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  1. The first of the BBC's big debates ahead of the EU Referendum takes place in Glasgow at 8pm
  2. This debate is aimed at younger voters, and will be in front of an audience of 18 to 29 year olds

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Reality Check

That's all from our live fact-checking this evening.

We've ticked four boxes on our bingo cards.

We'll be back for the special Question Time programmes on the EU Referendum next month.

How many consumers?

Reality Check

Alan Johnson says the British economy has been successful “as part of this huge single market - 520 million consumers that we sell into”.

The 520 million figure is a small exaggeration. 

The population of the EU is 508 million. The single market also includes Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein but that only takes the total population to about 514 million.

Taking UK jobs

Reality Check

More now on Diane James' claim that the 2.2 million EU workers in the UK have "taken effectively UK jobs”.

The overall number of people in employment in the UK increased by 409,000 between January and March 2015 and the same period in 2016, to a record 31.58 million people. 

Of that figure, 224,000 of the additional workers were EU citizens. However, what we don’t know is how many jobs there would be in the economy if the EU workers weren’t here. It would almost certainly be lower than the current number.

The government’s Migration Advisory Committee has looked into whether migrants displace UK workers. They found there could be an effect during economic downturns, but they were only looking at non-EU migrants, not those from inside the EU.

You can read more about it here.

Who has the best universities?

Reality Check

A member of the audience has suggested that the reason fellow audience members are studying in the UK and not elsewhere in Europe is because UK universities are better.

World University Rankings for 2015-16 lists six UK universities among the top 25. 

There are no universities from the other 27 EU countries listed among the top 25. 

If you read on to the top 100, you'll find 16 UK universities, nine German, eight Dutch, three Swedish, one French, one Belgian, one Finnish and one Danish.

Studying abroad

Reality Check

Liam Fox talking about Erasmus

Liam Fox has been talking about the Erasmus Programme, which encourages student exchanges.

And we've seen this Tweet from a viewer:

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“The Erasmus Programme is not just the European Union. It’s the European continent, so it’s countries like Turkey as well, Norway, Iceland,” Liam Fox says.

The Erasmus Programme is an exchange programme that enables students to go abroad to study for between 3 and 12 months. 

It’s co-ordinated by the European Union, but it does include five other countries: Turkey, Norway, Iceland, Macedonia, and Liechtenstein.

More on the cost of membership

Reality Check

Liam Fox talking aboput the cost of EU membership

Liam Fox says we pay £10bn a year net to the EU.

We actually paid just under £8.4bn net in 2014, not £10bn.

Meanwhile, Alex Salmond says the cost of Europe is 26p per day for each one of us.

If you divide that £8.4bn by 365 days and then by the population of 64 million you get to about 36p.

You can read more about it here.

Mobile phone roaming charges

Reality Check

Bingo card

Alex Salmond and an audience member have been talking about mobile phone roaming charges.

And that's the third square you can tick off on debate bingo.

It's fair for the EU to take credit for the abolition of roaming charges next year, but we can't say that if the UK left the EU that British consumers wouldn't still benefit from the deal, or that prices would go up.

You can read more about mobile roaming charges here.

Exports to the EU

Reality Check

Alan Johnson talking about exports

Alan Johnson says: “50% of our exports and seven out of the ten biggest countries we export to are in the European Union.” 

ONS figures suggest that 44% of the UK’s exports go to the EU so Alan Johnson is exaggerating a bit.

He’s right, though, that seven of our top 10 trading partners are in the EU: Germany, France, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Spain and Italy.

You can read more about that here.

EU workers in the UK

Reality Check

Diane James

Diane James says there are 2.2 million EU workers in the UK already and that they have effectively taken jobs away from British people. She also says there are 53% unemployment rates in some EU countries among young people.

The first point is right - the latest estimate by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggested that there were more than 2.2 million EU workers in the UK in 2015

Youth unemployment peaked in 2014, when it was 53.2 % in Spain and 52.4 % Greece. It has gone down since then and  according to the latest Eurostat figures, Greece had the highest youth unemployment rates of 51.9% in January 2016. Spain’s youth unemployment was 45.5 % in March 2016 and Italy’s 36.7%.

Do we send £350m a week to Brussels?

Reality Check

There's just been an argument among the panelists about the use of the figure of £350m a week being sent to the EU. 

And if you're playing debate bingo you should have just ticked off that figure.

The £350m a week figure is not correct.

You can read more about it here.

Does migration reduce wages?

Reality Check

Liam Fox

Liam Fox says: “The Bank of England have said that every 10% rise in the migrant population in the UK depresses wages by about a further 2%.”

Liam Fox is referring to a 2015 staff working paper by two Bank of England employees.

It’s not an official Bank of England report but the research does suggest that an increase in immigration has an impact on wages. 

In most parts of the economy the effect they find is smaller than the 2% Liam Fox quotes but they conclude that the biggest effect is in the semi/unskilled services sector, where a 10 percentage point rise in the proportion of immigrants is associated with a 2% reduction in pay.

But that would be a very large increase in immigration.

You can read more about it here.

Playing EU Referendum bingo

Reality Check

Bingo card with Norway ticked off

If you're playing our EU Referendum debate bingo, you should have just ticked off your first box, with Alex Salmond having just mentioned "Norway".

If you haven't yet printed out your card you can find it here.

Who is on the panel?

Reality Check

Screengrab from EU debate rehearsals

There is a panel of four this evening.

Making the case for leaving the European Union are Conservative former Defence Secretary Liam Fox and Ukip Member of the European Parliament Diane James.

Arguing to stay in the EU are former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond and former Home Secretary Alan Johnson.

Welcome to Reality Check's live fact-checking

Reality Check

Hello and welcome to an evening of live fact-checking with the Reality Check team.

The debate hosted by Victoria Derbyshire starts at 8pm.

You can watch it live on BBC1 or listen in on Radio 5Live.

This debate will be aimed at younger voters, and will be in front of an audience of 18 to 29 year olds.