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  1. Updates for Wednesday, 8 June 2016
  2. News, sport, travel and weather updates resume on Thursday at 08:00

Live Reporting

By Kate Williams

All times stated are UK

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That's it from Suffolk Live

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

Thanks for joining us on a day when Suffolk Police told how they believe it is "less and less likely" that missing Weybread woman Sylvia Stuart will be found alive. 

To read more about their progress in the investigation into her disappearance, and the murder of her husband Peter - and how they want your help - scroll down.

Forensic officers searching woodland

BBC Springwatch: Day of drama as stoat and adder attack nests at Minsmere

BBC Radio Suffolk

BBC Springwatch reports a "drama-filled morning" from Minsmere, with an adder invading the whitethroat nest and the stoat trying to get into the blue tit nest.

Chicks in the nest

Fostered baby great tits had a lucky escape when a stoat was too big to fit through the hole to a nest box containing the chicks.

The single parent blue tit who is raising the great tit chicks has been back since, and the babies have been fed.

The adder attacking the nest

Meanwhile, the whitethroat chicks are a few days off being ready to fledge, but suddenly they "exploded" out of the nest, leaving the Springwatch team wondering what was happening. 

Then an adder appeared in the nest.

All that coupled with a BBC Radio Suffolk live outside broadcasts from the reserve means it's been a busy old day.

The weather: Clear and dry tonight

This evening showers in the south will ease, leaving most parts clear and dry, with a minimum overnight low of 12C (53F).

Beach huts

However, some low cloud and mist will edge in from the North Sea spreading westwards, with some murky conditions developing for most by Thursday morning.  

Ipswich Town vs Suffolk Police: Policing 'plainly for the benefit of the club'

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

Policing closed roads was "inextricably linked" with policing inside the stadium, Dijen Basu QC told the High Court.

Mr Basu, for Suffolk Police, said: "The policing of the closed roads is plainly for the benefit of the club and those attending its matches upon payment, rather than for the general public at large.

Ipswich Town Football Club's ground
Getty Images

"The concern of the force is that the policed football matches require officers to be specially on duty, to be deployed to the closed roads (and stadium), when they would otherwise not be required for duty, at a considerable cost."

Suffolk Police has made a counterclaim against the club for more than £96,000 in unpaid invoices for policing costs.

The case continues.

What prompted Ipswich to sue over policing costs?

Ipswich Town Football Club made the decision to sue Suffolk Police after Leeds United won a case against West Yorkshire Police, on the validity of match day charges.

Suffolk Police and Ipswich Town

In that case, the judge ruled charges could not be levied for policing public land on match days, but only for providing its services on land under the club's control.

Leeds United won about £2m, which prompted many other clubs to launch similar cases against their local forces.

Ipswich Town and Suffolk Police lock horns in court over policing costs

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

Ipswich Town FC is suing Suffolk Police at the High Court for more than £200,000, claiming it was "unlawfully" charged for policing costs on match days.

The club says Suffolk Police should not have charged for keeping order in the streets, including Portman Road and Sir Alf Ramsey Way, and want the money back.

Nick De Marco, for Ipswich Town Football Club Company Ltd, told the High Court the club "has been and currently is being charged by the police for ordinary policing on the public highway".

He added: "This is unlawful as the police may not charge for discharging their normal policing duties."

Right, on to a really serious subject...mascot racing

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

You've heard of the Aviva Women's Tour? The huge national cycling race, of which stage one runs through Suffolk next Wednesday.

Well apart from the 132km event which will see world-class cyclists almost flying through the Suffolk countryside, there will also be a 100-metre long mascot running race.

Mascots from local businesses, supporting groups and organisations are invited to take part, a bit like some did at the Suffolk Show.

Here they are, including our very own Pudsey Bear, before they raced into action last week.

Mascots race at Suffolk Show

Interested? You need to get in touch with Sarah Shinnie to find out more.

Hilary Benn: 'Very British' last-minute approach to registering to vote

Vikki Irwin

BBC Radio Suffolk political reporter

Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn has welcomed the decision to extend the deadline for registering to vote in the EU Referendum. 

Hilary Benn, talking to reporters in Ipswich

Speaking in Ipswich today, he told me: "I would continue to urge people to register.

"This is a democracy. Whatever your view we want as many people to partake, and in a very British way we think people left it to the last minute to register."

EU Referendum: Hilary Benn joins Remain supporters in Ipswich

Vikki Irwin

BBC Radio Suffolk political reporter

After the Vote Leave campaign swept into Suffolk yesterday, the Labour In bus came to the Cornhill in Ipswich today, greeted by a crowd of supporters. 

The Remain campaign

Vote Leave only mustered a handful of backers today, maybe they were taking a rest after yesterday's excitement when Boris Johnson and Michael Gove were in town.

However, that didn't stop them heckling and shouting at the Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn, as he addressed Remain supporters.  

The Vote Leave campaign

EU Referendum: Deadline for registering to vote extended, says Matt Hancock

BBC Radio Suffolk

The deadline for registering to vote in the EU Referendum has been extended, the government has said.

Cabinet Office minister and West Suffolk MP Matt Hancock said the government would legislate to extend the cut-off until midnight on Thursday.

Hollow Road Farm back on the map for new waste hub

Philippa Taylor

BBC Local Live

Despite a public consultation where 20 alternative sites were identified, councils in West Suffolk are likely to go ahead with plans to develop Hollow Road Farm near Bury St Edmunds as a new waste hub. 

The proposed site is the large brown field to the right of the A134.

Map showing proposed site for operational hub

It will see waste services brought together at one site, but critics say the area doesn't have the infrastructure to cope with the new centre.

Peter Stevens, the councillor responsible for operations with St Edmundsbury Council, said: "We have made changes to the way we assessed the sites and studied 20 possible locations in detail. 

"Councillors will now be asked to look carefully at that research which has led to the Hollow Road Farm site again coming out as the best option before making a decision on the right way forward."

'One win doesn't make a season' for Suffolk's cricketers

Ben Parker

BBC Suffolk sport

Despite being pleased with the win against Cumberland, Suffolk County Cricket Club coach Andy Northcote warned his players against complacency.

"One win doesn't make a season," the 33-year-old said. "It's going to be a tough year.

"This weekend will show players that we can do it and we can compete with the best."

Terry Butcher: Ipswich capable of Premier League 'with a bit of investment'

Ben Parker

BBC Suffolk sport

Ipswich Town legend Terry Butcher has told BBC Suffolk that he thinks Mick McCarthy's side need to change just a couple of things to achieve promotion next year.

Terry Butcher with Gary Lineker
Getty Images

Butcher, 57, who won the UEFA Cup with The Blues in 1981, admitted that McCarthy was limited by his budget.

"The way we play has probably got to be tweaked a bit," he said.

"If we can just release the purse strings a little bit, get one or two quality players in, I think that's all it needs."

Cricket: Suffolk 'set up for the year' after win

Ben Parker

BBC Suffolk sport

Suffolk County Cricket Club got off to the perfect start to their league season yesterday, with a win at last year’s champions Cumberland.

It follows a disastrous Knockout Trophy campaign where Suffolk lost all of their matches.

Coach Andy Northcote said: "To lose four and then go and win your first Minor Counties Championship fixture is phenomenal and really sets up the year now."

Sylvia and Peter Stuart on CCTV

Detectives searching for a woman whose husband was found stabbed to death say it is becoming "less and less likely" she will be found alive.

Read more

Ali Qazimaj a 'suspect on two matters'

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

One more update from our conversation with Det Ch Supt Simon Parkes about the murder of Peter Stuart and the search for Sylvia Stuart.

He told us that Ali Qazimaj, who is believed to have fled to France, is a suspect in both matters - the murder of Mr Stuart and the disappearance of his wife.

Springwatch team join BBC Suffolk's hedgehog campaign

Police won't be drawn over Sylvia Stuart's passport

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

Police won't reveal whether Sylvia Stuart's passport has been found in the search of the Stuarts' Weybread property, but have confirmed there is no information to suggest she is involved in her husband's murder.

Det Ch Supt Simon Parkes said: "What I'm not prepared to do is to give any information which might be prejudicial to any court case, so I won't go there."

Good news for motorists using the A14 around Stowmarket

Philippa Taylor

BBC Local Live

If you're a regular traveller on the A14 in the Stowmarket area, you'll know that roadworks and speed restrictions have been in place since 8 March.

The good news is that Highways England has told me that the £1.5m bridge repair project at Hill House will be completed by the end of next week, and the speed restrictions will be lifted as soon as that happens.

Hill House bridge
Highways England

Becoming 'less and less likely' that Sylvia Stuart will be found alive

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

Det Ch Supt Simon Parkes says it is becoming less and less likely that Sylvia Stuart will be found alive.

Her whereabouts remain unknown, 10 days after the last confirmed sighting of her in Pulham Market.

Det Ch Supt Parkes said there was no evidence to suggest she was involved in the murder of her husband, Peter Stuart, whose body was found in woodland near there home on Friday.

Stuarts 'believed to have returned home' after last CCTV sighting

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

Peter and Sylvia Stuart are thought to have returned home to Weybread following a trip to Pulham Market on 29 May, Det Ch Supt Simon Parkes says.

Peter and Sylvia Stuart
Norfolk Police

CCTV footage from a farm shop is the last confirmed sighting of the couple, and was taken five days before they were reported missing, and Mr Stuart's body was found.  

Search for Sylvia Stuart 'remains in the UK'

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

Det Ch Supt Simon Parkes says the search for Sylvia Stuart remains in the UK, and that no Suffolk Police officers have been sent abroad.

He says detectives are still trying to piece together information about suspect Ali Qazimaj, who is thought to have left the country on Saturday.

Det Ch Supt Simon Parkes

Police to discuss Weybread investigation

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

I'm in Martlesham to talk with Det Ch Supt Simon Parkes about the investigation into the murder of Peter Stuart, and the disappearance of his wife Sylvia.

Suffolk Police headquarters

Ali Qazimaj - what we know

Laura Devlin

BBC News

Here's what we know so far about Ali Qazimaj, who is suspected of murdering Peter Stuart in Weybread:

  • Aged 42, about 5ft 6in (1.7m) tall with brown eyes and dark brown greying hair
  • Uses the alias Marco Costa
  • Police believe he is from Kosovo and was granted asylum and a UK passport following the conflict in the former Yugoslavia
  • Lived in Tilbury, Essex, and worked in Purfleet as a forklift driver
  • Police have received "reliable information" which places him at Dover's ferry terminal at about 18:30 on Saturday
  • It is "strongly believed" that he then boarded a passenger ferry unaccompanied to Calais in France soon after 19:00
  • His silver Citroen C3 was found at about midnight on Sunday on Athol Terrace, within sight of the ferry terminal

Police seek further information on Weybread murder suspect

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

Det Ch Supt Simon Parkes, who is leading the investigation, said: "We strongly believe that finding Ali Qazimaj will help us in locating Sylvia, who has now not been seen for nearly 10 days.

Det Ch Insp Simon Parkes

"We know that he was living in Tilbury in Essex and that he has been working in Purfleet as a forklift driver. We believe he is from Kosovo, that he sought asylum following the conflict and was granted this and given a British passport. We also know he has used the name Marco Costa.

"Our inquiries continue to learn more about his roots and his links within the UK and overseas. 

"We urgently need anyone who knows him, who may have spent time with him over the last few weeks or before this to get in touch and tell us more about his background so that we can trace his movements.

"We are particularly keen to hear from anyone who may have seen him between Sunday 29 May and when he left the country on Saturday 4 June, or anyone who can shed light on where he may have been between these times.”

Weybread case: Suspect's trail from England to the continent

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

Police attended the home address of former forklift truck driver Ali Qazimaj, in Tilbury, on Sunday evening, searching for him and Sylvia Stuart.

Brick Kiln Cottage plaque

Around midnight they found his silver Citroen C3 in Dover, Kent.

Yesterday, officers said they had reliable information which placed Mr Qazimaj, who is also said to use the alias Marco Costa, at the Dover ferry terminal at around 18:30 on Saturday.

They believe he boarded a passenger ferry, unaccompanied, to Calais soon afterwards.

Weybread murder suspect 'uses alias'

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

Police say a man who is suspected of murdering Peter Stuart and has since left the country uses an alias. 

Ali Qazimaj
Suffolk Police

Officers are keen to trace Ali Qazimaj, 42, who had been living in the Tilbury area of Essex.

They believe he comes from Kosovo, sought asylum in the UK having fled the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, and uses the alias Marco Costa. 

Police think he caught a ferry to France on Saturday, a day after the body of Mr Stuart was found in woodland near his home in Weybread. Sylvia Stuart has yet to be found.

BreakingSuspect in Weybread case uses an alias, police reveal

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

Police investigating the case of Weybread couple Peter and Sylvia Stuart say a suspect in the case, Ali Qazimaj, uses the alias of Marco Costa.

Harry Potter: 'Queues, security, and gasps'

Tim Masters, arts and entertainment correspondent for the BBC, was lucky enough to have a ticket for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child yesterday.

Outside the Harry Potter theatre

"There were queues around the block," he said. "People were told to get there an hour early before it started because of the security of getting in, because of the bag checks.

"And then once your were in, there were gasps at some of the plot revelations that come out of this. There were gasps at the stage illusions and then at the end, as you might expect, a standing ovation."

Harry Potter: Noma Dumezweni 'splendid' as Hermione

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

Suffolk-raised actress Noma Dumezweni wowed the crowds last night in what many are already calling "the theatrical event of the decade".

The first public performance of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child took place in the West End, with Dumezweni taking the role of Hermione Granger. 

Scene from the play
Manuel Harlan

Tim Masters, the BBC's online arts and entertainment correspondent, said of Dumezweni, who was born in Swaziland but raised in Ipswich for part of her childhood: "Noma is a fantastic actress and as Hermione she was splendid.

"You've got the three - Harry, Ron and Hermione - all grown up now with their own children. So the plot here follows them, but also what's going on with their kids.

"It reaches back into those original Potter novels, so things that happened there are very much present in this play."

Springwatch: Rabbit comedy

Weather: A beautiful day ahead

BBC Weather

It's a dry start to the day with some very warm sunshine, although cooler along the coast. Some cloud will build during the afternoon.

Kate Kinsella has the outlook for the East of England on Wednesday, 8 June 2016.

Airman is killed in three-vehicle crash

East Anglian Daily Times

Here's the front page of today's West edition of the East Anglian Daily Times:

East Anglian Daily Times front page on the west edition
East Anglian Daily Times

Weybread murder: What we know, and what we don't

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

So many questions are still unanswered in the case of the Weybread couple Peter and Sylvia Stuart. 

They were reported missing last Friday, and the body of Mr Stuart was found in woodland surrounding the couple's house that evening. 

Sylvia Stuart
Diss Express

Det Ch Insp Simon Parkes says the primary focus of their investigation remains on locating Mrs Stuart.

Police are also searching for 42-year-old Ali Qazimaj, who is believed to have left the country on a ferry to France on Saturday night.

Inquiries into his whereabouts continue on an international scale. Yesterday, the couple's 61-year-old son-in-law, Steve Paxman, was released on bail, having been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Morning from BBC Suffolk Live

Kate Williams

BBC Local Live

It's now been five days since Weybread couple Peter and Sylvia Stuart were reported missing, and their story remains very much at the forefront of our minds. 

Forensic officers

The body of Mr Stuart was found with multiple stab wounds on Friday night, while Mrs Stuart's whereabouts is still not known.

Yesterday, police released CCTV of the couple visiting a shop on 29 May.

Suffolk Police has called a briefing for 11:00 this morning, which we will be attending.