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  1. Elections in 16 councils across South
  2. Tories hold councils including Havant, Winchester. Gosport. and West Oxfordshire
  3. Labour gains in Portsmouth, which stays no overall control
  4. Labour holds Reading, Southampton and Oxford
  5. Southampton Labour and Conservative leaders both lose seats

Live Reporting

By Stephen Stafford and Anna Browning

All times stated are UK

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn composite image

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May focus on their successes on a mixed night which sees their parties level-pegging in share of votes.

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Celebrations after Witney East result

Labour retains Oxford while the Tories keep West Oxfordshire, despite losing seats.

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Cherwell District Council results

The political make-up of Cherwell Disctrict Council is now: Conservatives 37; Labour 9; Liberal Democrats 1; Independents 1.

The big winners were the Liberal Democrats - it's been some years since they had a seat on the council.

Alaric Rose picked up Kidlington West with a lead over the Tories of more than 700 votes.

The Lib Dems had made an electoral pact with the Greens who stood aside for them in Kidlington West.

The Lib Dems equally stood aside for the Greens in Kidlington East, the pact not paying off for the Green party with the Conservatives holding that seat.

The Greens did they say they wanted to continue working with the Lib Dems.

Overall it was a good day for Labour. They picked up an extra seat in Banbury Cross but the party was disappointed it didn't make any gains in Bicester.

The Tories lost two seats, though they did narrowly pick up Bicester South from Independent Nick Cotter.

Conservatives gain Bicester South and Ambrosden

Results are starting to come in at Cherwell District Council, where a Tory majority is guaranteed.

To start, Bicester South and Ambrosden has seen the Conservatives gain an independent seat.

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Gosport ID trial 'excluded 44 voters'

Gosport Town Hall

Gosport Borough Council has said 44 people were unable to vote yesterday because they did not bring the necessary ID.

The borough was one of five areas trialling a system to help stop electoral fraud.

Residents were required to show photo ID such as a passport or driving licence, or two non-photo items such as a council tax bill and bank statement.

The borough said 20,612 people voted, including 72 people who returned with ID after initially being turned away at polling stations.

Returning Officer Michael Lawther said: "We ran a very extensive publicity campaign to tell people they needed to bring ID, and what types of ID were acceptable."

Support for Corbyn in Oxford?

Cllr Dick Wolff
Dick Wolff is one of two Green Party councillors left in Oxford

There may now be just two Green Party councillors in Oxford but it seems the party isn't rushing to conclusions about its long-term prospects.

It lost two seats to Labour but held St Mary's.

Green councillor Dick Wolff said: "Is this people showing support for Corbyn's leadership, but given we have a city council leadership which is not Corbynite, is it saying the opposite?"

Reading count

The Conservatives gain two wards and a Labour candidate becomes the youngest woman to win a seat.

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First seat loss for Labour in Oxford since 2006

Earlier we brought you a tweet suggesting the Lib Dem's win in Quarry and Risinghurst was Labour's first loss in Oxford for more than decade..

We set our fact checkers on the case and Lib Dem councillor Andrew Gant is right.

It is the first time Labour has lost a seat in the city since the 2006 local election, when the Lib Dems took Headington Hill and Northway and Cowley from Labour.

But the party's supporters can still argue it was a good night overall as they took two seats from The Green Party.

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Eastleigh borough and parish councils round-up

Cherwell results 'expected after midday'

Fareham Borough council results

Fareham Borough Council results

The full results can be found here.

Basingstoke and Dean Borough Council results

The political make-up of Basingstoke and Borough Council is now: Conservatives 8; Labour 9; Liberal Democrats 2; Independents 1.

Twenty out of 60 seats were up for election.

Eastleigh Borough Council results

All 39 seats were up for election in Eastleigh.

The political make-up remains the same and is as follows: Liberal Democrats 32; Conservatives 4; Independents 3.

The full results can be found here.

Cherwell verification begins

Rushmoor Borough Council results

A total of 14 out of 39 seats were up for election in Rushmoor.

Rushmoor Borough Council results

Winchester City Council results

A total of 15 out of 45 seats were up for election in Winchester.

Winchester City Council results

Southampton City Council results

Southampton City Council election results

For more information click here.

Hart District Council results

The turnout figure for Hart District Council was 36.27%, the authority said.

Hart results

Teenager becomes 'one of Britain's youngest' councillors

Linda Serck

BBC South

Ellie Emberson

Nineteen-year-old Ellie Emberson has become the youngest female councillor ever on Reading Borough Council, winning Minster Ward for Labour.

This also makes her one of the youngest councillors in Britain.

Speaking at the overnight count she told the BBC: "The votes were coming in and we saw that we had the bigger pile, and it just kept growing and growing and growing."

She sees her age as a means to give a voice to a generation she feels is underrepresented in politics.

"Young people deserve to be represented," she said, "young people are in the community so someone has to step up and represent their thoughts and opinions.

"So I thought, 'I'll step up and do it myself'".

Ms Emberson is Reading born and bred, attending Coley Primary School and Prospect School.

She started out in local politics as chair of the Reading Youth Cabinet in 2014, becoming the Member of Youth Parliament for Reading a year later.

Despite these years of experience, she does inevitably come across views based on her teenager status, but her career has set her up to be thick-skinned.

"It is difficult when people say 'you're too young'", she said, "but then other people are saying it's amazing that young people are getting involved.

"There's a complete mix of opinions on the doorstep and it's just about making sure you listen to everyone."

West Oxfordshire District Council election results

The political make-up of West Oxfordshire District Council is now: Conservative 35; Liberal Democrats 8; Labour 6.

Seventeen out of 49 seats were up for election.

The Tories lost five seats, while the Liberal Democrats and Labour gained three and two seats respectively.

More detailed results can be found here.

Oxford City Council election results

The political make-up of Oxford City Council is now:

Labour 36; Liberal Democrats 9; Green 2; Independent 1.

Half of the 48 seats were up for election, with Labour winning two seats from the Greens.

More detailed results can be found here.

Wokingham Borough Council election results

The political make-up of Wokingham Borough Council is now:

Conservatives 42; Liberal Democrats 8; Labour 3; Independent 1.

The Conservatives lost four councillors in Wokingham, including their Deputy Leader David Lee.

Slough Borough Council election results

The political make-up of Slough Borough Council is now:

Labour 34; Conservative 7; Independent 1.

Labour gained two seats from the Conservatives in the Upton and Wexham Lea wards.

Fourteen out of 42 seats were up for election, with a third of seats elected every four years.

The overall turnout was 31.5% with 29,679 votes cast.

Reading Borough Council election results

The political make-up of Reading Borough Council is now: Labour 30; Conservative 12; Green Party 3; Liberal Democrat 1.

Eighteen out of 46 seats were up for election yesterday, with a third of seats elected every four years.

Gosport Borough Council results

The political make-up of Gosport Borough Council is now: Conservative 18; Liberal Democrats 14; Labour 2.

Every two years, half of the seats on the council come up for election.

This year the total was 18 because of a resignation before the election, the authority said.

For more detailed results click here.

Portsmouth City Council results

The political make-up of Portsmouth City Council is now: 19 Conservative; 16 Liberal Democrats; 6 Labour; and 1 non-aligned independent.

One seat in each of the council's 14 wards was up for election this year.Prior to the election the council comprised: 20 Conservatives; 15 Liberal Democrats; 2 UKIP; 2 Labour; 2 non-aligned independent; 1 vacant seat.

Havant Borough Council results

The Conservative party remains the biggest political group at Havant Borough Council after winning 13 of 15 seats up for election, gaining two seats from UKIP.

A total of 52 candidates contested the 15 seats, one in each ward, with an extra seat available due to a vacancy in Hayling West.

The Conservatives now have 30 seats, Labour has two, the Independents have two, UKIP has two and the Lib Dems have one.

The overall turn-out at the polls was 28.78%, the council said.

Conservative position in Portsmouth 'precarious'

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A meeting will be held in just over a week to decide what happens next.

Tory-Lib Dem collabortion 'very unlikely' in Portsmouth

Hannah Bewley

Political reporter, BBC Radio Solent

The Conservatives are still the largest group in Portsmouth, but don't have a majority.

Whereas before they were able to run the council in this way with support from UKIP - that party lost all its seats.

Labour have reason to celebrate as they started the night with two councillors and ended with six.

The Liberal Democrats are the second largest party, and the numbers are very tight on who could work with who to wield the power.

However, when asked about the Lib Dems working with the Conservatives, Gerald Vernon Jackson said a working relationship was "very unlikely, in reality".

Unseated Labour council leader 'looking for new job'

Simon Letts who lost his Bitterne seat on Southampton City Council said he was looking for a new job after almost two decades in local government.

Simon Letts
Southampton City Council

Speaking on BBC Radio Solent he said: "I'll have to go away and reflect on that, I imagine I'll have to find some sort of paid employment.

"If anybody is out there that needs an ex-council leader as an employee, get in touch," he said.

Labour lose Oxford seat

There were no big surprises in Oxford where Labour kept control of the city council and gained a seat overall.

But the party did suffer a blow in Quarry and Risinghurst where Roz Smith beat Dee Sinclair to take the seat.

Andrew Gant, leader of the Lib Dem group on the council, believes it's the first time Labour has lost an Oxford City Council seat for more than a decade.

A good fact if true, we'll get our fact checkers on the case and let you know!

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'Delight' for Portsmouth South Labour MP

Labour MP for Portsmouth South Stephen Morgan says he is "absolutely delighted" with the local election results.

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Labour and Tories profit equally from UKIP

Professor of politics at Oxford University, Ian McLean has provided his assessment of UKIP and the Liberal Democrat performance.

"It is very variable across the piece, Lib Dems formed the opposition in Oxford City Council, as they have done for a number of years.

"The Lib Dems should have, or it could be argued, they should have been making big picks ups in remain voting parts of the country... But it's not been a general thing.

"As for the collapse of UKIP, most of the evidence is that the Conservatives have benefited approximately equally."

'Results prove nothing' warns professor

BBC Radio Oxford

Conservatives celebrating in Swindon
Prof McLean says the Tories holding Swindon fitted a pattern also seen in West Oxfordshire

You can be sure each political party will be picking over last night's results in detail to understand where they succeeded and failed.

But they are misguided if they try to predict how they might have fared in a general election, says Ian McLean, professor of politics at the University of Oxford.

"People say 'if there was a general election what do these results prove', I want to say absolutely nothing", Prof McLean told BBC Radio Oxford.

That warning aside, he said there was a pattern of areas which chose to leave the EU voting Conservative and areas which voted to remain backing Labour.

He mentioned West Oxfordshire and Swindon, where the Tories held control, as examples.

"Labour was quite confident of winning the council [in Swindon] and they failed to do so... And Swindon was a leave voting area."

Parties maintain control of Oxfordshire councils

Bethan Phillips

Political reporter, BBC Radio Oxford

Round-up of results and reaction

In West Oxfordshire there was disappointment for the ruling Conservatives - they lost five seats in total to Labour and Lib Dems.

Meanwhile, Labour also did well in Oxford - the party has a strong majority in the city and last night gained another seat.

Counting for Cherwell District Council is due to take place later today.

Reading round-up

Matt Graveling

BBC South Today Oxford

A round-up of results and reaction at the Reading Borough Council count.

A round-up of results and reaction at Reading Borough Council

Weymouth by-election result

There were no council elections in Dorset this time round - they were postponed because elections to the two new unitary authorities in the county will take place in May next year.However, there was a Weymouth and Portland Borough Council by-election in the West Borough ward - it was won by Conservative Richard Nickinson - who took the seat from the Greens.

Gosport turnout figures after mandatory voter ID

Polling station

Turnout in Gosport does not appear to have been affected by the town taking part in a pilot for mandatory voter ID.

Voters had to take official identification, such as a passport or driver's licence, to the polling station.

This year's turnout was 33%. It was 32% in the 2016 local elections and 33.5% in 2014.

No change at Wokingham and Slough

Patrick O'Hagan

BBC Berkshire political reporter

There’ve been no huge swings in either Wokingham or Slough.

In darkest blue Wokingham the Conservatives have lost three seats, one of those belonging to their deputy leader David Lee. Gasps echoed round the count as that most unexpected of results result came through.

That still leaves the Tories with a huge majority though with 42 councillors as opposed to the Liberal Democrats’s eight.

In Slough the ruling Labour group put in another strong showing to increase their majority by two, both at the expense of the Conservatives.

Labour now hold an overall lead of 27 seats over their rivals.

Labour hails Portsmouth advances

UKIP lost six seats, Labour gained four seats and the Conservatives and Lib Dems gained one apiece in the local elections in which a third of the authority's seats were contested.

Labour leader Stephen Morgan MP hailed the results as showing the party was "gaining seats in places we've never won before".

Stephen Morgan MP on local election results