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  1. Updates on Friday, 5 May 2017
  2. Conservatives gain full control of Cambridgeshire County Council
  3. Tory candidate James Palmer also elected as Cambridgeshire and Peterborough's first mayor
  4. Average turnout for mayor election was 33.6%

Live Reporting

By Adam Jinkerson

All times stated are UK

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English faculty at University of Cambridge

The poetry professor pleaded guilty to 12 charges including possessing and distributing indecent child images.

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Our live updates for the day

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Phew, I think we're just about wrapped up.

Updates on today's local and mayoral elections have now finished - thanks for joining us.

Scroll back through today's feed for anything you may have missed.

Here are the key points for the day...

  • Conservatives gain control of Cambridgeshire County Council, winning 36 seats
  • UKIP lose all 10 seats on the council
  • Conservative James Palmer becomes the mayor for the combined authority for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough - in charge of £800m to spend on areas including housing and transport

We'll be back with your regular dose of news, sport, weather and travel on Monday from 08:00.

Have a great weekend.

Mayoral election: Interview with James Palmer

Straight after the result was declared, James Palmer spoke to our reporter Hannah Olsson.

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Cambridge's share of Conservative vote higher than national average

In Cambridge, the Conservative party gained 72,047 votes in yesterday's local elections - 40.41% of the vote.

It's higher than the national projected vote share for the Tories, which stands at 38%.

The projected national share figures are what the share of the vote would be if all parts of Britain had local elections and had voted in the same way as Thursday's English county council elections.

Local election in Cambridgeshire: Conservatives pull in the votes

Tom Horn

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

It's been a great day for the Conservatives in Cambridgeshire, who not only have seen James Palmer elected as the first mayor for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough - they also regained control of Cambridgeshire County Council.

Here's what a Tory county council means for residents from leader Steve Count...

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Mayoral elections: 'I will make sure I am successful'

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

The new mayor Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, Conservative James Palmer, has been speaking to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire after his victory was announced a short while ago.

He said he would put "all the effort in" to make sure he was successful as mayor.

James Palmer

"We have to make sure decisions are made to change Cambridgeshire, not just for four years, but for 30, to 40, to 50 years," he said.

"I've been the only one bold enough to say what I would do all the way through the campaign.

"The Lib Dems worked very hard in the campaign. Rod was a credible candidate. It was a good fight to the end.  

"It's a good day for the Conservatives. I am very delighted we have full control of Cambridgeshire County Council."

Tories' vote share in East trumps national average

Deborah McGurran

BBC East political editor

These elections have seen UKIP wiped off the county council political map. Most surprisingly, they lost every single seat in Essex, an area that fostered their growth and of course, until recently boasted their only MP. In all they lost 48 seats across the east and now have no representation across its six counties.

The Conservatives appear to be the beneficiary. They have regained control of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk and strengthened their grip on Essex, Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire.

Labour held on in some of its heartland seats but suffered elsewhere, particularly in Stevenage and Harlow, where the Conservatives made gains.

Conservative candidate Dick Madden celebrates

It was a mixed picture for the Liberal Democrats who lost seats on Essex, Suffolk and Northamptonshire but they made some gains from the Conservatives in Norfolk.

The Green Party lost their stronghold in Norwich but made a gain in Suffolk where they now hold three county council  seats.

The vote share from yesterday's local elections confirms that across the east the Conservatives are once again the dominant party.

With all the votes counted, the Tories share of the vote ranged from 43% in Suffolk and Essex to a staggering 51% in Northamptonshire. The national average appears to be about 38%.

Labour saw a small surge in support in its traditional heartlands and its average share across the region was 13.7%. But that's way below the national average of 27% and shows how little support the party has in our region.

Mayoral election: Who is James Palmer?

Here's a profile of the new Conservative mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and what he hopes to achieve...

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Mayoral election: James Palmer celebrates win

Tom Horn

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Here was the moment James Palmer became Cambridgeshire and Peterborough's first ever mayor...

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He's been celebrating his victory with his family...

James Palmer and family

The Conservative candidate was elected mayor with 88,826 votes (56.9%).

Lib Dem candidate Rod Cantrill came second with 67,205 votes (43.1%).

Andy Street

Former John Lewis boss Andy Street wins the West Midlands mayoral race to cement a series of Tory wins.

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Conservative James Palmer elected mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Here are the full results...

Election results

BreakingMayoral election: James Palmer becomes mayor

Conservative candidate James Palmer has become the first mayor for the combined authority of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

More to follow...

Mayoral election: Result due shortly

Hannah Olsson

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire political reporter

I'm being told the final result is imminent.

Stay tuned...

Mayoral election: More results announced

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Second round of counting has finished in a number of the council areas. Huntingdon were first to declare, which you can see further down the feed.

Here are the latest figures...

East Cambridgeshire

  • James Palmer (Conservative) - 1,125
  • Rod Cantrill (Lib Dem) - 1,799


  • James Palmer (Conservative) - 1,599
  • Rod Cantrill (Lib Dem) - 1,086


  • James Palmer (Conservative) - 3,040
  • Rod Cantrill (Lib Dem) - 2,516

South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge still to declare.

Weather: Mild tonight, cloudy and cooler tomorrow

Alex Dolan

BBC Look East weather

This evening it will be staying mostly fine with some areas of cloud at times. One or two spots of drizzle possible overnight, but staying mild.

Winds will be moderate, with lows of 7C (45F).

Weather map

It will be a rather cloudy start to the day tomorrow. Generally cloudier than today with some brighter spells, but feeling cooler.

Winds light to moderate and highs of 10C (50F) on the coast and 14C (57F) inland.

There's more at BBC Weather.

Mayoral election: Huntingdon declares second round votes

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Final tallies for the second round of voting are starting to come in, with Huntingdon the first to declare.

The results are as follows...

  • James Palmer (Conservative) - 3,246
  • Rod Cantrill (Lib Dem) - 2,995

Other results to follow.

Mayoral election: 'I am delighted', says Green candidate

Tom Horn

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Green Party candidate Julie Howell has been reacting to her party's first round vote count of 12,628 - which wasn't enough to see her through to the second round of voting.

She says she is "over the moon with the result".

"There's no commiserations for us," Ms Howell said.

Julie Howell

"We are the Green Party and I just want to remind everybody how high we are punching above our weight.

"I'm really proud of what we've done. I'm really proud of Peterborough for smashing the 20% turnout mark.

"On all these levels, I'm delighted."

Mayoral election: Second round count under way

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Mayoral election: James Palmer being congratulated by candidates after first round

Mousumi Bakshi

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Counting continues at Soham where representatives of all the main parties are pacing across the counting hall.

And obvious to all are the huge piles stacking up for the Conservative candidate James Palmer.

He's been the front runner throughout the campaign and he's already been congratulated by the Green Party candidate Julie Howell and Labour's Kevin Price.

Asked how he was was feeling, he said it was "too soon to say" but "things are going well".

"If it was first past the post then I'd be more confident," he said.

Second round counting begins shortly.

Mayoral election: First round results in full

Mousumi Bakshi

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

  • James Palmer (Conservative) - 76,064
  • Rod Cantrill (Lib Dem) - 47,026
  • Kevin Price (Labour) - 37,297
  • Paul Bullen (UKIP) - 15,931
  • Julie Howell (Green) - 12,628
  • Peter Dawe (Independent) - 9,176
  • Stephen Goldspink (Eng Dem) 2,256

James Palmer and Rod Cantrill go through to the second round.

Corrie Mckeague: Waste may have shifted from original search area

The areas being searched at the landfill site for missing RAF Honington serviceman Corrie Mckeague are to be expanded, it has been announced.

Officers say they've found material that indicates they are searching in the right area. 

But towards the edges of the area they noticed the waste may have shifted.

Search for Corrie Mckeague
Terry Harris

When work gets under way again next week at the site at Milton in Cambridgeshire, the area being searched will take into account the possibility of the waste having moved.

Police say the work has been reviewed while the search has been taking place.

Inquiries have also continued away from the site, gathering further information about Corrie's lifestyle and background.

BreakingMayoral election: Conservative and Lib Dem candidates through to second round

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

The Tory and Lib Dem candidates to be the first mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough have progressed to the second round after no candidate reached 50% of the votes needed to win.

  • James Palmer (Conservative) - 76,064 total votes
  • Rod Cantrill (Lib Dem) - 47,026 total votes

The five other candidates have been eliminated.

Corrie Mckeague

Police searching for Corrie Mckeague at a landfill site said the hunt had so far cost more than £1m.

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Mayoral election: Lib Dems lead in Cambridge

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Cambridge have just declared, with the result as follows...

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Lib Dem's Rod Cantrill leads, with Kevin Price of Labour in second.

Mayoral election: South Cambridgeshire declares

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

South Cambridgeshire has posted the region's results for the mayoral election, with Conservative James Palmer once more coming out on top.

Rod Cantrill has come in a fairly close second for the Lib Dems, in the part of the county that backed Remain the EU Referendum.

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BreakingCorrie Mckeague: Search being expanded

Police say they have completed work on searching the area at the landfill site at Milton for missing RAF Honington serviceman Corrie Mckeague and are now expanding the search parameters.

We'll bring you more details shortly.

Mayoral election: Peterborough declare

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Conservative James Palmer takes the lead in Peterborough...

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Mayoral election: Huntingdon declares

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Huntingdon follows the current trend seen in Fenland and East Cambridgeshire, with Conservative James Palmer out in front in the mayoral race.

Results as follows...

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Mayoral election: Fenland declare

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

The first round of votes have been counted, with Conservative James Palmer taking a strong lead.

  • Paul Bullen (UKIP) - 2754
  • Rod Cantrill (Lib Dem) - 1494 
  • Peter Dawe (Independent) - 959
  • Stephen Goldspink (Eng Dem) - 519
  • Julie HOwell (Green) - 879
  • James Palmer (Con) - 10513
  • Kevin Price (Lab) - 2602  

Mayoral elections: East Cambridgeshire first to declare

Tom Horn

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

We now turn our attention to the mayoral election, with seven candidates hoping to become the first mayor of the combined authority for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Counting began at 12:30 across the county and results are starting to trickle in.

East Cambridgeshire is the first to declare their results, which are as follows...

  • James Palmer (Con) - 9,980
  • Rod Cantrill (Lib Dem) - 5,174
  • Kevin Price (Lab) - 2,495
  • Paul Bullen (UKIP) - 1,336
  • Peter Dawe (Ind) - 1,288 
  • Julie Howell (Green) - 1,156 
  • Stephen Goldspink (Eng Dem) - 120

So James Palmer and Rod Cantrill will go through to count two, where voters' second choice will be taken into account.

Cambridgeshire: UKIP wiped out

Mousumi Bakshi

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

As we've been reporting, the Conservatives have gained control of Cambridgeshire County Council with 36 councillors tipping them over the 31 needed.

UKIP, however, have lost all 10 seats they had prior to the election.

BBC Look East's political reporter, Mousumi Bakshi, called it a "big shock".  

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County council election: South Cambridgeshire results

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Here are the full results from South Cambridgeshire:

  • Papworth and Swavesey - Conservative
  • Bar Hill - Conservative
  • Cambourne - Conservative
  • Hardwick - Conservative
  • Gamlingay - Lib Dem
  • Fulbourn - Lib Dem
  • Longstanton, Northstowe and Over - Conservative
  • Histon and Impington - Lib Dem
  • Waterbeach - Lib Dem
  • Linton - Lib Dem
  • Melbourn and Bassingbourn - Lib Dem
  • Cottenham and Willingham - Conservative
  • Duxford - Conservative
  • Sawston and Shelford - Two seats, both won by Conservatives

County council election: Conservatives take majority

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Here's the full breakdown of the final make-up of seats on the county council:

  • 36 Conservative
  • 15 Lib Dem
  • 7 Labour
  • 3 Independent
  • 0 UKIP
  • 0 Green

The Conservatives needed 31 to gain a majority on the council.

UKIP have lost all of their seats.

BreakingCounty council election: Conservatives gain control

The Conservative party has regained control of Cambridgeshire County Council after four years of no overall control.

More to follow.

Mayoral election: Count under way

Tom Horn

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

We've just been told the mayoral count is under way across Cambridgeshire.

Results are expected after 15:00.

More from the county council election soon.

County council election: Final results from Cambridge

Jozef Hall

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

The final seats have been declared in Cambridge...

  • Newnham - Lib Dem hold
  • Petersfield - Labour hold
  • Queen Edith's - Lib Dem hold
  • Romsey - Labour hold
  • Trumpington - Lib Dem hold

In summary...

  • Labour have gained one seat from Independents in Castle and hold six.
  • Lib Dem have held all five seats, but failed to gain any.

County council election: Huntingdon all declared

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Here's a round-up of the final declaration from Huntingdon.

  • 11 Conservative seats
  • Three Lib Dems
  • Four Independent

UKIP have lost all six seats on the council.

The results...

  • St Neots The Eatons - Independent hold
  • The Hemingfords and Fenstanton - Conservative hold
  • St Ives South and Needingworth - Conservative hold
  • Brampton and Buckden - Liberal Democrats hold
  • Sawtry and Stilton - Conservative gain from UKIP
  • Yaxley and Farcet - Conservative gain from UKIP 
  • Ramsey and Bury - Conservative gain from UKIP
  • St Ives North and Wyton - Conservative gain from UKIP 
  • Alconbury and Kimbolton - Conservative gain from UKIP 
  • St Neots Priory Park and Little Paxton - Conservative hold 
  • Huntingdon West - Independent gain from UKIP 
  • Hunts North and Hartford - Liberal Democrats gain from Conservative
  • St Neots Eaton Socon - Independent elected
  • Somersham and Earith - Conservative hold

County council election: East Cambridgeshire round-up

Hannah Olsson

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire political reporter