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  1. Monday 22 May 2017

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Moyes caused controversy with 'slap' comments

During his time at the Stadium of Light, Moyes was charged by the Football Association with bringing the game into disrepute.

It related to a comment he made to BBC report Vicki Sparks after the game against Burnley in March.

It came after an interview in which he was asked by Sparks whether the presence of Sunderland's owner Ellis Short in the ground had put extra pressure on him.

He said "no" but, after the interview, said: "It was getting a wee bit naughty at the end there, so just watch yourself.

"You still might get a slap even though you're a woman. Careful the next time you come in."

David Moyes

Moyes thanks fans for 'passionately supporting' club

David Moyes took charge of the Black Cats in July after Sam Allerdyce left to become England manager.

However, under him Sunderland endured a miserable season - playing 43 games, winning eight, drawing seven and losing 28.

It culminated in relegation, leaving players contemplating a first season outside the top flight for 10 years.

Announcing his resignation, the 54-year-old Scot said: "I would like to thank Ellis Short and the Board for giving me the opportunity to manage Sunderland and the fans for always being so passionately supportive of their club.

"I wish the players and my successor well in their efforts towards promotion back to the Premier League".

David Moyes
Chelsea worthy champions - Moyes
Watch David Moyes's final Match of the Day manager after Sunderland's 5-1 defeat away against Chelsea.

Reaction to Moyes resignation

Ian Dennis

Senior football reporter at Liberty Stadium for 5 live Sport

Moyes needed Ellis Short's backing.

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Sunderland boss 'leaves without compensation'

David Moyes has resigned as Sunderland manger, the club has confirmed.

It said in a statement that he advised the chairman and chief executive of his decision to leav at a meeting in London this morning.

Chairman Ellis Short said: "Having worked tirelessly throughout the campaign to avoid relegation from the Premier League, David has chosen to leave the club without compensation, which is testament to his character.

"In the days ahead we will take some time for reflection, and then focus on recruitment and pre-season as we prepare for our Championship campaign. We wish David well in the future."

David Moyes
BBC Sport

Moyes resigns Sunderland post

David Moyes resigns as Sunderland manager, the club says in a tweet.

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Showers dying away overnight

Showers will die away and cloud will thin, allowing some clear spells to develop after midnight. Winds will become light westerly.

weather forecast

Keep up to date with the forecast where you are on the BBC Weather page.

Teacher's memorial destroyed in fire

Staff and children at a Newcastle school are said to be devastated after discovering a memorial to a teacher has been burnt down just days away from the second anniversary of his death.

The Roman dwelling at Hadrian's School became associated with the memory of Wadud Abdul after he raised £5,000 to have it built.

Children would use it for lessons, and teachers would go inside to remember him.

The school is based near Hadrian's Wall, and Mr. Abdul wanted to celebrate the local heritage.

The Roman Dwelling

To come in and see this devastation has been totally shocking. We're really upset".

Drug testing to be available at six UK music festivals

Festival goers will be able to test illegal drugs this summer following a number of drug-related deaths in recent years.

Megan Bell, from Seaham died last year at Scotland's T In the Park Festival. The 17-year-old had reportedly taken MDMA - commonly known as ecstasy.

Reading and Leeds Festivals are amongst at least six events that will be introducing a testing tent run by The Loop, an organisation which usually conducts forensic testing of drugs seized by police.

The service will allow people to hand over a sample of their drugs to be tested. They'll be able to find out what is in it before it is destroyed.

Crowd at T In The Park
Getty Images

It's really exciting that police are prioritising health and safety over criminal justice at festivals".

Fiona MeashamFounder of The Loop

Generation Gap - Who Pays? Audience sought for debate

The joint radio and TV production will be broadcast live from Newcastle later this month.

Debate flyer

Chambers and Negredo no longer on Teesside

BBC Tees

BBC Tees Sport

Calum Chambers and Alvaro Negredo have both left Middlesbrough to return to their parent clubs.

Following the end of the seaon, Chambers goes back to Arsenal after 26 appearances for Boro, while Negredo returns to Spanish side Valencia, after scoring 10 goals on Teesside.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Want to vote in the General Election?

Today is deadline day if you would like to register to vote on June 8.

More than two million people have registered since the announcement of the snap election, however, the Electoral Commission has warned there are about seven million people across Britain who are eligible but have not registered.

Those who are eligible have until 23:59 BST to register online through the official website - for further help, check out this video.

General election 2017: How do I register to vote?

Injured climber rescued during four-hour operation

Mountain rescue volunteers were called to assist police in the rescue of an injured female climber at Great Wanney Crag.

The woman had fallen onto a ledge yesterday evening, suffering a suspected fractured ankle.

Sixteen members of the Northumberland Mountain Rescue Service helped get her onto a stretcher and transport her over rough terrain to an ambulance.

Mountain Rescue
Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team
Mountain Rescue
Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team
Mountain Rescue
Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team

Hartlepool debate: Thanks for joining us

BBC Tees

And that is the end of our debate at the Hartlepool College of Further Education with the four candidates hoping to be the next MP for Hartlepool.

Mike PArr

Just to recap, they are Phillip Broughton for UKIP, Andy Hagon from the Liberal Democrats, Mike Hill for Labour and Conservative Carl Jackson.

You can listen to the full debate on the BBC Tees website.

The election will be held on 8 June, eligible voters have until 23:59 today to register to vote if they have not already done so.

The Sage on BBC Radio 3 this afternoon

A BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra concert at the Gateshead venue will be broadcast at 14:25 this afternoon.

Today's programme is the first of five performances presented by Katie Derham and features the Orchestra with soprano Erin Wall.

The Sage
Getty Images

Hartlepool debate: 'Cutting rates will help businesses pay wages'

BBC Tees

Conservative Carl Jackson said cutting rates and corporation tax will help businesses meet the new requirement to pay a minimum of £9 an hour by 2020.

He said: "As someone who runs a small business I am very aware of this. I'm pretty content with the plan to pay £9 an hour by 2020, that recognises people's efforts and is affordable to small business. To help, we will bring corporation tax down to 17%. It's also going to be crucial to get the right deal with the EU on free trade."

Liberal Democrat Andy Hagon said: "About 27% of shops have closed in Hartlepool, that sends a clear message that something is wrong.

"We need to make taxes fairer and expand the British business bank. It is a genuine concern. We are firmly behind a lot of the measures the other parties have said."

Hartlepool debate: 'We want people paid £10 an hour'

BBC Tees

Labour candidate Mike Hill said his party wants a minimum living wage of £10 an hour.

To help businesses pay that, he said: "We intend to introduce innovative ideas to help local businesses, we will review business rates to make them more equitable and fair. One of our big ideas is to introduce a bank in the north to bring in investment. We will foster and assist small business on the ground because it is our aim to have everybody on £10 an hour minimum. Local businesses have got the enthusiasm to do that, they would like to see a work force that is properly remunerated."


UKIP's Phillip Broughton said: "We've got to cut the business rates, it would brings shops and jobs to the town centre. On pensions, I do think the Conservatives have treated pensioners terribly by moving the goalposts several times. Cutting taxes and regulations on businesses will help them and employ more people."

Hartlepool debate: 'How will you help businesses pay wages and pensions?'

BBC Tees

The final question for the four candidates comes from Ronnie, a barber in Hartlepool.

He asks: "How will you help small business cope with paying more than the minimum wage as well as pension contributions?"


School of dolphins snapped in Seaburn

Tyne and Wear photographer, Malcolm Bawn, captured these amazing pictures of a school of dolphins yesterday afternoon.

School of dolphins
Malcolm Bawn
School of dolphins
Malcolm Bawn
School of dolphins
Malcolm Bawn

Hartlepool debate: Tuition fees 'are fair'

BBC Tees

The Conservative candidate Carl Jackson said tuition fees are fair.

He said: "I support fees as someone who paid for them. It's about paying for what you use. If you're going to uni and the person next to to you isn't, you've got to ask the question about the fairness of uni being paid by general taxation. It is fair on those who don't go to higher education they don't have to pay towards it and those that benefit from it do."

UKIP's candidate Phillip Broughton said Labour's promise to abolish tuition fees was "pie in the sky" and would mean more borrowing.

He said: "What we are saying is lets scrap tuition fees for the stem subjects of science, engineering, mathematics and medicine."

South Shields FC share picture of silverware

The Mariners have posted a picture of the FA Vase trophy on their Facebook page.

A 4-0 win over Cleethorpes at Wembley secured the trophy for the team led by ex-Sunderland AFC and Middlesbrough FC player, Julio Arca.

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Hartlepool debate: Tuition fees are 'balancing the books'

BBC Tees

Liberal Democrat candidate Andy Hagon said tuition fees "balanced the books".

He said: "The Lib Dems have taken a lot of flack over tuition fees and I can understand why.

"I'm not happy about them at all. I feel your pain on this. It comes down to balancing the books. the Liberal Democrats want to invest, but want an economy that's fit for purpose. We don't believe [abolishing tuition fees] is affordable."

Mike Hill said his Labour party would abolish tuition fees.

He said: "We will fund it through an increase in taxes for those earning over £80,000. We have costed our manifesto. Young voters need to support our policies, we care about getting young people into employment. I was the first in my family to go to university, I got a grant, that will be reinstated, no longer will people be ripped off and burdened with debt."

Hartlepool debate: 'Should tuition fees be abolished?'

BBC Tees

The next question is about tuition fees for university students.

The questioner asks: "Should students have to pay tuition fees? If so, why?"

Hartlepool debate: Future lies in 'education' and 'oil rig decommissioning'

BBC Tees

On the question of future industry, Liberal Democrat candidate Andy Hagon said raising the profile of Hartlepool and improving education and training will attract more businesses.

He said: "It is about being out there banging your drum, I've got a big drum and will bang it loud. I want to be the Jeff Stelling of politics, make people aware of Hartlepool. It starts with education. We need to be investing in training and upskilling our people."

Conservative Carl Jackson said as a businessman he understands what businesses need to see to invest in a place.

He also said the renewable industry will be big but said Hartlepool can play a major role in decommissiong oil rigs from the North Sea.

He said: "The North Sea oil fields are going to be the first major fields to fully decommission, there are 100 rigs waiting to be broken up, that is a huge opportunity, Hartlepool has a track record for more of these."

Hartlepool debate: 'Steel' and 'renewables' are future industries

BBC Tees

Labour's Mike Hill said industries such as renewable energy and recycling are key.

He said: "They are big future business areas whether you like them or not because we have an engineering base and are on the coast. I'm also really excited about cyber industries. We've got apprentices at this college here setting people up for the future. It's an open basket."

UKIP's Phillip Broughton said he wants to support the steel industry and claimed leaving the EU would revitalise the town's fishing industry.

He said: "We have to help the steel industry. We have to create jobs, get investment. One way to do that is to offer short term loans to industry to help them, once market picks up they can pay back.

"We've also got to help the fishing industry, once we leave the EU we can get that back. We also need more police, doctors and teachers. I will be campaigning and arguing for these things You need a strong MP with the profile to do it. You've had a Labour MP since 1964 and it's done no good. If you want change and to shake things up you've got to vote for UKIP."

Hartlepool debate: 'How would you boost industry?'

BBC Tees

We have already discussed the NHS, social care and Brexit in our debate with the four candidates vying to become Hartlepool's next MP.

Now it's time to talk about the economy.

Monica Vaughan asked: "Should you be elected what industry will you be trying to attract to the town?"

Watch: 'I was made out of two tiny little cells in a glass tube'

BBC Newcastle

All this week BBC Newcastle is covering stories to do with fertility.

Seven-year-old Hannah visits the Centre for Life in Newcastle where her life began.

IVF treatment girl returns to Newcastle Centre for Life

Hartlepool debate: Labour and Conservatives would also support Brexit

BBC Tees

Even though he voted for remain, Labour's Mike Hill said his "heart would be in" Brexit.

He said: "Brexit is the way forward. I voted for remain because I wanted to guarantee European funding coming in and the protection workers have got through Brussels. I'm a democrat. A democratic decision was made to vote leave and will champion that.

"A hard Brexit would be a nightmare for us, we would work with the mayor and combined authority to replace what we are going to lose. The only thing I disagree with Phillip is we should vote UKIP to hold Tory feet to the fire, it's got to be Labour that do that."

Conservative candidate Carl Jackson said: "I think it is a huge opportunity. I campaigned for Brexit, you would struggle to find anyone who wanted it more than I did.

"I respect the role UKIP played but it is job done. UKIP are not going to form the next government and can't deliver Brexit. In terms of the Liberal Democrat's second referendum, I don't buy it, they are trying to stop Brexit on the sly."

Hartlepool debate: 'We must make sure Brexit happens'

BBC Tees

UKIP's Phillip Broughton said he wants to make sure Great Britain leaves the EU.

He said: "Theresa May talks a good talk on Brexit but let's see if she actually delivers. We've got to make sure Brexit happens, I'm not so sure you can trust the Conservatives. We want someone who votes for true Brexit where we get control of our borders, laws and money."

Liberal Democrat Andy Hagon said he "accepted" people wanted Brexit and said the promise of a referendum made by party leader Tim Farron was to give people the chance to make sure they were happy with the deal to leave the EU.

He said: "If it's not the best deal then yes, we would remain. In a landscape of a hard Brexit, what am I going to do? I'm going to be on the next train to Brussels milking as much money as I can for the next two years for the people of Hartlepool. I will be there with a suitcase filling it with money to get it back into Hartlepool where it belongs."

Hartlepool debate: How would you deliver Brexit?

BBC Tees

The next question to the candidates is how would they deliver Brexit given that 69% of people in Hartlepool voted to leave the EU.


Stunning sun rise at Tynemouth

We've been having some pretty spectacular skies over the last week or so.

Check out this beautiful shot taken by Press Association photographer Owen Humphreys of the sun rising over the North Sea at Tynemouth this morning.

Sun rise at Tynemouth

Hartlepool debate: Lib Dems and UKIP seek social care solutions

BBC Tees

Also in response to the question on the NHS and social care, the Liberal Democrat candidate Andy Hagon said a living wage would help.

He said: "We need to have a living wage. We think it is right and proper. It is to do with integration, the NHS and social care work in silos, they need to come together.

"People who are making decisions about Hartlepool are not elected and don't care about Hartlepool. I do."

UKIP's Phillip Broughton said: "I've been working hard on the ground for the last four years. I've been at the hospital rallies, knocking on doors, campaigning to get those services back.

"We need to have more money in the NHS, we are spending billions of pounds on white elephants like HS2, foreign aid, the quangos."

Hartlepool debate: Labour and Conservatives both support integration

BBC Tees

In answering the question about how to improve the NHS and social care, all candidates agreed the services need to be integrated.

Labour's Mike Hill said: "All the talk is about integration and that is a way forward, one should support the other. We have a situation in Hartlepool in social care where elderly people coming out of hospital are resident in homes outside the borough, that is not acceptable.

"The fact is we have a monopoly in the private sector and that is not right. We need to expand into dementia care, that holistic care between the NHS and social care needs to be glued together."

Conservative Carl Jackson said: "It is a hugely difficult issue, if you put 10 people in a room and asked for the solution you would have 11 answers coming out. We have an aging population, one million aged over 85, in 20 years time that will be three million at which point a quarter of people in Britain will be over 65.

"I agree we need to integrate more. We are the only party that has a credible plan to fund social care. We have a plan to get elderly people with the means to fund their social care."

Hartlepool debate: 'How do you tackle NHS and and social care problems?'

BBC Tees

The second question comes from Reg.

He asked: "Do any of the candidates have any good ideas of how to deal with the problems that the NHS and social care are facing?"

Funeral of motocross rider to take place today

BBC Tees

The funeral of Thomas Brown, the motorcross rider who died last month, will take place later today.

The 27-year-old, from Barnard Castle, died after crashing at Hardwick Motocross track in Sedgefield.

Thomas had been involved in the sport from the age of eight. Tributes from friends and family described him as a funny and a good friend.

Thomas Brown
Family photo