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  1. Updates for Monday 27 April 2015
  2. More news, sport, travel and weather at 08:00 on Tuesday

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Claire Timms

BBC News, London

That's all from London Live for today. Join us from 08:00 on Tuesday for all the latest news, sport, travel and weather.

Tonight's weather: This evening and tonight scattered showers across the region will tend to die out from the west after midnight, with most parts becoming dry with some good clear spells by morning. A touch of frost is possible by dawn in some rural areas.

Minimum temperature: 2C (36F). Good night

A final word from the panel

Paul Oakley of UKIP says: "There are no easy fixes. UKIP wants to have binding referenda so if 5% of the public want to raise an issue they can."

Labour's Clive Efford: "Devolution is essential and we don't need austerity and more severe cuts."

Priti Patel, Conservative, says:"Our economic plan reflects our values and we shouldn't be passing on unaffordable debt to the next generation. We need to fix our economy and the debt problem."

Green's Jonathan Bartley says: "There is enough money - it's just in the wrong hands."

Tom Brake, Lib Dem, says:"We need to rebuild the economy, build 300,000 homes without excessive borrowing as Labour want and without damaging cuts from the Conservatives."

Issues raised

One Tottenham businessman tells the panel he's lost faith in local authorities and asks who will fix it?

Another says the community needs to come together and work together as many are feeling disenfranchised.

Another gentleman raised the issue of increasing population numbers burdening the NHS, housing and education.

Listen live

Renting in London

On the news that Labour would introduce rent caps, UKIP's Paul Oakley said it wouldn't work. "We would focus on brownfield sites.


"I live in Zone 3 and people are being moved out from the centre and it's putting pressure on housing."

Jonathan Bartley of the Greens says: "It's not feasible to go out and build loads of new homes. We need council homes and we would get rid of right to buy. It's not about supply and demand - people are speculating. Housing should not be a commodity."

Listen live

'It's a complex process'

Lib Dem's Tom Brake says the problems the coalition has had in rolling out Universal Credit across the country is: "It's a very complex process and rightly we decided to trial it. It's being rolled out slowly."

Universal Credit

Labour's Clive Efford says: "We're not getting rid of Universal Credit - we will manage the welfare budget and keep it under control.

"We would need to put the support in place to help local authorities help people in genuine hardship."

Priti Patel says the Conservatives will help teach people how to manage their benefits.

'Working with big business'

Priti Patel, Conservative, said it should be a viable option for all young people, whether they want to go to university or do something vocational, to get good jobs. "We are working with big business on the whole STEM agenda."

Labour's Clive Efford says: "What we've got to do is to give graduates the opportunity to get jobs.

"I think it's been too easy for employees to bring skilled labour into the country and not train people here so that's why we've said anyone who employs someone from overseas should be investing in an apprenticeship - here I agree with UKIP and Tories.

"Put a tax back on bankers' bonuses and use that money to support people coming out of schools who have the GCSES and want to do a vocational."

Youth jobs - what will the parties do?

Tom Brake, Lib Dems, said his party would fight for £8bn extra for the NHS needed by 2020.


"We've improved apprenticeships. For young people having a stable economy helps and a two-third bus discount - not a lot of help in London - but positive for outside London."

Jonathan Bartley (Green): "We propose a business education tax for big business - back up to 30%. With that we can abolish tuition fees."

UKIP's Paul Oakley said his party wanted to reduce tuition fees for those studying STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Listen live to the debate now on BBC London 94.9

Youth unemployment

Ross Mumford, an account manager from Witham in Essex, is concerned about youth unemployment for graduates and school leavers and asks the panel what they are going to do about an increasingly ageing population needing welfare alongside a youth without the skills to get good jobs.

Listen live to the debate now on BBC London 94.9

'People aren't feeling better off'

Green Jonathan Bartley said the UK should structure its economy more effectively, like Germany.

"Austerity is political. The money is there and the reason people aren't feeling better is because they aren't better off."

He said the rich needed to be taxed more.

Paul Oakley of UKIP says: "What we have to do is get rid of vanity projects like HS2. The economy is fine for the super rich but there is a squeezed middle and a problem at the bottom."

Labour's Clive Efford: "The reason the government parties aren't reaping the benefits of the economy is because people aren't feeling better off. The issue of economy is not benefitting the Conservative party and it's clear on the doorsteps in London. There's no economic miracle."

Listen live to the debate now on BBC London 94.9

'Times have been hard'

Claire Timms

BBC News, London

Eddie asks Conservative Priti Patel if people are better off?

"Times have been hard even before 2010 and the economy wasn't doing particularly well. And there are lags. It's about wages and it's down to a cycle. London is different from the rest of the country."

Tom Brake, Lib Dem, says: "What happens in coalitions is that the smaller parties takes a hit but 2 million jobs have been created and hopefully there is time for it to pay off for us."

The panel

Claire Timms

BBC News, London

A reminder of the panel:

  • Conservative Priti Patel
  • Labour candidate Clive Efford
  • Lib Dem Tom Brake
  • Green Jonathan Bartley
  • UKIP's Paul Oakley

'Are you better off?'

BBC London 94.9

Eddie Nestor asks the invited audience: "Who do YOU trust to run the economy? Are you better off?"

London's economy debated

Susana Mendonca

tweets: Our economy debate is just about to start on @BBCLondon949 The line up's ready to go.
Listen now on 9.49fm #GE2015


Economy debate - live now

Claire Timms

BBC News, London

We are keeping the London Live page running for an extra hour tonight to bring you coverage of

BBC London 94.9's election debate on the economy from the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham.

Eddie Nestor

Eddie Nestor is hosting the debate until 19:00 with an invited audience and these panellists:

  • Conservative Priti Patel
  • Labour candidate Clive Efford
  • Lib Dem Tom Brake
  • Green Jonathan Bartley
  • UKIP's Paul Oakley

Who do you trust to run the economy? Get in touch now 020 7224 2000 or text 81333 starting with 'London'

LFB officers fly to Nepal

Five specially trained officers from

London Fire Brigade have flown to Nepal as part of a 67-strong
International Search and Rescue team to help rescue operations in Kathmandu following the earthquake on Saturday.

LFB search and rescue term

The team has also been deployed with 14.5 tonnes of equipment including specialised cameras and acoustic and seismic listening equipment that detects people, even when they are buried under large quantities of rubble.

Oscar discharged from hospital

BBC Sport

Chelsea playmaker Oscar has been released from hospital after being assessed for a head injury,

sustained during Sunday's draw with Arsenal.

Oscar and David Ospina
Getty Images

Oscar collided with Gunners keeper David Ospina in the 16th minute and was substituted at the interval.

Jose Mourinho said his staff were a "little scared" after seeing Oscar's face swelling, but he had got the all clear and had been discharged last night.

Wimbledon self stick ban is 'good'

via Facebook

News that

Wimbledon is to ban selfie sticks at this year's championships has received a positive response from those of you commenting on the
BBC London Facbook page.

Wimbledon courts
Getty Images

Zoe Marable sums it up:

Good, they should be banned everywhere.

Nancy on Frank

BBC London's Brenda Emmanus

tweets: #NancySinatra talks about her father and the new show #Sinatra at the #palladium. More @BBCLondonNews

Nancy Sinatra

Latest updates

Beth Rose

BBC News Online

Our top stories on London Live:

London Marathon: The first of seven

A woman who ran the London Marathon is following it with

another seven more this week.

Tara Twyman

Tara Twyman, from Uckfield, East Sussex, finished Sunday's race in three hours 37 minutes and 26 seconds, and started today's race from her home town earlier this morning.

While some of her marathons will take her from A to B, on Thursday she'll run 105 laps of the track at Lewes Athletics Club, where she is a member.

Lanes closed

BBC Travel

Two lanes have been closed on the A12 in Redbridge at the Redbridge roundabout, because of an overturned lorry and recovery work. Diversions are in operation via the A406.

And the A4200 Kingsway in Holborn remains closed northbound between the A4 Aldwych junction and Holborn Station following a fire. Diversions are in operation for buses via Fleet Street, Farringdon Street and Charterhouse Street to Holborn Circus.

Which party would line your pockets?

BBC London

General Election 2015

On Drivetime with Eddie Nestor now he'll be talking about which political party would put more money in your pocket?

You can listen live on

BBC London 94.9 and contact the team on 020 7224 2000.

Live economy debate

BBC London 94.9

A reminder that our latest

election live debate starts tonight at 18:00 and this time it's focusing on the economy.

Eddie Nestor will be live from the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Tottenham until 19:00 with and invited audience and these panellists:

  • Conservative: Priti Patel, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury
  • Labour: Clive Efford, Shadow Sports Minister
  • Lib Dem: Tom Brake, London spokesperson
  • Green: Jonathan Bartley, Work and Pensions spokesperson
  • UKIP: Paul Oakley

Suspected shoplifter falls from shop window

A man has fallen from a second floor window of a building onto the pavement of Threadneedle Street after police were alerted to a shop lifter operating in the area.

City of London Police said it was called at about 10:30 to reports of a suspected shoplifter at a shop in Gracechurch Street. The male suspect left the store and entered another on Threadneedle Street from where the man fell.


Independent Police Complaints Commission and the Met's
Professional Standards Department have both been informed.

Marathon winners

Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge celebrates his Men's London Marathon win alongside Women's winner Tifgist Tufa from Ethiopia at the official photocall. Congratulations to them both.

Marathon winners

Ealing Half Marathon is 'the best'

For the second year running

Ealing has been voted as having the best half marathon in the country at
The Running Awards, beating the The BUPA Great Manchester run and the Royal Parks.

Ealing Today reports it won the same plaudit last year and in 2013 received recognition from Runner's World Magazine for best atmosphere.

If you fancy putting your running shoes on the event takes place on Sunday 27 September.

Somerset v Middlesex

Kevin Hand

BBC London 94.9 cricket reporter

An early Tea was taken at Taunton as rain stopped play with Middlesex 194-2. Opener Nick Gubbins is still going strong on 90 while the key wicket, and visiting captain Adam Voges, has 65.

The ball has not passed the bat as often today as it did even through Somerset's record partnership against Middlesex but the hosts will still hope to replicate the collapse that saw such a swift end to their innings.

The rain is only light and

should clear for an extended evening session.

Wasps to 'become richest club'

BBC Sport

Wasps say they are on course to become the richest rugby club in the world after announcing their latest financial initiative - to launch a retail bond listed on the London Stock Exchange, which is expected to raise up to £35m.

Getty Images

That means Wasps are set to pass French giants Toulouse in terms of revenue.

Life sentences for stab murder

Two men have been jailed for life for the murder of Ashley Latty, 25, who was kicked, punched and stabbed to death outside the Beaver Centre in Dagenham last May.

The Old Bailey heard Nicholas Terrelonge had rounded up the group of men at a birthday party after he recognised Mr Latty as having stolen from him in the past.

Ashley Latty

Judge Stephen Gullick jailed Terrelonge, 28, and Tyler Burton, 28, for life with a minimum term of 20 years after they were found guilty of murder.

Kestrel Dyer, 25, and Jerome Joseph, 28, were jailed for six-and-a-half years and six years for attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent and Nana Oppong, 34, was jailed for four years after admitting the same charge.

Rental plans a 'plaster' over the problem

via Facebook

Thanks to everyone who has commented on the

BBC London Facebook page about Labour leader
Ed Miliband's plans to cap rent increases at inflation and let tenants know what their predecessors paid if his party was elected to run the government.


Michael Bailey said: "This measure is a plaster to help everyone whilst we rebuild the social housing stock that was sold off."

While landlord

Russ Gruffalo Goff said: "I've not put my rent up for 7 years. Hardly been a good time to increase rents has it? It may have to go up soon though."

BBC Reality Check

Election 2015

The BBC Reality Check team has been busy over the last few weeks digging deep into some of the key election issues to get some clarity to help you be as informed as possible when you come to cast your vote on 7 May.

Recent topics include:

  • Are the Tories planning the biggest cuts?
  • Is Osborne right on Labour and SNP?
  • How generous is Lib Dem carer packages?
  • How do London mansions pay for Scottish nurses?
  • How would Green transaction tax work?

'Are you beach body ready?' petition

The Independent

More than 40,000 people have signed a petition calling for the removal of an advert on the Tube featuring a model in a bikini and asking the question

"are you beach body ready?", the Independent reports.

The petition says the ad for a protein company is "directly targeting individuals, aiming to make them feel physically inferior to the unrealistic body image of the bronzed model, in order to sell their product".

Miliband did nothing about non doms, says Boris

Susana Mendonca

BBC London 94.9 political reporter

Conservative candidate Boris Johnson has told me it is Labour leader Ed Miliband who supports "non doms" - and not himself.

London houses

Responding to criticism from the Labour leader on a constituency visit in Uxbridge, where he is standing for election, Mr Johnson said:

"This is a guy who spent 10 years in government doing absolutely nothing about the non doms. And actually it was the Conservatives who came in and imposed a tax on them.

"What was Ed Miliband doing in government when he was doing nothing about the non doms?... Ed Miliband patently supports non doms because he spent however long it was as Gordon Brown's cupbearer and chief toady, bag carrier doing absolutely nothing so judge people by their actions. Who was it when we came to power who took steps to get non doms to pay more? It was the Conservatives. Who did noting? Labour."

Latest updates

Beth Rose

BBC News Online

Our latest top stories on London Live:

Train delays

Fiona McKinnon of BBC Travel Alert

tweets: Major disruption on @SW_Trains btwn Waterloo & Hampton Court / Woking after an incident. Expect delays of 90 mins & cancellations. Fi

Model support

Swinging Sixties model Twiggy has got behind the campaign to buy London a second air ambulance as part of the

Your London, Your Helicopter fundraiser.

Twiggy with London Air Ambulance
London's Air Ambulance

She said: "I grew up in north-west London and now live in Kensington. I was shocked to find out that London only has one helicopter for life-threatening medical emergencies. Standing on the London's Air Ambulance's helipad, it struck me that the single red helicopter in front of me might be the difference between somebody living or dying that day."

London's Air Ambulance is hoping to raise £4.4m, of which £2.29 million is still needed, to acquire and sustain a second helicopter and extend its daylight flying hours for five years.

Protesters demand Kilburn pub is rebuilt

Kilburn Times

Residents surrounding an historic pub in Kilburn demolished by its owners without permission

have held a protest demanding it is rebuilt.

Campaigners for the former Carlton Tavern pub, in Carlton Vale, gathered at the site to urge Westminster Council to hold the owners to account and to launch their petition, Rebuild the Carlton.

Boris apologises for hustings no-show

Boris Johnson has said he didn't attend a hustings in his constituency last night because he had to go to an election event with the Prime Minister which was cancelled at the last minute.

Cardboard Boris

The mayor of London, who's standing in Uxbridge and South Ruislip, was replaced by a life-size cardboard cut-out at the event in Yiewsley.

He said: "I'm very sorry I wasn't able to be there but there was a commitment that we'd made to go out and do something with the prime minister, that was scrapped at the last moment. So it was logistically impossible to do."

From sunshine to showers

BBC Weather

You can expect some sunshine this afternoon, although more cloud will develop through the afternoon and some showers are likely by this evening, some of which could be on the heavy side, especially over Hampstead Heath.

Top temperature: 15C (59F).