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  1. Updates for Friday 13 March 2015
  2. We will be back with more live news, sport, travel and weather on Monday from 08:00 GMT.

Live Reporting

By Rumeana Jahangir

All times stated are UK

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Goodnight all

Paul Burnell

BBC News

That's all for Local Live this week - thanks for joining us and we will back on Monday at 08:00.

Have a great weekend!

Patchy rain dies out

Eno Eruotor

Weather presenter, North West Tonight

Any lingering patchy rain will soon die out, leaving largely dry conditions.

Weather graphic

There will be some clear spells leading to a rather cold night with frost in places.

Wolves make one change

BBC Sport

Warrington Wolves make just one change to their squad for tonight's home game with Leeds Rhinos as George King replaces captain Joel Monaghan (pictured) who has a hamstring injury.

Joel Monaghan

Ryan Atkins is fit for the First Utility Super League match, after illness forced him out of the win over Hull KR.

Kick-off is at 20:00 GMT.

Sisters painting it for themselves

Two hundred "empowering self-portraits", designed to

promote the therapeutic value of art, will be unveiled tonight at Liverpool School of Art & Design.

Big Sista

The launch of the The Stand up for Sistahood touring exhibition is backed by the NHS and organised by Clare Campbell, who founded Big Love Sista.

The project offers therapeutic interventions for vulnerable women in Liverpool.

University buys courtroom on eBay

Chris Long

BBC News

Now, what's the strangest thing you've ever bought on eBay?

Law students in Ormskirk are to hone their skills in a "real setting" after their

university bought the contents of a courtroom in an online auction.

Edge Hill University's new "mooting room", in which mock cases are debated, includes fittings from the former North Sefton Magistrates' Court in Southport.

Edge Hill University mooting room
Edge Hill university

The American oak furniture was bought in August after the university spotted it for sale on eBay.

Coming up on North West Tonight

Roger Johnson

Presenter, North West Tonight

We will reporting on the fourth day of former Ch Supt David Duckenfield's evidence to the Hillsborough inquests,

Our political editor Arif Ansari will be reporting from the Lib Dems' spring conference in Liverpool.

And we'll look back on a good night for Everton in the Europa League, and preview the weekend's sporting action.

All this on North West Tonight at 18:30.

From queen of the seas to... razor blades?

What happens when ocean liners reach the end of the line?

Cunard ship
Getty Images

For many, the future is bleak - the scrapyard and the possibility of ending up as razor blades beckons.

A select few, though, have escaped the blow torch,

as this lovely BBC feature highlights.

Collapsed sewer causes hole in road

Emma Stanley

BBC News

Staying with the roads...

A busy junction could be closed "for several weeks" after

a large hole appeared following a sewer collapse.

The hole in the road
united utilities

United Utilities said the hole appeared overnight at the junction of the A565 Cambridge Road and Preston New Road in Southport.

M62 delays

BBC Travel reports one lane is closed eastbound on the M62, causing severe disruption between junctions six (for the M57) and seven (Rainhill Stoops).

News on the hour

Megan Key

BBC Radio Merseyside

Some of the families of the Hillsborough victims have walked out of court, as a former senior police officer again apologises.

David Duckenfield has finished giving a fourth day of evidence at the inquests in Warrington.

Liverpool to finish fourth - Savage

BBC Sport

Speaking of aiming for the stars... Here's Robbie Savage's take on the climax to the football season...

The race for a top-four Premier League finish has turned into a sprint to the line that will be settled by the smallest of margins.

Robbie Savage

It is the games between the top teams that will prove pivotal, particularly when United host Spurs on Sunday and travel to Anfield the following weekend.

Unbeaten in 12 Premier League games, Liverpool look very strong.

By my calculations they will make it and finish fourth, but it depends on them winning against Manchester United next week in what will be a massive match for both clubs.

Moon gazing

BBC Stargazing Live, presented by Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain,

will return to BBC Two next Wednesday night from Jodrell Bank in Cheshire.

Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain

Ahead of next Friday's partial eclipse, they want your questions about all things moon-related. Please get in touch on Twitter using #AskStargazing.

The Liverpool Echo, courtesy of the planetarium at the World Museum, also has a

guide to the best places in the city from which to see the astronomical spectacle.


Tom Mullen

BBC News

I'm writing up a full report of today's evidence at the Hillsborough inquests in Warrington.

In the meantime, we'll bring you more news, sport, travel and weather from around the region

Duckenfield: I was traumatised

Judith Moritz

North of England correspondent, BBC News

David Duckenfield, continuing his speech to the relatives of those who died, tells the inquests: "I was traumatised... I've buried the bad to survive."

Some relatives were in tears during those comments while others walked out of court.

BreakingBreaking News

Judith Moritz

North of England correspondent, BBC News

David Duckenfield has just made a long speech to relatives of the 96 Hillsborough victims.

"To the families, I say this. It has now dawned on me what it means to you and I'm dreadfully sorry," he said.

"When the independent panel report was published, I couldn't bear the word Hillsborough and could not bear to think about it.

"I hoped it would go away but then, two years ago, I had to force myself to look at matters and could only do so with help of doctors."

He also said: "It's fair to say I buried my head in the sand. I'm now very much older, very much wiser, and I've decided to tell the whole truth.

"It is now I have thought very seriously about the families. For the first time, I've seen what it means for a mother to lose a loved one."

News on the hour

Megan Key

BBC Radio Merseyside

The jury at the Hillsborough inquests has heard the chief constable of South Yorkshire Police gave a "false impression" about what happened.

David Duckenfield, who was match commander on the day, has been questioned about a press conference Peter Wright held on the evening of the disaster.

Duckenfield: 'I didn't blame the fans'

Judith Moritz

BBC News

The inquests heard that in a memo after the Hillsborough disaster, the chief constable of South Yorkshire Peter Wright wrote: "We've got nothing to fear."

He added: "If it is that drunken, marauding fans contributed to this, let somebody else say it."

David Duckenfield says he was with the chief constable but wasn't party to policy decisions [on blaming the fans].

'Common knowledge'

Andy Gill

BBC North West Tonight

Mr Duckenfield is shown a transcript of a meeting of senior officers from South Yorkshire on the Sunday after the Hillsborough tragedy.

Acting for the families, Michael Mansfield QC points out that, at no stage did the police match commander say that he gave the order to open exit gate C allowing about 2,000 fans to enter the stadium.

When asked why not, he replied: "I thought it was common knowledge."

'Can't recall Thatcher visit'

Andy Gill

BBC North West Tonight

Mr Duckenfield tells the hearing he can't recall meeting then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher when she visited Hillsborough on the day after the disaster and can't recall speaking to her.

Margaret Thatcher at Hillsborough

Gate lie 'not significant'

Judith Moritz

North of England correspondent, BBC News

Michael Mansfield QC asks Mr Duckenfield why he failed to mention his conversation with FA chief executive Graham Kelly, in which lied about fans forcing an exit gate, in his statement to the Taylor inquiry.

"It didn't seem significant," he replied.

On Thursday, the former police match commander admitted telling Mr Kelly in the hours after the disaster that some Liverpool fans forced exit gate C when, in fact, Mr Duckenfield had given the order to open it.

News on the hour

Giulia Bould

BBC Radio Merseyside

A road in Southport could be closed for several weeks after a sewer collapsed.

United Utilities are trying to control the volume of water now escaping from the system at the junction of Cambridge Road and Preston New Road.

Duckenfield denies plot to 'shift blame'

Andy Gill

BBC North West Tonight

In the press conference on the evening of the Hillsborough disaster, SYP chief constable Peter Wright said the order to open the exit gate "would come from an officer near it".

Mr Duckenfield denies this was a plot to shift blame onto junior officers.

He has already admitted to the inquests that he told ACC Walter Jackson that he himself ordered the exit gate to be opened at the first opportunity.

'False impression'

Ben Schofield

BBC Radio Merseyside reporter

Mr Duckenfield agrees that the South Yorkshire chief constable was giving a "false impression" during the press conference.

'Police chief didn't consult me'

Judith Moritz

North of England correspondent, BBC News

The court is shown a transcript of comments by then Chief Constable Peter Wright at a South Yorkshire Police press conference on the evening of the disaster.

Mr Wright told the media he couldn't say if there was a link between the gate opening and the crowd surge.

But Mr Duckenfield denies that came from him. He says the chief constable "certainly excluded me" when speaking to senior officers before the press conference.

'Steadfast deceit'

Andy Gill

BBC North West Tonight

Mr Duckenfield agrees he "steadfastly deceived" people in a meeting in the Hillsborough stadium boardroom at about 16:00 as he still didn't say he'd ordered the gate open.

He says all he can remember is a sea of faces and someone asking how many were dead.

He went to South Yorkshire Police headquarters at about 17:45, where he told the then Chief Constable Peter Wright that he ordered the opening of exit gate C.

'I didn't look at stadium layout'

Judith Moritz

BBC News

Looking at a photo of the inside of the police box, David Duckenfield says he can see a plan of the stadium lying on top of a table.

Police control box
Hillsborough Inquests

Asking Mr Duckenfield about his failure to consider the consequences of opening an exit gate, Mr Mansfield QC says: All you had to do was look at the plan. Did you?

Mr Duckenfield: "No, because I wasn't in that position."

Mr Mansfield QC: "Three paces away.."

'Not aware of specific evacuation plan'

Andy Gill

BBC North West Tonight

Michael Mansfield QC, representing 23 of the families, is showing Mr Duckenfield a plan for evacuation of the stadium.

Mr Duckenfield says he was not aware of a specific contingency plan for the evacuation of Hillsborough but was aware of a general evacuation plan.

Questioning resumes

Andy Gill

BBC North West Tonight

tweets: Michael Mansfield resuming cross examining Hilllsborough match commander David Duckenfield at new inquests.

News on the hour

Giulia Bould

BBC Radio Merseyside

The jury at the Hillsborough inquests has heard police asked for dog handlers to be sent to the stadium, more than two and a half minutes before a request was made for ambulances.

The match commander on the day, David Duckenfield, is being questioned about his response to the disaster.

'Blue' nose day?

Everton has tweeted its own version of today's Red Nose Day with Duncan Ferguson sporting a blue nose - much like the former player did when celebrating the team's FA Cup triumph against Manchester United in 1995.

tweet grab

Record-breaker Lukaku

BBC Sport

Romelu Lukaku - much maligned for his league form in recent weeks - became Everton's record European goalscorer last night. His

penalty winner against Dynamo Kiev was his seventh for the club.

Romelu Lukaku

Chief says 'buck stops with me'

Tom Mullen

BBC News

The police match commander on the day of the Hillsborough disaster

has told a jury "ultimately, the buck stops with me".

Former Ch Supt David Duckenfield

David Duckenfield said he had taken advice from colleagues but had not done "the easiest thing" and blamed others for his mistakes.

The former chief superintendent has also denied that his leadership was "woefully inadequate from start to finish".

Any questions for Wirral?

Wirral Grammar School for Girls will be hosting BBC Radio 4's Any Questions programme this evening.

Phil Redmond
Getty Images

The panel will include Liverpool TV producer Phil Redmond (above), Conservative MP Ken Clarke as well as Liberal Democrat Tim Farron and UKIP's Suzanne Evans.

The programme will be

broadcast live on Radio 4 at 20:00.

Morning session ends

The Hillsborough Inquests have broken for lunch and will resume at 14:00.

'Liverpool fans not causing trouble'

Judith Moritz

BBC News

Michael Mansfield QC: "This wasn't fans turning up late having got into a drunken state was it?"

Mr Duckenfield: "I think you and I will have to disagree on that."

The former police match commander admits he received no information on the day that Liverpool fans were causing trouble on their way along Leppings Lane into the ground.

News on the hour

Giulia Bould

BBC Radio Merseyside

The match commander on the day of the Hillsborough disaster has denied being "reckless."

David Duckenfield, who's giving evidence at the inquests, also rejected claims his leadership was "woefully inadequate."

BreakingBreaking News

Former TV weatherman Fred Talbot

has been jailed for five years after he was convicted in February of indecently assaulting two teenage boys when he was a teacher.

Fred Talbot

He is best known for presenting the weather on ITV's This Morning programme from a floating map at Liverpool's Albert Dock.

'Fans couldn't have entered in time'

Judith Moritz

North of England correspondent, BBC News

Having looked at the figures, David Duckenfield agrees that the number of fans left to get in couldn't have got through the turnstiles in time.

'Measures should have been in place'

Ben Schofield

BBC Radio Merseyside reporter

Michael Mansfield QC claims that Mr Duckenfield should have put measures in place at 2.10pm, after seeing the build-up of fans at the Leppings Lane turnstiles.

Mr Duckenfield said he 'might agree' measures should have been put in place by 2.30pm, not before.