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  1. Cambridgeshire election results latest
  2. Labour takes Peterborough from the Conservatives and Stewart Jackson
  3. Daniel Zeichner makes big gains for Labour as he holds Cambridge
  4. Other five Cambridgeshire constituencies remain Tory hold

Live Reporting

By Adam Jinkerson

All times stated are UK

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Nic Rigby

BBC News

Live updates for Cambridgeshire, including the election coverage, have now finished. Thanks for joining us.

The day's shock election result was the Conservatives' loss of the Peterborough seat.

The election also saw Labour's Daniel Zeichner (pictured) hold on to Cambridge..

Daniel Zeichner

The remaining seats - Huntingdon and Cambridgeshire North West, South, South East and North East - remain in Conservative hands.

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It's getting busy out there...

Crashes are slowing up the usual Friday rush to get home, so if you're stuck in queues, this could be why...

Six vehicles were involved in an incident on the A1 northbound near Wansford earlier, and while police have cleared the scene, Highways England is warning of long delays.

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And further south, two vehicles collided between the junctions for Cambridge Services and Bar Hill on the A14 westbound.

One lane was initially closed and although Highways England says that has now reopened, it's still warning of delays there as well.

Safe journey home, everyone!

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Five days to claim £1m Huntingdonshire lottery ticket

There are just five days left to claim a winning lottery ticket in Huntingdonshire, worth £1m.

The National Lottery

The ticket was bought in the district for the draw on 16 December 2016. It expires on Wednesday, 14 June.

UKIP 'did not have time to prepare', says Huntingdon candidate

The UK Independence Party candidate for Huntingdon has said the party needs time to reflect on the "disappointing" campaign before rushing to choose a new leader.

Paul Bullen

Paul Nuttall has stepped down as UKIP leader after a disastrous night for his party.

Paul Bullen, who came fourth for UKIP in Huntingdon, with a vote-share down by 13%, said: "The election was sprung upon us and we did not have enough time to prepare an election stance and get out our publicity."

He said the party must reflect on the campaign.

Cambridge MP dubs PM a 'loser'

Nic Rigby

BBC News

The newly-returned Labour MP for Cambridge Daniel Zeichner has called Prime Minister Theresa May a "loser" who should accept the consequences of the election result.

Daniel Zeichner

Mr Zeichner held the seat with a majority of 12,661 over Liberal Democrat rival Julian Huppert.

He told BBC Look East: "I think Jeremy Corbyn has had a good campaign and has inspired people.

"It was a big rejection for Theresa May. I think in politics if you set yourself up and then you are rejected and lose, you should accept the consequences of that.

"She is a loser."

Cloud makes way for dry weather and warm temperatures

Julie Reinger

BBC Look East weather

Once the last of any showers have cleared it’ll be a largely dry night, although we could have some thicker cloud in to the west of the region by morning and possibly some outbreaks of rain too.

The winds overnight will turn form a light south-westerly to the south and temperatures falling to around 12C (54F).

The greatest risk of some rain will be in the west of the region on Saturday morning but for many of us it’ll be a dry day with some long sunny spells developing.

The winds will pick up to a moderate south to south-westerly and temperatures reaching around 23C (73F). However, there is the potential for highs of 26C (79F) in some spots.

Weather map for Saturday, 10 July

Woman threatened with a knife

A woman was threatened with a knife and told to handover cash.

The incident took place between 23:15 and 23:20 on Wednesday at the pathway known as the Yellow Brick Road in Newmarket.

Suffolk Police said the woman in her 20s was approached by another woman who had a small knife and threatened to hurt her if she did not handover money.

When she said she did not have any, another woman arrived and the two culprits started walking the victim towards a cash machine on Fred Archer Way. Two men then followed at a distance.

The victim managed to get away and call the police from a nearby business.

Fred Archer Way, Newmarket

Huntingdonshire UKIP councillor says 'collapse predicted'

Nic Rigby

BBC News

UKIP Huntingdonshire district councillor Peter Reeve has talked about the disintegration of his party's vote.

Peter Reeve

"We were pointing out our votes would collapse at this election. It was not a normal general election," he said.

"UKIP stood down in some of its best seats in the country and where we did stand down, UKIP voters were the kingmakers."

"It certainly has been a dramatic night. This prime minister did not need to call this election. It started off on Brexit and it was all Brexit at the beginning.

"As soon as the manifesto was published it went way off the Brexit agenda with our kind of voters finding it difficult to support even Brexit MPs when their manifesto was so bad with dementia tax, uncertainties over income tax rises, the end of free school meals."

Ex-MP says Tories 'underestimated' Corbyn

Nic Rigby

BBC News

The former Conservative MP for Peterborough Stewart Jackson, who lost his seat to Labour by 607 votes, says the Tories underestimated Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Stewart Jackson

Mr Jackson, who had represented the seat for 12 years, lost to Labour's Fiona Onasanya.

He told the BBC said a number of factors contributed to the Conservative losses.

“We underestimated the campaigning of Jeremy Corbyn”, he said.

Mr Jackson added that the campaign “lost the opportunity to portray the party in a positive way” and "focused on Brexit when people were concerned about a range of public services”.

Asked if Prime Minister Theresa May should resign, Mr Jackson replied: “It’s for her and the parliamentary party – it’s too early to draw conclusions."

Labour 'have momentum' says Cambridge academic

Nic Rigby

BBC News

An expert on politics at Anglia Ruskin University says despite the Conservatives winning in terms of number of seats, the momentum seems to be with the Labour Party.

Jeremy Corbyn
Getty Images

Dr Sean Lang, of the Cambridge-based university (pictured below), told the BBC: “The idea of having this election was to strengthen the government’s hand – but it had the opposite effect.

“The Conservatives did win, especially in the East, but it doesn’t feel that way; it has produced a paradox.

“There is a feeling of momentum with Labour, if you look at Ipswich or Cambridge. It’s possible the youth vote made that possible.”

Anglia Ruskin University

He said the young voters made a difference in university towns and cities, like Norwich and Cambridge.

“There’s a big age difference between them [young people] and Jeremy Corbyn (pictured top) but he has captured their imagination, and they have given him their hearts," he said.

Daniel Zeichner: Holding Cambridge 'fantastic'

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

A long old night...

It's been a busy shift in the BBC's Cambridge newsroom...

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Stewart Jackson on Peterborough loss

Conservative Stewart Jackson, who lost his Peterborough seat to Labour, has been speaking out.

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Cambridge winner arrives for TV appearance

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Election special

BBC Look East

BBC Look East is coming live very shortly on BBC One with an election special, featuring all the fallout from the general election.

Labour's Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner will be giving his thoughts on the extraordinary night, along with Stewart Jackson who lost his Tory seat to Labour in Peterborough.

Mohammad Yasin, the new Labour MP for Bedford, and UKIP's Peter Reeve will also feature, along with analysis from Dr Sean Lang from Anglia Ruskin University.

Remotes at the ready!

South Cambridgeshire MP 'proud'

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Conservative Heidi Allen, who held her South Cambridgeshire seat, has taken to Twitter to thank her supporters.

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Ms Allen won with 33,631 votes.

However, Labour added almost 10% to their share compared with the 2015 vote and Ms Allen's majority was cut by nearly 5,000.

After the results were announced, she said that she expected "a threat from the Liberal Democrats, but Labour have done very well".

How did Labour take Peterborough?

Hannah Olsson

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire political reporter

As you may have already heard, the big shock of the night was Conservative Stewart Jackson losing his seat to Labour in Peterborough.

Fiona Onasanya won by just 607 votes, so how did she do it?

Candidates in Peterborough

Clearly the national support for Labour played its part, but there wasn't a significant increase in turnout in Peterborough as we've seen in other areas that have been won over by Labour.

What is interesting is the decision by UKIP not to field a candidate in Peterborough. Prominent UKIP party member Peter Reeve said himself that the message was to lend their support to pro-Brexit MPs - in this case, Stewart Jackson. However, that may have just backfired.

The parties may seem like unlikely bedfellows, but there were 8,000 UKIP votes up for grabs and it seems some at least opted instead for Labour.

Whatever the reason, Peterborough is entering a new political realm this morning.

How's the election being reported elsewhere?

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

We're not the only weary-eyed journalists in Cambridgeshire... our local newspapers have been hard at work too covering the election overnight.

  • The Peterborough Telegraph has the latest on "how a seismic night in Peterborough's politics unfolded" after Labour gain a seat from the Conservatives.
  • In the Cambridge News there's more on how Labour won in Cambridge, plus how South Cambridgeshire MP, Heidi Allen, is celebrating after holding on to her seat. It involves something we'd all like right now.
  • The Hunts Post has more on Conservative Jonathan Djanogly's win in Huntingdon, but how his share is cut by Labour.
  • Finally, the Wisbech Standard reports that "even an increased majority for Stephen Barclay, who has been the area's MP since 2010, could not wipe the grim expressions from the local Tories' faces as they watched the unfolding story nationally on a giant TV screen in the sports hall".

Newly-elected Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya feels 'honoured'

Labour's Fiona Onasanya won the seat from Conservative Stewart Jackson.

Headlines from Cambridgeshire

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

If you're just joining us this morning, here's a round-up the headlines from Cambridgeshire...

  • Labour gain Peterborough from the Conservatives, with a majority of 607. Fiona Onasanya will replace Stewart Jackson as the constituency's MP.
  • Daniel Zeichner increases Labour's hold on the Cambridge seat, increasing the majority from 599 in 2015 to 12,661.
  • Around the rest of the county, the Conservative party has held Cambridgeshire North West, North East, South East and South.

A change of political colour in Peterborough

Video: Cheers as Labour's Daniel Zeichner elected in Cambridge

Peterborough winner speaks after Labour gain from Tories

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

The new MP for Peterborough, Labour's Fiona Onasanya, has been speaking after her victory in the constituency.

The result, which was announced about 02:30 this morning, gave her a majority of 607 over Conservative Stewart Jackson.

Ms Onsanya said she was surprised she won "because it was so close".

Fiona Onasanya

"I'm just so grateful," she said.

"I agree with Jeremy Corbyn that politics has changed tonight.

"The people know there is a better way.

"I think I won because people saw that their vote matters."

Asked what her first priorities were going to be, she replied with "education and living standards".

Julian Huppert: 'We were swamped by a national tidal wave'

Cambridge candidate Julian Huppert said the surge of support for Labour nationally contributed to his defeat to the party's Daniel Zeichner.

Liberal Democrat Julian Huppert: 'We were swamped by a national tidal wave'

East analysis: A night that belonged to Labour

Deborah McGurran

BBC East political editor

It has been a shocking night for the Conservatives in this region while Labour celebrated three gains across the East.

The Liberal Democrats held on to their only seat but UKIP failed in their bid to regain Clacton.

Labour wrestled Peterborough, Ipswich and Bedford from the Conservatives and returned thumping majorities in Luton North and Norwich South, where Clive Lewis's majority more than doubled.

Labour's biggest increase was in Cambridge, where MP Daniel Zeichner in Cambridge took his majority from about 600 to 12,500.

The Conservatives' high point was regaining Clacton, but elsewhere majorities were reduced across the board and they failed to take North Norfolk from the Liberal Democrats. Despite a concerted campaign by the Conservatives to take the seat, Norman Lamb held on with only a slightly reduced majority.

Elsewhere, it was not a good night for the Liberal Democrats, with both Bob Russell, in Colchester, and Julian Huppert, in Cambridge, failing to regain seats they once held.

UKIP's share of the vote has dropped by 14% across the region and the Liberal Democrats stayed stubbornly flat on 7%. Although the Conservatives' vote share did increase by 6%, it was overtaken by Labour who increased their share by 11%.

The map of the East remains resolutely blue, but the night definitely belonged to Labour.

South East Cambridgeshire MP 'honoured' to be re-elected

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Lucy Frazer tweets her thanks...

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Cambridge South East: Conservative hold

Election graphic
Labour's Fiona Onasanya takes Peterborough from Stewart Jackson
Conservative candidate Stewart Jackson lost the Peterborough seat to Labour's new MP Fiona Onasanya.

Cambridgeshire South East: Conservative hold

Cambridgeshire South East

'A difficult night for the Tories in the East'

BBC East political correspondent Andrew Sinclair has been reflecting on the night's events.

Election results 2017: 'Difficult night' for Tories in East
Daniel Zeichner mobbed by fans after Cambridge win
Daniel Zeichner was greeted with chants of "Daniel, Daniel" after winning the Cambridge seat.

Cambridgeshire NE: Conservative hold

Election graphic

Don't second guess the electorate

Hannah Olsson

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire political reporter

What a night!

You'd think we'd have learned over the last couple of years not to second guess the electorate, but there won't be many people in Cambridgeshire who would have predicted this morning Labour would have won Peterborough and had a huge swing in Cambridge.

We knew Peterborough was in Labour's sights, but few really believed that Conservative Stewart Jackson would end his 12-year stint as the city's MP. But Labour's Fiona Onasanya was the one to unseat him - with a tight majority of just 607.

Meanwhile, everyone I spoke to predicted another close fight between Labour and the Liberal Democrats in Cambridge, but in the end it was far from it. Daniel Zeichner won convincingly with a majority of 12,661 over Julian Huppert.

Elsewhere, Cambridgeshire's other Conservative MPs have kept their seats, some increasing their majorities.

But also we've seen a surge in support for Labour in their seats and the bottom fall out of the UKIP vote.

Cambridgeshire make-up

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Here's how Cambridgeshire is looking now all the results are in...

Map of Cambridgeshire

All results in

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

All seven of our constituencies have now declared, with two big bits of news to tell you about.

In the north of the county, Labour has gained Peterborough from the Conservatives. Stewart Jackson, who held the position since 2005, lost the seat to Fiona Onasanya by 607 votes.

In Cambridge Daniel Zeichner (Lab) held the seat, but added 12,062 on to his majority of just a few hundred in 2015.

Elsewhere, the Conservative party has held Cambridgeshire North East, North West, South and South East.

BreakingConservatives hold Cambridgeshire South East

Lucy Frazer (Con) has held her Cambridgeshire South East seat.

Cambridgeshire North West: Conservative hold

Result graphic

Video: Labour gain Peterborough

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Here's the moment the shock result was declared.

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Declaration in Cambridgeshire South East soon

Adam Jinkerson

BBC Local Live

Cambridgeshire South East is the last to declare in Cambridgeshire.

We're hearing from our team there that the result is due "soon", but we're not entirely sure on an exact time yet.

Stay tuned...