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  1. Updates for Bristol, Bath and Weston-super-Mare on Monday, 4 April

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Easyjet Fueteventura delays: We have takeoff

Flight EZY9066 has finally departed Fuerteventura. Next stop Bristol. Only two days late.

Passengers inside the delayed Easyjet flight EZY9066

That's it for Local Live for today. We'll be back Tuesday at 7am.

Easyjet Fueteventura delays: A postcard home

"Wish you were here!" 

That's a cry that has resounded from some of Easyjet's passengers who have felt information from the airline has been sorely lacking.

But hopefully the 48-hour delay won't have ruined too many memories of this trip to Fuerteventura.


Easyjet Fueteventura delays: Homeward bound, finally

"We are going home" writes Easyjet passenger Marticurti Por Lag.

Not quite the prompt boarding that every air traveller hopes for, as this group of 170 passengers has had to wait 48 hours for their delayed return to the UK.

The queue at Fuerteventura Airport to board the return Easyjet flight to Bristol

Easyjet Fueteventura delays: A sight for sore eyes

"It's landed!!! Home we go...hopefully!" says Catherine Hodsman from Exeter, who uploaded this picture to Facebook.

A view of the replacement Easyjet plane having just landed at Fuerteventura Airport
Catherine Hodsman

Easyjet Fueteventura delays: Plane spotting

The replacement aircraft is about to land! 

A view of the Easyjet aircraft from the FlightRadar24 website

Easyjet has said it's registration is G-EZUT and accorinding to a flight tracker website, it is moments away from touching down at Fuerteventura Airport.

No doubt there'll be 170 people with mixed feelings about welcoming their lift home.

Easyjet Fueteventura delays: A take-off tease?

There was a glimmer of hope from Spanish passenger Marticurti Por Lag who has been trying to get back to Bristol since Saturday.

A departure board at Fuerteventura Airport

"It's changed to 18:00," she tells BBC News, sending a picture of a departure board for evidence. "The plane from the UK is about to land."

But 30 minutes later her hopes are dashed: "It has been changed to 7 now". Sad face.

Traffic chaos around Bristol

Wondering why the roads are jammed around the M5 near Cribbs Causeway and Filton? 

Traffic queueing on the A38 near Bristol

We assume it's down to an overturned vehicle on the M5 northbound between J17 (A4018) and J18A (M49).

Three lanes of the motorway were shut at first, and one lane remains closed but there is very slow traffic reported in the area as a result.

Easyjet Fueteventura delays: Medication issues arising

Easyjet passenger Catherine Hodsman, from Exeter, told BBC News some of those waiting are running out of essential medication "and unable to be 'let out' to find a pharmacy". 

A dispensing pharmacist at work

"It's unacceptable," she said. "We are now on day three of this and I find it hard to believe that a company the size of Easyjet doesn't have the resources to have sorted this much quicker.

"We are being treated like nuisances left to wander aimlessly around the airport for 12 hours a day before being told 'actually you're not flying tonight'. 

"Last night we had to find and pay for our own hotels."

Easyjet Fueteventura delays: "Lack of information" slammed

"The most frustrating thing for us as a family of four has been the lack of information," said Michelle Rounce, a stranded passenger from Plymouth.

She's been stranded after a flight between Fuerteventura and Bristol got delayed for several days.

Fuertetventura Airport

"I appreciate we are using a budget airline, but to not have an Easyjet rep at the airport seems crazy. I can't praise the two ladies from Fuerteventura airport enough. 

"They have taken a lot of abuse from tired, angry and frustrated passengers but have gone out of their way to sort out local accommodation and transport for us all, provided water paid for by themselves and even offered to buy baby food for two tiny little ones."

Easyjet Fueteventura delays: Pictures from the island

Marticurti Por Lag told BBC News she was the only Spanish passenger and she had been liaising with airport workers. 

"I've been told an aircraft is on its way to Fuerte and we should be taking off by 6:30pm from here," she said.

"Everyone is fed up."

Easyjet passengers at Fuerteventura Airport
Easyjet passengers at Fuerteventura Airport

Easyjet Fueteventura delays: How the delays unfolded

Easyjet plane

As 170 passengers wait for a replacement jet to travel from Luton to arrive in the Canaries here is a timeline of events:

  • Saturday: Easyjet flight EZY6066 from Fuerteventura to Bristol was due to depart on 2 April but was subject to an overnight delay "initially due to a technical issue with the aircraft" 
  • Sunday: Passengers told there was a "crewing shortage" and the plane would fly on 4 April
  • Monday Holidaymakers told the plane would take off at 13:10 - but engineers are unable to fix the fault in time and the service is again delayed until 18:30 

Easyjet Fuertevenura delays: Woman speaks of passengers' frustration

Easyjet Fuerteventura delays: New plane on the way

More from Easyjet who are now dispatching a plane from the UK to bring home those stranded in Fuerteventura.

"We are preparing an aircraft from Luton airport to bring you home today. Your new expected time of departure is 18:30 and you should get to Bristol for 21:20," a spokesman said.

"Any costs that you incur in terms of extra car parking charges etc will be reimbursed to you by contacting our customer services centre.

"Once again we really are sorry for the extended delay to your flight and the disruption caused to your travel plans."

Easyjet Fuerteventura delays: Latest reported take off time

Airline operator Easyjet is now reporting that the Bristol-bound flight from Fueteventura is due to take off at 18:30.

Presuming it takes off then, it'll land back here at 22:20.

Flight ticket

Easyjet stranded passengers to be offered £100 flight vouchers as 'goodwill gesture'

In a statement the company said it given passengers letters offering them compensation in line with the EU261 directive.

"As a gesture of goodwill, all passengers onboard this flight will be proactively contacted by our customer services team and offered £100 each in flight vouchers," a spokesman said.


BreakingEasyjet Fueteventura delays: Further problems, 'number of hours' delay

easyJet plane

The long-delayed flight from Fuerteventura to Bristol has been delayed yet again.

On Easyjet's website, the firm said the "engineer has not been able to resolve the technical fault on your aircraft today".

"We are looking at every option available to us to bring you home. 

"Fuerteventura is one of our furthest destinations from the UK so unfortunately it will take a number of hours to get a replacement aircraft and crew to you.

"We are moving a number of our other flights around in order to make sure we get you all home today."

Easyjet Fueteventura delays: Mood at airport 'very agitated and concerned'

Departure board
Patrick Sachon

Stranded independent TV producer Jonny Young said all the families that have had their holidays ruined by being stranded for three days.

"Many are worried they can't afford to keep staying here... when they should be back at work," he said.

"We've been told five times that we're going to be flown out and then it doesn't happen - it's like the boy calling wolf."

But Mr Young said the biggest complaint among the passengers is that other than announcements on the Easyjet website, no one from the company has directly spoken to them.

"The lack of communication from Easyjet has added a huge amount of uncertainty and worry and doubt that the situation is being resolved."

No member of staff at the airport has given us any reassurance or apology - I think that goes a long way.

Easyjet Fuerteventura delays: 'Back at the airport for the third day'

Events organiser Becky Parker says she is still trying to get information about when she'll be flying back to Bristol and wondering who to phone next.

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New name for Gloucestershire Cricket Club's Bristol Ground

County Ground

A five-year sponsorship deal has been signed which will see the County Ground in Bristol change its name.

It will now be known as The Brightside Ground, Bristol.

The news comes weeks after the club defended its new 147ft-high (45m) floodlights which have been described as "giant spatulas" by nearby residents. 

Easyjet Fuerteventura delays: 'Crazy organised chaos' at airport


Holidaymaker Natalie Gilpin, 25, from Cardiff described the scene on Monday as "crazy" and "organised chaos".

She said there are nearly 200 people who are "very angry and frustrated" with "no-one to talk to from easyJet" and check-in not open.

The only reliable information has come from the Easyjet app and then that has trickled through to the passengers. I've had to rearrange my entire work schedule for the week.

Easyjet Fuerteventura delays: No bed for the night

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Airline Easyjet said it is doing what it can to minimise the "impact of the delay" - but many passengers have disagreed. 

While the company said it "prioritised" accommodation for families and the elderly some like Patrick Sachon were left to fend for themselves.

Easyjet passengers told of further delays on Fuerteventura to Bristol flight

Easyjet passengers hoping to return from Fuerteventura to Bristol airport have been told of further delays.

It has now been rescheduled to 13:10 with the company blaming "operational reasons".


Crime and fire investigators probe Ashton Court estate blaze

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Fire investigators are looking into the cause of a blaze last night near the Ashton Court Estate, in Bristol. 

Avon Fire and Rescue Service said it had more than 50 emergency calls in less than five minutes.

Brigade spokesman, Mark Alison, said because of the volume of smoke and flames many callers believed the nearby mansion house had caught alight.

"But the fire was at Rownham House which is large derelict property which has been boarded up for some time," he said.

In detail: Replacement bus services timetable


First Bus is running regular rail replacement bus services during the nine-day closure along the route, including a Bath to Bristol non-stop service every 15 minutes.

On the Bath Spa  - Oldfield Park - Keynsham - Bristol Temple Mead route, buses will run every 30 minutes.

And there will be services between Keynsham and Bristol, every 30 minutes. 

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Stuck in Spain? Easyjet will refund transport and accommodation costs

easyJet plane

There had been criticism from stranded Easyjet passengers stuck in Fuerteventura on Saturday following "a technical issue" with flight EZY9066.

The airline operator told the BBC because of "limited options" for accommodation near the airport it had been "prioritising rooms for the elderly and families".

But it said it would reimburse transport and accommodation costs for passengers.

Are you stuck waiting for the plane home? We'd love to hear from you via email, Twitter or Facebook.

Bath bus station getting busy with rail commuters

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Thousands of rail commuters will be affected by the closure of the railway between Bristol and Bath for engineering work.

This was the scene a few moments ago at Bath bus station as many rail passengers made the switch to bus services.

Keep up-to-date with the latest BBC travel news for Bath.

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M4 westbound busy as drivers avoid the A4

Traffic camera
Highways England

This was the scene on the M4 a few moments ago.  

If you are travelling west on the M4 between Bristol and Bath this morning you might want to allow extra time for your journey.

It looks like many motorists are travelling between Bristol and Bath on the M4 to avoid the predicted congestion on the A4.

Don't forget there are regular traffic bulletins on BBC Radio Bristol throughout the rush hour.

Fire, seen for miles, was not Ashton Court mansion

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Many people called 999 yesterday after seeing smoke and flames fearing Ashton Court mansion was on fire again.

But it turned out to be a derelict building elsewhere on the estate.

Avon Fire and Rescue said the cause was unknown and an investigation is under way

In August 2013 firefighters were praised for acting "quickly and aggressively" after stopping the Grade 1-listed mansion from being "completely gutted" in a fire

Are you stuck in Fuerteventura? Easyjet say you'll be coming home today


Lots of you have been contacting us on Twitter wanting to know why an Easyjet aircraft, which should have left the Spanish island on Saturday, is still on the runway.

@easyJet horrendous treatment at Fuerteventura airport this evening! Cancelled flight and not a single Easyjet employee in the building!

The company said the delay was initially due to a "technical issue" on Saturday compounded by a "crew shortage" on Sunday.

But it has assured the BBC it will be flying back to Bristol today.

Bath to Bristol railway line closure - how is the traffic?

Morning everybody.

It's the first weekday that the Bath to Bristol railway line has been closed for engineering work. It's due to be shut for the rest of the week.

How is the traffic between the two cities? Is the A4 slow? Or are you sailing through? Let us know.

Engineering work on the railway line