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  1. David Cameron faced questions from Ed Miliband on delays to the Iraq inquiry and the economy
  2. The news that the Iraq Inquiry is to be delayed again, was raised by numerous MPs
  3. Other issues raised were defence budgets, the NHS and TV debates
  4. The Speaker made a statement setting out a series of parliamentary anniversaries being marked this year
  5. Watch clips of the session by clicking on 'key video'. Watch the entire session back by clicking on 'live coverage'

Live Reporting

By Pippa Simm, Sam Francis and Leala Padmanabhan

All times stated are UK

Summing up

The fresh delay to the Iraq Inquiry not only dominated PMQs but is continuing to rumble on -

Tony Blair has rejected "politically motivated" suggestions he was behind the latest hold-up to the report being published. We're ending our coverage now, but if you want more from Parliament, MPs are currently debating the NHS, while the Lords are debating the issue of General Election debates. You can follow both on the
BBC's Westminster Live page.

Reaction to PMQs

The Spectator

In the Spectator, James Forsyth calls it a victory for David Cameron,

saying the PM "cantered home at PMQs today". Labour leader Ed Miliband seemed "oddly listless", he observes, whereas Mr Cameron, by contrast, "seemed to be enjoying himself".

What the papers made of PMQs

The Mirror

"This was a pointless session of a zombie Parliament running out of things to do or say,"

says Nigel Nelson in The Mirror online, as he criticises five-year fixed-term parliaments. The leaders' exchanges can be summed up as "blah blah blah", he writes, branding the event "a bit of a waste of everyone's time".

New Statesman's PMQs verdict

In the New Statesman, George Eaton

feels Labour has "reasons to be gloomy" after this week's head-to-head, declaring it an "easy win" for David Cameron. "Aided by positive employment and wage figures, praise from Barack Obama and Labour's splits over the mansion tax, David Cameron got the better of him at every turn," he writes.

What the papers made of PMQs

The Guardian

In his online blog, the Guardian's Andrew Sparrow delivers his snap verdict on today's PMQs: "Scrappy and unedifying, with no decisive jibes from either Cameron or Miliband, but Cameron generally getting the upper hand."

More to come

It's time for us to say goodbye now, but you can follow the rest of the day's debates in Parliament - including an opposition debate on the NHS - over on

BBC Democracy Live. We'll also be adding the best clips from today's Prime Minister's questions and more reaction/commentators' verdicts later this afternoon - so keep a look out in the tabs above. You can keep up to date with the main political story of the day on the delayed publication of the Iraq Inquiry - which was raised by several MPs during PMQ -
here. And there's more on the SNP's intentions to vote on English matters at Westminster after the election

More on Chilcot report

Former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair has denied delaying the publication of the Chilcot report, says BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith. A statement issued by Mr Blair's office says he regrets the delay in publication, and attacks critics for "incorrect allegations and politically motivated speculation".

SNP strategy

Nick Robinson

Political editor

With the polls predicting a doubling in the SNP's support and, potentially, a huge increase in the number of their MPs it really matters how SNP MPs will vote at Westminster after the general election, writes Nick Robinson. Read more about his interview with Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon


Tim Shipman, Sunday Times Political Editor


Tweets: I emerged from the Commons and cabbie asked: "Have you been in the gas works?" Quite a good description really

Andrew Sparrow, Guardian Political Correspondent


Tweets: PMQs - Verdict from the Twitter commentariat - Unanimous for Cameron

Union 'at risk'

BBC Radio 4

Reacting angrily to the news on BBC Radio 4's World at One, Conservative defence minister Anna Soubry says she is "absolutely astonished " by Ms Sturgeon's comments and accuses the SNP leader and first minister of putting the union "at risk". It is "a nonsense" that the Tories are seeking to privatise the NHS, Ms Soubry adds, saying NHS spending has increased in England since 2010.

Scots votes

Nick Robinson

Political editor

In an exclusive interview with BBC political editor Nick Robinson, Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said SNP MPs will vote on the English NHS after the next election, arguing that this is necessary to protect the Scottish NHS from knock-on effects of cuts and privatisation in England. Traditionally the SNP position at Westminster is not to vote on matters which affect only England or Wales, unless they have a direct impact on the Scottish budget.

Nick Robinson, BBC political editor


Tweets: Also on @BBCWorldatOne how @NicolaSturgeon reacts to idea that if SNP do as well as predicted @AlexSalmond will be back in charge

Yemen question

Back to the House of Commons now, where Foreign Office Minister Tobias Ellwood is fielding questions from MPs on the situation in Yemen, after Shia Houthi rebels shelled the president's home in the capital, Sanaa, and seized control of the presidential palace. The session has been prompted by an urgent question from the Labour chair of the Home Affairs Committee, Keith Vaz.

Faisal Islam, Sky News political editor


Tweets: PM had a lot of ammo for that #PMQs ... Most hit his target. Exactly what the Conservatives would want re central economic/election pitch

Daily Politics

Live on BBC Two

After shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna walked out of a live interview on Sky News this week, the Daily Politics is having a look back at politicians who have also cut their interviews short. Former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom - who featured in the montage - tells the programme he didn't regret doing it, as "I didn't have time to waste on the fellow" because other journalists were waiting to interview him.

Nick Robinson, BBC political editor


Tweets: SNP MPs will vote on English matters post election @NicolaSturgeon tells me. Interview from 1 pm on @BBCr4today

Daily Politics

Live on BBC Two

BBC deputy political editor James Landale says Ed Miliband's line of questioning showed the Labour leader is "still confident enough" to go on the attack over the economy, although he was surprised he did not mention the rise in youth unemployment. But, James adds, David Cameron had a lot of good statistics to hand to go on the counter attack and defend his government's economic record.

Tim Shipman, Sunday Times political editor


Tweets: Press gallery now emptying as Bercow delivers his headmaster's report

Speaker's announcement

Speaker John Bercow announces "a parliament in the making", a new programme designed to raise the awareness of the UK's democratic heritage and celebrate the Houses of Parliament in 2015.

The 800th anniversary of Magna Carta and 750th anniversary of the Simon De Montfort Parliament, are both celebrated this year.

"Our Democracy is not worth anything without this parliament" he says. You can flip through 750 years

of Parliament here.

John Bercow

Gaby Hinsliff, Guardian columnist


Tweets: I know this defence spending stuff sounds (ok, is) v dull but directly affects our role in world. Maybe more so than Chilcot.

Assessing the Chilcot exchanges

Daily Politics

Live on BBC Two

Analysing Prime Minister's Questions, BBC deputy political editor James Landale says it is interesting that David Cameron chose not to have a go at the inquiry or its chairman, Sir John Chilcot, but to make "a political point" and attack Labour for not starting the inquiry sooner.

Tom Newton Dunn, Political Editor of the Sun


Tweets: The 750th anniversary of Simon de Monfort Parliament this week, England's 1st. How he must be turning in grave over quality of today's PMQs.

James Forsyth, Spectator Political Editor


Tweets: I think we've just heard one of the conditions for DUP support in a hung parliament, maintaining defence spending at 2% of GDP

Speaker's turn

That brings an end to this week's prime minister's questions. The Speaker of the House of Commons rises to his feet to deliver a statement to MPs.

Defence spending

The DUP's Nigel Dodds asks the PM to commit a future Conservative government to ensuring defence spending does not fall below 2% of GDP. David Cameron responds by saying the UK is one of the few Nato countries that already meets the 2% target.

Dog thefts

Philip Davies, the Conservative MP for Shipley, raises concerns about "a spate of dog thefts" across Bradford. He asks the PM to draw attention to the problem and make sure the authorities take the crime seriously. David Cameron says we are a nation of dog lovers and it is appalling when pets are stolen. He says changes such as compulsory micro-chipping should help.

Milk prices

Conservative MP Glyn Davies sounds a warning about the impact of low milk prices on the dairy industry. David Cameron stresses the importance of the industry to the UK, and says more can be done to support dairy farmers.

Tim Shipman, Sunday Times Political Editor


Tweets: "As long as I am PM the regular army will remain at its current size." Expensive pledge from DC. But may only be good for 3 months

Army cuts?

The Conservatives' Sir Gerald Howarth, Aldershot MP, seeks reassurances that reports the government is considering reducing the size of the regular army from 82,000 to 60,000 are "wholly unfounded". David Cameron provides him that reassurance - insisting the ideas are not on the table and never will be as long as he is prime minister. Former Armed Forces minister Sir Nick Harvey - a Lib Dem - made the claim during a debate on Trident yesterday.

Picture: Ed's unimpressed with PM's answer

Ed Balls and Ed Miliband

Sir Menzies on inquiry lessons

Former Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell - whose party voted against the 2003 Iraq War - says he is aware of "no evidence" that any witness has sought to alter the progress of the official inquiry by delaying it. But he is aware of reports of instances of illness among members of the inquiry, he tells MPs. Sir Menzies says the lessons to be learned from this is that future inquiries should be "judge-led with a strict timetable". Mr Cameron says he makes "a very strong point".

Andy Bell, Political Editor, Channel 5 News


Tweets: Jack Straw trying to get question would be good to hear from him on inquiry #pmqs @5_News

Picture: NHS

David Cameron
(r-l) Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, Health secretary Jeremy Hunt and Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb support the Prime Minister during questions over the NHS

Nicholas Watt, Guardian Political Correspondent


Tweets: It's 12.25 + first person to speak #PMQs about Chilcot who voted against Iraq War speaks: @HackneyAbbott

Mental health

A question from Conservative MP Dame Angela Watkinson on mental health, prompts David Cameron to say he is glad that it is getting a much higher profile than it has in the past. He says a key challenge is ensuring people with mental health problems get into work.

Diane Abbott

Labour MP Diane Abbott gets a big cheers from the Tory benches as she stands to ask her question, which is on the Iraq Inquiry. She says it is important to find out the reason for the delay - warning about the potential impact on public confidence. David Cameron says there is "no mystery" around why it's taking so long - explaining that proper processes have to be followed, as people criticised in the report have the right to respond.

Norman Smith, BBC Assistant Political Editor


Tweets: Scottish Govt plans to hold debate on #chilcot next week in Scottish Parliament


It's the NHS again. Labour MP Toby Perkins claims GP recruitment numbers have been adversely affected by the government's reorganisation and handling of the NHS. David Cameron says there are 1,000 more GPs working in the NHS than in 2010 - and criticised Labour's record on the NHS.

Pictire: David Cameron laughs at a Labour attack

David Cameron