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  1. Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee
  2. Plenary begins at 1.30pm with Questions to the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport
  3. Questions to the Counsel General
  4. Topical Questions
  5. Debate: the Welsh Government's approach to Marine Protected Area management
  6. Welsh Conservatives debate: the Welsh road network
  7. Plaid Cymru debate: homelessness
  8. Short Debate: Calling for a charter for ‘Dignity in Retirement and the Security of Older People’

Live Reporting

By Alun Jones and Nia Harri

All times stated are UK


That's it from the Siambr for today.

Senedd Live returns on Tuesday 16 January.


Government fails to amend motions

The Labour government failed to amend both the Conservative and Plaid Cymru motions today.

The motions are not binding, but it is surprising that the government failed to stack up the numbers.

'Need to empower older people'

Janet Finch-Saunders calls for a Bill of Rights for Older People.

"We need to empower older people to feel ownership of their rights," she says.

Janet Finch-Saunders

Call for a charter for ‘dignity in retirement'

In her Short Debate, Janet Finch-Saunders (Aberconwy) calls for a charter for ‘Dignity in Retirement and the Security of Older People’.

Last week, Ms Finch-Saunders told an inquest her father Jack Finch was "badly let down" by the care he received before his death in hospital.

Older People

Consider abolishing 'priority need' within homelessness system

Minister for Housing and Regeneration Rebecca Evans draws attention to "the positive impact that the Welsh Government’s statutory framework under the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 has had in focusing the homelessness system onto prevention of homelessness and the firm foundation this provides for further action".

She says the Welsh Government will consider abolishing 'priority need' within the homelessness system and replacing it with a duty to provide an offer of suitable accommodation for all homeless people.

Rebecca Evans

'Modern prefabricated housing could address shortages'

UKIP's Caroline Jones calls on the Welsh Government to make use of modern prefabricated housing to address housing shortages.

Caroline Jones

'Establish a cross party commission'

David Melding expresses concern about the increase in homelessness in Wales and calls on the Welsh government to establish a cross party commission to agree a homelessness strategy to include ending rough sleeping by 2020.

David Melding

'Only two payslips away from homelessness'

Bethan Jenkins says most people are "only two payslips away from homelessness".

Bethan Jenkins

Plaid Cymru debate

We move on to the Plaid Cymru debate.

Bethan Jenkins calls on the Welsh Government to "abolish 'priority need' within the homelessness system and replace it with a duty to provide accommodation for all homeless people regardless of why they are homeless, as part of a move towards a ‘housing first’ policy".


'Ensure Wales gets its fair share of UK infrastructure investment'

Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport Ken Skates draws attention to the Welsh Government’s recently published National Transport Finance Plan that "sets out an ambitious programme of road, rail, bus and active travel improvements as part of a balanced and sustainable plan for transport investment".

He says the Welsh Government’s plan is to develop a five year programme of transport capital funding to support road, rail, bus and active travel infrastructure investment.

He calls on the UK Government to "ensure Wales gets its fair share of UK infrastructure investment and to work with the Welsh Government to examine innovative ways of funding future projects".

Ken Skates

Traffic congestion means early start for UKIP AM

UKIP's David Rowlands says that to attend a 9am meeting in the Senedd, he has to leave home in Griffithstown, Pontypool at 6.30am due to traffic congestion.

'Appropriate investment in all modes of transport'

Plaid Cymru's Adam Price says that "in order to better connect Wales’s communities, improve the quality of journeys for commuters and develop the Welsh economy, appropriate investment in all modes of transport, not just roads, is required , including railways, coaches and buses, air and water".

He regrets "the Welsh Government’s intention to commit all of its capital borrowing budget to build the M4 ‘Black route’ ".

Adam Price

Welsh Conservatives debate

The topic chosen for the first Welsh Conservatives debate of 2018 is the Welsh road network.

Russell George moves the Conservative motion, proposing that the assembly:

1. Notes the inability of the Welsh road network to cope with the current level of demand from motorists.

2. Regrets that Wales’s substandard road infrastructure is costing the Welsh economy hundreds of millions of pounds a year.

3. Acknowledges the vital importance of a fit-for-purpose and proper functioning road network for the long-term development of the Welsh economy.

4. Calls on the Welsh Government to work with the UK Government to look at innovative ways of funding future road projects.

One recommendation rejected by the Welsh Government

Lesley Griffiths, Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs, sets out the Welsh Government's response to the report, which can be seen in detail here.

One recommendation is rejected, that the Welsh Government "must explain how it intends to address the potential shortfall in funding for MPA work that is currently met by EU funds, such as the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and LIFE-Nature".

Lesley Griffiths explains, "It is not for the Welsh Government to explain what it is going to do to replace funding lost as a result of exiting the EU.

"The Welsh Government has been very clear it is for the UK Government to deliver on the referendum promise made by the Leave campaign that Wales will not lose a single penny as a result of leaving the EU".

Lesley Griffiths

Marine plan almost a decade in the making

Almost a decade in the making, the Welsh Government's Draft Welsh National Marine Plan sets out how seas should be used and protected over the next 20 years.

The Welsh Government says it was aiming for "clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse seas".

marine plan

Twelve recommendations by Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee

The first debate of the day is on the Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee report: Turning the tide? Report of the inquiry into the Welsh Government's approach to Marine Protected Area management.

Committee Chair Mike Hedges presents the report, which has 12 recommendations. The first of which is:

"For Wales to realise the benefits of its MPAs, sites must be managed effectively. The Welsh Government must provide leadership on this matter by developing, as a matter of urgency, an MPA strategy and ensuring that all management authorities, including the Welsh Government, are actively engaged in MPA management and fulfilling their duties and responsibilities."

Mike Hedges

Llywydd accepts Gareth Bennett's apology

In a personal statement, UKIP's Gareth Bennett says he's "sorry that people took offence" at his comments about transgender people in which he warned society could "implode" if there was too much "deviation from the norm".

He adds, "I wish to make it clear that I respect your authority as chair. I do, however, stand by the views I expressed about the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Bill."

The Llywydd accepts his apology.

He had been barred from speaking in Senedd debates until he apologised.

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90 Second Statements

We move on to the 90 Second Statements, which can be used to raise any subject of concern.

For example, a Member may raise matters of pressing concern to their constituents, draw attention to local issues, mark anniversaries or significant dates, or pay a tribute.

Topical Question 3: funding for the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon

Suzy Davies (South Wales West) asks: Will the First Minister make a statement on the announcement this morning of Welsh Government capital funding for the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon?

She refers to WalesOnline's understanding that a figure between £100 million and £200 million has been pledged by the Welsh Government.

Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford does not provide a figure "because it would depend crucially on the UK government coming forward with a figure on the strike price, and those two things are inter-locked with each other."

Mark Drakeford
Swansea tidal lagoon: We can't hang on forever, Carwyn Jones says
Wales' First Minister Carwyn Jones makes what he calls a "substantial" offer of investment to help kickstart plans for a £1.3bn tidal lagoon energy project in Swansea Bay.

Topical Question 2: impact of the EU Withdrawal Bill on Wales

Simon Thomas (Mid and West Wales) asks: Will the First Minister make a statement on the impact of the EU Withdrawal Bill on Wales, given that the UK Government has not tabled amendments relating to devolution to the Bill?

Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford says the amendments published by the UK government today do not address the Welsh Government's fundamental objection to the bill, which is that "it does not respect the devolution settlement". He adds this is "deeply disappointing".

Mr Thomas calls on the Welsh Government "not to trust the Tories" and bring forward it's own "Continuity Bill".

Mr Drakeford says he has "never trusted the Tories". He added: "We have a Continuity Bill that we have prepared that is in a state that is ready to be introduced and if we cant get a solution by our preferred route, which is to put the Withdrawal Bill in proper order, then we will have to bring forward the Bill."


Topical Question 1: NHS 'at breaking point'

Angela Burns (Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire) asks: Will the Cabinet Secretary provide an update on the crisis in the Welsh NHS this winter, in light of reports that services are at breaking point?

Health secretary Vaughan Gething says "despite activity in parts of the system that, at times, have been unprecedented, our dedicated and hard-working staff continue to provide a professional and compassionate response".

Angela Burns calls for an urgent assessment of how the £50m allocated for NHS winter pressures was spent and whether it made a difference.


Impact of the Acts of Union 1535-42 on the Welsh constitution

Simon Thomas asks what assessment has the Welsh Government made of the impact of the Acts of Union 1535-42 on the Welsh constitution.

The question was no doubt prompted by his former Plaid Cymru colleague Lord Elis-Thomas, now the Welsh Government's tourism minister, declaring he will promote Wales as "a principality within the United Kingdom".

Mr Thomas says the notion of Wales as a principality is a "romanticist's or royalist's fantasy".

Mr Miles says that Wales is a country not a principality as far as the Welsh Government is concerned.

Acts of Union 1535-42

Brexit 'should in no way lead to a dilution of human rights protections'

Mr Miles says the Welsh Government has made clear that Brexit "should in no way lead to a dilution of human rights protections, or any other social, environmental or employment protections".

Jeremy Miles

Retention of the EU charter of fundamental rights in UK law

We move on to questions to the Counsel General Jeremy Miles.

David Rees asks: What discussions has the Counsel General had with UK counterparts in relation to the retention of the EU charter of fundamental rights in UK law following Brexit?

Getty Images

'Hope to the poorest communities of Wales'?

UKIP's David Rowlands asks "when will we see your economic strategies provide results that will give hope to the poorest communities of Wales"?

Mr Skates replies the Welsh Government's approach has "already led to record low levels of unemployment and inactivity".

David Rowlands

Economic strategy 'does not contain any targets for raising wages'

Conservative Russell George says the Welsh Government's new economic strategy does not contain any targets for raising wages in Wales.

Mr Skates replies that average full time earnings between 2012 and 2017 increased 10.1% in Wales compared to 8.8% across the UK.

Russell George

Pinewood Studio 'in name only'?

Plaid Cymru's Adam Price refers to the fact that film group Pinewood has stopped paying rent for a studio at a Welsh Government-owned building in Cardiff.

It entered a 15-year lease in January 2015, but it is no longer considered to be a tenant at the Wentloog facility.

He suggests it is a Pinewood Studio in name only by now.

Culture minister Dafydd Elis-Thomas says Pinewood is operating the studio under a new agreement, but further details have not been published for "commercial" reasons.

Pinewood Studio
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Menai Business Park a 'wonderful facility'

Newly-appointed AM Mandy Jones, asking her first question since replacing Nathan Gill as AM for north Wales, says she's impressed by the progress being made on the Menai Business Park and seeks assurance that "this wonderful facility will bring the business, jobs and innovation that it promises".

Mandy Jones

Priorities for improving public transport links

After his scrutiny session in this morning's committee, Ken Skates now faces further scrutiny in plenary.

The first of the tabled questions is by Vikki Howells: What are the Welsh Government’s priorities for improving public transport links for Cynon Valley residents in 2018?

Ken Skates says the government has an "ambitious vision to re-shape transport infrastructure across Wales".

Vikki Howells

Back at at 1.30pm

The committee now moves into private session.

Senedd Live returns for plenary at 1.30pm.

Cultural change following Well-being of Future Generations Act?

Conservative David Melding says he gets the impression that the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 is "being shoe-horned in" by civil servants rather than heralding a "cultural change".

David Melding

24 hours per year stuck in traffic at peak times

Jane Bryant, AM for Newport West, points out that commuters in Newport are spending on average 24 hours per year stuck in traffic at peak times – the highest in Wales.

She seeks assurances about how the Welsh Government will mitigate against the environmental impact of the proposed M4 relief road.

Jane Bryant

'Hugely important tidal lagoon energy project is given go ahead'

Asked by Simon Thomas how much cash the first minister has offered to help kickstart plans for a £1.3bn tidal lagoon energy project in Swansea Bay, Mr Skates replies, "I'm not able to divulge those details at this stage".

It's a year since the independent Hendry review recommended the project be backed.

"It's hugely, hugely important the project is given the go ahead," adds Mr Skates.

An artist's impression of the proposed lagoon across Swansea Bay
An artist's impression of the proposed lagoon across Swansea Bay

Mapping exercise on electric charge points across Wales

Simon Thomas refers to the news that the number of new electric and hybrid car registrations in Wales rose by 35% in 2017 compared to the previous year, but points to the serious lack of charge points across Wales, especially mid Wales.

Mr Skates says "although responsibility for fiscal arrangements remains at Westminster, the Welsh Government has a responsibility in terms of leadership, influencing people, funding where we can - the £2 million will help - in providing infrastructure and ensuring partnership working".

He adds "We are carrying out a mapping exercise, judging what form of chargers are best and where they should be positioned".

Simon Thomas

'Tipping point in being able to apply decarbonisation'

"We are at a tipping point in terms of being able to apply decarbonisation to all our considerations," says Mr Skates.

How can the Welsh Government prove it is investing in sustainable transport?

Dai Lloyd questions how the Welsh Government can prove it is investing in sustainable transport as they do not split the budget between sustainable and non-sustainable forms of investment.

Ken Skates points to the "outcomes and results in terms of air quality, the shift in the modes people use to get from A to B, and environmentally responsible" transport .

Dai Lloyd

'Up to £100m' for emissions reductions and abatement technologies

Jenny Rathbone refers to the establishment of the Environmental Protection Scheme (EPS) fund which, according to the Welsh Government, "is being used to support some of our largest industrial employers to invest in state of the art emissions reductions and abatement technologies to their production facilities".

She asks how much money is in the fund.

Mr Skates says "it is not a fund in its own right.

"It's a state aid mechanism that enables us to attribute funds from across budgets, so we are able to utilise up to £100m for this purpose".

Ken Skates