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  1. News, sport, weather and travel for the West of England on Wednesday 7 June, 2017.

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Good night from Local Live in the West

Well we'd better get some shuteye ahead of polling day.

And if you're heading out to vote in the West tomorrow you may be dodging showers.

Here's Ian Fergusson with the forecast.

We'll be back with all the latest news, travel, weather and sport from 7am with a special overnight feed, bringing you all the most up-to-date news on the election results as we get them.

Patchy rain and wind for polling day

Why vote for them (in five words) ?

Parliamentary candidates are asked for a brief way to sum up the election choices.

Our political correspondent Robin Markwell asked five candidates to sum up their offer to voters in just five words.

They were: Ben Howlett, Conservative candidate for Bath; Karin Smyth, Labour candidate for Bristol South; Ian Kealey, UKIP candidate for Bristol South; Molly Scott Cato, Green candidate for Bristol West; and Wera Hophouse, Liberal Democrat candidate for Bath.

Robins take the bait

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Baby robins have taken up residence in an empty box used for rat bait by Wiltshire Council's pest control team.

Officers spotted two robins flying out of the unused box in a storeroom and then set up a camera to monitor the activity.

Five eggs hatched and officers have been leaving meal worms next to the nest for the mum to feed to her babies.

Boy, 8, in hospital after being hit by car

An eight-year-old boy has been taken to hospital with a suspected head injury after being hit by a car in Cirencester.

The male driver of the car has been arrested on suspicion of driving while under the influence of drugs.

Police were called to Market Place at 4:06pm and closed off the road.

On the wings of a dare

She's done it again - 88-year-old Betty Bromage from Cheltenham took to the skies this afternoon over Gloucestershire to beat her own record as the oldest female wingwalker.

The former nurse said it was a bit windy, but she loved every minute.

Elizabeth Bromage, 88, lives in a retirement home in Cheltenham.

Parents 'shook baby son to death'

Alistair Walker and Hannah Henry
Alistair Walker and Hannah Henry deny all the charges

A three-month-old baby boy died from brain injuries after being "vigorously" shaken and immersed in water by his parents, a court has heard.

Ah'Kiell Walker was found soaking wet and gasping for breath by paramedics at a house in Gloucester on 30 July last year.

He was taken to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital where he died the next day.

Hannah Henry, 21, and Alistair Walker, 27, deny manslaughter, causing or allowing the death or a child and cruelty to a person aged under 16.

Click here to read more.

Election debate: Too many 'expect too much' from NHS

Colin Moody: From talking to nurses they do their best but strain on them from people who should be helped via social care and terrible long waiting for any mental health treatments put them at the crux point where it's all backing up.

Tony Wilkins: NHS Money seems to be the main topic. Can anyone answer where the money is coming from to fund Labour's manifesto? Yet to hear where JC is going to get the money from to fund the NHS? Sadly only taxing the richest as the young lady stated won't happen ... the whole spectrum from the common family to even people in the public sector will be taxed causing more problems and borrowing and borrowing.

David Bell: To many expect an awful lot from the NHS and I work in the NHS.

Tony Wilkins: Can I just add the staff we have in Bristol and North Somerset do an amazing job.

Election debate: Have we reached 'saturation point' in higher education?

Michele Lesley Angell: We have a level playing field in schools now, where the talented are held back because of higher numbers of pupils. I feel that the whole education system has been dumbed down in order to create this platform. Manual work and apprenticeships have been undermined in favour of academy, but unfortunately, uni degrees don't fix electrical faults, plumbing leaks etc. Youngsters in the main don't want the lower-paid jobs or manual jobs because they think they can get degrees and work in the elite sectors. Education is wonderful but we are reaching saturation point with university entries while good honest jobs are going begging.

'Wrong type of housing' key to shortage

BBC digital debate

Nathan James Shaw: I was paying £690 for a 1 bed studio flat on Gloucester Road. Paying that much leaves no room to save for a first home which many friends are also struggling with. #firstworldproblems

Colin Moody Wrong type of housing. Correct. Wrapping Wharf, lovely flats, not great for families necessarily. Scale that up and we could be in just an investment portfolio premises as a renter instead of ever owning a home.

undefinedMelissa Oram It's so important that young people like us vote because it's our lives which will be fundamentally affected long term.

More behind the scenes pics from the debate

Claire asking questions
Paul standing
Cameraman records debate

Election debate - housing: Bleak future for young people?

Jenny Bright: It is scary how rental prices have increased so much in the past few years. The weird thing is they check if you can afford it when you move first rent but there's no checks before your rent goes up.

Maggie Jeffery: How are our young people supposed to pay off the student loans and even think about saving the deposit for the so called 'affordable' housing being built?

Lack of housing leads to three-hour commute

Anderona says she has a three-hour commute to work (and that's one-way!) because houses are in such short supply in Swindon.

She says she has the funds to buy a house but there is no availability.

Daisy says she would like to see a cap on rents by landlords.

Anderona and Daisy with BBC Wiltshire's Dan

More behind the scenes pictures of our digital debate

Election debate - education: 'We need to educate more people'

Elliot Westcott: As a student in a secondary school with lots of kids having learning disabilities, horrible home lives etc and having a teacher for a mum, I see how important Pupil Premium is. We need to address this and educate more people about it because so many people know nothing about it. We need to see more value of it.

Andreea Dumitrache: With more people involved, we will have a workforce which comes from diverse backgrounds. Education is a right, not something for the elite.

Colin Moody: Stop the brain drain, scrap tuition fees, it will allow us to hold on to the experts who drive our university system from leaving the UK.

Education key to young voters' decisions in the West

Rio (left) and Callum (right) took part in our debate

Current education options are just not viable for many young people today: that's the view of two young people who spoke to us for our digital debate.

Rio, who is voting for the first time tomorrow, said: "A lot of young people just can't afford it."

Election debate: Young people's views on Brexit

Melissa Oram: I just don't understand how anyone could have voted Leave and support Conservatives who don't support freedom of movement and are entirely for the few, not the many. Surely a vote for a Labour government which will stand up for everyone not just the elite is the best thing to do for a fairer society?

Nathan James Shaw: There is no point having a democratic vote (Brexit) if leaders are willing to only show support in the process if the vote goes their way. It's as if your voice only matters when it fits a narrative. That is why TM will be getting my vote tomorrow.

Leave supporter: I faced hate over my views

Our digital debate has heard from Josh, 24, in Filton, who voted Leave in the EU referendum.

He says he has faced hate and vitriol over his views.

Josh from Filton

Nurse says it is an 'exceptionally busy' time to work in the NHS

Nurse Emma, from Gloucestershire, has joined our digital debate on tomorrow's general election.

She says she has concerns for the future of the NHS and the pressures on primary care.

Nurse from Gloucestershire on problems facing health service

Election debate - the NHS: 'We need to address the issues head on'

Rob and Adam being filmed

Elliot Westcott: We need to address these issues head on instead of what so many politicians are doing and avoiding them. As a country we need to ask these questions without being scared.

Moyna Lettley: Privatisation of the NHS would be disastrous. The Conservatives have cut disability benefits so the people who need the free health care the most are not going to be able to have the health care they need because they simply don't have the money for it.

Lydia Cleary: Please do not believe the promises Labour are making - think about the short and long term impacts of everything being "free" - we will all have to pay for it in the long run.

Digital debate in pictures

Behind the scenes of the debate
Behind the scenes of the debate
Behind the scenes of the debate

NHS top of the agenda for digital election debate

BBC'S Adam Crowther and Rob Adcock

The NHS and health and social care was top of the agenda for topics under 25s wanted to see covered in the digital debate.

More than 70% of our Facebook users in Gloucestershire who took part via our website wanted to see health under the spotlight.

Brexit, education and housing are also up for debate.

Watch our live debate both on Facebook and here by clicking the Election Special player logo above.

BreakingElection debate has begun

And we're live! Our debate is now under way and you can watch it by clicking the Election Special: West logo above...

Digital election debate: The audience is here

Digital election debate: The audience is in place


100 trees in woodland damaged by vandals

Vandalised trees

Owners of one of Wiltshire's Diamond Jubilee woods are urging witnesses to come forward, after about 100 trees were deliberately damaged.

The trees targeted along the Kennet and Avon Canal near Caen Hill included maple, oak, hawthorn and ash.

The site is one of 60 Diamond Jubilee woods planted around the country to mark the Queen’s six decades as monarch.

Digital election debate: tour of the studio

We'll be live from 7.30pm.

View more on twitter

Digital election debate: Points West previews 7.30pm event

Alex Lovell will be talking about the digital debate on BBC One shortly.

We'll be live on Facebook and Local Live after 7.30pm.

Alex Lovell

Southmead soap opera rehearsals in full swing

A soap opera with a difference is heading to Bristol next month.

Meadows to Meaders will be performed on Ascot Road in Southmead on 2 July.

It's part of a project documenting the history of the area, and features a cast of local people of all ages, and rehearsals are already underway.

One of the performers, Deana Perry, is playing the character of Rose Meadows in the production.

Watch: Deana Perry on playing Rose Meadows

Severe accident: M32 Bristol northbound

BBC News Travel

M32 Bristol northbound severe accident, between J3 for A4320 Easton Way and J2 for A432.

M32 Bristol - One lane blocked and slow traffic on M32 outbound between J3, A4320 (St Pauls) and J2, A432 (Eastville), because of a multi-vehicle accident.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

Orphan peregrine chick fostered at Salisbury Cathedral

Peregrine chick

An orphan peregrine falcon chick is being fostered at Salisbury Cathedral.

The RSPB rescued three chicks from a nest in Shropshire at the weekend after their parents were illegally killed. The decision was reached to foster the orphaned chicks into carefully selected nests in the wild.

A suitable nest was identified in the Midlands, but it was decided to foster the third chick, a smaller male, in the Salisbury Cathedral nest, as featured on Springwatch.

Tune in to Springwatch on BBC2 tonight at 8pm for a detailed update.

How will tonight's election debate work?

BBC Radio Bristol's Rob Adcock explains....

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Car hits pedestrian in Cirencester

Market Place in Cirencester remains closed after a car hit a pedestrian.

Police were called at 4.06pm.

The condition of the pedestrian has not yet been released.

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Dog owners warned after illegal snare found in woods

Gloucestershire Police

Dog walkers in the Forest of Dean are urged to be on the look-out for illegal snares after one hound got its head caught.

The trap, which features a metal noose, was tied to a tree and hidden in undergrowth in Staple Edge Woods.

Fortunately the dog wasn't badly injured and was released quickly. Police want any further finds to be reported.

The trap is known as a dual-purpose, self-locking snare and I believe it was set up for boar. It is illegal under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The rope was tied to a tree with the metal noose propped up and open, so the dog ran straight into causing it to tighten immediately. Luckily the owner was nearby and released the dog, but it could have been much more serious, strangling the dog or even having a child run into it. I would urge other people walking in woods to be very careful and to keep an eye on their dogs.

PC Cath McDayGloucestershire Police

Kit moved around as election debate preparations continue

It's our under-25s election debate in Bristol tonight, and preparations are continuing to get the studio ready.

You'll be able to watch online here and on Facebook.

View of chairs being set up
Screen showing starting soon slide
People moving scenery

Charlie and Lola writer is new children's laureate

Lauren Child

The creator of the Charlie and Lola books, Lauren Child, has been named the new children's laureate.

The news was announced earlier today in Hull, the current UK city of culture.

Lauren, who hails from Marlborough in Wiltshire, said today's children were under enormous pressure, grappling with everything from social media to the recent terrorist attacks.

Hinkley strike averted after pay deal

Hinkley C

A strike by construction workers at Hinkley Point has been called off after a pay deal was agreed.

Union members from Unite had threatened industrial action over bonus pay, but EDF Energy, who is building the new nuclear power station, says interim bonuses will now be paid until August.

The issue will be looked at by a union official and an executive from EDF Energy.

We are pleased these interim arrangements allow constructive dialogue to continue to finalise this important agreement. Unite has been a constructive partner in the discussions to date and I look forward to this continuing throughout the construction of the Hinkley Point C power station.

Nigel CannHinkley Point C programme and construction delivery director at EDF Energy

I am pleased that following consultation with our stewards and members that we have been able to agree a clear path forward and that the prospect of industrial action, which is always a last resort, can be taken off the agenda in order to allow the panel to deliberate.

Jerry Swainnational officer for construction at Unite

Matt Dolan to move to Newport

Severe accident: M5 Bristol southbound

BBC News Travel

M5 Bristol southbound severe accident, between J19 for A369 and J20 for B3133.

M5 Bristol - Slow traffic on M5 southbound between J19, A369 (Portishead) and J20, B3133 (Clevedon), because of an accident.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

Preparations under way for BBC digital election debate

Later tonight, BBC West is hosting a digital election debate for people aged under 25.

We'll have an audience for the show which is being streamed on Facebook and here on Local Live.

You'll also be able to get involved later by calling into the show via some fancy new technology - more on that closer to the time.

We'll be on-air at 7.30pm.

BBC logo
Video camera
Studio light

CCTV images released after bookmakers robbed in Worle

The man police want to identify
Avon and Somerset Police

CCTV images of a man who robbed a bookmakers in Somerset armed with a knife have been released by police.

The suspect walked into Coral bookmakers in Queen’s Way, Worle, at about 7.30pm on Monday and threatened a female employee with a knife.

The woman handed over a quantity of money and the offender left the store, heading towards Wansborough Road. The suspect is white and the victim said he spoke with a Birmingham accent.

No-one was injured in the incident, but Avon and Somerset Police would like anyone who can help identify the man to contact the force.