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  1. The relay started in Duntocher and ends in Clydebank
  2. The baton was taken down the Titan Crane in Clydebank by abseil and along Loch Lomond by boat
  3. Climber Dave MacLeod took the baton up Dumbarton Rock

Live Reporting

By Findlay Stein and Bryan Quinn

All times stated are UK

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Goodbye from the live page team

Bryan Quinn

BBC Scotland News

That's all from the Queen's Baton Relay live page for today.

The sun was shining and it helped bring out big crowds to help cheer along runners on day 35 of the relay in Scotland.

West Dunbartonshire crowd

Local heroes and athletes all played their part in making the West Dunbartonshire leg a great success.

We've had emails, tweets and pictures many readers as the baton's journey continues to bring smiles all over the country.

The baton travels from Bearsden to Bishopbriggs tomorrow. You can join us from 07:45 BST for live coverage.

Are you, or is someone you know, taking part in the relay tomorrow? We would love to

hear from you.

You can get the latest news from the baton relay on our


Tomorrow's relay

Chris Baille's run in Clydebank marks the end of today's baton relay.

Tomorrow it's East Dunbartonshire's turn to host the relay. If you fancy going out to cheer along the runners you will be able to see them at the following times and locations.

  • 07:55 Bearsden
  • 10:00 Milngavie
  • 11.30 Bardowie
  • 12:05 Lennoxtown
  • 13:30 Milton of Campsie
  • 15:00 Kirkintilloch
  • 17:40 Lenzie
  • 17:55 Bishopbriggs

Special memories

The baton relay has been in West Dunbartonshire today but it has given thousands of people across Scotland some special memories over the past few weeks.

April Smith

emailed: "Just wanted to share a photo of my son Connor carrying the baton in Kilbirnie in North Ayrshire.

"We are all so very proud of him as he has autism and was nominated by his school, Spark of Genius. He also became an uncle later that day to a beautiful baby boy Aiden so all in all a fantastic day."

April Smith QBR email
April Smith

Remember you can send us your own baton stories and pictures

via email or twitter using

Athlete - Chris Baillie

The final baton bearer for today's leg of the relay is hurdler Chris Baillie.

Hailing from Old Kilpatrick, Chris is a Commonwealth Games veteran. He first ran at the 2002 Games in Manchester before winning the silver medal at 110m hurdles at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

Chris also represented his country at the 2010 Games in Delhi.

Baton bearer - James Gallagher

Carrying the baton now in Clydebank is James Gallagher.

The septuagenarian may be the oldest nominated baton bearer in West Dunbartonshire but he's also one of the busiest. James has helped thousands of children and young people learn how to safely kayak and still teaches every week at Drumchapel and Clydebank Kayak Club.

In 2013 his achievements at the club were recognised when he was awarded an honorary lifetime membership.

Baton on TV

Readers in Scotland can see some highlights of today's baton relay on Reporting Scotland tonight. Coming up on BBC1 any minute.

Boy wonder

Iain MacPhee emailed in this picture of his nephew getting his chance to get involved in the baton relay.

"A wee picture attached of my nephew Lewis Thackrey, aged 7, who got to hold the baton briefly just after its descent from Dumbarton Castle.

"The helpfulness and enthusiasm of the security staff allowing the public to participate where possible made this small boy's day and will give him something to 'brag' about for quite some time. Thank you all for such an experience and go Team Scotland at the Games!!!"

Lewis Thackrey
Iain McPhee

Hello again, Clydebank

The baton relay has resumed in Clydebank. Rachel Liddell was the first baton bearer and she was greeted with cheers from the crowd as she handed over to Jason Carr.

Rachel Liddell hands the baton to Jason Carr
Glasgow 2014

Jamestown success

Charlene McDiarmid tweets: "Was looking forward to seeing the

#BatonRelay at jamestown all day and it did not disappoint. C'mon

'Etched on our hearts'

We've had an email from Suzanne Fernando telling us about her experience of carrying the baton in North Ayrshire.

Suzanne, who raises money for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust after surviving cervical cancer diagnosed during her second pregnancy, was handed the baton by her daughter Jordan.

Suzanne Fernando hugs daughter Jordan
Glasgow 2014

"As I watched my daughter running towards me with the baton, my heart was just bursting with pride. It definitely was a momentous occasion I am sure will be etched on our hearts forever," Suzanne said.

Suzanne Fernando and daughter Jordan with family
Glasgow 2014

You can

email us to share your story.

Your emails

Some readers have been in touch with us to let us know what they think of today's baton relay.

  • Mary McGinley
    emailed: "Congratulations to all camera crew, all other crew and all involved in your fantastic coverage, live, of baton relay.
  • Kareen said
    emailed: "Well done to my nephew Lewis Austin, step daughter Nicole Brown and daughter Mhairi Buttle ,who all carried the baton today. They all did very well."
  • Roseann Burns admitted: "No housework done today, with you every step of the way."
  • John McGowan
    emailed: "Good luck to our aunt Deirdre McGowan who is carrying the baton along Drumry Road, Clydebank. Lots of love Morgan, Holly and Dylan."

Back to Clydebank

After a fantastic reception in Bonhill the baton convoy is on the road heading back down to Clydebank for the final 14 runners in today's leg of the relay.

The last runner will be Scottish hurdler Christopher Baillie who will carry the baton to the evening celebrations on Queen's Square.

Wheeling around

Baton bearer Jennifer Davidson kept the Jamestown crowds entertained when she performed no less than three impressive one-handed cartwheels during her run.

Here she takes part in an equally dramatic baton handover to Mark Donohue.

Mark Donohue and Jennifer Davidson
Glasgow 2014

On the road again

We are now on the road to Jamestown. You can track the baton using GPS technology


Hospice stop

The baton made a quick stop at Robin House Hospice, used by the Children's Hospice Association Scotland charity.

The charity provides hospice care for children suffering from life-shortening illnesses.

Staff helped celebrate the baton's arrival by putting on a sports day for the children being treated there.


Time for Clyde

It seems that wherever the baton goes, Glasgow 2014 mascot Clyde isn't far behind. CHAS fundraising manager Debbie Mooney grabbed this picture with him during the baton's stop at the Robin House Hospice.

Clyde with Debbie Mooney

Baton bearer - David Kennedy

David Kennedy takes the baton from Richard Tough at

Robin House, a hospice for children.

David has spent 25 years working as race director for the Polaroid 10k road race series. The event has raised over £200,000 for charity and helped teach thousands of school children the benefits of athletics.

Richard Tough hands baton to David Kennedy
Glasgow 2014

He has also helped raise the sport's profile over the years by encouraging some top Scottish athletes to become involved in the Scottish Race Championships.

Baton bearer - Rachel McKechnie

Rachel McKechnie has won her school's community and sports award and tries to lead her peers by example.

Rachel McKechnie
Glasgow 2014

The 16 year-old was recently voted elected as a pupil councillor and plays an active role in the sports council where she helps plan and promote sporting activities across the year.

Towards the castle

Simon Dedman

BBC News

The baton relay takes to the waters of Loch Lomond. Here's my view from the crew boat:

Baton relay Loch Lomond

Athlete - Joseph 'Lauchie' Stewart

Joseph Stewart is waiting to take the baton.

Better known as "Lauchie", he is a Scottish Commonwealth veteran having claimed gold for the 1,000m in the 1970 Games in Edinburgh before going on to represent Great Britain at the 1972 Summer Olympics.

Lauchie Stewart
Andrew Ramsay

During his career he won 13 Scottish titles in seven years and established numerous Scottish records.

The 71-year-old's achievements on the track were recognised when he was inducted into the Scottish Sport Hall of Fame in 2007.

Lauchie Stewart
Andrew Ramsay

Our thanks to Andrew Ramsay for sending the photos.

Across the loch

Martin Claxton
Glasgow 2014

The baton is being carried by Martin Claxton across the waters of Loch Lomond. It will then arrive at Balloch Castle.

Lomond Shores

The baton relay is about to recommence at Lomond Shores, where the first baton bearer is Shannon Higgins.

Shannon Higgins
Glasgow 2014

Get involved

Many people have

emailed us today to send their congratulations to the baton bearers of West Dunbartonshire.

  • Trish Miller emailed: "Congratulations to Ross McCombe and David Miller of Clydebank Rugby Football club, representing the club today carrying the Queen's Baton."
  • Linda and Archie in Mexico sent a message to wish Aidan Quinn good luck.
  • Elaine King emailed her support for fellow 1st/2nd Dumbarton Boys' Brigade officer Alan Prior, who has served for 47 years with the association.
  • Claire Neads, leader at 6th Clydebank Scouts, emailed to wish good luck to Ross Docherty.
  • Marie Redden said: "Congratulations to my cousin Stephen McNulty - your family in Paisley are all so proud of you."
  • David Black sent a message for his dad Richard O'Malley: "All the best dad, you deserve this. We are all rooting for you."
  • And Bren MacNeil wanted to offer his support for his friend Peter Anderson.

Kayak trip

After a short visit to the Highland Games at Balloch, the baton's next stop will be at Lomond Shores.

It will be prepped for the next part of its journey - a trip on the southern end of Loch Lomond by kayak.

Holiday viewing

We've had an

email from Florida.

"Well done our uncle Harry Mulvenna who carried the baton through Renton.

"We loved being able to watch you while on holiday in Florida.

"From Maureen, Damian, Erin and Aidan."

Harry Mulvenna
Glasgow 2014

Baton bearer - Bob Burness

Bob has spent the past 12 years working in sports development and has promoted football and athletics in schools and nurseries across the region.

Bob Burness
Glasgow 2014

Even after his recent retirement Bob still coaches at West Dunbartonshire Athletics Club where he takes a special interest in helping children with learning difficulties get the most from sport.

Following the stream

Alistair McLean

tweets: "@Batonrelay2014 thanks to the BBC I got to watch my cousin Cameron McClymont carrying the baton. Thank you! #bbcbatonrelay #batonrelay"

Baton bearer - Kelli Gallacher

Baton bearer Kelli has proved to be an inspiration for many as she pursues her love of dancing despite having cystic fibrosis.

Kelli Gallacher
Glasgow 2014

She is a regular speaker at community events to raise awareness of the condition and helped raise £50,000 for cystic fibrosis charities.

Civic pride

Tony Nellany

BBC Scotland

The baton relay gets a massive reception at the Vale Centre in Alexandria.

Vale Centre

Baton bearer - Ruth Gallacher

Ruth has been guide leader in Alexandria for ten years, and makes the four-hour round trip from Musselburgh every week to run her group.

Glasgow 2014

"She is very passionate about helping young people in the community," say those who nominated her, and is "completely dedicated to her unit".

Baton bearer - Maurice Donohue

Through his work as a program manager for the Scottish Association of Mental Health, Maurice has been involved in a number of charity projects such as the "Run n' Park" 5k which takes place every week in Balloch.

A keen runner, he has managed to complete 72 half-marathons in 72 weeks, a feat he hopes will be an inspiration to others to try and achieve their personal goals in life.

Maurice Donohue
Glasgow 2014

Outside of his running, Maurice has created the Dunbartonshire Football Development League in 2006 and still works to develop grassroots football in the region.

Baton bearer - Suzanne Swinson

Suzanne began volunteering at the Riding for the Disabled Association after recovering from a heart transplant.

She carried the baton earlier today in Dalmuir.

Three's a crowd

Craig Stewart

tweeted this picture of himself posing with one of the police escorts and Commonwealth Games mascot Clyde.

Craig Stewart poses with police escort who is holding a cuddly Clyde mascot
Craig Stewart

He says: "#bbcbatonrelay me and Clyde in bowling this afternoon ;) don't we make a lovely couple?! ;) lol"

Renton handover


tweets: "The baton being passed over in #Renton!

Renton handover

Remember you can send us your own baton relay pictures

via email or twitter using the hashtag

Baton bearer - Connor Magee

Connor has found a passion for lawn bowls and regularly travels the country to attend matches and cheer on competitors.

The 18-year-old was recently voted junior president of his local special needs bowling club in recognition of his dedication to the sport.

Connor Magee QBR run

Proud wife

David Miller carried the baton in Faifley this morning. Hazel Chapman has

emailed a message from his wife.

She says: "Jennifer Miller is so proud of her husband for carrying the Queen's baton today!"

Safe hands

Dave MacLeod's turn as a baton bearer saw him freeclimb the 240ft (73m) high volcanic basalt known as Dumbarton Rock.

The fact that he managed to do this while holding the baton, which weighs 1.6kg (3.5lbs), makes his feat all the more impressive.

Dumbarton Rock

Although Dave was the first to climb the mound's Rhapsody route, one of the hardest graded traditional climbing routes in the world, he chose to revisit the first ever climb he made as teenager in sneakers - the considerably easier Plunge.

Dave MacLeod climb
Glasgow 2014

Hello Renton!

The baton relay is now in Renton, where Richard O'Malley is the first baton bearer.

Keep on rocking

BatonRelay2014 tweets: "Just a casual climb...Up Dumbarton Rock!

@davemacleod09 free climbs to the castle with the baton in hand!

Dave MacLeod
Baton Relay 2014

Dave MacLeod interview

Following his successful ascent of Dumbarton Rock with the baton, Dave MacLeod has been talking to BBC Scotland's Cameron Buttle.

Viewers in Scotland can see the interview on tonight's

Reporting Scotland at 18:30 BST on BBC1.