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  1. Alex Salmond to stand down as First Minister
  2. Scotland votes No to independence
  3. David Cameron says vote "settles will of the Scottish people"
  4. Lord Smith of Kelvin to oversee further devolution
  5. Voters answered: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

Live Reporting

By BBC News staff

All times stated are UK

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The end of a remarkable day

Steven Brocklehurst

BBC Scotland news website

That's all from the live page updates for today. We will be back at 08:00 to cover the latest developments in this story.

End of a dream

The Daily Record went with "the dream shall never die", but The Times wrap instead declares it's the "end of a dream".

The Times
The Times

Labour hits out at Cameron

Labour's shadow attorney general, Emily Thornberry, tells the BBC's Scotland 2014 that David Cameron is "trying to hitch a whole lot of other stuff" to plans for more Scottish devolution, including English votes for English laws in the Commons.

"It is simply not possible to stitch these two things together," she argues, and accuses the prime minister of a "pretty glib, pretty party-political and pretty facile analysis of what needs to happen next".

Here is tomorrow's Scotsman front page.


Stick to timetable

Former chancellor and Conservative politician Kenneth Clarke told BBC News the prime minister and the parties at Westminster would want to stick to the timetable given to Scotland for more powers.

He said: "Once everyone has calmed down we will get back to delivering to the Scottish people the promises made in this referendum."

Throwing in the towel

Scotland's Daily Telegraph: Alex Salmond "throws in the towel".

Scottish Daily Telegraph
Daily Telegraph Scotland

Thanks Alex

Huw Silk: Some #indyref Yes fans outside Scottish Parliament tonight to arrange candles spelling out "Thanks Alex" #Salmond

Yes supporters
Huw Silk

'Impeccable timing'

Former SNP MSP Andrew Wilson said Alex Salmond had chosen his time to leave with his usual impeccable timing.

"I think his second retirement should be more rewarding than his first," he said.

andrew wilson

Trouble in Glasgow

A Police Scotland spokesperson confirms three arrests have been made so far following trouble across Glasgow this evening. Investigations are under way and officers will be conducting enquiries retrospectively which could lead to further arrests.

Following rumours on Twitter of a stabbing on Buchanan Street, Police Scotland say no-one has given them any information on such an incident.

'Sad to see him go'

Former special adviser to Alex Salmond, Stephen Gethins, told Scotland 2014 that his ex-boss had a massive impact of politics.

He said: "He is still the most popular politician in Scotland after seven years in government. I am really personally sad to see him go."

Salmond success

Professor of public policy at Edinburgh University James Mitchell told BBC News that Alex Salmond had taken the SNP from a "fringe party to a party of government".

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Fiona Watson: As a yes voter I accept the result and will play my part in taking the decision forward. However let's not forget the amount of yes voters and the promises that have been given to Scotland and the timescales. If for any reason Westminster fall short on the vows they made then all bets are off. The possibility of a future referendum cannot be dismissed.

Geoff Tompson: I confess to being pro-UK sticking together but, had Scotland chosen to split, that would have been the population's democratic right. Though I didn't accept Alec Salmond's views, he did create an environment within the UK that I hope will genuinely benefit us all by creating a fairer society for all our citizens. I'm therefore saddened that he has chosen to resign with his job unfinished. At the very least he should stay until the next General Election to ensure Westminster is held to account and to make sure it follows through on the promises it has made to the Scottish people. As an Englishman I want to be part of an inclusive UK that is fair for all. Alec Salmond has not yet failed, he has merely started a long overdue process to ensure that all UK citizens are fairly represented, I therefore hope he will reconsider his decision and that the SNP has the sense to back him for the benefit of all UK citizens, be they Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish or English.

Neil MacDonald: This has been a nasty campaign from start to finish, but what has been missed in all the rhetoric is this was a fight for the soul of our country. The quiet, dignified majority do not believe in separation. We demonstrate our national identity by our consideration and care for others, in particular our brothers and sisters in the rest of this island. The sickening scenes we are witnessing in George Square are not about a disenfranchised electorate, but are a result of the Pandora's's box which this campaign has opened.

  • Tonight's comments, tweets and texts have been produced by the BBC's Bernadette McCague, Amber Dawson, Andree Messiah and Kerry Alexander.

Triggered a debate

Nick Robinson

Political editor

I don't think I have ever experienced a day quite like this.

A vote to reject major constitutional change in one country has actually triggered a debate about major constitutional change in all the countries of the UK.

And the man without whom all this might not have happened, Alex Salmond, has quit.

When we analysis this vote, it wasn't about purely independence, about self-government, about national identity.

In many ways it was treated by the electorate here as a referendum on the Westminster establishment, on the way power works in the United Kingdom today.

And many people, No as well as Yes voters, were deeply unhappy.

Disunited Kingdom

The Independent goes for "the disunited kingdom", looking at David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Alex Salmond.

The Independent
The Independent

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Andy from Wales: My family and I live in Wales and I in particular have been watching this campaign with huge interest. I have lots of friends and work colleagues who live in Scotland and voted yes for independence. I am glad Scotland decided to stay but am also proud of the 1.6 million Scottish people who voiced their opinion. As a country we now have to listen to the strong voice of those people despite it being a minority result for the yes campaign. I am very patriotic and proud to be Welsh but do not support any kind of independence for Wales I just don't think the country can stand on it's own two feet. We are a unique United Kingdom.

Queen's pledge

The Daily Telegraph focuses on The Queen's "pledge to help reunite" the UK.

daily telegraph
Daily Telegraph

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Alan in Glasgow: Disgraceful scenes at George Square. Sums up our "Union" as we know it in Scotland. Wait for the hand wringing of Unionist politicians about the loyalist behaviour, but they haven't a problem accepting their votes!! Scotland's shame laid bare in front of a watching world.

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tweets: Scenes in Glasgow make me wonder what kind of Scotland we will have in 10 years. I fear for my daughters generation #indyref

Sturgeon taking over?

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is tipped to replace First Minister Alex Salmond as SNP leader, by the Daily Star of Scotland.

Daily Star
Daily star

What now?

There's a special edition of The Independent's i on Saturday newspaper - "What now for the UK?".

i paper

Comedian Limmy tweets: I feel a lot more in common with No voters now, not less. Because that stuff in George Square, I know neither of us are that.

George Square

Channel 4 correspondent Alex Thomson tweets: "There is no question that there was a minority out to cause trouble and the sectarian tinge to some chants and flags was clear to all."

Home rule

The Daily Mail looks at what it all means for England.

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

Salmond's sword

The Scottish Daily Express go with the headline "Salmond falls on his sword".

Scottish Daily Express
Scottish Daily Express

Independence dream

Tomorrow's Daily Record leads with First Minister Alex Salmond's "dignified promise" that the Scottish independence dream shall never die.

Daily Record
daily record

Eastenders discusses No vote

Tonight's episode of BBC soap Eastenders included a scene in which two characters discussed the No vote in the Scottish independence referendum.

In a scene in the cafe, Tamwar Masood (Himesh Patel) says to Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick): "It's nice the Scots did not forsake us. Although it got a bit desperate towards the end there, all that needy 'don't leave us' stuff from our side."


Tamwar then tells Jay off for not having more to say on "Scotland deciding against independence".

He says: "What could have been the biggest story in UK history in hundreds of years and you have nothing to say about it."

Jay replies: "They voted No didn't they. So everything stays the same"

The cast had filmed two scenes in advance to reflect both possible outcomes of the referendum.

A post on the show's official Facebook page explained: "As EastEnders viewers are aware, the residents of Walford will often reference topical issues to reflect big moments that our audience are talking about.

"As we knew the referendum was approaching, we filmed two different scenes to ensure that either outcome of the vote was covered."

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tweets: I've always felt immensely proud to be Scottish. After looking at what is going on the Glasgow City Centre, today I am not. #NOTHANKS

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tweets: #GeorgeSquare At this time yesterday Scotland had hope. Now it has shame.

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tweets: Top marks to the cops for keeping the peace after things looked much more worrying earlier. They've got square in lockdown, all routes shut.

George Square latest

A police statement said: "Officers continue to manage the situation and prevent further disruption. Most have now dispersed. Small group remains with police in attendance"

End of an era

Political commentator John McTernan, who was political secretary to Tony Blair, told BBC News he was surprised that Alex Salmond resigned.

He said: "It is the end of an era. This is what he came into politics to do. Nobody thought he would get an independence referendum, he got it and he lost it.

"He lost it not narrowly. It was a big defeat. SNP heartlands such as Aberdeenshire where he has his seat, Perthshire, Moray, rejected independence. Paradoxically it would not have been so close if were not for Labour voters voting for independence."

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Carl: I am pleased with the result of the referendum but what a shame has Salmond resigned after what he has done for Scotland. I am sure the Scottish people do not want him to resign. He has done a fantastic job and should also hold his head up high on the results achieved on the referendum. He should stay and continue to be the great asset to Scotland that he is.

Salmond's 'great ability'

Lib Dem MP Sir Menzies Campbell told BBC News: "I think there are 25% of the people in Scotland who believe in independence unequivocally.

"Alex Salmond's great ability was to convert that 25% into nearly 50%.

"There will always be people who believe in independence. It is a perfectly legitimate position. They won't go away. But I think most people are pretty well settled with the view that there should not be another referendum for a very long time, if ever."

George Square photos

Pro-union protesters chant and wave Union Flags during a demonstration at George Square in Glasgow.

Pro-union protestors chant and wave Union Flags during a demonstration at George Square in Glasgow
Pro-union protestors chant and wave Union Flags during a demonstration at George Square in Glasgow

George Square

Catriona MacPhee, STV journalist, tweets: Eerie scene in Queen St Station just now. Quiet & tense, with George Sq exit blocked, lined by riot police, & roar of chanting from outside.

Hannah on Prime Minister

Actor John Hannah tonight told The One Show he would also like to see David Cameron resign.

John Hannah

Mr Hannah said: "It would be nice of him [David Cameron] to follow suit".

"I think one of the things that we've learnt about this is that 97% of the electorate in Scotland voted because they weren't happy with Westminster."

George Square latest

There are still angry scenes in George Square in the centre of Glasgow. The police are trying to contain a group of protesters, who are waving union flags and letting off flares.

The BBC's Laura Kuenssberg said the ruckus in George Square is not a stand-off between Yes and No campaigners. "It is hoolies turning up who want a fight."

george swuarwe

On a lighter, flakier note, Twitter user

George Chambers posted this Alex Salmond tribute ahead of last night's results. It's what he calls "Salmond en croute".

Salmon en croute
George Chambers


tweets: People saying the yes campaigners are violent. I've just witnessed several saltires being burned & people being jumped. Good going Scotland

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Carl: I am pleased with the result of the referendum but what a shame has Salmond resigned after what he has done for Scotland. I am sure the Scottish people do not want him to resign. He has done a fantastic job and should also hold his head up high on the results achieved on the referendum. He should stay and continue to be the great asset to Scotland that he is.