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  1. Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness has died aged 66
  2. NI's former deputy first minister died in hospital with his family by his side
  3. Ex-IRA leader turned peacemaker worked at the heart of the power-sharing government
  4. He became deputy first minister in 2007, working with DUP leaders Ian Paisley, Peter Robinson and Arlene Foster
  5. Politicians and the public have been reacting to his death

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Watch: Sinn Féin tributes to 'passionate Republican'

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams and the party's northern leader Michelle O'Neill have paid tribute to Martin McGuinness.

He's gone now to meet the 'judge of all the earth'

Jim Dixon, 80, was badly injured in the Enniskillen bomb . He says Martin McGuinness was "evil" and "a murderer".

"In one way I would say good riddance, but I will weep for him because he's gone now to meet the judge of all the earth from whom no secrets are hidden.

Jim Dixon

"You can't forgive someone who hasn't asked for forgiveness and nobody will get forgiveness either from God or anybody else without repenting first and asking forgiveness."

'We are in danger of underestimating his contribution'

BBC Newsnight

"I spent a decade negotiating peace with Martin McGuinness," says Tony Blair's former chief of staff Jonathan Powell. 

"The first time I met him, like most people, I saw a terrorist." 

"When I left government I invited him to my leaving party as a peacemaker. And now he's gone. I think we are in danger of underestimating his contribution." 

He made this report for BBC Newsnight .

Martin McGuinness: IRA leader turned peacemaker

Ian Paisley Jr reflects on Martin McGuinness's life

BBC Newsnight

Martin McGuinness went on a long journey to get to peace from his past as an IRA leader, says Ian Paisley Jr. 

Back then he was seen as "evil personified" he told BBC Newsnight

"He was everything that every Ulsterman, and every Protestant, and every unionist both feared, loathed and hated."

"I ultimately take the view, if Martin McGuinness helped us achieve peace in Northern Ireland, do we then hate our opponents?" 

"Or we end up recognising that without them, we actually couldn't have got to this place."

Ian Paisley Jr

'Martin set the bar high in terms of leadership'

Sinn Fein's northern leader Michelle O'Neill has told a press conference she was "honoured" to know Martin McGuinness, who, she said, inspired her and "set the bar very high in terms of leadership".

Michelle O'Neill

"I am very proud to call Martin McGuinness my friend and today republicans right across the island of Ireland will mourn his passing."

Bill Clinton on McGuinness

Former US President Bill Clinton has  paid tribute to Martin McGuinness saying, "may he rest in peace".

Bill Clinton graphic

Coverage of Martin McGuinness on Evening Extra

Busy streets in Derry as Martin McGuinness' body was brought home

Press Eye

Martin McGuinness' body has arrived at the family home


Watch: Father of killed son on 'peacemaker' McGuinness

Colin Parry, whose 12-year-old son Tim died in the 1993 Warrington IRA bomb, speaks to BBC News

McGuinness' IRA past

Vincent Kearney

BBC News NI Home Affairs Correspondent

No-one knows how many people Martin McGuinness killed, directly or indirectly.

Martin McGuinness

As a senior commander within the Provisional IRA for many years,  there is no doubt there was blood on his hands.

Injured policewoman: 'I don't feel bitter'

As a 24-year-old Met Police officer Pam White, now 58, was injured in the 1983  IRA bomb attack outside Harrods in London.

She said the incident "changed my life forever" and eventually ended her career at the Met.

But she has written to BBC News to say that she is still "grateful" to Martin McGuinness for his role in the peace process.

Harrods bomb blast
VT Freeze Frame

"I don't feel bitter or angry," she said.  

Ms White had served with the Met for three years when she was injured in the blast that killed six people.

"Police officers were the target that day," she said. "I got tinnitus and post-traumatic stress disorder".

Martin McGuinness' body is brought home

Large crowds have gathered in the Bogside as Martin McGuinness' coffin is brought home.


Presbyterian minister: 'It wasn't easy for us'

BBC News Channel

Rev David Latimer, of First Derry Presbyterian Church, had a long-standing friendship with Martin McGuinness despite initially being on opposing sides.

"My church was really a target for attack during the Troubles," he told BBC News.

David Latimer

After the church was hit by paint, Rev Latimer went on local radio and named Mr McGuinness, who later asked to meet him.

"On the steps of my church Martin and I met," he said. "It wasn't easy for us".

Rev Latimer says people in his church often did not like his friendship with Mr McGuinness, but that he was " a man whose life had been changed ".

Watch: 'I will never forget deaths because of the IRA'

Margaret Veitch, whose parents were killed in the Enniskillen "Poppy Day" bomb, says that Martin McGuinness could never justify his IRA past.

Martin McGuinness 'entered government an unrepentant terrorist'

'We had the best of personal relationships'

Commenting on the passing of Martin McGuinness, former DUP leader Peter Robinson said: "We came together in that office after the heady euphoria of reaching agreement had faded. 

"The honeymoon was over and we had to work the hard yards of operating the system in a manner that would instil confidence and bring delivery. 

Martin McGUinness and Peter Robinson

"Yet while I knew his past, as he knew mine, we never doubted or gave up our shared commitment to create a new and better era in Northern Ireland politics. 

 "We had the best of personal relationships - keeping in touch even after my retirement and during his illness."

'We should emulate some of the ethic Martin had'

"Martin McGuinness has shown that he respected not just the mandate of his own party, but also that of the broader institutions," the former leader of the SDLP, Mark Durkan, has said.

Mark Durkan

"We should try to emulate some of that ethic that Martin had." 

An urgent sitting of the Northern Ireland Assembly will take place tomorrow.

Gerry Adams: 'I got concerned'

Gerry Adams spoke of his last moments with Martin McGuinness during a Sinn Féin news conference in Londonderry today.

"I spoke with him last week, he was much brighter than he had been," Mr Adams said.

Gerry Adams speaking at a news conference

He recently gave Mr McGuinness a signed jersey from when Derry's Gaelic football team took their first and only All-Ireland victory in 1993.

"I told him: 'When you get better I'll give you this present'," he said. "I got concerned he wouldn't get better so I brought it to him".

Major: I didn't feel deceived by McGuinness

The World at One

BBC Radio 4

Before the Good Friday Agreement the Conservatives, too, had been pursuing the prospect of peace with the IRA. 

Sir John Major, the UK Prime Minister between 1992 and 1997, said he believed it had been "essential" to begin talks with the IRA at that time, in order "to stop the violence". 

Speaking to Martha Kearney, Sir John said his government had "a link" to the IRA and through this link they received a message; asking for their advice "on how to bring the conflict to a close". 

Sir John said he was "absolutely confident" that this message came from Martin McGuinness, even though Mr McGuinness denied it. 

'We watched him all the time' says MP

BBC News Channel

Bob Stewart MP, reflecting on his experiences as a soldier during the Troubles, said Martin McGuinness was "one of the people we were watching all the time".

Bob Stewart

He told BBC News "we would have had a solution in Northern Ireland a long time ago" if Mr McGuinness and his IRA allies had not "taken to the gun".

He added: "I'm really sad that he has died, but frankly I find it very difficult to forgive what happened in those early days."

Listen: McGuinness 'changed his ways'

The World at One

BBC Radio 4

Mark Eakin, who witnessed the 1972 Claudy bombing which killed his eight-year-old sister, said he "changed his mind" about Martin McGuinness.

He told Martha Kearney that years ago he would have "despised" Mr McGuinness, but said "I'm a great believer that if somebody changes their ways, to give them a chance."

McGuinness worked for 'reconciliation'

Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams paid a warm tribute to his friend Martin McGuinness, saying he had shown "determination, dignity and humility" throughout his life and during his recent illness.

McGuinness was 'pivotal figure' in NI politics

The outgoing Ulster Unionist Party leader, Mike Nesbitt, said "no-one needed to die to get Northern Ireland to where it is today" but added that he found Martin McGuinness to be "straight-dealing" .

Mike Nesbitt

McGuinness played 'immeasurable role'

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said Martin McGuinness played an "immeasurable role in bringing about peace in Ireland, after years as a key protagonist in the tragedy of the conflict".

Jeremy Corbyn

"Martin played an absolutely crucial role in bringing about the Good Friday Agreement and a peace process which, despite difficulties, remains an example throughout the world of what can be achieved when the will is there," he said.

Journey was 'one of the most extraordinary ever'

BBC News Channel

Jon Tonge, a British and Irish politics professor from the University of Liverpool, believes Mr McGuinness had possibly been on one of the most extraordinary political journeys ever seen.

Mr McGuinness started steering Sinn Fein in a political direction from the mid-1980s onwards - at considerable personal risk, he tells the BBC.

His move was not because the IRA was on its knees - indeed it was still capable of delivering huge bombs, such as those in 1996 in Canary Wharf and Manchester, he says.

Prof Jon Tonge

What has surprised him, he adds, is the "generous and measured" responses from the likes of Theresa May and Tony Blair.

Bernard Purcell, editor of Irish World, says of Mr McGuinness: "His legacy is a power-sharing executive and the fact that his political movement has embraced constitutional politics."  

SDLP leader says McGuinness found 'true calling in politics'

SDLP leader Colum Eastwood has joined other politicians in recognising the journey Martin McGuinness made from paramilitarism to politics.

Colum Eastwood

BreakingNI Assembly to be recalled over death

Former PM David Cameron 'enjoyed' working with McGuinness

IRA victim: 'He changed his ways'

The World at One

BBC Radio 4

Mark Eakin, who witnessed the 1972 Claudy bombing which killed his eight-year-old sister, said he "changed his mind" about Martin McGuinness.

"Many years ago I would have despised him," he told BBC Radio 4's World at One .

He said the atrocity, where nine people died, was "like the Blitz", when three car bombs exploded in the Londonderry village.

Victims of the Claudy bombing

But during a later phone conversation, he said Mr McGuinness agreed the attack was "indefensible".

"He did apologise and said Claudy should never have happened," Mr Eakin said.

"I’m a great believer that if somebody changes their ways to give them a chance."

Book of condolence opens

A book of condolence for Martin McGuinness has been opened at the Guildhall in Londonderry. 

Book of condolence

Listen: Baroness Eileen Paisley pays tribute to Martin McGuinness

TUV leader keeps his focus on IRA victims

Listen: Tony Blair's chief negotiator on 'likeable' McGuinness

Jonathan Powell was Tony Blair's chief negotiator in talks that led up the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 - he tells BBC's World Update that Martin McGuinness was likeable despite his violent history. Listen below. 

Jonathan Powell was Tony Blair's chief negotiator in the Good Friday Agreement of 1998

When McGuinness spoke, 'people listened'

The First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, says Martin McGuinness was "vital in bringing peace to Northern Ireland".  

Carwyn Jones and Martin McGuinness at UK Irish Summit
AFP/Getty Images

"When he spoke, people listened," he says. 

"That presence explains much about how he was able to build bridges across the political divide. My thoughts are with his family and friends today."

A love of cricket

"We had a shared interest in cricket which was something I hadn't anticipated," Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire said about his relationship with the former deputy first minister Martin McGuinness.

James Brokenshire

He left an 'indelible print on politics'

Former SDLP leader John Hume and his wife Pat have paid tribute to Martin McGuinness, saying he left an "indelible print on politics in Ireland".

John and Pat Hume

"Our starting points on the approach to finding a solution to the divisions on this island were very different but there can be no doubt Martin was deeply committed to the agreed Ireland of the Good Friday Agreement and its power-sharing institutions," they said. 

"He played a very important role in our peace process and his courageous, generous and gracious gestures as deputy first minister were offered in a spirit of reconciliation and peace building." 

McGuinness had 'commitment to all in Northern Ireland'

The Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) has joined in tributes to former deputy first minister Martin McGuinness following his death in the early hours of this morning.

Enda Kenny

Why I refused to shake McGuinness's hand

The World at One

BBC Radio 4

Jonathan Powell was Tony Blair's chief of staff and worked closely with Sinn Fein in the years running up to the Good Friday Agreement and beyond. 

On Radio 4's World at One, Mr Powell describes the first time he met Martin McGuinness in October 1997, where he "refused to shake his hand", a gesture, he says,  he later regretted. 

Mr Powell told Martha Kearney his feelings towards the IRA were coloured by the fact that they had "shot his father through the ear in an IRA ambush". 

McGuinness was a 'giant of Irish politics'

Sinn Féin's northern leader, Michelle O'Neill, has paid tribute to Martin McGuinness, whom she succeeded when he stepped down in January.

Michelle O'Neill