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  1. Updates on Wednesday, 1 June 2016
  2. Plans for a new £150,000 firefighters' training facility in East Cambridgeshire are approved
  3. Prince Harry meets Papworth medics who saved life of Invictus gold winner Sgt Elizabeth Marks
  4. Urban birds are less afraid of litter than their country cousins according to a new study at the University of Cambridge
  5. More news, sport, travel and weather updates from 08:00 on Thursday

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Something to crow about: Urban corvids learn to live with litter, say Cambridge researchers

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

Before we go tonight... more on that research we mentioned earlier from Cambridge University that shows corvids, including crows and magpies, are more likely to show fear in relation to unfamiliar objects than other birds.


But researchers also found the birds were less fearful if the objects involved were similar to something they may have encountered before - so those living in urban areas were less hesitant in approaching litter than their rural neighbours.

Alison Gregor, who led the study says: "In future, others might be able to use this information to predict what types of things animals need to learn to be able to survive in urban areas."

Now there's food for thought as you perhaps think about supper. Thanks for your company today, we'll be back from 08:00 on Thursday.

Weather: A murky and damp night expected

Alex Dolan

BBC Look East weather

Any showers will ease through this evening but it will remain cloudy with another murky and damp night expected. Minimum temperature: 8C (46F). 

Weather map

Tomorrow will see another cloudy start, but less murky than Wednesday. 

Grey and overcast skies will persist for much of the morning, although some brighter spells are possible later. Maximum temperature: 15C (59F). 

Watch: Harry hands Invictus medal to Papworth medics

US solider Elizabeth Marks, 25, who won an Invictus gold medal at the 2016 games, asked Prince Harry to present it to staff at Papworth Hospital. They saved her life at the inaugural games in London 2014.

This is the moment it happened at Kensington Palace earlier today:

Prince Harry presents Invictus Games medal to Papworth Hospital team

Picture: Papworth's origins as TB sanatorium

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

We've talked a lot about Papworth Hospital today... but did you know it began life as a tuberculosis sanatorium, where people were sent for treatment and rehabilitation? It was thought sufferers benefited from fresh country air.

This picture from 1948 shows, Minister of Health Aneurin Bevan shortly before it was taken over by the newly formed National Health Service.

Aneurin Bevan meeting a patient at Papworth Village Hospital,
Getty Images

The hospital is in the news today after Prince Harry presented it with an Invictus Games gold medal won by Sgt Elizabeth Marks

She asked the prince, who founded the games, to ensure the medal was donated to staff as a mark of her gratitude for saving her life in 2014.

Picture: Progress on new Papworth Hospital

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

Sorry there hasn't been an update for a while... the gremlins got in the works.

Earlier we mentioned Papworth Hospital... well this is how work is going on their new hospital building, as seen on the live webcam, overlooking the construction site.

New Papworth Hospital construction site
Papworth Hospital

Each year the UK's largest specialist heart and lung hospital treats 24,400 in-patient and day cases and nearly 73,600 outpatient cases, but says its current home - in the village of Papworth -  is no longer fit for purpose.

They are moving to this new "purpose-built" base on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, next to Addenbrooke's Hospital.

Bishop of Peterborough regrets EU referendum and 'direct democracy with plebiscites'

Peterborough Telegraph

The Bishop of Peterborough has said he regrets that Britain is to have a referendum on EU membership and is "glad that we do not practise direct democracy with plebiscites on everything."

Weather: Dull, with grey skies and drizzle

BBC Weather

The rest of today will stay mostly cloudy and damp with some areas seeing heavy bursts of rain at times. Maximum temperature: 14C (57F).  

Birds sheltering from the rain
'Freddie the Fenman'

BBC Weather Watcher 'Freddie the Fenman', photographed these rather bedraggled visitors taking shelter on his bird table in Southery.

Invictus Games: Elizabeth Marks 'wasn't expected to survive'

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

Here's a little more as to why Prince Harry was handing an Invictus Games medal to the Papworth Hospital team today.

Sgt Elizabeth Marks, an American soldier treated by medics from Papworth in 2014 when she collapsed with a lung condition at the London games in 2014, "wasn't expected to survive" according to one of the game's organisers..

Prince Harry with Sgt Elizabeth Marks
Image copyrightPA/CHRIS JACKSON

Dominic Reid, the managing director of the Invictus Games, told BBC Radio Cambridgeshire: "We were very concerned that she wasn't going to make it and when she did we were hugely relieved. We did not expect this to happen, it's an extraordinary story."

Prince Harry handed over the medal to the hospital team at Kensington Palace this morning.

Picture: Prince Harry keeps Papworth promise to Invictus medalist

Mousumi Bakshi

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Here's another picture Prince Harry handing over an Invictus Games gold medal won by Sgt Elizabeth Marks to Papworth Hospital consultant Dr Alain Vuylsteke.

Dr Alain Vuylstek with Prince Harry
Matt Dunham/PA

Dr Vuylsteke led the Papworth medical team who saved the American servicewoman"s life in 2014.

She asked Prince Harry, who presented her with the prize in Florida, to hand it to the medical team at the hospital.

Picture: Papworth Hospital team pick up gold medal

Mousumi Bakshi

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Kensington Palace have just tweeted this picture of Prince Harry and the Papworth Hospital team with the Invictus Gold medal donated by Sgt Elizabeth Marks.

View more on twitter

New £150k firefighter training centre gets go-ahead

Tom Horn

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Plans for a new £150,000 firefighter training facility in East Cambridgeshire have been approved.

Firefighter training
Cambs Fire and Rescue

The two-storey smoke-house building will be constructed at Sutton's Mepal Road fire station. 

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue says it will provide "the best opportunities to train and hone their life-saving skills."

Cambridge News: Animal expert says Harambe the gorilla should have been spared

Tom Horn

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

As the controversy continues over the killing of Harambe the gorilla after a three-year-old boy fell into his Cincinnati Zoo enclosure at the weekend, the Cambridge News has spoken to an expert on primate behaviour.

Prof Donald Broom, emeritus professor of animal welfare at Cambridge University, told the paper the animal should have been spared.


Police in Cincinnati have launched an investigation into the shooting of the 17-year-old gorilla by the zoo which it said was "a tough choice".

Ambulance service facing 'significant' rise in demand

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

The head of the ambulance service in the East of England says it is struggling with "capacity", following a "significant year-on-year rise in demand".


The East of England Ambulance Service Trust (EEAST) has released figures showing that 999 calls for the sickest patients – known as red calls - were 22% higher in April this year, compared to April 2015.

We do not have the capacity to deliver the services we are expected to deliver and we cannot continue to rely on short-term investment and hiring private ambulance services forever."

Robert MortonChief executive, EEAST

East of England Ambulance Service handles more than a million 999 calls

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

More than one million 999 calls were handled by the East of England Ambulance Service Trust's control rooms last year, the trust says.

This is the first time the number of calls has crossed the one million mark and the highest since the trust was established in 2006.


Robert Morton, EEAST chief executive, described the increase as “concerning” as approximately 40% of patients are not taken to hospital, indicating there is still a significant number of 999 calls being made where an emergency ambulance is not the appropriate response.

The regional ambulance service has its control rooms in Bedford, Chelmsford and Norwich.

Weather Watchers: Wet start to 'flaming' June

BBC Weather Watchers

As you've probably noticed it's been a wet start to 'flaming June'. BBC Weather Watcher 'Ebb&flow' captured this soggy scene near Cambridge this morning.

But summer - the meteorological summer - starts here.

A wet hedgerow near Cambridge

The meteorological seasons split the year into four periods made up of three months each making it easier for meteorological observing and forecasting.

But there is also the astronomical calendar, according to which summer begins on 21 June. The astronomical calendar determines the seasons due to the 23.5 degree tilt of the Earth's rotational axis in relation to its orbit around the sun. 

To find out more head to the Met Office.

Willow Fest petition hits 5,500 as row over funding continues

Peterborough Telegraph

A petition to keep the Willow Festival at the Embankment has been signed by 5,500 people as the row over the popular music festival refuses to die down.

Cambridge researchers study birds' attitudes to litter

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

Urban birds are less afraid of litter than their country cousins according to a new study at the University of Cambridge.

View more on youtube

Researchers say it could help birds to adapt to survive increasing human encroachment on their habitats.

Alison Greggor, who led the study said: "This work aims to help us understand how animals adapt to human-dominated landscapes... species in urban areas showed lesser fear towards objects that looked like rubbish." 

Love your wildlife? Don't forget Springwatch is back on the telly where you'll find lots more animal science.

Elliott Johnson death: Father wants 'full justice' for son

Yesterday we reported the inquest in to the death of Tory activist Elliott Johnson, from Wisbech, which concluded that he took his own life.

His father Ray has been talking about allegations that he was the victim of bullying while working for the organisation Conservative Way Forward.

Prince Harry to meet Papworth medics who saved life of Invictus gold winner

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

Prince Harry will meet staff from Papworth Hospital, who saved the life of an Invictus Games gold medal winner, later today.

Prince Harry presents medal to Sgt Elizabeth Marks

Sgt Elizabeth Marks told Prince Harry, who presented her with the prize in Florida, to hand it to the medical team at the hospital.

The swimmer, 25, from Arizona, became gravely ill when she collapsed with a lung condition on the eve of the first games in London in 2014.

Weather: Dull, with grey skies and drizzle

Georgina Burnett

BBC Weather

It'll be a damp start for today with mist, drizzle and fog likely. Outbreaks of heavy rain are also possible, mainly during the morning.

Maximum temperature: 14C (57F). For more on the forecast for where you live, head over to BBC Weather.

Welcome to Cambridgeshire Live

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

Morning - we are here with live news, sport, weather and travel updates for Cambridgeshire until 18:00 tonight.

You might remember Invictus Games gold winner Sgt Elizabeth Marks telling Prince Harry to give her medal to the Papworth Hospital medics who saved the life. Well, he's meeting them today - more on that coming up.

And 1 June marks the start of the meteorological summer, though you'd hardly guess from the weather - we'll have a full forecast next.

Plus, if you have any pictures, stories or comments you want us to feature, get in touch via emailFacebook or Twitter.