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  1. The panel for the debate is:
  2. Victoria Atkins - Conservative
  3. Mike Hookem - UKIP
  4. Diana Johnson - Labour
  5. Claire Thomas - Liberal Democrats

Live Reporting

By Jen Bateman

All times stated are UK

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Watch the debate

If you missed the debate or simply want to watch again, you can take in the entire debate below:

How did it go? The panel reflect

So that's it, the election debate for East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire is over

We asked the panellists to reflect on their performance and how they thought the evening had gone:

The best deal on Brexit won't come from the Conservatives

So says Liberal Democrats PPC for Hull West and Hessle

Claire Thomas

I think the idea that Theresa May is going to get us the best deal is laughable - given that she's just changed her mind on dementia tax within a few hours

Claire ThomasLiberal Democrats PPC

Brexit - who will get us the best deal?

Bob Callison

How do you propose to get the best deal for Britain when we leave the EU?

Bob Callison

Post Brexit what happens to EU nationals

Diana Johnson

Claire Thomas on immigration

Responding to a question about immigration and the status of EU nationals after Brexit Claire Thomas said:

I think it's simple. EU nationals should be allowed to stay. I don’t know why the government hasn’t already said they should be able to stay

Claire ThomasLiberal Democrat PPC

Atkins and Hookem clash on EU workers

Victoria Atkins and Mike Hookem clash on the future of EU workers after Brexit:

We have to be a little bit careful that we don't place the farming industry in the position where vegetables are laying unpicked in the fields because of UKIP's abrupt policy

Victoria AtkinsConservative PPC

They were picked before we went into the European Union and they will be picked again, because we will bring in a visa system where they will come in for a season and leave

Mike HookemUKIP PPC

Mike Hookem on immigration and national security

We have to go to an Australian-style policy, we have to know who comes in and who goes out

Mike HookemUKIP PPC Great Grimsby
Mike Hookem

Diana Johnson on EU nationals after Brexit

Diana Johnson lays out her party's stance on the status of EU nationals after Brexit:

EU nationals who are currently here are welcome to stay, their rights will be protected. We think that's a good start to any negotiations after the election

Diana JohnsonLabour PPC

Reality Check: Migration to the UK

One of the hot topics of this election campaign has been immigration and so here's a look at what BBC's Reality Check have found out:

Migration statistics

How many migrants are there already in the UK?

The migrants that arrived in 2016 joined an estimated 5.567 million citizens of other countries already living in the UK in 2015.

According to the ONS 2015 figures, nine in every 100 people living in the UK were non-British.

Of these, the number of EU citizens is estimated at 3.2 million, or five in every 100, and the number of non-EU citizens at 2.4 million, or four in every 100.

Question from first time voter: Immigration and national security

Arjan Gandhi

First time voter and student Arjan Gandhi has asked

Is there any candidate here who can promise the British people that immigration numbers will come down, and at the same time we will have more stringent background checks for asylum seekers and people coming into our country from high risk nations?

Arjan GandhiStudent and first time voter

Social care in the future

This tweet summing up the Conservative PPC's views

Victoria Atkins: We are the only Party who has come up with a long term sustainable plan for social care #ge17eyl

Social care and who profits?

We are keeping across what you are saying as you watch the #ge17eyl debate live on BBC One

#ge17eyl Whose going to get all this money for social care and how is it going to be used. More profit for the companies providing care?

Reality check

The BBC has a Reality Check service which aims to sort the facts from the spin.

Whether it's education funding, housebuilding or police numbers, our service aims to cut through the bluster and deliver you the facts you need to make your decision.

You can find out more here.

Reality check

NHS recruitment is an issue

Victoria Atkins acknowledges that staff recruitment can be a problem particularly she says in rural Lincolnshire:

We've got to make sure we can recruit more doctors, more nurses and that they are working with the best technologies available.

Victoria AtkinsConservative PPC

Victoria Atkins on NHS recruitment

When asked about GP shortages in Lincolnshire Victoria Atkins said:

One of the things that Lincolnshire County Council has done is to introduce a £20,000 golden “Hello” for new GPs settling in the area.

Victoria AtkinsConservative PPC

Diana Johnson on NHS funding

Labour's Diana Johnson on NHS funding:

It’s the fairest way to say if you were earning a high income you should pay a little bit more to ensure we can ALL benefit from public services

Diana JohnsonLabour PPC

Cut foreign aid to fund the NHS

Mike Hookem says UKIP would slash the foreign aid budget to fund the NHS in the future

Mike Hookem

I'd rather see it go to the NHS than China, North Korea and other countries.

Mike HookemUKIP PPC Great Grimsby

Mike Hookem on NHS funding

Mike Hookem talks about his party's manifesto pledge to fund the NHS:

As a party we are committed to the NHS to be free at the point of need. And we would fund the NHS through taking money back from the foreign aid budget which is £14bn pounds at the moment raising to £15bn.

Mike HookemUKIP PPC

Claire Thomas on NHS funding

Asked about her party's manifesto pledge on NHS funding Claire Thomas had this to say:

The Liberal democrats have been very clear that we would put a penny on income tax and ring fence that money for investment in the NHS and social care

Claire ThomasLiberal Democrats PPC

The first question: NHS funding

And we're off! The first question is on the future of the NHS - specifically how our National Health Service will be funded - and it's a question posed by a local GP Dr Krishna Kasaraneni.

Dr Krishna Kasaraneni

Constituency quiz

Find your constituency quiz

See how well you know your constituency by taking a quiz for your area - find it with our postcode search.

Find your constituency quiz

Constituency quiz

See how well you know your constituency by taking a quiz for your area - find it with our postcode search.

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Guide: The parties, the leaders, the manifestos


Here's a guide to the political parties and, where published, their manifestos.


Guide: The parties, the leaders, the manifestos

Here's a guide to the political parties and, where published, their manifestos.

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Debate panel: Liberal Democrats' Claire Thomas

Claire Thomas

Claire Thomas is a Liberal Democrat councillor representing Pickering ward in West Hull on Hull City Council and is the prospective parliamentary candidate for Hull West and Hessle.

She was elected to Hull City Council in 2008 and is a member of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee.

The Liberal Democrats are campaigning for:

  • Second EU referendum on Brexit deal
  • End the 1% public sector pay cap
  • Invest nearly £7bn extra in education
  • Scrap the planned expansion of grammar schools
  • Reinstate university maintenance grants for the poorest students

Debate panel: Labour's Diana Johnson

Diana Johnson

Diana Johnson was elected Labour Member of Parliament for the Kingston upon Hull North constituency in 2005 becoming Hull's first female MP.

In the 2015 general election Diana Johnson polled 52.8% of the vote and held onto the Hull North constituency for Labour.

She was appointed in September 2015 as a shadow minister in the Foreign and Commonwealth team by Jeremy Corbyn, shortly after he became Labour leader - but resigned in 2016 as a shadow cabinet member following the EU referendum.

The Labour Party is campaigning for:

  • Scrapping student tuition fees
  • Nationalisation of England's nine water companies
  • End to zero hours contracts
  • Income tax rate 45p on £80,000 and above
  • Hire 10,000 new police officers, 3,000 new firefighters

Debate panel: UK Independence Party's Mike Hookem

Mike Hookem

Mike Hookem was born in Hull, he has served in the Royal Air Force and the Royal Engineers.

Mr Hookem joined UKIP in 2008 with no previous political experience.

He stood as UKIP candidate in Hull East in the 2010 general election, but finished fourth with 2,745 votes (8%).

In 2014 he was elected as a UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber and is UKIPs fisheries spokesman.

UKIP is campaigning for:

  • Reducing net migration to zero within five years
  • A ban on the wearing of face coverings in public places
  • Six Brexit tests
  • An extra £11bn every year for the NHS and social care by 2022
  • Provide 100,000 new homes for younger people every year

Debate panel: Conservative's Victoria Atkins

Victoria Atkins

Victoria Atkins became MP for Louth and Horncastle in the 2015 general election polling 25,755 votes which was 51.2% of the vote.

She replaced Sir Peter Tapsell who was Father of the House having served as an MP since 1966.

She was in favour of the UK remaining in the European Union in 2016's referendum.

The Conservatives are campaigning for:

  • Real terms increases in NHS spending reaching £8bn extra per year by 2022/23
  • Means test winter fuel payments, taking away £300 from wealthier pensioners
  • Net migration cut to below 100,000
  • Pump an extra £4bn into schools by 2022
  • Raising cost of care threshold from £23,000 to £100,000 - but include value of home in calculation of assets for home care as well as residential care

Welcome to BBC East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire's election debate

Good evening and welcome to our live coverage of the BBC East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire election 2017 debate.

Four politicians debate the region's big issues ahead of the general election. Peter Levy chairs the debate in front of an audience at St Mary's College in Hull.

It is being broadcast on BBC One at 22:45 and features politicians answering questions from a studio audience.

The panel consists of (in alphabetical order):

  • Victoria Atkins (Con)
  • Mike Hookem (UKIP)
  • Diana Johnson (Lab)
  • Claire Thomas (Lib Dems)

Let's find out a bit more about them with these mini biographies.

Election debate