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  1. Around 25,000 gathered on Magdalen Bridge from 06:00 to celebrate May Morning - a record
  2. The choristers of Magdalen College choir sang Hymnus Eucharisticus from the college’s Great Tower
  3. Folk musicians, dancers - and even a man dressed as a tree - congregated on Broad Street

Live Reporting

By Anna Browning

All times stated are UK

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Thank you and goodbye

 And here's cheers to May!  

Man drinking

Record year

It's been a record turnout, according to Oxford City Council. Numbers are up from 5,000 to a bumper 25,000.

Magdalen Bridge
Crowds on Magdalen Bridge at 06:00

Coming to a close

As in all good things, it looks like May Morning in Oxford is drawing to a close. We've seen in the dawn to the sound of Magdalen College Choir, as far as we're aware no-one jumped in the River Cherwell, and there's been a dancing - a tree :) - and music in Broad Street.

More Morris men

World exclusive tree interview

Ever wondered what a radio interviewer questioning a tree looked like?

Well like this...

BBC Radio Oxford's Danny Cox interviews tree
BBC Radio Oxford's Danny Cox interviews tree. A career high surely?

Maying boys

If you found yourself, I don't know asleep or something at 06:00 this Bank holiday Sunday morning, you might have missed Magdalen College choir singing in May from the top of the college's tower. Well, here they are:

As if by magic

Looks like things are winding down at Magdalen Bridge. Almost as if 25,000 people were never there three hours ago.

Magdalen Bridge
Magdalen Bridge is now open to traffic

More 360 on Facebook

There are more 360 videos from today's shenanigans on BBC South Today's Facebook page. 

The tree speaks

In an exclusive interview for the BBC, the tree was asked by Radio Oxford's Danny Cox how it felt being a tree. Well, for one thing, you can't see much. And then there's the attention, he said. 

Tree gets attention

This year I've been mobbed.

Jack the TreeOxford City Morris Men

360 degrees

So the BBC in Oxford has a whizzy new 360 degree camera. Take a look at its first outing.

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Bells but no whistles

There's a little healthy competition brewing on Broad Street. Tree... and now bells.  

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More tree

I think I'm in love.

May Morning man dressed as tree

A tree

Is there any more to say? 

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Back with Radio Oxford

And they've interviewed a few more revellers.

"We've come over from Switzerland, from Zurich, specially for this!"

Two revellers

Back by the bridge

Meanwhile, the clean-up begins.

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What a change

So, here was the scene on Broad Street at 05:00. Amazing what the dawn brings in Oxford on 1 May.

Broad Street
Broad Street anticipating the May Morning fun

A portative organ

Are you there?

Ok, so are you in Oxford welcoming the dawn of May. Email us your picture, impressions etc at     

Making an effort

Rob is wearing antlers coming out of a bowler hat.


And the party keeps going

Just have a look at this video, to get an idea of the crowds.

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Global affair

Because May Morning attracts revellers from far and wide. 

This guest told BBC Radio Oxford he was American - and he'd had Scotch for breakfast. How international.

Guest on Radio Oxford

More dancing

Meanwhile, outside Radcliffe Camera there's Scottish dancing.

Radcliffe Camera

Here's the scene on Broad Street

Scene on Broad Street

All in the line of duty

Here's the latest update from the BBC Radio Oxford team. Cough ;) 

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How was it for you?

Are you one of the 25,000? BBC Oxford is joining in the May Morning fun.

BBC Radio Oxford interviewing participants
BBC Radio Oxford is interviewing participants

BreakingRecord crowd

News just in: A staggering 25,000 people listened to the Magdalen choir this morning, the biggest ever according to Oxford City Council.

And here's the bells ringing afterwards

Have a listen

If you missed the singing (and how could you) have a listen here, courtesy of Oxford City Council.

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Moving on

Crowds move from Magdalen Tower to the steps of the Bodleian; Morris dancers & The Wurlies await! @BBCOxford
Crowds move from Magdalen Tower to the steps of the Bodleian; Morris dancers & The Wurlies await! @BBCOxford
Crowds move from Magdalen Tower to the steps of the Bodleian; Morris dancers & The Wurlies await! @BBCOxford

Crowds move from Magdalen Tower to the steps of the Bodleian; Morris dancers & The Wurlies await! @BBCOxford

Don't jump!

So just in case jumping off bridges into rivers on freezing mornings is your thing, the council is reminding May Morning celebrants - don't. 

Warning signs on Magdalen Bridge
Warning signs on Magdalen Bridge

'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!'

Mark Blandford Baker is the Home Burser at Magdalen College - founded in 1458 and gave birth May Morning celebrations about 50 years later.

Mark Blandford Baker is the Home Burser at Magdalen College

He describes the time-honoured process - which sees the choir ascend the tower and as the clock strikes six, sing a hymn.

And they sing!

Here we go. Hymnus Eucharisticus from Magdalen's Great Tower. Don't know about you, but it sounds to me like they've all shown up.

Students are worse for wear, but still understand the tradition

Daniel Hyde has the ancient Latin title of Informator Choristarum  - essentially the director of music at Magdalen College. 

One of the key figures behind today's event has a title as old as the singing itself

The boys all get here and are very excited. The undergraduates though, they've been out the night before - they're a little bit worse, for wear - but they understand it's a tradition that's gone on for so long that they are part of it and they do their bit.

Daniel HydeInformator Choristarum, Magdalen College

Getting busy

The crowds are building. Today's the first time May Morning has fallen on a weekend since 2011. And it's a bank holiday, so record numbers are expected.

Crowds at Magdalen Bridge