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  1. Updates on Friday 6 May 2016
  2. More news, sport, travel and weather from 08:00 Monday

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Live updates for Shropshire have finished for the day but we'll be back from 08:00 Monday with the latest news, sport, travel and weather.

Warehouse collapse: The scene that faced emergency crews

Here's another image from the warehouse:

Collapsed shelving

Warehouse collapse: Emergency worker recounts moment he knew trapped man was safe

Rod Hammerton, deputy chief fire officer at Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: "He was talking to us. It would be wrong to say he was cheerful, but he was positive and said he wasn't seriously injured."

He added the problem for emergency crews was trying to extract the man while keeping the surrounding scene stable.

Rod Hammerton, deputy chief fire officer at Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service
Emergency crews at scene

Warehouse collapse: Colleagues' fear

BBC Midlands Today

The trapped man - finally freed after an eight-hour ordeal - was working for Edwards Transport.

The company's Debbie Belchere has been speaking of employees' fear for their colleague's safety.

She said: "The initial reaction when we knew everybody was safe apart from one member of the team was fear and dread."

On hearing her colleague had not been seriously injured, she said: "The sense of relief is just immense, it's just brilliant news."

Collapsed shelving
Emergency workers had to contend with this scene

Warehouse collapse: Worker 'saved by cage'

Nick Southall

Journalist, BBC Shropshire

A worker trapped when tons of metal shelves - and the cheese it was supporting - collapsed on top of him in a warehouse near Hinstock was saved by the cage on his forklift truck.

The man was freed after eight hours and his family in Poland have been told he is safe. 

Rescued worker

BreakingWarehouse worker freed after eight-hour rescue

Nick Southall

Journalist, BBC Shropshire

A forklift driver has walked free from collapsed racking inside a warehouse near Hinstock after an eight-hour rescue operation. 

Warehouse rescue

Warehouse collapse: Trapped worker 'in good spirits'

Nick Southall

Journalist, BBC Shropshire

The forklift worker trapped when tons of racking and cheese collapsed at a warehouse near Hinstock is talking to his rescuers and is in good spirits.

Rescuers have created a walkway with pallets to make it easier to get the man out.  

Rescue operation in warehouse

Football: 'Flood of players' want to play for AFC Telford United

James Bond

Sports Producer, BBC Shropshire

There's been a flood of players saying they'd like to play for AFC Telford United after the Bucks saved themselves from relegation from the National North.

Rob Smith and Larry Chambers
Mike Sheridan

Telford's management pair, Rob Smith and Larry Chambers, are currently talking to this season's players about who they want to stay and who'll be released.

Money to help restore canal around Newport

The people restoring the Shrewsbury & Newport Canals have been given £3,000 by The Inland Waterways Association.

The money will be spent on materials and equipment to restore the Newport section of the canal.

Canal work
Shrewsbury & Newport Canal

Warehouse collapse: Trapped worker found by sniffer dogs

Nick Southall

Journalist, BBC Shropshire

The trapped worker who's been found safe and well after tons of racking collapsed inside a warehouse was located by sniffer dogs, the fire service says.

Firefighters are now trying to find a way to rescue the forklift driver from under the collapsed racking - and the cheese it was holding.

Crews called it "the biggest search and rescue operation in their history".

Weather: Dry and mild overnight

BBC Weather

It will be a bright and pleasant evening with some hazy sunshine around. It will stay dry and mild for most overnight, especially for southern parts.  Lows of 11C (52F).

Jury in ex-vicar indecent assault case sent home for weekend

Mark Elliott

Reporter, BBC Shropshire

The jury in the trial of Reverend Kevin McGarahan, who is accused of indecent assault, has been sent home for the weekend after failing to reach a verdict today.

They will resume their deliberations on Monday.

Reverend McGarahan denies the charge.

Shrewsbury Crown Court

BreakingRescuers find a way of getting trapped warehouse man out

Nick Southall

Journalist, BBC Shropshire

Another update - it appears the fire service have found a way of getting the trapped forklift driver out from underneath the collapsed shelving at the warehouse near Hinstock.

He could be out soon.

Headlines: Missing warehouse man found alive; Conservative elected PCC

Andy Giddings

BBC Local Live

Our top stories this evening:

- Rescue workers find missing warehouse worker alive

- Conservative candidate wins police and crime commissioner election

- Jury sent home for weekend in trial of ex-vicar accused of indecent assault

BreakingSearch teams appear to have located man trapped in warehouse

Nick Southall

Journalist, BBC Shropshire

Search teams appear to have found the man trapped inside the warehouse near Hinstock.

They say he is alive and talking and appears to be unhurt.

BreakingConservative wins police chief election

The Conservative candidate John Campion has won the election to be the next Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia.

John Campion

BreakingFears of second collapse inside Hinstock warehouse

Nick Southall

Journalist, BBC Shropshire

There are fears of a second collapse inside the Edwards Transport warehouse near Hinstock.

The fire service says the fallen shelving inside may have shifted again as they search for a missing forklift driver.

They also say this is the biggest search operation in their history and the search could take days.

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Getting close to result in Police Commissioner election

We're getting close to an announcement of the result in the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Some of the counting has now finished and we are just waiting for the final second-preference votes to be added up to see if it is Labour's Daniel Walton or the Conservative John Campion who has won.

Counting at Shrewsbury

Family wins share of £13m left entirely to animal charities in woman's will

Shropshire Star

A £13m fortune that was due to go to animal charities will now be shared with its owner’s family, after a challenge in the High Court led by Shropshire-based solicitors.

Clay pigeon shooting event extended because of demand for places

A clay pigeon shooting event near Hodnet has attracted so many competitors it's been extended by a day. 

The English Open, at the West Midland Shooting Ground near Hodnet, has attracted more than 1,100 contestants.

There is no commentary on this video

Ludford bridge reopens today

Ludford bridge in Ludlow is going to re-open to traffic today, after repair work which has taken almost 11 weeks.

It was damaged when a lorry hit the parapets towards the end of February.

Ludford bridge

The workmen used stone from a local quarry to repair the 15th Century structure, which was the site of a battle in the Wars of the Roses.

We have had to source the right stone and get that approved, and have had to get masons with the necessary skill sets to do the work, using sensitive techniques, at a time of year where that can be difficult – which is quite remarkable."

Councillor Simon JonesShropshire Council

Watch: Firefighters attempt to locate missing man in warehouse

Nick Southall

Journalist, BBC Shropshire

The fire service are continuing their search of the warehouse near Hinstock, looking for a man who is still missing.

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Independent candidate disappointed by Shropshire turnout

Independent Police and Crime Commissioner candidate, Barrie Sheldon, the only candidate who lives in Shropshire, is out of the race. 

He was the deputy police and crime commissioner under the previous incumbent Bill Longmore.

Barrie Sheldon

Mr Sheldon he said he was disappointed with the 16% turnout in the county and said it sent a message to government that people don't want police and crime commissioners.

I've been walking the streets for the past eight weeks and I've spoken to lots of people in Shropshire and I've heard too many people say 'What does the PCC do, who are the candidates?' People have voted with their feet."

Barrie SheldonIndependent candidate

Latest: Firefighters search for missing man in warehouse collapse; Ludford bridge reopens

Andy Giddings

BBC Local Live

Here are the stories we are looking at:

- Firefighters sift through massive rubble pile searching for missing forklift truck driver

- The Conservative and Labour candidates fight the second round of the police chief election

- Ludford bridge to reopen today following repairs

Wreckage inside warehouse reaches the ceiling

Nick Southall

Journalist, BBC Shropshire

The fire service are still searching through the wreckage inside the Edwards Transport warehouse near Hinstock and say the shelving which collapsed reached 18m (59ft) high in places.

Collapsed shelving

Firefighters are searching for the centre of the collapse and at the same time are being very careful not to trigger further falls.

They are hoping the missing man may be trapped in an air pocket or protected by the cage of his forklift.

The racking has buckled and almost like a pack of cards it has imploded inside the unit here. We can see the pile of pallets, cheese boxes and blue racking which is bent double in places and it's a huge task for the fire service."

Nick SouthallBBC Shropshire reporter

Football: Shrewsbury midfielder Black wants longer deal

James Bond

Sports Producer, BBC Shropshire

Ian Black wants to negotiate a longer deal at Shrewsbury Town.

Black was handed his chance by Micky Mellon in September - he was without a club after being released by Rangers.

Ian Black
Getty Images

He still has a year to run on that lifeline contract, but now, with 30 games under his belt at Shrewsbury, he feels he's proved his worth to the Town manager.

Missing warehouse man believed to be driving forklift

Nick Southall

Journalist, BBC Shropshire

The fire service have now allowed us inside the Edwards Transport warehouse near Hinstock.

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Results of first round of police chief ballot

Andy Giddings

BBC Local Live

With second votes now being counted, here are the results of the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner ballot, after the first round:

- John Campion (CON) : 64,514

- Daniel Walton (LAB) : 40,870

- Peter Jewell (UKIP) : 32,719

- Barrie Sheldon (IND) : 27,986

- John Raine (GREEN) : 14,323

- Margaret Rowley (LIB DEM) : 12,914

BreakingCounting complete in police chief election

The first results are in for the region's new police and crime commissioner. 

With first votes counted so far, Conservative Jon Campion is in the lead, ahead of Labour's Dan Walton.

All other candidates have now been excluded before second votes are added.

Fire service cutting open roof at Hinstock warehouse

The fire service have started cutting open the roof of a warehouse in Hinstock to see if there is someone trapped inside under collapsed shelving.

These photos were taken by our friends at the Shropshire Star.

Warehouse collapse
Shropshire Star

Here you can see the walls bulging outwards.

Bulging wall
Shropshire Star

All Shropshire votes counted in Police chief election

The counting is complete for the Shropshire votes in the police and crime commissioner elections - the Conservative candidate John Campion has topped the poll, ahead of the Independent Barrie Sheldon.

But we're still some way from knowing the overall result, because counting is still continuing for Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Election count

Workers in shock after warehouse collapse

Nick Southall

Journalist, BBC Shropshire

Workers at the Edwards Transport warehouse near Hinstock are waiting anxiously for news of a colleague who is missing and feared trapped inside.


A drone has now been sent inside to search the collapsed racks inside, which are understood to have been loaded with cheese.

There are workers in shock, they are sitting around on the grass on the perimeter here and some of them have been in tears because it is one of their friends, one of their colleagues, that is still missing."

Nick SouthallBBC Shropshire reporter

Jury out in ex-vicar indecent assault case

Mark Elliott

Reporter, BBC Shropshire

The jury has gone out in the case of Reverend Kevin McGarahan, a retired Telford vicar accused of indecently assaulting a 15-year-old girl in 1995.

Shrewsbury Crown Court heard that the alleged incident took place at his home.

Reverend McGarahan denies the charge.

Shrewsbury Crown Court

Commercial radio station taken over by German company

Tim Page

News Editor, BBC Shropshire

Shropshire's biggest commercial radio station has been sold.

Free Radio, formerly Beacon, will now be owned by the German group, Bauer.

It already has a chain of national and local stations in the UK, many in the north of England.

Fire service says warehouse collapse started with racking

The fire service say the collapse at the warehouse in Hinstock started with racking inside the structure - the building itself is still standing, although the walls are bowing.

Communications Officer Malcolm Stevenson told us the racking inside, which reaches virtually to the ceiling, has almost all collapsed and there is "a great deal of it".

They have a drone helping them with their search for a missing person.

Shropshire turnout in Police Commissioner election is low

Andy Giddings

BBC Local Live

The overall turnout for the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner elections might be an encouraging (although still very low) 21%, but it seems people in Shropshire haven't turned out to vote.

Turnout in our county was just 16% - barely higher than the turnout at the last PCC election.

Meanwhile, the counting goes on...

PCC election count

Headlines: Search for missing person after warehouse collapse; PCC count underway

Andy Giddings

BBC Local Live

These are our top stories this lunchtime:

- Search for missing person after warehouse collapse

- Counting underway in PCC elections 

- Commercial radio station taken over by German company

New beer for Clun playwright festival

A south Shropshire brewery has created a special real ale to celebrate the life and work of the playwright John Osborne.

The Clun Brewery was asked to create the beer as part of the "Osborne and After" festival in the village, this weekend.

Clun brewery

The Ale, called "Iron John" is a reference to the play "Look back in Anger" which launched his career.

Search and rescue dogs arrive at collapsed warehouse

Nick Southall

Journalist, BBC Shropshire

A dog unit from Merseyside has just arrived at the collapsed warehouse near Hinstock, to help with the search for a missing person.

The police have blocked off nearby roads, but I spoke to this local resident.

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Weather: Cloudy and warm today

Lucy Martin

BBC Weather

It's going to be more overcast today, but temperatures could reach 19C (66F).