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  1. MPs on the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee, and the Work and Pensions Committee questioned the chairman of Arcadia, Sir Philip Green.
  2. The day in the Chamber started with Cabinet Office questions; followed by the final PMQs before the EU referendum.
  3. The main business of the day was an Opposition day debate on the economic benefits of UK membership of the EU.
  4. After questions, peers conducted a series of debates on EU committee reports on the UK's membership of the EU.

Live Reporting

By Georgina Pattinson

All times stated are UK

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Home Secretary Theresa May tells the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg the government "should look at further reform" of EU free movement if Britain votes to remain.

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Goodbye and thanks for joining us today

And that's where we're going to leave our coverage from the House of Commons and House of Lords this evening.

Thanks for joining us - and remember, there are no sittings of the Houses of Parliament until Monday 27 June. The first item of business for MPs on their first day back? Defence questions...

Until then, goodbye.

Result announced

EU debate and adjournment debate

House of Commons


The vote is announced - and it's 257 for the ayes - and no votes for the noes.

That's a majority of 257 in favour of the motion...

We're now on to the adjournment debate - on the Tees Valley inward investment initiative, led by the Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop.

Voting underway

EU debate

House of Commons


MPs have divided to vote on the Labour motion. We should get a result at about 7.15pm.

The motion is:

That this House believes that the UK needs to stay in the EU because it offers the best framework for trade, manufacturing, employment rights and cooperation to meet the challenges the UK faces in the world in the twenty-first century; and notes that tens of billions of pounds worth of investment and millions of jobs are linked to the UK's membership of the EU, the biggest market in the world."

Government case made by minister

Economic benefits of EU membership

House of Commons


Chief Secretary to the Treasury Greg Hands sums up for the government.

He says it falls to him to make the final case from the dispatch box, before the referendum.

"There is no going back from the choice we make as a nation next Thursday," he says. 

That makes it all the more important that we make the most of the opportunities like this debate to look at what is in the interest of the UK, he says.

Of the 53 speakers today, 46 support staying in the EU, he points out, including Wendy Morton, the Conservative MP who announced she would be voting Remain today.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Greg Hands was flanked by the Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb and the Business Secretary, Sajid Javid
Sir Philip Green

Sir Philip Green apologises to MPs for the 'sad' demise of BHS and claims he is working on a 'solution' to the £571m pension scheme deficit.

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Summing up afternoon's debate

Economic benefits of EU membership debate

House of Commons


Seema Malhotra

Labour's Seema Malhotra is now summing up for Labour.

She mentions colleagues and opponents from around the House, who have spoken about the campaign and how they will vote.

And she says in terms of manufacturing and trade, the UK is better in the European Union.

Time getting short

Economic benefits of EU membership debate

House of Commons


Speaker John Bercow is back in the chair as the debate on the economic benefits of EU membership draws to a conclusion.

He's announced, as well, that a three minute time limit to speeches now applies, to let everyone who wants to speak to get in.

Sunny afternoon

BBC journalist tweets

Laura Kuenssberg interviews Theresa May
The BBC's Laura Kuenssberg interviews Theresa May about immigration, leadership and why she wants to stay in the EU - and where she has been during the referendum campaign.

Tory MP announces decision to vote Remain

Economic benefits of EU membership

Wendy Morton

Conservative Wendy Morton - one of the MPs who had not announced which way she was going to vote - reveals her decision.

She says that she will support the Remain campaign.

She says that she sometimes feels "more Northern" than British or European; and believes that the EU needs reform - but she finishes by saying it is right for her and her constituents to vote Remain.

Tory MP Wendy Morton says she's decided to back Remain.

Operation Sophia: what are the figures?

EU Committee reports debate

House of Lords


The EU naval mission to tackle people smuggling in the central Mediterranean is failing to achieve its aims, peers have said.

In a report, the House of Lords EU Committee said Operation Sophia does not "in any meaningful way" disrupt smugglers' boats.

So what is Operation Sophia?

  • Almost 14,000 migrants rescued since operation began (22 June 2015)
  • 114 people smugglers' boats seized
  • 69 suspected smugglers and traffickers arrested by Italian authorities
  • Operation has five warships - Italian flagship Cavour, two German, one UK, one Spanish
  • And seven aircraft (three helicopters, four planes)

Source: EUNavFor Med - Operation Sophia, 13 May 2016

Operation Sophia and the migrant crisis

EU Committee reports debate

House of Lords


German and Finnish forces are seen here helping rescued migrants to board a German warship

Peers continue to debate the EU Committee reports on migrant smuggling and on Operation Sophia.

Operation Sophia was set up a year ago after hundreds of people drowned in the central Mediterranean, trying to cross from Libya to Italy.

However a committee of peers concluded that while the mission has saved thousands of lives - it is not having any meaningful impact on the smuggling networks themselves.

Don't miss it

BBC's political editor tweets

From the backbenches

Economic benefits of EU membership

Following Labour's Helen Goodman comes Conservative Steve Double, the MP for St Austell and Newquay.

He says he feels an isolated voice in the chamber - certainly, many of the voices heard in the latter part of this debate in the Commons are pro Remain.

Steve Double speaks
Steve Double speaking in the chamber in favour of a Leave vote

Badges on display

Economic benefits of EU membership debate

House of Commons


MPs debating in the chamber today are displaying their allegiances, like these two Conservative MPs.

Flick Drummond
Flick Drummond was sporting a badge showing she was for Remain...
Sheryll Murray
...while Sheryll Murray showed she was voting Leave with her lapel badge.

Redrawn constituency boundaries 'out of date', say Labour peers

By Keith Macdougall, BBC Today in Parliament

Houses of Parliament

Two Labour peers say the re-drawn map of parliamentary constituencies may be out of date following the addition of new voters to the electoral list ahead of the EU referendum.

Parliament has agreed the Commons should be reduced from 650 MPs to 600 to save money, and the Boundary Commissions for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are due to publish their plans for new constituencies in September.

At question time, Lord Grocott said it was welcome that "substantially increased numbers of people" had registered to vote in recent weeks. 

But does that not have clear implications for the work of the parliamentary Boundary Commission? It is now likely to report on the basis of substantially out-of-date electoral registration figures."

Lord Campbell Savours said as many as "a million new people" were on the register and said: "Surely, people on those registers should now be taken into account in the setting of boundaries; otherwise, the boundaries will be false boundaries and not relevant." 

Government minister Lord Bridges told peers:

Without defined data and a set of registers to assess, it is impossible to run a review. Registers for a boundary review are necessarily a snapshot."

Blue vs blue in EU debate

Economic benefits of EU membership debate

House of Commons


The EU debate has been characterised by many Conservative MPs disagreeing with each other over the UK's membership of the EU.

During the debate today, Plymouth MP Oliver Colvile insisted the UK's job in Europe is to maintain the balance of power and warned that it could be undermined if voters backed Brexit. 

History shows that when Britain retreats from the continent it tends to be dragged back in to fight wars, he said.

The reason I will be voting to remain in is because frankly I don't trust the Germans and the French to run Europe without us being there at that table keeping them at close heel."

Oliver Colville

Tory Brexit campaigner Sir Bill Cash called the EU a "kind of dictatorship" and said Brussels damaged UK democracy. 

The Stone MP said:

What really troubles me however is when the majority voting system and the decisions are taken behind closed doors are so manifestly undemocratic, it is impossible to justify, and it becomes a kind of dictatorship behind closed doors. We in this House make our decisions based upon speeches which are made in public, which are reported, the votes are there, we're held to be accountable. This is not the case in the European Union."

Sir Bill Cash

MPs continue debate

House of Commons


MPs continue to debate the UK's membership of the EU.

This evening, Parliament will go into recess and politicians will be free to campaign for either Leave or Remain.

And the referendum will be decided on 23 June.

BreakingSir Philip Green 'before the bar of public opinion'

Philip Green
Getty Images

Iain Wright, chair of the Business select committee, and Frank Field, chair of the Work and Pensions committee, have issued a statement:  

“We thank Sir Philip for giving us six hours of evidence in Parliament today, and we were pleased to hear that he is still trying to put together a better deal for the BHS pensioners. We hope he will come up with an offer that is satisfactory to The Pension Regulator. However, he doesn’t only have to satisfy The Pensions Regulator, today he is before the bar of public opinion. Much of his reputation now depends on how generously he responds.

“Today’s evidence raised host of further questions and we first want to get much more detail on the structure of various companies, particularly those owned by Lady Cristina Green, the profits they have made and the tax they have paid.

“We have more witnesses scheduled at the end of June and in the last few days we have received a huge amount of further evidence. We have many further questions for Sir Philip, particularly the big questions on the pension fund that he was unable to answer today.”

Finishing the day in the Lords

EU debates

House of Lords


The final debate of the day in the House of Lords is about to begin. It's on two motions, to be debated together.

Baroness Prashar will move that this House takes note of the report from the European Union Committee which is called The EU Action Plan against migrant smuggling. Also on the agenda, Lord Tugendhat will present the European Union Committee's report on Operation Sophia, the EU’s naval mission in the Mediterranean: an impossible challenge.

EU quiz: how much do you know?

As the EU referendum campaign enters its final days, both sides have been accused of distortion and fear-mongering in their claims for what might happen if they lose. How many claims can you remember?  

EU referendum quiz: Strange claims, counter-claims (and a weird omen)

Leave supporters hold flags as they stand on Westminster Bridge
Labours Women In For Britain campaign pose for the media outside Birmingham Council House
Getty Images

What does your MP think?

BBC News

BBC Politics

How do government ministers and MPs from all the parties in the House of Commons line up when it comes to the UK's membership of the EU?

The BBC has produced a handy guide to finding out what your MP thinks.

Sir Philip Green

Jamie Robertson

Business reporter, BBC News

Former BHS owner Sir Philip Green gives a consummate performance as he is grilled by MPs who are investigating the demise of the retailer.

Read more

Sir Philip Green questioning ends

BHS inquiry

Select Committee


After a hugely long session, the questioning of Sir Philip Green has come to an end. It's been a mammoth question session.

You can read the BBC Business story here.


BBC's personal finance correspondent tweets

Arguments made

Conservative MP tweets

Sir Philip regrets sale to Dominic Chappell
The former owner of BHS has apologised to staff for the collapse of BHS and promised to help "sort out" a deficit of more than £570 million in its pensions fund.

Colleague's praise

SNP MP tweets

In or out - the issues driving the debate

What are the issues?

The BBC has produced a clickable guide on the issues that crop up in the EU referendum debate.

Consumer affairs, and how pricing, safety testing and ensuring customers are treated fairly, is discussed; as well as the cost of membership, education and research; energy and environment; farming and fishing and many other issues. 

Explore the BBC's clickable guide of the EU referendum issues.

EU and UK flags
Getty Images

Difficult hearing

The Times's sketchwriter tweets

EU referendum: all you need to know

Q&A on the referendum

EU and UK flags

The referendum being held on Thursday 23 June will decide whether Britain should leave or remain in the European Union. 

Prime Minister David Cameron promised to hold a referendum if he won the 2015 general election, in response to growing calls from his own Conservative MPs and the UK Independence Party (UKIP), who argued that Britain had not had a say since 1975, when it voted to stay in the EU in a referendum

The EU has changed a lot since then, gaining more control over our daily lives, they argued. Mr Cameron said: "It is time for the British people to have their say. It is time to settle this European question in British politics."  

The UK's EU vote: All you need to know

Commons clash

Parliamentary reporters tweet

View more on twitter

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond is responding from the frontbench for the government in today's Opposition day debate.


Philip Green

"I don't like the way you're asking me the question," says Sir Philip, when asked if he found another way to get money to Dominic Chappell when the Marylebone House deal fell through.

Iain Wright interjects again, saying this is another example of the retail tycoon's thin skin.

Science community's view of the EU

EU Committee report

House of Lords


Lord Hunt of Chesterton is speaking about the EU membership and science. 

You can read the whole report here.

One of the conclusions from the committee was

The overwhelming balance of opinion made known to this Committee from the UK science community valued greatly the UK’s membership of the European Union. Science is a major component of the UK’s membership of the EU. Nearly one fifth (18.3%) of EU funding to the UK is spent on research and development (R&D). In the period 2007–13, EU Framework Programme 7 funding for science and research in the UK amounted to 3% of the UK’s total expenditure on R&D.

Pic: Opposition day debate

Economic benefits of EU membership

House of Commons


A busy day in the Commons, as MPs attend the last debate before the referendum recess

PM's 'referendum playbook' not working

The Daily Politics

Laura Kuenssberg says the PM's "playbook" for the referendum - based on focusing on the economic risk of abandoning the status quo as he did in last year's general election and the 2014 Scottish independence vote - has been proved to be wrong. 

The PM has been forced into a "much narrower and more uncomfortable position", she adds, with the growing reality the vote is as much about people's sense of identity as how well off the country is. Remain campaigners have been urging the PM to "offer more" to voters but Downing Street has stuck rigidly to its message in the belief that it will prevail.

Laura Kuenssberg on PMQs: Anything could happen

The Daily Politics

Some initial reaction to PMQs. BBC Political editor Laura Kuenssberg says it is a strange moment in British politics with a "real sense that anything might happen". 

There are a "multiplicity of possibilities" in the coming weeks, she adds, including the likelihood that David Cameron has just taken part in his last PMQs. She says she is not "foolish enough" to predict this but the fact that it is even being discussed shows the febrile atmosphere.

'Fantasy land'

Apparently, Dominic Chappell heard that BHS was up for sale through Paul Sutton - a potential buyer of BHS that Sir Philip had rejected as not being credible.

Sir Philip reiterates that he did not meet Mr Chappell until February 2015. One of the MPs says that Mr Chappell, who gave evidence to MPs last week, said they had met in Monaco previously.

So that's fantasy land then, asks the MP. "He does live there," retorts Sir Philip.