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  1. News, sport, weather and travel updates will resume from 08:00 on Monday
  2. Live updates on Friday 24 2016

Live Reporting

By Jenny Cork

All times stated are UK

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South Yorkshire votes 'Leave': As it happened

Thanks for joining us for updates today. Scroll down for all the reaction to the EU vote to leave here in South Yorkshire. 

We'll be back with more updates and all the big stories from 08:00 on Monday. 

We'll leave you with a reminder of the results and how each region voted.

Region graphic

And the count in Doncaster, where almost 70% of the turnout voted to leave:

Doncaster count

MEP says he 'regrets' result

The MEP for the Yorkshire and the Humber, Timothy Kirkhope, has just released this statement

It was right for the Prime Minister to give the British people the chance to vote on the UK's membership of the EU. I accept the outcome but I regret the result, especially as 75% of young people want the UK to remain in the EU. Now it will be for a new leadership in Westminster to effect the promises and security that they offered during the referendum campaign to make sure that these young people have as many opportunities in the future outside of the EU as they have had within it."

Timothy KirkhopeCons MEP, Yorkshire and the Humber.
Timothy Kirkhope
Timothy Kirkhope

Watch: As it happened at Leeds Arena

The votes for the referendum in Yorkshire were counted at Leeds Arena. 

This is how it happened on the night.

'Do I need a new passport?' and other Brexit questions

EU Referendum graphic

The Reality Check team has been sent many questions about people's personal circumstances and how they will be affected by the UK leaving the European Union. Read more.

Leave voter regrets Brexit: I thought I'd 'give the government a bloody nose'

Paul Walker


Bill from Brinsworth was one the 1.6 million people in Yorkshire to vote Leave. The thing is, he never expected the Brexit vote to win. 

Earlier, he called BBC Radio Sheffield and I asked him how he feels...

Brexit: 'Surge' in searches on Irish passports, says Google

Google has said there was a dramatic spike in searches for Irish passport applications as news of the UK's decision to leave the EU broke.

The overwhelming majority of the searches came from Northern Ireland.

The search giant also reported more searches for "what happens if we leave the EU" around midnight on 23 June and for other phrases like "British independence day" and "Norway EU" .

Google logo

Vote Leave: Why so strong in South Yorkshire?

Here in Yorkshire, 1.6 million people voted last night to leave the European Union. 

In Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham around 70% of the electorate voted to leave. 


Well, many who live here feel they've not benefited from the EU as these people in Barnsley explain...

Tata Steel "committed" to best outcome for UK

BBC industry correspondent tweets...

View more on twitter

Sheffield Hallam University: Brexit implications will be 'profound'

Earlier we had a statement from Sheffield University and now Sheffield Hallam have released their response on the vote to leave to EU.

They've said that whilst clarification of certain points is still needed, they foresee a two-year exit plan for the UK and that tuition fees will, therefore, not change until after 2017 for EU students.  

Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty foresees a two-year negotiation process between the UK and other Member States, during which time the terms of the UK’s exit from the EU will be decided. 

Whilst we await clarity on some key specific issues, it is very clear that the implications of this result will be profound: extending beyond the market, economic and political turbulence of the next days and weeks."

Sheffield Hallam University

Until (the exit) process completes, the UK remains a member of the EU, and we expect the university's academic collaborations across the EU to continue. Therefore, I can confirm that Sheffield Hallam will not change tuition fees for EU students that have already been published for 2016/17. There will be other impacts on the university, but it will take us some time to work them through.

Yorkshire MEP: A vote for Brexit is 'not the end of immigration... it's good for this country'

Paulette Edwards

Presenter, BBC Radio Sheffield

Jane Collins, Yorkshire's UKIP MEP, has been telling me how leaving the EU will not mean that the "drawbridge is going to come up" to stop immigrants from Europe.

She says the people have had their say...

Comment: 'Voters had a different script in mind'

Len Tingle

Political Editor, BBC Look North

At 22:00 last night, political commentators had a script in mind for what was going to happen. 

The Remain side was going to win by a couple of percentage points and David Cameron so safe in Number 10 they could probably order the decorators in.

David and Samantha Cameron walk back into Number 10
AFP/Getty Images

It all went wrong because the voters had a completely different script in mind. It's astonishing really. 

The fact David Cameron's going is not surprising in itself, but maybe we thought it might happen in six months' time.

Watch: How each of the four nations voted on Thursday

Your views: Yorkshire votes to leave EU

BBC Look North, Yorkshire

Yorkshire voted overwhelmingly in favour of leaving the European Union last night. 

Only three areas in the region  - Harrogate, Leeds and York - voted to remain, with more than 1.5m of us backing Brexit.

You've been sharing some of your thoughts on our Facebook page.

Graphic showing Yorkshire results

Some people are just never happy. Whether voted in or out some people just love to moan. Everyone has there own reason for voting how they did so let's just do what YORKSHIRE FOLK DO AND GET ON WITH IT. :)

Craig Binns

Think all those with good jobs and plenty of money in the Yorkshire area are the ones who will be complaining the most. Might make us all now on an even keel. Everything will sort itself out in time. This is a new chapter for our country.

Heather Baxter

I live in Harrogate and we voted to stay in. Very proud of that. Shame about most of the rest of the county.

Angela McPartlan

Well I'm glad it's over just hope people don't live to regret leaving the EU I voted to remain and I'm not rich as some of you on seem to think only the rich will regret leaving I found my self better off in the EU I was treated as a equal were when I first started working women were treated like second class citizens so good luck to you all

Margaret Parker

Never felt less proud to be from Yorkshire

Elaine Akalin

Good... it's what was needed. Today is our day.... stamped in history....

Graham Davidson

Watch: Boris Johnson tribute to David Cameron

Summary: The key facts so far

  • South Yorkshire has voted in line with the majority in the referendum - to leave to EU. The votes were as follows: 

  • Doncaster 69% LEAVE; 31% REMAIN 
  • Barnsley 68% LEAVE; 32% REMAIN 
  • Rotherham 68% LEAVE; 32% REMAIN
  • Sheffield 51% LEAVE; 49% REMAIN

  • As a result of the vote, David Cameron says he's stepping down as prime minister. The Conservatives are expected to choose a new leader over the next three months
  • A motion of no confidence in  Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been submitted
  • Scotland, Northern Ireland and London were the only regions in the UK to vote Remain

MPs submit Corbyn no confidence motion

More on the news that two Labour MPs have submitted a motion of no confidence in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. 

Jeremy Corbyn
Getty Images

Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey confirmed the move in a letter to the chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

The motion has no formal constitutional force but calls for a discussion at their next PLP meeting on Monday.

It will be up to the PLP chairman to decide whether it is debated. If accepted it would be followed by a secret ballot of Labour MPs on Tuesday.

BreakingMotion of no confidence issued in Jeremy Corbyn

Labour MPs Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey have today sent a letter to John Cryer MP, chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party, submitting a motion of no confidence in party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Penistone and Stocksbridge MP says Labour leader 'should consider his position'

Paulette Edwards

Presenter, BBC Radio Sheffield

Labour MP Angela Smith has told me that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn should "consider his position" following the UK vote to leave the European Union. 

She also says the country will need strong leadership during what will be a "turbulent time".   

Shares and pound plunge on Leave vote

The London stock market has plunged in the wake of the UK's referendum vote to leave the EU.

In the opening minutes of trade, the FTSE 100 index fell more than 8% before regaining some ground by mid-morning.

Stock market traders

Earlier, the pound fell dramatically as the referendum outcome emerged. At one stage, it hit $1.3236, a fall of more than 10% and a low not seen since 1985.

A weaker pound buys fewer dollars or other foreign currencies, which makes it more expensive to buy products from abroad. However, it should benefit exporters as it makes their goods cheaper abroad.  

Brexit: So how will it affect your finances?

Great article here on what we can all expect after this vote.

I mean, no one really knows for sure, but it explores the various implications very well.


BreakingSecond independence referendum 'on the table'

Nicola Sturgeon says a second Scottish independence referendum "is on the table".  

What happened to the pound as Brexit result emerged?

Graphic showing sterling decline as Brexit result emerged

Leave vote highlights rift between North and London

Danny Savage

North of England correspondent

The north of England has roared back at London. This result underlines the disconnect between the capital and the outlying parts of England. It showed in the results - London overwhelmingly In, huge parts of the North Out. 

For many this wasn't just about Europe, it was about a metropolitan elite telling them what to do. And then rebelling against it. It may or may not be the right decision but this was people saying, "we've had enough". 

What may be the case is that some people voted against the establishment rather than the EU. This vote came at a time when the disconnect with London is huge.

As was said during the campaign, the Remain argument was accused of being, "too much Hampstead, not enough Hull". Now is the summer of our discontent.

'Build bridges not barriers' after referendum result - Archbishop of York

Following the vote to leave the EU, Britain must "unite in a common task to build a generous and forward-looking country", the Archbishop of York has said.

Doctor John Sentamu

In a statement published jointly with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Doctor John Sentamu says: "We must remain hospitable and compassionate, builders of bridges and not barriers.

"Many of those living among us and alongside us as neighbours, friends and work colleagues come from overseas and some will feel a deep sense of insecurity. 

"We must respond by offering reassurance, by cherishing our wonderfully diverse society, and by affirming the unique contribution of each and every one."

How did the country vote? Region by region breakdown

Regional voting graph

'I'm working and paying tax, Britain will lose that money now': Polish couple react in Rotherham

Andy Kershaw

BBC Radio Sheffield News

I've been speaking to people in Rotherham about their views on the EU referendum result:

Keep calm and carry on after Britain’s wake-up call to the world: YP's Tom Richmond

Yorkshire Post

Now listen to the British people – and put in place the building blocks that enable Britain to extricate itself from the European Union and secure the country’s economic future as a proud and sovereign country fully in charge of its future destiny

Boris Johnson and David Cameron
Yorkshire Post

Bank of England 'prepared' for market volatility, says governor

Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England says some market volatility can be expected following the UK's decision to leave the EU, "but we're prepared for this".

He says it will take some time for the UK to establish new relationships with the EU and the world.

The Bank of England "will not hesitate to take additional measures as markets adjust", he adds.

Bank of England governor Mark Carney

Your opinions

If you feel like sharing your thoughts on the result, feel free to drop me a line on email

Flags: Europe and Union Jack

'No special treatment' for UK in EU

Former BBC Look North reporter Jenny Hill is now the BBC's Berlin Correspondent. She tweets this from Germany. 

View more on twitter

South Yorkshire breakdown: Doncaster votes by largest percentage for Brexit

I've been in Doncaster overnight for the results of the EU Referendum, and it's here where people showed the strongest feeling for the Leave Campaign of any area in South Yorkshire.

Infographic showing results across South Yorkshire

Across the Doncaster, the polling station with the highest turnout was Hickleton (86.7%) and the lowest turnout was at Mexborough Children's Centre (46.7%).   

The detailed results were as follows: 

Electorate = 217,422. Doncaster Turnout = 151,246 (69.56%)  

Votes: Remain 46,922 (31.02%) - Leave 104,260 (68.94%)  

Here's the Chief Executive of Doncaster Council, Jo Miller reading the results earlier:

View more on twitter

Analysis: How the referendum played out in Yorkshire

Len Tingle

Political Editor, BBC Look North

This was the campaign where the Remain camp underestimated the simple clear message being voiced by Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage on their frequent barn-storming campaign tours through Yorkshire. 

Nigel Farage
Getty Images

They repeatedly voiced anger at the "big brother" EU spending our money in ways which are not in our best interests. It struck a chord with voters even in areas like South and West Yorkshire where over the years billions of Euros  have been spent on Regional reconstruction packages. 

In the agricultural market towns and fishing ports latent euro scepticism was deeply enhanced. The Prime Minister and the Chancellor were simply disbelieved and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's message was received as being so half-hearted as to be worthless . 

Ed Miliband

Doncaster MP Ed Miliband on the last day of campaigning in Leeds made a plea to voters not use this as an opportunity to punish the government or "the establishment". 

Looking at the overwhelming support voter support in Yorkshire to quit the EU his message too fell on largely deaf ears. 

'I love this country', says emotional Cameron

David Cameron is stepping down as prime minister following the vote to leave the European Union.

Speaking outside Number 10 earlier, an emotional Mr Cameron spoke of his love of Britain:  

Now the decision has been made to leave, we need to find the best way and I will do everything I can to help. I love this country and I feel honoured to have served it and I will do everything I can in future to help this great country succeed."

David Cameron outside 10 Downing Street
Getty Images

Result is 'bad for business': Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber

Paul Jagger, President of Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce, voted Remain and says he is genuinely surprised by the result:

What next for the UK?

Watch: David Cameron resigns after EU referendum result

Corbyn: We must now secure 'best deal possible' for jobs

The Labour leader says all efforts must be made to protect jobs and working conditions in Britain. 

Jeremy Corbyn

He says negotiations must take place and "there must be the best deal possible" to protect British industries, "but we are in some very difficult areas".

Asked if Remain could have won if he had worked harder, Mr Corbyn replied that his aim was "that we should remain in order to reform the European Union" and he argued for that.

University wants 'urgent answers' after EU referendum

The University of Sheffield has issued a statement following the UK vote to leave the EU. 

The University of Sheffield is carefully considering the implications of the result of the EU referendum to the University and to our staff and students. Our University is a Top 100 University globally and home to staff and students from around the world, including many from other EU nations. Scholars from these countries are central to the teaching of students and research in everything from medicine and science to engineering, social sciences and the arts and humanities."

Sheffield University

Naturally, a vote to leave the EU raises many important questions that require urgent answers - for universities, staff, students, prospective students, our research partners and other stakeholders. We will be working closely with other universities across the UK to seek answers to these questions as quickly and completely as possible."

Sheffield University

BreakingDavid Cameron to resign as Prime Minister 'by October'

Following the UK vote to leave the European Union, the Prime Minister has announced he is to resign his position by the next Conservative Party Conference in October.