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  1. Updates for Thursday 16 March 2017
  2. Buyer 'identified' for tobacco factory
  3. Country park users angry about hedgerow removal
  4. Schoolchildren become reporters for the day with BBC School Report
  5. New Forest manager holds first press conference
  6. News, sport, travel and weather updates resume at 08:00 Friday

Live Reporting

By Sandish Shoker

All times stated are UK

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Our live coverage across the day

Live updates for Nottinghamshire have finished for the day but we'll be back at 08:00 tomorrow with all the latest news, sport, travel and weather.

Warburton welcomed at the City Ground

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Let's end today with Mark Warburton and his obligatory hold up a shirt on the pitch shot...

Mark Warburton

Weather: Cloudy tonight

Alexandra Hamilton

BBC weather presenter

It’ll be cloudy tonight with a few patchy, drizzly showers to begin with.

There’ll be some clearer spells in the early hours.


Buyer 'identified' for tobacco factory

Greig Watson

Reporter, BBC News Online

Here's a bit more on the news that a buyer may have been found for one of Nottingham's largest and most recognisable buildings .

Horizon factory

Reporter gets an insight into police force

By Robyn (Holgate Academy, Nottingham)

BBC School Report

People like to be different things as they grow up and today I spoke to a police officer about his job and how it affects his life. 

He told me that it hasn’t always been his dream because he wanted to be a vet, but as he went through university he started looking for jobs and he had a sit down to think about it. 

When I asked him about qualifications, he said people are looking for different things. Some are looking for people who have studied languages, some are looking for people who have studied computers and some are looking for someone with people skills.

I also asked him what he finds most rewarding and he said that it’s when you pick up an incident from the start because you have a chance to say "look, I’ve done that...I carried out this investigation". I thought that was good because you have made this investigation and helped out.

It was a really fun experience learning about the police force and something I might want to do when I’m older.

Actress shares her top tips with school reporters

By Josh and Kai

BBC School Report

Today we were lucky enough to be able to interview Ayesha Dharker, who has starred in  Star Wars, Dr. Who and Coronation Street . It was a great experience and the answers to the questions were superb.

We asked what inspired her and she said an actor came to her school and she signed up for the auditions just to miss maths!

We then went on to ask her about her favourite film or TV show that she had starred in and she said  The Terrorist was her favourite film as they made it with natural lighting and with little budget.

Josh and Kai
Holgate Academy

The next question we asked was what film she wants to be in and she said she wanted to be in  The Muppets  or an animation film because she really enjoys voice acting.

We asked if she had any tips for actors who are just starting their careers and she answered: "Don’t listen to other people, just stick with what you want."

We also asked her how she chooses what films she wants to be in, and she answered that it’s because of the story line. If she loves the story, she will be in the film, and at the moment, she is in Holby City .

Ayesha Dharker
Getty Images

Developer will replant hedges

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Bloor Homes has been in touch and said they "mistakenly removed a section of hedgerow which should have been left in place." 

A statement read: "We are extremely sorry for any upset this has caused, and we will of course be replanting this section of hedgerow as soon as possible."

A spokesman said they would also be planting new hedgerow plants to close up a number of existing gaps in the hedge and around 350m of new hedge along the site where it adjoins the country park.

Gedling Country Park
Councillor Michael Payne

Developer 'apologises' for hedge mistake

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Just a short update on the Gedling Country Park story we were talking about earlier today.

The leader of Gedling Borough Council, Councillor John Clarke and deputy leader, Councillor Michael Payne have been to the out to the site today where 30m of hedgerows have been ripped up.

Mr Payne said Bloor Homes has acknowledged it was a mistake and apologised to the council.

Gedling Country Park
Councillor Michael Payne

Comedian speaks to school reporters about his career

By Mea and Hollie

BBC School Report

Today we interviewed a comedian called Paul Kerensa. We were able to talk to him on Facetime and ask him lots of interesting questions.

We asked him whether he always wanted to be a comedian. He said that before he got into stand-up comedy he did not really know what he wanted to be and then decided to be a comedian.

Hollie and Mea
Holgate Academy

What problems do comedians face?

Paul said that sometimes if you have said a joke too many times the audience finishes them for you and that can be embarrassing!

What are the pros of being a comedian?

He said it was the fact that he gets to travel everywhere.

It was a great pleasure to be able to talk to him and we thank Paul Kerensa very much for sparing some of his time to speak to us.

Interviewing our librarian

By Charlotte

BBC School Report

We interviewed our librarian at Holgate Academy, Heather Jackson and asked her some questions about her job.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Every day is different, I like that it’s not always the same atmosphere. I also like encouraging students to read something different.

What’s the best book a student has ever recommended to you?

The Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman- it was an amazing series – very different to anything I had read before.

Heather Jackson and reporters
Holgate Academy

Do you find it hard to get into a book?

Sometimes. If I feel that after the first few chapters it’s not my sort of thing I do consider giving up, I think everyone has moments like that. I would never abandon a book though. I like to see a story through to the end.

If you weren’t our school librarian, what would you want to be?

I think something to do with event management, arranging parties, events and planning weddings.

I think this interview helps to give a proper look into what it’s like to be a librarian.

Time to get the reports submitted!

Live: Warburton holds first press conference

BBC Nottingham Sport

Nottingham Forest's new manager Mark Warburton holds his first press conference...

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Disabilities: People's dreams and the problems they face

By Paige

BBC School Report

Everyone has dreams. They may be big or small, but no matter what they can be reached, even if you are disabled.

Helen Adams Keller was an American author. She was the first deaf/blind person to be awarded a Bachelor Of Arts degree. She was an amazing writer who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

Libby Clegg is a Paralympian for Scotland and England and has an eye condition called Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy. At the last Paralympics, she won gold in the 100m run. 

I interviewed her with some questions about her career.

She said: “Training with a disability can be hard at times, as you have to overcome many difficulties. I run with a guide runner who helps me to stay in my lane and guide me down the track. When I run with my guide, it makes me feel independent and confident."

Paige from Holgate Academy
Holgate Academy

I also interviewed actor, Ben Goffe, who has dwarfism. His dad, Rusty Goffe, is also an actor and has been in Star Wars , Harry Potter and Willy Wonka as an Oompa Loompa. 

“I have always wanted to be an actor but when I was at school, there was a brief time when I wanted to be a musician and go to a music school," he said.

He is currently in  The Hypocrite , a Royal Shakespeare Company play at Hull Truck Theatre.

I really enjoyed learning about these people’s careers. It’s really interesting to learn about how they got to where they are now, and it just proves disabilities shouldn’t hold anyone back.

Reporters interview Game of Thrones actor

By Hollie

BBC School Report

Today my friend Mea and I interviewed a famous actor called Sam Redford. We were able to talk to him on FaceTime and ask him many interesting questions. Sam Redford has been in Game of Thrones , Fantastic Beasts and many other films.

We started by asking him if he knew how popular Fantastic Beasts was going to become and he answered: "I had an idea since the Harry Potter series was very popular.”

Hollie and Mea
Holgate Academy

Later Mea asked: “Do you still get nervous?” He replied: “Not as much as I used to.”

I asked him whether he ever feels that the  Game of Thrones  script is too dark. 

He said: "Well, sometimes it can be violent but the show follows the book series so we can’t really change it.”

It was an absolute honour to interview Sam Redford. Thank you for letting us interview you!

Buyer 'identified' for tobacco factory

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

We told you earlier about a buyer coming forward for the former Imperial Tobacco Horizon factory. 

BBC News online has more on the story.

The city council report does not name who the buyer is, but says it is "not of the same financial standing as Imperial Tobacco".

Horizon factory

The clearing of the site to remove traces of tobacco is in progress and is likely to be finished by next year.

Notts academy manager leaves after two months

BBC Nottingham Sport

Notts County academy manager Russell Hullett, who joined the Magpies in January, has left the club. 

The club say they are looking for a replacement.  

Meadow Lane
Getty Images

Young reporters pose questions to councillors

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Rowett confirms Forest interest

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Ahead of Derby County's trip to the City Ground, their new manager Gary Rowett has been telling BBC Radio Derby that Forest had also approached him for the manager's job. 

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Canal Street to reopen tonight

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Canal Street is set to reopen at 20:00 tonight.

National Grid said repairs to a leaking gas pipe had been successfully completed and the road was being resurfaced. 

A spokeswoman said: "We would like to thank people in Nottingham for their patience while we carried out this work.

"For the safety of everyone in the area it was vital that we completed these repairs. We are sorry for any delays caused to people’s journeys.”

Canal Street

Reporters visited BBC yesterday

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Oh they called me lovely! *blushes* 

The school reporters were a delight to have with us at BBC Nottingham and they came armed with lots of good questions.

Looking forward to seeing more reports from Holgate Academy throughout the day.

Inspiring future journalists

By Robyn, Hollie and Charlotte

BBC School Report

Four students of Holgate Academy travelled to the BBC studios in Nottingham to see the journalists and presenters in action.

We saw the BBC go live and took a tour around the building, which was led by a lovely woman called Sandish Shoker. 

We looked around the studio and even got chance to use the blue screen that’s used for the weather. Presenters Sara Blizzard and Sarah Teale talked us through their jobs and answered our questions.

We were able to interview Ben Truslove about Local Live Online and discovered the pressures of being an online journalist.

School reports from Holgate Academy
Holgate Academy

We got a chance to sit on the sofa where they present from and watched live filming from the gallery, seeing how reporters communicate, present and the time pressures they have to stick to.

It was a really good experience and we even got the chance to be interviewed for the breakfast news where they asked us about our BBC School Report day.

Everyone was so polite and friendly. It was such an amazing experience and it encouraged us to become a journalist or presenter ourselves, thanks BBC!

Your views: Gedling hedges row

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Some of you have been commenting on our Facebook page on the Gedling Country Park hedgerows story.

Celia Jones wrote: "Same thing happening on Ilkeston Road, Stapleford. Although don't think there was restriction to keep hedge. But birds are nesting in it. Disgusting on both counts."  

Glynis Clark said: "The council gave them permission to build in the first place."

Notts County owner 'always wanted to work in sport'

By Curtis and Curtis

BBC School Report

The new Notts County owner, Alan Hardy, kindly visited us at The Holgate Academy earlier today. We asked him a series of questions in which he offered some really interesting answers.

Firstly we asked him what made him fall in love with football, to which he replied: "I have been playing football from a very young age. I first played for Priory Celtic at the age group of  U7-U11 this was when I was at Brookhill Leys Infant School before moving on to Clifton AW for U12, U13 and U14, I then signed for Mansfield Town and went from there." 

It was interesting to see where he had come from as we both play football at a similar level now.

Alan Hardy and school reporters
Holgate Academy

Next we asked what made him want to buy Notts County after all the debt and winding up petitions that were in place.

He replied: "As you know, I own many other businesses but I have always wanted to work in sport. The thought of it really excites me."

We asked him what his role was being chairman and owner of Notts County, and if he needed any qualifications.

"You certainly need experience and knowledge in business but not any qualifications," he said. "However you take this test called a ‘fit and proper person test’. This is run by the FA to see if you are worthy of getting the job. You have to submit business plans and other documents but other than that no."

The interview was excellent. Thanks to Alan for his time and we hope to do more things with him in the future.

Party paid for overnight stays at luxury hotel

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

The investigation into the Conservative Party's spending during the Newark by-election in 2014 obtained invoices for hotel bills covering almost 180 nights at Kelham House and the Premier Inn. 

The party says it fully complied with the inquiry by the Electoral Commission and has since changed its practices.

Kelham House
Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire Police is one of twelve police forces that have asked the Crown Prosecution Service to consider charges over the election expenses.  

Reporters interview teacher on 40 years in the job

BBC School Report

School reporters from Arnold Hill Academy, Nottingham, were in the BBC radio studios this morning to watch the breakfast show go out. 

Pupils had interviewed one of their teachers, Sarah Marshall, who has taught English and drama at the school for 40 years.

Their  piece was played out on air  this morning.

School Report
Arnold Hill Academy
School Report
Arnold Hill Academy

Watch: Young conductor in action

BBC School Report

Here's the young conductor Matthew in action...

Gedling MP shows support for hedge row

Meet Nottingham's young conductor

BBC School Report

Most 11-year-olds might be more interested in downloading music, but Matthew Smith is getting ready to take charge of his first orchestra.

Matthew, from Carlton, has been playing violin since he was seven, but his music teacher Derek was soon aware he was capable of more.

“I've been teaching him violin for four years now and in the first couple of lessons… you can instantly spot talent so I didn’t mess around," said Derek. "I had this hunch he could do anything. He has music coming out of every pore of his body."   

Matthew Smith

Now Matthew is going to become one of the world’s youngest conductors with his first concert in April, leading a 75-piece orchestra in Nottingham. 

“At the start I didn’t really know what conducting was until Derek told me to learn this piece," he said. "I learnt it in a few days and then he went to a symphony orchestra and told them that I have got a nine-year-old boy who wants to conduct you. 

"At that time they didn’t really believe him but now is the right time."

We cannot wait to see the show!

Warburton to face press this afternoon

BBC Nottingham Sport

Forest's new manager Mark Warburton will hold his first news conference today, at around 15:30.

We'll aim to bring it to you live on Facebook as it happens.

Mark Warburton
Getty Images

Watch: The issue at Gedling Country Park

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Here's Mr Rodrigues explaining the problem at Gedling Country Park.

We have contacted the developers, Bloor Homes, for a comment and are waiting for a response. 

Council had stated hedges 'should stay at park'

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Michael Payne, deputy leader of Gedling Borough Council said it was "shocking and heartbreaking" to see the "desecration of local wildlife" and the hedgerows taken out.

He said the planning conditions had stated 30m of hedges should remain but the developers Bloor Homes had shown a "flagrant disregard for the community and the countryside".

Gedling country park

Mr Payne said he would take "tough action" and ask the planning officers to work with Bloor Homes to ensure the hedgerows were put back.  

Park users angry at removal of hedgerows

Hayley Compton

Reporter, BBC Radio Nottingham

The Friends of Gedling Country Park group are angry that hedgerows have been removed by developers building 150 homes next to the park.

Francis Rodrigues, a trustee at the park, said the hedgerows had been planted by the miners and the builders were wrong to remove them.

Francis Rodrigues

Good day for Notts in pre-season match

Dave Bracegirdle

BBC Radio Nottingham commentator

Nottinghamshire enjoyed a decent first day of pre-season action in Barbados yesterday.

They began a two-day match against Hampshire at Carlton CC.

Notts made 279-5 from 60 overs and Hants replied with 90-1 from 30 overs after tea.  

Run scorers for Notts were Michael Lumb 77, Steven Mullaney 76 (ret), Alex Hales 49, Jake Libby 35 and Riki Wessels 10. Patel is on 18* and Read 4* .

Buyer for Imperial Tobacco factory

Nottingham Post

A city council report has shown that a buyer has been found for Imperial Tobacco's Horizon factory.

The building was put up for sale in March last year and council documents suggest the unnamed buyer will develop the site to bring jobs to the area.

Reporters quiz Magpies chairman

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Notts County chairman Alan Hardy is being interviewed by our school reporters today.

View more on twitter

Watch: East Midlands weather forecast

Charlie Slater

BBC Weather presenter

A couple of foggy patches are possible first thing this morning on an otherwise fairly bright start to the day. Clouding over later but staying dry with highs of 11C (52F)

Tories 'correct practices' after error

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

The Conservative Party said the errors highlighted by the investigation were corrected last year and the party has since improved its accounting practices, reporting structures and staff guidance.

A spokesman said: "This is the first time the Conservative Party has been fined for a reporting error. We regret that and will continue to keep our internal processes under review to ensure this does not happen again."

Conservatives fined for breaking election rules

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

The Conservative Party has been fined £70,000 for breaking election expenses rules on three by-elections in 2014, which included the Newark by-election, and the 2015 General Election. 

The party accepted last year they had made an "administrative error" over spending, payments and invoices not being reported, and a failure to maintain records to explain payments.

Conservative Party bus
Getty Images

The Electoral Commission fined the party following an investigation by Channel 4 News and said they had found "numerous failures" by the Conservatives in reporting spending. 

Sir John Holmes, chairman of the commission, said: "The rules established by parliament for political parties and their finances are there to ensure transparency and accountability.

"Where the rules are not followed, it undermines voters' confidence in our democratic processes, which is why political parties need to take their responsibilities under the legislation seriously."