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  1. Around 500 people could lose their jobs at the Corby plant of Tata Steel
  2. Northamptonshire Police won't move out of its Wootton Hall Park home until 2020
  3. Daventry Town may not be able to fulfil its remaining fixtures this season
  4. More news, sport, travel and weather updates from 08:00 on Thursday

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Anna Bartlett

BBC Radio Northampton

That's all from the Local Live team in Northamptonshire today.

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Steel crisis: Calls for Parliament to reconvene

Anna Bartlett

BBC Radio Northampton

Members of the Welsh Assembly are to be recalled to discuss the crisis in the steel industry - while Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn is calling for Parliament to return early from the Easter break.    

Last night Tata Steel - which employs more than 500 people at its plant in Corby - announced it planned to offload its UK business. It's thought to be losing £1million a day.

Tata Steel in Corby

 Ministers have warned it could take months for a buyer to be found.

Labour: Government needs plan B on steel

Labour's Shadow Business Secretary has called on the government to present a viable plan to protect jobs in the British steel industry.

Speaking to Martha Kearney on BBC Radio 4, Angela Eagle said: "It's certainly possible for them to take them into some kind of public stewardship to preserve them while conditions change."

Business minister Anna Soubry said the government was considering "all options" for Tata's Port Talbot steel plant.

Shadow Business Secretary calls for a viable government plan to save steel jobs.

Northamptonshire Police officer charged with rape of teenage girl appears in court

Daventry Express

A Northamptonshire Police officer charged with the rape of a 17-year-old girl made his first court appearance today (Wednesday).

Corby steel: 'Hopefully they'll sell it to the right people'

Stuart Ratcliffe

BBC Look East

Following the announcement overnight that Tata steel is considering selling off its loss-making UK operation, politicians from all corners have been debating whether the industry should be re-nationalised.

But workers at the company's Corby plant have told me they think nationalisation is "unrealistic".

Tata Steel sign

Scott Garden - one of more than 500 Tata employees in Corby - said: "I think it's talk to calm things down. Hopefully they'll sell it to the right people, rather than people who will come in and asset strip it, and sell it off so we don’t have jobs."

Mereway repairs: Pipe section had to cut out and replaced following gas leak; delays continue

Mereway in Northampton - which has been closed since yesterday following a gas leak - will reopen at 20:00.

Sarah Wilcox, from National Grid, told BBC Radio Northampton in the last few minutes: "We've had to cut out a section of the pipe and replace it altogether, which is why its taken a lot longer than we hoped."


Severe rush hour delays around Mereway as work continues to fix gas main

There are long delays around Mereway in Northampton, between Tesco and the Queen Eleanor roundabout, following a a gas leak. The National Grid said the main was damaged by a third party.

The road has been closed since yesterday afternoon and is not expected to open until 20:00.

It is currently subject to major works aimed at constructing a new roundabout at the junction of Wootton Hall Park.  

Northants police relocation 'not delayed,' says police commissioner

Sam Read

BBC Radio Northampton politics reporter

Police and crime commissioner Adam Simmonds says the relocation of Northamptonshire Police HQ has not been delayed.

He says the timeline has simply been "firmed up" since the plans have progressed.

Adam Simmonds

Speaking to BBC Radio Northampton he said talk of a move in 2017 was a hope, not a reality: "Better planning and more awareness of some of the changes we need to make means this is not a delay as far as I'm concerned."

The police control room will now move in April 2020.

Corby steel: Workers say re-nationalisation is an 'unrealistic' option

Stuart Ratcliffe

BBC Look East

After it was announced Tata Steel is considering selling its UK businesses, politicians have been debating whether the industry should be re-nationalised.

Workers at the company's Corby plant told me they think it is an "unrealistic" option... 

Corby steel workers say re-nationalisation of industry is "unrealistic".

The economics of UK steel is "bleak"

Kamal Ahmed

Economics editor

In 2013 China produced nearly 800 million tonnes of steel.

By comparison, the UK produced 12 million tonnes - and steel production now makes up just 1% of Britain's manufacturing output and 0.1% of all the UK's economic output.

The value of the industry to the UK economy has fallen by a quarter since 1990.

My latest article explores the situation here.

Steel production in the UK

Corby steel: Industry 'goes right to the heart' of Corby

The steel industry goes "right to the heart of what Corby is about" - that is the view of the town's MP, Tom Pursglove.

Corby steel

He told the BBC he was proud products made in Corby have been used in the London Eye and the Wembley Arch.

"I want to see our steel industry prosper," he added amid concerns for the future of steel in the UK - and in Corby - following Tata Steel's decision to consider selling its UK businesses.

Corby steel: Hundreds of jobs at risk

Anna Bartlett

BBC Radio Northampton

Tata Steel says it wants to move quickly to sell its operations in the UK

The company employs around 15,000 people across 14 sites in the UK - including around 500 at Corby - but says it has lost £2 billion over the past five years.

Tata steel facts

What's next for Tata Steel workers?

Simon Jack

BBC Business Editor

Tata Steel has 15,000 workers in the UK. Of those, 5,000 are at plants in Lanarkshire and Scunthorpe, which are in the process of being sold to Liberty Group and Greybull Capital.

In this article, I explore just how involved the UK government wants to get in the steel industry.

Steel industry

Corby steel: MP says 'short period of public ownership might be appropriate'

Corby's Conservative MP has told the BBC he is not calling for "out and out re-nationalisation" of the steel industry.

Tata Steel

But Tom Pursglove said "a short period of public ownership might be appropriate" while a new buyer is found after Tata Steel announced it is considering selling its UK operation.

Mr Pursglove said "all options" were on the table.

Corby steel: Chinese dumping and energy prices threaten UK steel - Corby MP

Unfair Chinese dumping and energy prices are two of the biggest problems facing the steel industry in the UK, according to Corby's MP.

Tom Pursglove

Tom Pursglove, who is also the vice-chairman of the all-party parliamentary group on steel, said "all options" need to be on the table after Tata Steel announced it is planning to sell its UK businesses.

Mr Pusglove, who is writing to David Cameron on the issue, said he would "always put my constituency before my party allegiance" adding the wording of his letter would be "pretty strong".

Corby steel: Workers reeling from Tata announcement

Stuart Ratcliffe

BBC Look East

Workers at Corby's Tata Steel plant have told me they are in complete shock over the news the company could be sold - putting hundreds of jobs in Corby at risk.

Scott Garden, who works for the company, said: "We've all got families, we all want to work and produce steel and make money. And the fact that that could be taken away from us is a massive shock."

Corby's steel works

Northamptonshire Police relocation welcomed by chief constable

Northamptonshire Police chief constable, Simon Edens, has welcomed the relocation of the force's HQ, following the approval of the sale of part of the existing Wootton Hall site.

But he also stressed it's vital the move happens without putting public safety, police operations and business at risk.

Simon Edens
Northamptonshire Police

In a statement, Mr Edens said: "I want to make sure the inevitable effects of such a move on our workforce are kept to a minimum."

It was announced earlier that the full relocation has been delayed - but a new free school will open at Wootton Hall in Northampton in September.

Corby steel: Town's MP to write to Prime Minister David Cameron

Craig Lewis

BBC News

Corby MP Tom Pursglove says he will this afternoon personally deliver a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron calling for action on the UK steel industry.

Tata Steel
Getty Images

Mr Pusglove was reacting to the news that Tata Steel is considering pulling out of the UK - a move which puts hundreds of jobs in Corby under threat.

He said he would be "making the case for UK steel, stressing the importance of it as a strategically important industry that is crucial for our national security".

Thieves strike for third time at 17th Century house near Corby

Northamptonshire Telegraph

Security is being improved at a 17th Century Elizabethan estate following a spate of thefts.

Kirby Hall near Corby has fallen victim to three break-ins since last August.

Police control room won't leave Wootton Hall Park until 2020 - three years later than planned

Sam Read

BBC Radio Northampton politics reporter

There will be a long delay to Northamptonshire Police moving out of it's current home.

The control room was due to leave Wootton Hall Park in Northampton by 2017, but that will now not happen until 2020. Meanwhile, the majority of police staff were due to leave the site by June - that now won't happen until September next year.

Police HQ relocation timetable

A new free school, specialising in crime science, will open on the site this September - but in temporary buildings outside of the force's secure area.

Daventry Town chairman insists club will survive

Kris Holland

BBC Radio Northampton

The chairman of Daventry Town says the club will survive - despite having suffered 13 straight defeats.

There are fears for the club's future after its match against Rugby was called off on Monday because it didn't have enough players.

Daventry Town FC

Chairman Iain Humphrey says there's no question of the club folding - although it may end up playing at a lower level. He said: "There will be a Daventry Town FC long into the future, when I'm gone, and when everyone else is gone."

Daventry Town under threat due to 'lack of players'

Graham McKechnie

BBC Radio Northampton sport

It's feared Daventry Town Football Club may not be able to fulfil their remaining fixtures this season after Monday's game against Rugby was called off due to a lack of players.

Daventry Communications Park

Club officials met last night to appoint a new manager after Darran Foster quit last Saturday following the club's 13th consecutive defeat.

They last won before Christmas and since then a number of key players have left. They've also been under a transfer embargo since January due to financial problems.

Corby steel: "Nationalisation is not the answer," say Corby Conservatives

Anna Bartlett

BBC Radio Northampton

Nationalisation of the steel industry would be a "huge step backwards, according to the Conservative group leader on Corby Borough Council.

Corby steel works

Rob McKellar was speaking following the news hundreds of steel jobs in Corby could be at risk.

He said: "The steel industry must be profitable. It's up to private organisations to invest and for national organisations like the government or other public bodies to guide and assist."

Corby steel: 'Hammer blow' for the town if jobs are lost

Anna Bartlett

BBC Radio Northampton

The leader of Corby Borough Council has been reacting to the news hundreds of steel jobs in the town are under threat, following the news Tata Steel is considering selling its loss-making UK operation.

Tom Beattie - who worked at British Steel himself in the 1970s before it closed - said Corby's history is built on the steel industry.

"It's still a very important employer locally," he said. "British steel workers are very highly skilled people and we simply can't afford to lose those jobs and that industry."

Corby steel works

Corby steel: Conservative voices in town at odds over future of industry

Sam Read

BBC Radio Northampton politics reporter

Conservative voices in Corby appear to be at odds in reacting to the news that hundreds of steel jobs in the town could be at risk as Tata steel considers selling its UK operation.

Corby's Steelman

MP Tom Pursglove has told the BBC he "would have no problem at all in the government stepping in" and nationalising the industry for a period of time "in order that this buyer can be found and we can secure the future of the industry for the longer term".

Meanwhile, local Conservatives on Corby Borough Council say "nationalisation is not the answer".

Corby steel: Re-nationalise steel... in case we need to go to war, says MP Pursglove

Corby MP Tom Pursglove has told the BBC's assistant political editor, Norman Smith, the steel industry should be re-nationalised "as a vital national interest".

Around 500 jobs in the town are under threat after Tata Steel announced it is considering selling its UK businesses.

Mr Pursglove said the steel industry must be saved, so the UK "can have [its] own arms industry in time of war".

Tory MP Tom Pursglove calls for full re-nationalisation of steel industry as a vital national interest

Tory MP Tom Pursglove says must #SaveOurSteel so UK can have own arms industry in time of war.

Corby steel: Tata bought business in 2007, but its Europe operation is losing money

Craig Lewis

BBC News

Tata Steel, which has announced it is considering selling its businesses in the UK, bought the Anglo-Dutch steelmaker Corus in 2007 for £4.3m.

Save Our Steel

The Tata Steel Group has more than 80,000 employees in 26 countries across five continents - but says trading conditions have deteriorated in the UK and Europe.

In 2015, turnover in its European operation fell by 8.2%. - something which has ultimately left 500 workers in Corby, as well as those at plants including Rotherham, Port Talbot and Shotton, unsure of their future.

Corby steel: 'Worrying time' for the town

Anna Bartlett

BBC Radio Northampton

Corby's former Labour MP says its a worrying time for the town, following the announcement overnight that Tata Steel is considering selling its UK operation.

Tata Corby

The company employs 500 people in Corby.

Andy Sawford told BBC Radio Northampton: "People have the chance to develop skills and have lifetime careers in steel at Corby, like my family did over many generations. And there would be lots of other knock on effects on jobs and industry in the town."

Corby steel: Former MP calls on government to save steel industry

Anna Bartlett

BBC Radio Northampton

Former Labour MP for Corby, Andy Sawford, has joined calls for the steel industry to be renationalised. It comes in the wake of the news Tata Steel is considering selling its loss-making business in the UK.

The Indian group's announcement puts thousands of jobs at risk, including 500 in Corby.

Tata Steel sign

Mr Sawford told BBC Radio Northampton there is a "real responsibility" on the government to look at why Tata are continuing to operate in other European countries, adding that: "It's because its so uncompetitive here."

Corby steel: Rapidly deteriorating trading conditions prompted UK withdrawal plan

Craig Lewis

BBC News

Tata Steel has said trading conditions have "rapidly deteriorated"  in the UK and Europe due to a global oversupply of steel, imports into Europe, high costs and currency volatility.

Tata steel in Corby

The company is looking at selling it's loss-making businesses in the UK - and finding a buyer for the whole business may not be easy.

"These factors are likely to continue into the future and have significantly impacted the long-term competitive position of the UK operation," it said.

Corby Steel: Town's MP says 'we simply can't afford to lose our steel industry'

Around 500 jobs are under threat in Corby after Tata Steel announced is is considering selling its UK businesses.

The town's MP has been responding on Twitter...

In light of Tata's announcement, I have been in contact with the Business Secretary, stressing everything that can be done, must be done.

All the options should be on the table, and working with colleagues, I will do everything I can to aid discussions.

We simply can't afford to lose our steel industry - for national security, but also the jobs it provides.

I will do everything I can to carry on the fight and provide any news on developments as I hear it. #SaveOurSteel

Corby steel: Council leader urges government to save steel industry

Andrew Radd

BBC Radio Northampton

The leader of Corby Borough Council has urged the government to intervene to save the UK's steel industry after Indian steel giant, Tata, announced it was considering selling its loss-making business in the UK.

Corby steel plant

Tata owns the steel plant in Corby, which employs hundreds of people, and council leader Tom Beattie said it's a worrying time.

"I don't think it's a complete surprise, but it's probably worse than anyone expected," he said.

Corby steel: The background

Martin Borley

BBC Radio Northampton

Corby is known as Steel Town - it's a place built on steel-making and is proud of its heritage. The first half of the 20th Century saw a huge expansion of the former village, with a big influx of workers from north of the border, giving it the nickname Little Scotland.

Welcome to Corby

But in 1980 the blast furnaces were switched off and up to 20,000 people lost their jobs, which had a devastating effect on the town.

The tube works, though, continued. Steel is brought in from Port Talbot and turned into tubes for construction projects such as for the London Eye and Wembley Stadium. The Tata Steel tube works remain one of Corby’s biggest employers, with about 500 staff.

Hundreds of jobs could go at Tata Steel in Corby

Martin Borley

BBC Radio Northampton

Thousands of British jobs - including around 500 at Corby - are at risk after steel giant Tata announced it's planning to sell its UK businesses.

Tata Steel in Corby

The decision was made at a board meeting at the company's headquarters in India. In a statement last night, Tata said it would now "explore all options for restructuring".

A plan presented by unions and management - which required significant investment from the group - was rejected.

Latest headlines: Tata announces it may close UK business... Daventry Town may not finish season

Andrew Radd

BBC Radio Northampton

Here are the main stories we're looking at this morning:

Today's weather: Sunny spells and showers

Alina Jenkins

BBC Weather

Today will see a mixture of sunny spells and showers across the county - and some could be heavy and thundery later.

Maximum temperature: 11C (52F).

Travel: Accident on M1

BBC Travel

Two lanes are blocked on the northbound M1 between J15a for the A43 and J16 for the A45 at Daventry due to a three-vehicle accident.

Get the latest updates from BBC Travel.

Good morning and welcome to Local Live for Northamptonshire

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BBC Local Live

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