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  1. Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy will quit the post next month, after tabling reform plan, he tells press conference
  2. Prospective leaders of the UK Labour Party take part in a five-way "hustings" at a London conference
  3. UKIP's only MP Douglas Carswell, writing in the Times, says party leader Nigel Farage "needs to take a break"
  4. Chancellor George Osborne announces in the Sun that he will hold a Budget on 8 July - his second this year

Live Reporting

By Rob Corp and Aiden James

All times stated are UK

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A resignation, a hustings and an early Budget

A quick recap of a day which has been dominated by debate over the future of the Labour Party but which began with an announcement from the Conservatives.

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy is to resign just months after taking on the job - despite surviving a vote of no confidence at a meeting of the party's national executive in Glasgow.

Contenders to succeed Ed Miliband as UK Labour leader have taken part in a hustings event organised by centre-left think tank Progress. Differences emerged over the last Labour government's record on spending and over immigration.

Chancellor George Osborne has announced the date of the next Budget - 8 July. An unusual move, since the most recent Budget took place in March.

 "I don't want to wait to deliver on the commitments we have made to working people," said an impatient Mr Osborne.

Thanks for reading. More coverage tomorrow, when the Andrew Marr Show is on BBC One at 09:00, and throughout the day.

Murphy departure 'destructive'

Labour MP John Woodcock, chair of the Progress think tank whose conference is being held today, said Jim Murphy's departure was "so destructive".

We have lost the man who was head and shoulders the best leader of the Labour Party for Scotland. Everyone involved in this has got to decide now what is it that they want for the future of our party and the country that they all profess to stand up for. We are all devastated for Jim... It was madness to try to depose the man who had won (the leadership) so clearly last year, and had given such direction to the Scottish party, before the dust has even settled on defeat."

Harman pays tribute to Murphy

Harriet Harman

Acting Labour leader Harriet Harman pays tribute to departing Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy.

Jim has given so much to the Labour Party over the last 20 years. He, I know reluctantly, took the responsibility for leading Scottish Labour at the most difficult election they have ever faced. He did so with incredible energy, purpose and dignity."

Daily Telegraph leader writer's variation on 'reverse ferret'

Jim Murphy has resigned. He's done a reverse Farage: they asked him to stay and he went.

Daily Telegraph leader writer's variation on 'reverse ferret'

Jim Murphy has resigned. He's done a reverse Farage: they asked him to stay and he went.

Popular with Progress

The audience at the Progress conference gives Dan Jarvis a standing ovation.

Will he feel more pressure to stand for the leadership?

Labour 'did not cause banking crisis'

Dan Jarvis echoes arguments made earlier by leadership contenders Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham.

Let's be clear - Labour did not cause the global banking crisis... but we were hamstrung because he hadn't set the record straight."

'Clause One moment'

Dan Jarvis

Addressing the Progress conference, Barnsley East MP Dan Jarvis refers to Labour's "Clause Four moment" - when the party agreed with then-leader Tony Blair to drop a clause committing it to public ownership of industry from its constitution.

He claims that Labour must make even more fundamental changes.

"This is not a Clause Four moment. This is a Clause One moment."

'Tough questions' for Labour

Labour MP Dan Jarvis - who recently ruled himself out of the leadership race - is addressing the Progress conference.

He tells colleagues that "this is not a time to mourn" but to "reflect [and] renew".

But "we also need to ask tough questions of ourselves", he adds.

The Conservatives presided over "the slowest economic recovery in 100 years... vandalised our National Health Service... and failed in its core promise to balance the books", he says.

"Yet still we lost."

Jarvis won't stand

BBC political correspondent at Progress annual conference

Dan Jarvis confirms he won't stand for the Labour leadership despite pressure to change his mind

Co-op 'to continue funding Labour'

The Co-operative Group will continue funding the Co-operative Party - which has close ties to Labour - to the tune of around £1m a year, following a vote at its annual general meeting.

The Co-operative Party stands election candidates jointly with Labour.

Today's motion to approve political funding "not to exceed £1m per annum" was carried by 55.17% to 44.83%.

You can read our full story here .

Channel 4's political correspondent ponders

So Scottish Labour now seeking 8th leader since 1999 - after Dewar, McLeish, McConnell, Alexander, Gray, Lamont & Murphy. Have I missed any?

Labour contest 'a farce'

Chancellor George Osborne has been scathing about the Labour leadership contest, calling it "a farce":

The Labour leadership contest has descended into farce. But it's not actually about personalities. I don't think the Labour Party any more represents the working people of this country who aspire to a better life. And it's the Conservative Party who does now speak for the working people of Britain. And in our Budget, we will have a Budget for working people"

The immigration question

The Labour leadership candidates taking part in the Progress hustings are asked: What do you say to people who feel they are being squeezed out and undercut by migrants, and left behind by technology?

Liz Kendall: "One of the mistakes of the last government was to be a bit too cavalier about the impacts of globalisation... [but] we can either seek to blame others for the problems we face... all we can say to people is 'We will give you the skills, knowledge, confidence, chances and choices to make a better life for yourself'... We cannot try and simply turn the clock back."

Andy Burnham: "We have to deal with it more upfront than that... We have haemorrhaged votes amongst C2s, DEs in the last decade... As a party we must always defend free movement, but... we shouldn't say it follows that we support freedom to claim."

Yvette Cooper: "Britain's long been an outward-looking country and we have to stay so, and we know how much we depend on the investment from Europe... We have to make sure the [immigration] system is controlled and managed so that it's fair."

Mary Creagh: "It is totally wrong that agencies are recruiting exclusively from abroad... I'm talking about the exploitation of people coming in... I think it's really important that we keep to the principle of free movement."

Tristram Hunt: "These are the huge challenges facing the future of the UK... Immigration has put pressure on wage rates... The uncomfortable truth is... [people who are being undercut] have to go up the value chain, and the state has to support [them]. The way you get through immigration questions is education and skills."

From the victor to the vanquished?

First minister of Scotland tweets about outgoing Scottish Labour leader

I wish Jim Murphy all the very best for the future. Leadership is not easy and he deserves credit for standing up for what he believes in.

Jobs a good 'un?

At the Progress think tank conference in central London

Labour leadership candidates are asked: how could you encourage a UK equivalent of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs? 

Tristram Hunt: "It begins with school and education, and it begins with creativity, and valuing creativity."

Liz Kendall: "The best ideas that I've seen in creating incredible new industries and companies come by bringing people from different backgrounds together."

Andy Burnham: "Take taxes off aspiration."

Yvette Cooper: "If we're really going to think about the Steve Jobs of the future... One of the questions has got to be: 'Why is it Steve Jobs, and not Stephanie?'"

Mary Creagh: "We need to make sure all of our towns and cities and villages are connected - the future is digital."

A different beast

Labour a very different party post-election. Leader, Scottish leader, shadow chancellor and shadow foreign secretary all going/gone.

The way of the dodo?

A political journalist for the Scotsman writes

Another step towards annihilation for @scottishlabour with @JimForScotIand effectively forced out...a party with no interest in survival

Murphy not seeking Holyrood seat

One last thing to mention from outgoing Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy's press conference of the last hour - he won't, as was originally the plan, now be seeking election to the Scottish Parliament at next year's Holyrood elections. You can read our story about today's dramatic developments here .

'We'll be back, we'll win again"

Outgoing Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy is asked about his future career plans. "I'll take some time to reflect, I'll always be on call if anyone seeks any point in calling me, I won't be a back-seat driver, I will offer my permanent, unconditional support to my successor," he says.

I will never leave the Labour Party - I love the Labour Party and the Labour Party will be back, it'll be back strong because it's built from an idea, not from machine politics. We'll be back, we'll win again."

Murphy: More power to the party

Jim Murphy

So what happened there in Glasgow? Basically, despite surviving a no-confidence vote today, Jim Murphy is quitting as Scottish Labour Party leader and he wants a new head in place by the summer. He wants to leave the party's top job with a plan for reform - he criticises the electoral college system used for electing a leader and replacing it with one member one vote. He speaks of a decade of demise for the Scottish Labour Party, acknowledging its problems did not began last week at the general election.

Murphy 'to quit next month'

Speaking to reporters in Glasgow after winning the backing of his executive in a no-confidence vote, Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy says he will come up with a plan to reform the party next month but will also tender his resignation as leader because of divisions over his election to the post - however, he states, it will be up to the party's executive committee whether it accepts his resignation.

Murphy survives as Scottish Labour leader

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy, ex cabinet minister and ex-MP for East Renfrewshire, has survived a vote of no confidence at a meeting of his party's executive committee.

Meanwhile, as the media waits in Glasgow for news

Back to the Labour leadership "hustings" in London

Andy Burnham message on NHS privatisation usually goes down well with Labour members. Not so the Progress crowd #pac15

Is Jim Murphy still leader of Scottish Labour?

The under-pressure ex-MP is expected at a press conference at Scottish Labour HQ in Glasgow - after a meeting of the party's executive following the general election which saw Labour lose all but one of its Westminster seats in Scotland - all to the dominant Scottish National Party.

As Bill Clinton said, it's the economy, stupid

Back at the Labour leadership "hustings"

Labour leadership candidates are asked: How will you rebuild economic credibility for the Labour party?

Mary Creagh: "People have forgotten the econoic credibility that the last Labour government had... Were we wrong to run that structural deficit before the crash? Probably not, but this was a question of a few billion."

Tristram Hunt: "We should admit that we spent too much in the last Labour government."

Liz Kendall: "The effective stewardship of the public finances is essential to winning back people's trust... There's absolutely nothing progressive about spending more on debt interest payments than educating our children."

Andy Burnham: "We must demonstrate to people that we can run sound public finances, that you can get the deficit down but in a balanced way, not all from tax increases, nor from spending cuts."

Yvette Cooper: "At the heart of this has to be a strong economy in all parts of the country, not just some."

Waiting for the verdict

BBC Scotland correspondent brings us a Jim Murphy update

Still waiting for news from @JimForScotland Could be another 5 mins as meeting is just finishing. Updates will be on @BBCNews

UK ambitions

The Labour leadership candidates are asked: What does Britain look like under your Labour government?

Yvette Cooper: "We want it to be stronger and fairer... We have to unite our communities, we have to defend that core Labour value that we are stronger when we stand together than when we leave people to sink or swim alone."

Mary Creagh "I want to see a country that is united, outward looking, and can face the future with confidence."

Tristram Hunt: "I'd like to see cultural confidence, where people fell they can celebrate their Scottishness, their English identity, their Welsh identity, a Labour party that supports that." He adds he wants "a much smarter level of public expenditure".

Liz Kendall: "I came into politics because I believe in the equal worth of every single human being in this country."

Andy Burnham: "I want [people]... to feel an emotional connection with [a Labour government].

Pic: Heir to Blair

Ex-PM Tony Blair's son Euan at Prospect Labour think tank conference

Euan Blair

Too late?

The Sun political correspondent on Labour leadership hopefuls

Labour leadership candidates at #pac15 talking about getting the deficit down. But under Tory plan they won't have a deficit if they are PM.

Leadership hopefuls grilled

Leadership hopefuls

The Labour leadership candidates (and a potentially undeclared candidate in the case of Tristram Hunt) at the Progress meeting are asked a question, and each given the chance to respond.

How come the shadow cabinet are only saying now that Labour's election campaign was wrong?

Andy Burnham: "We are a team, and politics is about loyalty... Ed was the leader, I was loyal to Ed, loyal to Gordon, loyal to Tony. That's right. I think, we should be loyal in politics."

Yvette Cooper: "We have to take responsibility for this."

Mary Creagh: "We all have to take collective responsibility."

Tristram Hunt: "I didn't think the result was going to be as bad as it was... The Conservatives are frankly surprised at the scale of their victory."

Liz Kendall: "I did argue that we needed to focus on reform of our public services to get better value for money... Ed was our leader, he got our loyalty and support."

Dance of the seven veils

Executive politics editor, HuffingtonPost, writes

.@TristramHuntMP :"I'll set out my own position next week" Dance of the seven veils continues?

Tristram mobbed

Executive poltics editor, HuffingtonPost writes...

Tristram Hunt mobbed by cameras as he arrives

Tristram Hunt mobbed by cameras as he arrives

Crosby comment

Economist public policy editor writes...

Lynton Crosby says political class "live inside M25 & could never live on the £26,000". Both of which criteria apply, of course to Lynton.

Former MP Sir Peter Fry dies

Sir Peter Fry, who was the Conservative MP for Wellingborough for 28 years, has died at the aged of 83.

He won the Northamptonshire seat in a by-election in 1969 and held it until he lost it by 187 votes in 1997. That election was also marred by Sir Peter having a heart attack during the campaign. He blamed his defeat on UKIP intervening to poll 1,192 votes.

Farage to 'purge plotters'

Nigel Farage is to sack UKIP economic spokesman Patrick O'Flynn as part of a "purge" of UKIP "coup plotters", The Telegraph reports . Other people who face possible disciplinary action are UKIP deputy chair Suzanne Evans, and Douglas Carswell, the party’s only MP.

Rainy day mistake

Liam Byrne says Labour didn't save enough for a rainy day because it wrongly thought boom and bust had been abolished - not enough caution