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  1. Cherwell votes 50.3% to leave EU
  2. West Oxfordshire votes to remain 53.6%
  3. South Oxfordshire votes remain 54.98%
  4. Oxford backs remain with 70.27% of vote
  5. Vale of White Horse backs remain 56.7%
  6. Total Oxfordshire vote: 378,608 - Remain 56.7% Leave 43.2%

Live Reporting

By Dave Gilyeat and Anna Browning

All times stated are UK

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That's all from our Oxfordshire EU referendum live page for today

Thank you for following all the reaction to the UK's historic Brexit vote here in Oxfordshire. 

We're taking the weekend off now, but will be back from 08:00 on Monday to bring you all the news, sport, travel and weather from around Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire's Big Picture

The sky after sunset from South Moreton looking west towards Didcot Power Station
Judy Powell
The sky after sunset from South Moreton looking west towards Didcot Power Station

Oxfordshire's Big Picture

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Wildlife trust calls on Leave camp to protect habitats

The Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust has called for wildlife protection to be strengthened following the vote for Brexit.

It believes EU legislation has been "crucial" in "limiting the damage to the natural environment of projects such as HS2" and protecting habitats.  

BBOWT chief with Remain campaigners
Wendy Tobitt

Chief executive Estelle Bailey (pictured second from right with Remain campaigners including Caroline Lucas) said: "Throughout the referendum campaign politicians who were advocating leaving the EU promised that wildlife protection would be strengthened and funding for wildlife-friendly farming would not be cut.

"The Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust will work with the government to enable those commitments to be fulfilled."

Witney residents respond to Brexit vote

Jack Suddaby

Visual broadcast assistant

David Cameron's constituency of Witney voted to remain in the EU referendum, but the UK voted overall to leave. 

The BBC asked residents what they thought of the historic decision.

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Europe stunned by UK Leave vote


A worker on a lift adjusts the EU flags in front of EU headquarters in Brussels (June 22, 2016)

Europe stunned by UK Leave vote

BBC correspondents across Europe report on the wave of shock reverberating around the continent in response to the UK vote to leave the EU.

Read more

South East MEP warns of ramifications of Brexit

Catherine Bearder, MEP for the South East, has told the BBC she is "very, very sad, not just for the UK but the whole of Europe" because of the referendum result.

Catherine Bearder

She said the ramifications of Brexit would be "enormous" for the universities and science sector in Oxfordshire, but added: "I think we’ll muddle through, but we won’t be that voice on the world stage that we expect ourselves to be.

"Tomorrow’s another day, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, we have to move on with what we’ve got."

As for David Cameron, she said history will look on him as "foolish".

Hudspeth: Cameron 'right to step down'

Ian Hudspeth said David Cameron made the right decision to step down as prime minister, saying a "new face" was needed to lead the party in a "new direction".

But he called the Witney MP an "honourable man". 

"I wish him, Samantha, and their family all the best for the future, and we will of course continue to work with him as the local constituency MP."

The two men have not always seen eye to eye of course - they recently argued over cuts to Oxfordshire services.

Council leader: 'Devolve more power to Oxford'

Oxfordshire County Council's leader Ian Hudspeth has said the result of the referendum should be used to "drive, not delay, the process of devolving power from Westminster and Whitehall to England's cities and counties".

Ian Hudspeth

"The priorities of the county council will remain the same - to support economic growth, to protect the most vulnerable, and to drive efficiency in public services," he continued. 

"To support these priorities, our work on stripping out another level of bureaucratic decision making by developing proposals for a new council for the whole of Oxfordshire will continue."

EU 'headache' for writer Philip Pullman

Oxford-based writer Philip Pullman, author of the acclaimed His Dark Materials trilogy, has weighed in - vividly - on the referendum result.

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Victoria Prentis: Cameron was 'friend to Banbury'

Victoria Prentis, MP for Banbury and one of the Conservatives in the Remain camp, has called the prime minister’s decision to stand down as "extremely sad, particularly for us in Oxfordshire". 

Victoria Prentis

She added: "[David Cameron] has been a fantastic constituency neighbour, friend to Banbury and a tireless supporter of everything in Oxfordshire including the Horton General Hospital. 

"He will go down in history as a great reforming prime minister. His statement this morning was dignified, and reminded us of the vision he had for Britain. 

"We must all now work together to make it a reality."

Greens call for council to fight for 'valuable' EU regulations

David Williams, leader of the Green Group, Oxfordshire County Council, says Brexit poses a "serious challenge to economic, social and environmental progress of the UK".

He says the council has the "unenviable task of trying to make something positive out of the transition period after which the UK leaves the EU".

No EU no cafe?

Oxford Mail reporter Georgina Campbell has tweeted this picture of St Giles' Cafe in Oxford, which appears to have closed in protest at the referendum result.

They do reopen tomorrow though.

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European Movement: 'Worst fears coming true'

Ginette Camps-Walsh, from the Oxfordshire branch of the European Movement which has been campaigning to remain in the EU, said she was "appalled" by the national decision to leave.

"This is the result I absolutely dreaded," she said.

Of the voters who opted for Brexit, she said: "I think they've actually voted about migration and they haven't realised the economic consequences.

"You can see what's happened to the pound and the stock markets this morning - all our worst fears are coming to fruition."

Today's vote: More of your views


Your comments have been coming in thick and fast to our Facebook page today.

Greg Wiggall says: "Oxford voted to stay in cos that's where the people with plenty of dosh live."  

But Deborah Axtell says: "Today is a dark day for the country."

Christine Watkins says: "Disastrous."  

Oxford had one of the lowest Leave votes

Oxford had one of the lowest Leave votes in the country, as this simple but fascinating (and very green) bar chart shows.

Lowest Leave vote stats

Carter Jonas: UK 'should remain a magnet for investors'

Mark Charter, head of estate agents Carter Jonas' Oxford office had a positive message in the wake of the leave vote.

Mark Charter
Carter Jonas

"Looking forward, we firmly believe that fundamentals will continue to drive the UK property market. 

"The UK has one of the largest and most sophisticated property markets in the world and because of this it should remain a magnet for global occupiers and investors.” 

Oxford Brookes: 'UK should continue being a welcoming destination'

Professor Alistair Fitt, vice-chancellor at Oxford Brookes University, says the government's priority for universities should be ensuring staff and students from EU countries can continue to work and study at British universities.

We expect that there will be a gradual, managed exit process from the European Union with significant opportunities for Oxford Brookes.

Will Cameron stay on as Witney MP?

Bethan Phillips

Political reporter, BBC Radio Oxford

David Cameron has a lot of loyal supporters in Witney. 

He isn't a distant figure in Westminster - he is someone that campaigns here, gets involved in local issues, and during election time, goes door-to-door to gain support. 

I was with one local Conservative activist as the news broke - he was visibly shaking with shock. 

The big question now for Witney - will David Cameron stay on as MP, after he steps down as prime minister?

David Cameron
Getty Images

Brexit: What happens now?

European council of ministers

The UK has voted to leave the EU - a process that has come to be known as Brexit. Here is what is likely to happen next.    

Nicola Blackwood: 'We will miss Cameron'

Nicola Blackwood said she was "very sad" to watch David Cameron announce his upcoming resignation.

She said: "As fellow Oxfordshire MPs we haven’t always seen eye to eye but he has always had my support as leader of our party because I know him to be a man who loves this country deeply and who is willing to fight for what he believes even if it is politically inconvenient. 

"He is a true statesman and we will miss him."

Nicola Blackwood calls on government to reassure science sector

Nicola Blackwood, MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, who was in the Remain camp, says she is confident the UK will rise to the challenge of Brexit.

However, she said it was "vital that the government moves quickly to reassure those who voted remain as well as those voted to leave that their views will be taken into account". 

Nicola Blackwood

She added: "The message needs to go out to our scientists and their collaborators in Europe that the UK remains firmly open for business as a willing and reliable partner. 

"If EU research funding is affected after the exit negotiations that follow, the Treasury may have to reallocate funds previously sent to the EU."

What the leave vote means for your holiday?

Travel writer tweets ...

Political reporter's mother in the know

Our slightly sarcastic political reporter Bethan Phillips speaking on air to BBC Radio Oxford presenter Kat Orman earlier.

My mum texted me saying Cameron's resigned. So thanks Mum. There was no way I would've known that if she hadn't texted me.

Bethan Phillips

Ernst & Young: 'UK in uncharted territory'

Richard Baker, managing partner across the Thames Valley & South Coast for international auditors Ernst & Young, said the UK was now "entering unchartered territory".

"It is vital that the message that the UK is open for business should not change. 

“The UK will also have the opportunity to make new trade deals so it is important that key trading partners are quickly identified and negotiations accelerated. Businesses across the South East must use the next few months to assess their position in terms of trade, their people and regulation."

Oxford University: 'Democratic decision has been made'

Oxford University - which backed Remain -  has told its staff and students not to expect any disruption in the short term following the decision on Brexit, as the process of leaving is expected to take two years.

But it added that EU membership had enabled its participation in pan-European research and access to millions of pounds of research funding.

Oxford University students

However... a democratic decision has been made and Oxford will continue as one of the world’s outstanding universities, playing a leading role in shaping the UK’s future.

Video: David Cameron steps down

And if you missed that moment, here's when David Cameron announced his decision to step down by October.

He said he had informed the Queen of his decision to remain in place for the short term and to then hand over to a new prime minister by the time of the Conservative conference in October.  

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'Shock' in Witney at Cameron resignation

Our reporter Bethan Phillips was in Mr Cameron's constituency as the news broke earlier.

"I had David Cameron's speech on the radio here in the market square in Witney, and people stopped to listen, and the shock rippled through the town centre as he made that announcement he was stepping down."

Dream of a united Europe 'should not fade'

Oxford Labour councillor John Tanner has called today a "deeply sad day not just for the United Kingdom but for the rest of Europe too".

"We did all that we could. Oxford and most of Oxfordshire can hold its head up high. 

"Oxford City voted overwhelmingly (70%) to Remain. Unfortunately not enough people in the rest of Britain agreed with us."

He said the dream of a "united, democratic and prosperous Europe, with Britain at its heart, must never be allowed to fade".      

EU referendum: How the South region voted

Our political correspondent Peter Henley puts the results in the South in context.

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Today's vote: More of your thoughts


Mark Stuart says: "I am glad the country voted out, I for one voted out." 

Daniel Wallace says: "I was proud to be British, but this morning I am ashamed. It seems that our country is now made up of bigoted racists who blame the immigrants at the first sign of trouble."

Vicky Rainbow says: "Now we are out, Life goes on, we need to stay positive and trust that whatever happens will be for the best."

Edward Guise adds: "Thanks, baby-boomers, for destroying the future of your children and grandchildren." 

South Oxfordshire leader: 'We needed Cameron at the helm'

John Cotton, leader of South Oxfordshire District Council, who campaigned to leave the EU, has admitted to going "from elation to despair in the space of an hour".

He added: "I can understand completely from his perspective why [David Cameron] would want to go. It’s a very honourable thing to do. 

"But from the country’s point of view we needed him at the helm."

Oxfordshire's Truck Festival reacts to today's news

'Emotional' reaction to Cameron resignation

Liam Walker (pictured second from right), a Conservative and Remain activist in Witney said he was "very emotional" to hear Cameron resign.

Remain voters in Witney
Liam Walker

"He shouldn't have gone in my opinion. This is the man who's developed the referendum as promised in our manifesto. I'm a bit taken aback by it.

"It's not nice to have this rivalry in the Conservative party. We always seem to end up killing and eating ourselves from the inside. It's very noble of him to stand aside, but actually he probably could have carried on with the reforms.

Personally this is the man that got me into politics from the age of 17.

Cameron to quit as UK votes to leave EU

David and Samantha Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron is to step down by October after the UK voted to leave the European Union.

David Cameron

Cameron to quit as UK votes to leave EU

The UK votes to leave the European Union, prompting David Cameron to announce he is to step down as prime minister - and UKIP leader Nigel Farage to declare it "independence day".

Read more

Vaizey saddened by PM's departure

So sad to see PM going. Utterly decent to the end. Loves his country and will continue to work for our future

Watching the news in the newsroom

Dave Gilyeat

BBC News

"I held nothing back."

The BBC Oxford team watch as Witney MP David Cameron announces his decision to stand down as prime minister by October.

BBC Oxford newsroom as Cameron steps down

"I do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination," he said.

Rumour that Cameron could resign - Kuenssberg

Vaizey 'will work to get right result for Britain'

Remainer Ed Vaizey, MP for Wantage, said: "I’m obviously going to respect the decision… I’m going to work with everyone in Oxfordshire to ensure that we get the right result for Britain.”

Ed Vaizey

He also backed David Cameron to stay in office: "This is a moment of complete turmoil. I’m not saying that in a perjorative sense, it’s just an observation. 

"It’s an unprecedented and historic decision and I think the last thing we need is further political turmoil with the prime minister stepping down.

"We need a period of stability and calm and reassurance… and I think it would be a dereliction in some ways if he then said ‘I’m now going to stand down’.”

What next for David Cameron?

David Cameron, who is also MP for Witney, is expected to make a statement outside No 10 at about 08:15.

David Cameron

During the campaign, Mr Cameron insisted he would not quit as prime minister in the event of a leave vote, and on Thursday night 84 Conservative MPs who campaigned for Brexit urged him to remain as prime minister.

However, there are plenty of commentators and some Tory MPs who believe the Leave vote will put him in an untenable position.

Leave campaigner: 'Strong lead in some Oxford areas'

James Wakeley, who helped co-ordinate the Leave campaign in Oxford, said he wasn't too disappointed with the local results.

"The polls always had Oxford going one way, but the strong lead we've developed in neighbourhoods like Blackbird Leys, Northfield Brook and Barton shows that people in Oxford really care about being governed by the people we choose."