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  1. May holds talks with Trump in the Oval office
  2. PM hopes to re-energise Anglo-American relationship
  3. PM lays wreath at Arlington Cemetery
  4. Labour shadow cabinet minister quits over Brexit bill vote

Live Reporting

By Jackie Storer and Tom Bateman

All times stated are UK

That's all, folks

That's it for today's Politics Live page following Theresa May's meeting with US President Donald Trump in Washington DC. 

Here are some of the day's highlights:

Until next time, goodbye.

Theresa May 'failed to stand up for our values'

The Labour leader tweets...

Donald Trump's intense first week

A Trump supporter waves a Make America Great Again flag
Getty Images

Today's press conference with Theresa May rounds off Donald Trump's first seven days in power. 

Donald Trump promised that he would deliver big things for the American people from the moment he came into office. To call his first week "yuge", as he might say, would be an understatement.

Mr Trump's first seven days in office have seen a flurry of executive orders, a war declared by his team on the mainstream media, some of the largest protests ever held in the United States, and the coining of a term - "alternative facts" - that could come to define the White House under his tenure.

The BBC website has published more than 200 stories and videos about or relating to President Trump since inauguration day.

It's been a busy week.


US-UK state visits, past and present

The BBC's royal correspondent tweets...

Trump and May 'committed' to Nato

Donald Trump and Theresa May speak at a White House press conference
European Photopress Agency

US President Donald Trump and UK Prime Minister Theresa May have reaffirmed their commitment to the Nato alliance after White House talks.

Mrs May confirmed Mr Trump is "100% behind Nato" despite the president's recent comments calling the transatlantic alliance obsolete.

Both leaders said they would work to establish trade negotiation agreements.

Mrs May also said Mr Trump had accepted an invitation from the Queen for a state visit later this year.


Watch: 'There goes that relationship'

The BBC's Laura Kuenssberg asks the big questions...

Trump jokes to May after BBC question: 'There goes that relationship"

May and Trump, hand-in-hand

The BBC's political editor tweets...

May visit 'an honour'

The American president tweets...

A softer tone from President Trump

The BBC's North America editor tweets...

US media focus closer to home?

Channel 5's political editor tweets...

A different UK-US relationship

The talkRADIO host tweets...

The story of Churchill's bust

Reality Check

George Bush sits by the bust of Winston Churchill
AFP/Getty Images

A bust of Winston Churchill on display in the Oval Office has become a symbol of the "special relationship" - what people call the close post-war ties between the UK and US. 

Former President Barack Obama sparked outrage in some quarters when he removed the bust to make way for one of civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King. 

The thing is, there are two busts of Churchill, that have both been displayed in the White House. 

As the Washington Post reports, the bust removed by President Obama - and recently put back by President Trump - was originally loaned to Obama's predecessor George W Bush by Tony Blair. 

Even when that one was returned to the British ambassador's residence during the Obama presidency, there was always still a bust of Churchill in the White House - the 1946 original by the artist Jacob Epstein. 

Trump state visit to include awkward dinner conversation?

The BBC's royal correspondent tweets...

In pictures: Theresa and Donald meet the press

May and Trump
May and Trump
Getty Images
Trump and May

British journalists show US counterparts how it's done

BBC presenter tweets...

Theresa May: We can agree to disagree

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg's challenge to Mr Trump about his support for torture, Russia, banning Muslims and punishment for abortion prompted the US president to joke with Theresa May: "This was your choice of a question. There goes that relationship."

Quizzed about how she would deal with areas on which the two leaders disagreed, Mrs May said: 

I have been listening to the president and the president has been listening to me. That's the point of having a conversation and a dialogue. There will be times when we disagree and issues on which we disagree. The point of the special relationship is that we are able to have that open and frank discussion so we are able to make that clear when it happens. But I am clear also that there are many issues on which the UK and the US stand alongside one another, many issues on which we agree."

She said an "even stronger special relationship" would be in the interests of the wider world. 

Watch: BBC's political editor asks if there were any disagreements?

Trump to think again on torture?

The BBC's North America correspondent tweets...

The Queen's invitation to Donald Trump

During the press conference, Theresa May invited the US president to visit the UK.

And in a further sign of the importance of that relationship I have today been able to convey Her Majesty the Queen's hope that President Trump and the First Lady would pay a state visit to the United Kingdom later this year and I'm delighted that the president has accepted that invitation."

Watch: Trump '100% behind Nato'

Donald Trump: 'Great days lie ahead for our two countries'

Donald Trump told reporters that "great days lie ahead for our two peoples and our two countries", adding that it was a "really great honour" to have Theresa May visit the US

The UK prime minister replied: 

Thank you for inviting me so soon after your inauguration and I'm delighted to be able to congratulate you on what was a stunning election victory. And, as you say, the invitation is an indication of the strength and importance of the special relationship that exists between our two countries, a relationship based on the bonds of history, of family, kinship and common interests."

Trump hails Brexit

The BBC's North America correspondent tweets...

"I think brexit is going to be a wonderful thing," says #Trump at joint presser.

Pic: Donald Trump criticises the EU

Donald Trump

Donald Trump: We pledge our lasting support to our special relationship

During the joint press conference between Donald Trump and Theresa May, the US president said:

The special relationship between our two countries has been one of the great forces in history for justice and for peace. Today the United States renews our deep bond with Britain - military, financial, culture and political. We pledge our lasting support to this most special relationship."

Theresa May on common ground with President Trump

The prime minister said: "We have already struck up a good relationship."

Theresa May emphasised the common views she shares with the new US president, saying: "One of the things we have in common is we want to put the interests of ordinary working people right up there, centre stage."

Donald Trump hails 'fantastic relationship' with Theresa May

Donald Trump says he believes he's going to have "a fantastic relationship" with Theresa May.

Elaborating further about links between the two nations and giving his views on Brexit, Mr Trump said: "We will be talking to your folks about Brexit - Brexit was an example of what was to come.

"I think Brexit will go down as being a fantastic thing for the United Kingdom... and not a liability."

Trump: 'We'll see what happens' with US-Mexico relations

Asked about his call earlier on Friday with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, President Trump said: "I had a very good call, I have been very strong on Mexico."

But, he continued, in trade terms they have "beaten us to a pulp under our previous leaders".

The US president said he had spoken to the Mexican leader for around an hour, discussing what he called "a fair relationship and a new relationship."

Mr Trump said: "The United States cannot continue to lose vast amounts of business, vast amounts of companies and millions and millions of people losing their jobs."

'That won't happen with me... we're no longer going to be the country that doesn't know what it's doing," he continued. 

Prince Charles to talk green issues with President Trump?

BBC royal correspondent tweets...

Donald Trump on Mexico: We cannot continue to lose vast amounts of business

Donald Trump, continuing to talk about the US relationship with Mexico, insisted that the US "cannot continue to lose vast amounts of business", companies and millions of people losing their jobs.

He said: "We're no longer going to be the country that doesn't know what it's doing, so were going to renegotiate our trade deals."

Donald Trump: I happen to feel torture works

Pressed by the BBC about his remarks about torture, Donald Trump said he will rely on the advice of his Secretary of Defence, retired general James Mattis.

The US president said Mr Mattis had stated publicly that he "does not necessarily believe in torture or waterboarding - I don't necessarily agree, but he will over-ride"

"He's highly respected so I'm going to rely on him," Mr Trump said.

"I happen to feel it does work, but I'm going with our leaders and we're going to win with or without, but I do disagree."

Watch: May announces Trump state visit

Theresa May: 'Frank' discussions on Trump torture comments

In response to a question from the BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg on Donald Trump's comments regarding torture and abortion, the prime minister said: "I've been listening to the president and the president has been listening to me... that's the point of having a dialogue."

Mrs May added: "The point of the special relationship is that we are able to have that frank and open discussion."

May on Russia

The prime minister says sanctions on Russia should not be lifted, and that she believes "sanctions should continue until we see the Minsk agreement completed".

Donald Trump hails 'productive talks' with Theresa May

Donald Trump says "we've really had some very interesting talks, some very productive talks" with Theresa May.

It would be a "positive" to have a good relationship with Russia, he said.

Theresa May: Trade deal between US and UK 'in our national interests'

Theresa May says her talks with Donald Trump were a "significant" development, particularly on trade.

"I'm convinced that a trade deal between the US and UK is in both our national interests," Mrs May says.

US and UK discuss so-called 'Islamic State'

Theresa May says she discussed so-called "Islamic State" with Donald Trump and she stressed that the US president is 100% behind Nato.

Mrs May says she has pledged to encourage her European partners to contribute 2% of GDP on defence so the burden is more fairly shared.

Trump-May press conference begins

Theresa May and Donald Trump

Donald Trump to visit the UK on a state visit

Theresa May congratulated Donald Trump for a "stunning" electoral victory.

She said the Queen has invited Mr Trump to the UK and she is "delighted" he has accepted that invitation.

The US is renewing its "deep bond with Britain" - Trump

US President Donald Trump begins a White House press conference with Theresa May by saying it is a great honour to have the first visit from a foreign leader.

"The special relationship between our two countries has been one of the great forces for history," he said.

"Today the US renews our deep bond with Britain."

The crowds await May and Trump

BBC political editor tweets...