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  1. Updates for Norfolk on Friday, 3 June 2016
  2. North Norfolk District Council is set to decide whether to axe rubbish bins from mooring points on the Broads and rivers
  3. Ancient underwater "lost city" off a Greek island is actually a naturally occurring phenomenon, Norwich scientists find
  4. A choir is brought together of homeless people from Norwich for a special performance as part of BBC Music Day
  5. More news, sport, travel and weather updates from 08:00 on Monday

Live Reporting

By Patrick Byrne

All times stated are UK

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That's it from the Norfolk Live team on Friday... but before we go - here's the Bishop Bridge performance by the Norwich hostel choir who came together for today's BBC Music Day. Well done to them all.

BBC Music Day: Bishop Bridge sets scene for homeless people's choir

We'll be back from 08:00 on Monday, bringing you the news, sport, travel and weather updates as they happen.  

Have a good weekend.

Un-bee-lieveable: The flight of the bumblebee

Earlier today we mentioned that as the weather warms up over the weekend we might see a few swarms of bees in the county... which reminded us of this rather incredible film made for the BBC's Invisible World's series.

When a French entomologist declared that it was impossible for bumblebees to fly - when quite clearly they did - it set scientists on a mission to find out how this aerodynamic mystery occurred.

Here, super slow motion photography, and some smoke (but no mirrors) illuminates the extraordinary technique that allows these 'blimps' to remain airborne.

Weather: Cloudy and mainly dry

Alex Dolan

BBC Look East weather

Staying cloudy and mainly dry but with the risk of some patchy drizzle in places, but turning misty overnight with some fog patches, especially near the coast, with light to moderate northerly winds.

Weather chart

A cloudy, misty start to Saturday with the risk of one or two early showers, but feeling warmer.

Get the detailed forecast where you live from BBC Weather.

Traffic calming to boost Gorleston High Street safety

Andrew Turner

BBC Radio Norfolk

A study in under way into the viability of traffic calming in a congested shopping area in Gorleston where buses have to mount pavements to pass each other.

Gorleston High Street plan to reduce traffic speed to 20mph

Norfolk County Council plans to make the High Street a 20mph zone with single-lane sections to force vehicles to slow down and give way to pass each other. 

The Gorleston Traders Association has been consulted on the proposals but not residents. Association chairman Kevin Huggins said he doesn`t want to see traffic banned on the High Street.

"The main problem is buses passing each other because they have to mount the pavement, but they bring shoppers here and we don't want that to stop. The High Street could become one-way for all traffic and this would increase parking for shoppers," he said.

BBC Music Day becomes part of healing for drug and alcohol addiction

Patrick Byrne

BBC News

People who live at the Bishop Bridge House hostel for the homeless in Norwich are trying to fix lives broken by drug or alcohol addiction. 

The choir they've formed for BBC Music Day's Take It To The Bridge project is part of their healing... we'll see that before we go at 18:00. 


Nikki's story of taming her demons after being led by others down a dark path is familiar to the residents. 

"I was drinking vodka at nine o'clock in the morning but had never been a drinker in my life. I was naive and followed people," she said.

"I am getting out of that and not following any more. I'm doing my own thing."

BBC Music Day: Confidence remained high for choir of people recovering from addiction

Patrick Byrne

BBC News

A classically trained singer and musician who was part of a girl group that supported Take That has turned a group of people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction into a choir.

Samantha Coe

Samantha Coe, founder of Norwich's Wharf Academy, that teaches techniques for singing and band instrument playing, said: "I could not believe the choir achieved so much is a short time, although some encouragement was needed for some of them to persevere. 

"Their confidence was great from day one and carried through right to the last rehearsal."

BBC Music Day: Homeless people's choir reached performance level in six rehearsals

Patrick Byrne

BBC News

More now on the musical Take It To The Bridge project... and it's taken just six rehearsals for a group from a hostel in Norwich to become a choir ready to perform on BBC Music Day.

BBC Music Day: Homeless choir prepares for Bishop Bridge performance

The choir, from Norwich, is made up of people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction and the choir project is regarded as part of their treatment. 

Their stage will be the Bishop Bridge, in the city centre, after which their hostel home is named. It is the site of a famous battle during the 1578 rebellion by Robert Kett.

The choir idea is taken from the work of choirmaster Gareth Malone who popularises choral music as well as helping singers to express themselves through music.

Buried alive: Caister beach rescue simulation

Coastguards have been put through their paces this week with an exercise to test rescue responses to people becoming buried on the beach.Volunteer teams were tasked with finding two mannequins buried under the sand at Caister. The exercise was carried out following a national increase in the number of rescues of this type.

Caister beach rescue: Coastguard on 'buried alive' simulation

In 2011 a 15-year-old girl had to be rescued by a paramedic and lifeboatmen from a 7ft (2m) hole on the same beach. Her survival was described as "a miracle".

Martin wants to end season on a high

Phil Daley

BBC Radio Norfolk sport

Norwich City captain Russell Martin says he wants to help his Scotland side to victory over France in their final game of the season.

Scotland failed to qualify for Euro 2016 so finish their campaign with a friendly on Saturday.

Russell Martin
Getty Images

Martin will go on holiday before returning to pre-season training with Norwich later this month.

The Canaries will begin their new campaign in The Championship in August.

'Siege mentality' spaniel is recovering well

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

Bobby, seen here at the moment of his retrieval, had fallen down a 25m (82ft) dry well on the site of a demolished house. 

Bobby at the moment of his rescue
Adrian Phillips

He disappeared for a fortnight but his owner Adrian Phillips said the dog was keen to stay close, rather than go running off.

He said: "He doesn't wander off very far and he's pretty much back to normal but he's very hungry. Not sure if it's 'siege mentality' but he's eating a lot."

Spaniel who survived two-week ordeal is 'very hungry' after being stuck down well

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

Remember the story of the Gimingham cocker spaniel, who disappeared for a fortnight and who had to be winched out from a disused well by Norfolk's Urban Search and Rescue team?

Bobby with owner Adrian Phillips

Bobby's owners Adrian and Sally-Anne feared the worst after the spaniel went missing while out on a walk. 

He was eventually found after a farmer heard yelps coming from a 25m (82ft) dry well in a barley field nearby.

Bobby, who is nearly three, came out relatively unscathed from the ordeal but had lost a huge amount of weight, and has been eating ever since.

Mr Phillips said: "He's very hungry, but actually quite well." 

And finally in our newspaper round-up...

Diss Express

Here is the back sports page of today's Diss Express:

Diss Express sports back page
Diss Express

The Diss Express, meanwhile, is reporting on a warning over an internet app

Diss Express

Here is the front page of today's Diss Express:

Diss Express front page
Diss Express

New era kicks off with four signings, says the Norwich Evening News

Norwich Evening News

Here is the back sports page of today's Norwich Evening News:

Back sports page of Norwich Evening News

Here's what the Evening News is reporting

Norwich Evening News

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Norwich Evening News front page

And the back page of today's EDP....

Eastern Daily Press

Here is the back sports page of today's Eastern Daily Press:

EDP back sports page

What the papers are saying....

Eastern Daily Press

Here is the front page of today's Eastern Daily Press:

Eastern Daily Press front page

King's Lynn Stars bounce back to 48-42 win against Wolverhampton Wolves

Jay Lawrence

BBC Radio Norfolk

The King's Lynn Stars earned their first win in six weeks last night.

After missing the reverse fixture earlier this week at Wolverhampton, Lewis Rose made his debut in the main body of the team at the Norfolk Arena, helping to secure a much needed win.

Rose rode alongside Simon Lambert in heat eight to pull the Stars ahead with their 5-1 win. At the time, the meeting was delicately poised at 21 points a piece.

Fruitless search for pottery and other artifacts in 'lost city' saga

Laurence Cawley

BBC News

Underwater remains found off the Greek island of Zakynthos and hailed as a 'long lost ancient city' are rocks formed by natural geological forces, experts conclude. 

"The site was discovered by snorkelers and first thought to be an ancient city port, lost to the sea," Prof Julian Andrews, from the University of East Anglia, said. 

Collonade base
University of East Anglia

"There were what superficially looked like circular column bases, and paved floors. But mysteriously no other signs of life - such as pottery." 

Found close to Alikanas Bay the site was examined by the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities of Greece

"We investigated the site," said Prof Andrews, "and found that it is actually a natural geologically occurring phenomenon."

University finds 'long lost city' remains formed by nature

Laurence Cawley

BBC News

Scuba divers who though they had discovered the remains of an ancient underwater off a Greek island have been disappointed by scientists who told them they were not part of a "long lost city".

Scuba divers
University of East Anglia

Colonnade bases and pavements found on the sea bed near Zakynthos were formed by natural process such as the release of methane gas from rocks. 

Research by the University of East Anglia and University of Athens concluded the site was created by geological processes up to five million years ago.

Flat fire in Great Yarmouth suspected arson attack

Andrew Turner

BBC Radio Norfolk

An initial investigation has persuaded police that a fire in a ground floor flat in Great Yarmouth may have been an arson attack, I have been told. 

Cunningham Avenue fire

Firefighters put out the blaze in the early hours of this morning at the flat on Cunningham Avenue. The back door is now boarded up and there's melted debris around the doorstep. 

Three appliances from Great Yarmouth and Gorleston were called out at 01:45.

Homeless people choir battles demons for BBC Music Day event

Shaun Peel

BBC Look East

Today is BBC Music Day and choirs will be celebrating this musical milestone and their own personal achievements on more than 40 bridges across the UK and Channel Islands.

Choir on Bishop Bridge

The celebration, called Take it to the Bridge, includes a special performance on Bishop Bridge in Norwich, by a group of homeless people recovering from drug and alcohol problems who've come together to form a choir... we'll hear some of that later.

There are also lots of live music performances taking place at The Forum in Norwich throughout the day.

Waterside waste disposal 'should be shared', says Broads Authority

Patrick Byrne

BBC News

A district council planning to axe waterside rubbish collections wants managers of the Broads national park to take over responsibility... but the Broads Authority says the cost has to be shared and they were working towards a solution.


"The withdrawal of waste facilities is based on the assumption that the waste comes from hire boat users when in fact the bins are used by everyone: private boaters, walkers, picnickers, land visitors, anglers and residents," the Broads Authority said in a statement.

"We have been trying to work with other organisations, including district and parish councils as well as businesses, to find a sensible solution to this issue." 

Council axeing waterside waste removal wants Broads Authority to take over

Nick Conrad

BBC Radio Norfolk

More now on our story about district council plans to axe rubbish collections at mooring points on Norfolk's rivers and Broads, saying managers of the national park should take on their responsibility. 

North Norfolk Council said £10,000 could be saved from its budgets by ditching the waterside collections and that the Broads Authority should take over.

Womack Staithe

Angie Fitch-Tillett, in charge of Environmental Services at North Norfolk District Council, said she had huge sympathy for Ludham Parish Council which was faced with the bill and fears of fly-tipping. 

She said she was working to get the Broads Authority to fund the service as custodians of the national park and land owner for many of the moorings. 

Beekeeper ready to catch swarms to double her colonies

Patrick Byrne

BBC News

A beekeeper is hoping to double her hive numbers over the next week and is carrying a swarm box around with her so she is ready to act immediately she gets to know the bees are on the move. 

Sally-Anne Brown, who runs Norfolk's Happy Bee Company, said the cold and wet weather has kept bees inside the hives and they are getting crowded.

Bee hive
AP Photo/Frank Augstein, Pool

Up to 60,000 insects will be huddled together and queen cells are beginning to mature, she said. 

"Soon the queens will leave the hive with more than 10,000 worker bees following them. I am ready to catch the swarm wherever it lands. I shake the bees into the box where they will stay for a day before introducing them to their new hive."

You can find out more about bees with BBC Nature.

Beekeeper with weather eye preparing for swarm after calm

Tim Addicott

BBC Radio Norfolk

A beekeeper in Norfolk who collect up swarms is preparing for a busy weekend. 

The long cold spell has meant queen bees haven't been willing to leave hives but now it's warmer they ready to go, she says.

Swarm in Wales
Tom Moses/PA Wire

A rise in temperature is expected make them leave with masses of worker bees following on, creating large swarms like the one pictured. 

Sally-Anne Brown collects swarms and said in most cases the bees will fly off by early evening. "As soon as the weather turns warmer the bees huddled up in the hive will get active. The queen will say 'come on girls let's go' and they will swarm."

Weather: Cloudy and dull with rain possible

Elizabeth Rizzini

BBC Look East weather

It will be dull and cool, with some spots of rain that may be heavy in places.

The weather will remain cloudy through the afternoon... but it's not quite flaming June as temperatures will only reach 14C (57F).

More details on the forecast where you live from BBC Weather.

Axeing riverside rubbish collections 'outrageous', parish chairman says

Nick Conrad

BBC Radio Norfolk

The chairman of a parish council has called plans to withdraw rubbish collections from moorings on the Broads and rivers in Norfolk "outrageous". 

In February, several local authorities informed the Broads Forum they would be reconsidering their commitment to waterside rubbish collection.


Norfolk County Council had decided to charge local authorities for the service after the classification of rubbish from holiday boats was changed from domestic to commercial and to backdate the cost to 1 April 2012. 

Mike Flett, chairman of Ludham Parish Council, said it could cost £10,000 a year to clean up: "Potentially it is a nightmare... it's quite a reasonable cost to a council but outrageous to the parish."

Travel: Disruption on Dereham Road route into Norwich

BBC Travel

There is disruption on the A1074 Norwich Road, near the Norfolk Showground in New Costessey because of traffic light failure.

More details from BBC Travel:

Hello and welcome to Friday's Norfolk Live

Patrick Byrne

BBC News

Good morning from Norfolk Local Live on Friday, where the big talking point today is a decision by a district council to axe rubbish bins from mooring points on the county's Broads and rivers. 

North Norfolk District Council is considering removing the bins because it's not obliged to meet the cost of emptying or maintaining them. In 2012 rubbish from boats was reclassified from domestic to commercial waste. 

Now North Norfolk wants to withdraw 13 of its boat-waste sites. Parish councils in the area and holidaymakers fear mooring spots will become tips, but are they willing to pay a levy for a commercial company to collect the rubbish?

If you have a view we can be contacted by email, Twitter and Facebook.