high tides eroding an embankment which held back the canal.

"It was quite an engineering problem working out what to do," said David Viner from the Canal and River Trust, which took over the graveyard in 2010.

Purton shipyard

"They formed the breakwaters with these redundant old boats... all the silt and mud from the Severn piled up against the boats and formed the foreshore. 

"Other sites may be older or have more significant boats but in terms of sheer numbers this is the biggest collection of historic boats and that makes it absolutely unique," he added.

Glastonbury 2016: Eleven acts to watch

Visualisation of Chris Levine's iy_project for the David Bowie tribute at Glastonbury 2016
Chris Levine
Visualisation of Chris Levine's iy_project for the David Bowie tribute at Glastonbury 2016

For those of us with sense who've avoided the mud, the masses and the motoring mayhem, we can still enjoy the event digitally ...can't we?

Click here to read our 11 suggested acts to check out at this year's Glastonbury Festival.

Your local newspaper headlines this evening

Inflatable swans and cycling through the mud

BBC Points West's Hugo Pettitt has been walking around Worthy Farm and has come back with a lovely haul of photos.

So we have inflatable swans, mud and even some blue sky.

Glastonbury 2016
Glastonbury Festival 2016
Glastonbury Festival 2016
Glastonbury Festival 2016
Glastonbury 2016

Inquest into baby's death 'confusing', bereaved parents say

Ben Condon
Family photo

The parents of eight-week-old Ben Condon have said they will "continue to seek the truth" after an inquest into their baby's death concluded earlier.

The coroner reached a narrative conclusion but Ben's parents Allyn and Jenny said it still left a "confusing picture".

Baby Ben died after developing a respiratory illness likely to have been caused by human metapneumovirus (HMPV).

His parents Allyn and Jenny believe he should have been given antibiotics in the days before his death at Bristol Children's Hospital in April 2015.

But the inquest at Avon Coroner's Court heard this would not have prevented it.

Football fixtures released...

The day that tens of thousands of football fans have been waiting for has arrived - the fixtures for the new Football League season have been released.

Teams in the Championship, League One and League Two discovered who their first opponents of the new season will be.

You can find the full list of 2016-17 fixtures for your club by clicking below.

Bristol City

Bristol Rovers

Cheltenham Town

Swindon Town

Yeovil Town

Pupils walk to school after bus gets stuck in Glastonbury traffic

Two pupils from Whitstone School in Shepton Mallet - Gabrielle and Callan - tell us how they ended up having to walk to school after their bus got stuck in the festival traffic...

Glastonbury pupils recall the plight of losing their school bus in the travel chaos.

'Arsonists, vandals and graffiti artists' have harmed Maritime museum

Back to one of our first Local Live posts of the day which was about work to save the "maritime museum" in Gloucestershire. 

Volunteers say the Purton Hulks site is a "shadow of its former self".

Some 80 ships are scuttled there and have created a unique bank between the Gloucester Sharpness Canal and the River Wye.

Purton shipyard

To halt the degradation of the site, volunteers have been creating paths, building fences around some of the more important and vulnerable wrecks and creating new access to the area. 

Paul Barnett, chairman of the Friends of Purton, said: "What we have here is approximately 60% of what was here 40 years ago thanks to arsonists, graffiti artists, trophy hunters and natural decay. 

"It's the last bastion of our maritime heritage and as a maritime nation I feel it is vitally important to save it."

Headlines from around the West of England

Jo Cox vigil in College Green, Bristol, Wed 22 June 2016

We've been focussing on the influx of people heading towards the Glastonbury Festival site in Pilton for much of the day on our live updates page, but what else has been happening around the West Country?

Here's a quick update:

  • The final day of campaigning has been taking place for the EU referendum where Prime Ministers past and present were in Bristol for the Bremain vote
  • The Leave side have been touring on the battlebus in Dorset and South Somerset
  • Bristol Children's Hospital has made a series of improvements after the death of an eight-week-old baby and an inquiry into how they dealt with his grieving parents
  • Police say they are treating the death of a 61-year-old woman in Bristol as a murder inquiry
  • More than two hundred people gathered to pay their respects to Jo Cox MP at a vigil on College Green in Bristol
  • Work is underway to preserve a nationally important site of marine heritage on the banks of the River Severn

Aerial footage shows Glastonbury gridlock

Aerial footage shows Glastonbury gridlock

This aerial footage shows one of many scenes of gridlock in Somerset as cars queued to get to the 2016 Glastonbury Festival.

Getting to work when the festival influx is under way?

Glastonbury traffic

There has been widespread disruption for people trying to get to work or school after the fields flooded at Glastonbury leading to huge tailbacks around the local area as people waited for hours to get on-site.

Some Facebook users in Shepton Mallet have described the effect its had on their day:

Caroline Hobbs wrote: "I believe that the festival needs to be smaller as clearly the roads can't cope with it. That's not being a kill joy but carers and District Nurses couldn't get to people today."

Zoe Copp wrote: "It's never been this bad and never effected the schools and locals and local villages like this has today, something needs to be done with the volume of traffic."

Susie Perkins wrote: "Half my children's school couldn't get there..... Miles of traffic..... Un acceptable!!!"

Why it's always wet and muddy at Glastonbury

BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker explains why it so often rains at Glastonbury.

BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker explains why it so often rains at Glastonbury.

'Nearly there' for some Glastonbury music fans

BBC Points West has spoken to a couple of gents about their travelling woes of getting to Worthy Farm.

All they have to do now is pitch up and then collapse in a heap of exhaustion and relief. 

Remember why you're doing it though, it's all about the music remember?

Glastonbury revellers share their trials and tribulations

Feeling nostalgic about muddy days of yore at Glastonbury?

Most people remember 2007 as the muddiest year at Glastonbury but we've dug out another piece of archive, from 2005's festival.

Hopefully your chances of your tent floating off in muddy waters are much lower this time round.

Glastonbury Festival 2005 floods and mud

Here's the science bit about the Glastonbury mud

Man pulling a cart through mud

It's June, it's raining and it's Glastonbury Festival, so, inevitably, every news site in the UK is posting video of fans trudging through mud.

Apart from the rain, and the grounds being churned up by the footfall, what are the other factors in play that make it so squelchy and sticky?

Click here to find out more.

Festival site takes shape - as tents go up

BBC Points West has taken some great aerial shots of the festival site this afternoon.

Here are some shots taken of Worthy Farm from the air

Jo Cox MP vigil is postponed until Thursday afternoon

Thousands of festival-goers have been dragging their belongings through the mud
Glastonbury festival-goers have been stuck in queues of up to 12 hours as traffic chaos hit all major routes to the site.

Travelling by bus to Glastonbury Festival? Your tweets

Many of you are getting to Worthy Farm by bus, here's a quick look at what you've been tweeting - let's hope things improve for you soon.

View more on twitter
View more on twitter
View more on twitter

'We know what we're doing' says Michael Eavis

Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis admits the weather can be tough to deal with but promises it will get better.

Michael Eavis offers encouragement for the beleaguered travellers stuck in traffic

Carol's 12-hour journey from east to west

Nine hours to cover the final four miles!

Carol Johnson set off from Cambridge at 8.45pm last night and arrived at Worthy Farm at 9am this morning. 

Nine of those hours were spent covering the final four miles!

"I didn't know what was going on, you just assume it's a hold up," Ms Johnson said.

"It's not till you get inside that you find out all the information."

Festival traffic chaos affects school run and college exams

Glastonbury traffic

Festival-goers have been stuck for hours in the traffic heading to Glastonbury but it's also had a knock-on effect for local schools and colleges in the Glastonbury and Street area.

Now it's almost going home time for them, parents have been warned of the problems getting their kids home.

A small number of children have missed exams as did students at Strode College in Street.

A college spokesman said it was "unprecented", adding: "Clearly it’s horrible for the small number of students affected. 

"We will continue to work with the exam boards to ensure that these students are not disadvantaged and that they get fair treatment.”

'Stay in your cars' - police advice to congestion-hit drivers

After eight hours on the road it's no surprise people are getting out to stretch their legs ...but the police are not happy about it:

View more on twitter

When you're, like, so glad to make it to Glastonbury...but then you see the mud

This girl is literally everyone at #Glastonbury right now. #glastonburytraffic #Glasto2016
This girl is literally everyone at #Glastonbury right now. #glastonburytraffic #Glasto2016

This girl is literally everyone at #Glastonbury right now. #glastonburytraffic #Glasto2016

You've been stuck in the car for hours and you're rewarded with thick, sludgy mud. Add being loaded like a packhorse and that might make you want to cry. 

We're hoping for this girl they're tears of joy though!

Glastonbury revellers 'in 12-hour queue'

Revellers at Glastonbury

Festival-goers have been queuing for up to 12 hours as traffic chaos hits all major routes to the site.

Organisers have just said the festival is now "fully open for business".

More than 170,000 people are expected at Worthy Farm and those yet to arrive are still being warned to "expect to queue, but we will get you in".  

Revellers and residents caught up in the problems on the roads have been posting their experiences on social media.

National Express has thanked those people waiting for coaches for their patience.

National Express website
National express
Facebook comment
Facecbook comment
Facebook comment
Facebook comment

Rubbish collections hit by Glastonbury Festival traffic

Somerset Waste Partnership says their recycling and rubbish vehicles haven't been able to get through the queues to empty the bins in and around Glastonbury.


But it's asking householders to make sure their bins are put out again by 7am on Thursday so crews can return to complete their rounds.

Glastonbury mud wars: Battle of the sludge

With revellers who've made it to the festival site finding themselves knee-deep in mud, some are getting competitive on social media about just how muddy it really is.

Rain, mud and even flooding have previously affected the festival at Worthy Farm and people who've seen it all before have been posting their photos too.

Am I the only one looking at the Glastonbury pictures and muttering 'that ain't mud, this is mud'?

Am I the only one looking at the Glastonbury pictures and muttering 'that ain't mud, this is mud'?

Ah, genius! #Glastonbury #glastonburytraffic

Ah, genius! #Glastonbury #glastonburytraffic

#Glastonbury - and its not even begun yet. 😨

#Glastonbury - and its not even begun yet. 😨

Latest scenes from the roads around Glastonbury Festival

Police tell us the A37 at the Podimore roundabout is now open but it was still bumper-to-bumper just a short while ago.

The roads around Glastonbury are at a standstill.

A37 has re-opened

TRAFFIC UPDATE: A37 has now re-opened but we would still ask motorists to use alternative routes, namely A36 & M5 junc 23.

Tractors help tow caravans into Glastonbury Festival

Traffic on the A37 near to the festival site has been queuing back for hours and some motorists who have made it through are now getting stuck in the mud.

Those lucky enough to already be there are keeping us up to date with conditions on site, including the fact the Worthy Farm machinery seems to have been brought back into use...

New way to enter glastonbury festival everything seems well organised in here and the tractors are doing an ace job

New way to enter glastonbury festival everything seems well organised in here and the tractors are doing an ace job

#KidneyMead #Glastonbury #Glasto #DeadOnMyFeet #FieldTrip #CorkToSomerset @GlastoWatch @GlastoFest @GlastoFacePalm

#KidneyMead #Glastonbury #Glasto #DeadOnMyFeet #FieldTrip #CorkToSomerset @GlastoWatch @GlastoFest @GlastoFacePalm

Relief? Lucky Glastonbury revellers who've made it through

Those people who have managed to get to the Glastonbury Festival site have come face-to-face with the culprit behind their traffic woes - the mud.

Arriving at Glastonbury

Glastonbury Festival updates - latest on BBC Somerset

If you are sat in your car looking for more updates on the current traffic situation, then can we recommend BBC Somerset?

You'll find them on 95.5FM if you're within the county or use the iPlayer Radio app if you're a bit further away.

Radio studio

Emily Eavis: 'We apologise for the delays'

Glastonbury Festival co-organiser Emily Eavis has apologised for the long delays around the site.

She says they are trying their best to get things moving.

People have been queuing on the roads surrounding Worthy Farm since the early hours of this morning. 

Traffic is improving. We apologise for the delays and are doing our best to move things along as quickly as possible…

Howzat? Glastonbury festival-goers bowl a few overs while stuck in traffic

This is one way to pass the time as you queue to get to the Glastonbury Festival.

A few people stopped on the way to grab a few overs of cricket on the road.

The festival has said the picture is improving and cars are making it through but advise camper van owners to stay at home until the traffic has cleared completely.

And don't forget the A37 is closed at the Podimore roundabout.

People playing cricket in the road
Sabah Malik Peter

BreakingA37 is closed at the Podimore roundabout

View more on twitter

Police tell us this closure is because of the sheer weight of traffic.