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  1. Talks continuing between the DUP and Conservative Party
  2. Deal between the two parties expected on Wednesday
  3. All-party talks at Stormont expected after Downing St deal

Live Reporting

By Ciaran McCauley and Fiona Murray

All times stated are UK

Day two done and dusted

So, another day of talks done and still no deal between the DUP and the Conservatives (although there were some selfies).

All signs point towards an arrangement being signed off tomorrow.

DUP Wesminster selfie

Until then stay across BBC News NI online for all the latest and we'll have live coverage of all the action from London and Belfast on Wednesday.

The state of play

If things have been quiet in Belfast, it's all been happening in London.

While there's been no deal confirmed yet between the DUP and Conservatives, all signs point torwards the two parties announcing an official arrangement tomorrow (once the formalities are sorted out).


Both Arlene Foster and Theresa May have been fairly tight-lipped about the process, but Mrs Foster says the talks have been about Brexit, counter-terrorism and "doing what's right for Northern Ireland".

So we're all set for more talks in London, with all signs pointing towards no all-party discussions at Stormont until business is done at Downing Street.

DUP aims matched by customs union and single market membership

John Campbell

BBC News NI Economics and Business Editor

The policy that would achieve most of the DUP's economic positions on Brexit would be staying in the customs union "plus something very like members of the single market", according to a trade expert.

EU flag

Prof Alan Winters is the director of the UK Trade Policy Observatory at Sussex University.

The party's manifesto listed several objectives on trading relationships with the EU, and members have said it would involve a new arrangements outside the single market and customs union.

Watch: Arlene Foster seeks deal "sooner rather than later"

Deal could be signed, sealed, delivered tomorrow

Talks centred on "Brexit, counter-terrorism and what's right for NI"

Arlene Foster says that the DUP are hoping for a deal with the prime minister "sooner rathern than later".

Arlene Foster

She says the talks have been "very good" and are continuing this afternoon.

Mrs Foster also says the discussions have been around "Brexit... counter-terrorism and then doing what is right for Northern Ireland in respect of economic matters".

New MPs talk the talk

Orange Order will give DUP 'space'

News Letter's political editor tweets...

Opposites attract?

The MPs from Northern Ireland

Dodds pays tribute to former SDLP MPs

Speaking in the House of Commons as Parliament returns, Nigel Dodds - the DUP MP for North Belfast - pays tribute to those from Northern Ireland "who have not been re-elected".

nigel dodds

'Coalition of chaos'

Paddy Ashdown under fire over 'Ulsterman' comments

Former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown has provoked a rebuke from UUP MLA Steve Aiken after he said on Friday that the prime minister should "never, ever put the country in the hands of an Ulsterman".

Speaking to the Stephen Nolan show this morning, he said he was referring to a quote by Prime Minister Jim Callaghan in 1978.

Paddy Ashdown

He explained that it didn't mean that "all Ulsterman are bad" but that "the politics of Northern Ireland is specific and different, and it is not a good idea, however decent and honourable those politicians may be, to let sectarian issues affect the government of Britain".

However, Mr Aiken said the comments were "sneering and condescending".

He added: "Paddy Ashdown's comments were "offensive, crass and totally hypocritical given the willingness of the Liberal Democrats, who were only too keen to jettison some of their core principles, especially over tuition fees, for the tawdry opportunity to share power with Cameron's Tory government."

PSNI launches electoral fraud investigation

MPs are gathering in Westminster as we speak - but there are question marks over some of those elected in Northern Ireland after the police said it's investigation allegations of electoral fraud.

Ballot box

The SDLP raised concerns of alleged vote thefts in the Foyle constituency, where the party's candidate Mark Durkan lost to Sinn Féin's Elisha McCallion by 169 votes.

The party says it has been contacted by people who told them they had already voted when they arrived at polling stations.

Did he say 'alright' or 'orange'?

'Orange' or 'alright' future?

Earlier, Chris Mason tweeted that Ian Paisley said "the future's orange" during a photocall for DUP MPs. But now there's some doubt over what the North Antrim MP actually said.

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'No outstanding issues left'

No deal yet, says Foster, but discussions "going well"

The DUP leader tweets on how the Downing Street talks have been progressing.

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Theresa May leaves Downing Street

There goes Theresa May, leaving Downing Street to head over to Westminster. The DUP, we understand, left by the back door.

No word yet on how the talks went, stand by...

Theresa May

Major: 'Concern' over NI peace process

The World at One

BBC Radio 4

Former prime minister Sir John Major, one of the architects of the Northern Ireland peace process, says he regards it as "fragile".

He says he's concerned and "dubious" about the potential deal between Theresa May and the DUP - although he understands her need to shore up her government.

He says the danger is the UK government will not be seen as "impartial" if it is "locked into a parliamentary deal" with one of the parties in Northern Ireland.

Sir John Major

If there are difficulties with NI executive and Brexit negotiations, the only honest broker can be the UK government, he says, but they would cease to be such if they are in a deal with the DUP.

The fear is if one of the parties is "aggrieved" and that allows the "hard men" lurking in the background to emerge again. He says he believes Mrs May can continue in government without a deal with the DUP.

Has DUP left by the back door?

The new masters?

London's Evening Standard is not messing about with the front page of its second edition.

This tweet comes from George Osborne, the paper's editor and former chancellor, who has already had some very strong words ("dead woman walking") for Theresa May.

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Cat fight brewing outside Number 10?

Time running out at Downing Street

Getting ready to go?

There's a lot of coming and going today...

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Swann: 'Parties should get on with talks with current chair'

Sinn Féin, the SDLP and Alliance Party have all questioned the NI secretary chairing the Stormont talks - but UUP leader Robin Swann says parties just have to get on with the job at hand.

"Sinn Féin have to realise that any posturing over the UK government's role in the talks only sets a precedent should they, themselves, ever enter government in the Republic."

Robin Swann

"We have a few short weeks to restore devolution," he adds.

"Let`s not waste any more time dancing around on the head of a pin. Any futile pursuit of an independent chair will only hinder progress being made before the June 29 deadline."

Nice day for a white wedding?

Sir John Major: DUP deal could "create friction"

Some more strong words from a former prime minister on the possibility of a deal between the DUP and the Conservatives.

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BBC Newsline live from Number 10

All the latest live from Downing Street coming up on BBC Newsline at 13:35.

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Sir John Major 'concerned' over DUP-Tory deal

A former Conservative prime minister says he is unsure about a possible deal.

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'Deal could be done by tomorrow'

So, is anything happening at Stormont?

Watch: Former Conservative leader on election result and Tory-DUP talks

Jo Coburn

Daily Politics presenter

Talks ongoing behind closed door

Arlene Foster and Nigel Dodds
Getty Images

Theresa May is meeting DUP leader Arlene Foster to try to seal a deal to enable her party to govern. Read the latest here.

Sinn Féin warning for new taoiseach

Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams has just been speaking to the media in Dublin - he says the party's focus is "to get the (Stormont) institutions in place".

Gerry Adams

With Enda Kenny set to resign as taoiseach, Gerry Adams also had a word of warning for Ireland's soon-to-be-leader Leo Varadkar.

"There's no point in a taoiseach resigning himself to spectator or commentator. There has to be a strategic, consistent ongoing engagement with the British government and unionism."

Sinn Féin also in London

The DUP aren't the only locals at Westminster today.

Sinn Féin

Sinn Féin may not be taking their seven seats in the Commons, but the party is in London and will be meeting NI Secretary James Brokenshire.

Watch: DUP's arrival at Downing Street

The DUP's leader and deputy leader made a pretty quick entry into Number 10, with Arlene Foster at one point gesturing to her watch.

No use keeping the prime minister waiting...

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The DUP arrive at Downing Street

Here we go - Arlene Foster and Nigel Dodds have just gone into Number 10.

Arlene Foster and Nigel Dodds