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  1. Campaigns clash in debate over NHS
  2. 7,500 first time voters took part in the event at the Hydro
  3. Nicola Sturgeon, George Galloway, Patrick Harvie and Ruth Davidson on the panel
  4. Salmond: Scotland on the cusp of making history
  5. RBS confirms Yes vote London move
  6. Scotland's independence referendum takes place on 18 September

Live Reporting

By Marianne Taylor, Graham Fraser, Louise Sayers and Martin Currie

All times stated are UK

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Bye for now

Right, that's all from the Referendum Live team for today. We'll back back at 08:00 tomorrow - hope you can join us then.

For more on the referendum, including news, analysis and background, go to the BBC's

Scotland Decides website.

End of the debate

That's the end of the referendum debate from the SSE Hydro in Glasgow, which gave 7,500 16 and 17-year-olds their chance to hear arguments from a panel made up of politicians from both sides of the debate.

Thoughts on email

Margaret Davidson: Sick of the bickering, everyone knows money makes the world go round, we have the pound, but Scottish pound will not be worth a pound so prices will go up. My job is on the line as the business needs to take it down south as the cannot work with an independent Scotland and a lot of people are in this situation, so how are the Yes campaign going to pay for everything if we all lose our jobs?

Andrew Blyth: Given that Scotland has a GDP per capita equal to the rest of the UK if oil revenue is excluded and one fifth larger if oil revenue is included, why do Better Together place so much emphasis on what it cant pay for? The reality is that any oil revenue at all is an asset to Scotland over and above what we have as part of the union.

James Cook introduces a video of some of the country's young people reciting Christine de Luca's poem The Morning After, which was inspired by the referendum debate.

Your emails

Moira McFadzen: Nobody is saying anything about our farmers and meat producers. Our meat producers are not permitted to sell meat outwith their country. That will be a huge problem for Scotland and its Scottish farmers.

Moira Darroch, East Kilbride: I don't trust the Westminster Government to NOT be able to interfere with our NHS and our Education System/Free Tuition - they are making such a mess of these in England that it is bound to have an affect on us eventually.

Your Tweets


The Guardian's Jonathan Haynes: Extremely good point on #BigBigDebate - it's not about being wealthier on average, it's about wealth being much more fairly distributed.

Toni Manifesto: #BigBigDebate Hopefully the voters in Scotland will have the astuteness and courage that those kids have. I doubt it.

Galloway - 'We stood against Hitler'

Mr Galloway is last. He says: "We stood against Hitler and fascism. Ask your grandparents how important that was."

'Democratic renewal'

Mr Harvie says: "It could spark the type of democratic renewal the rest of these islands have been waiting for as well."

'We can be better'

Ms Davidson says: "We can be a better country without being a separate country".

'We'll make the decisions'

Ms Sturgeon says: "Independence is not a magic wand but we'll make the decisions that shape the type of country we are."

Final Question

I am currently undecided as to which way to vote on 18 September. Which succinct statement would the Yes and Better Together campaigns like to make that would help me make my decision?

Davidson on NHS

Ms Davidson says Ms Sturgeon was in charge of the health service when privatisation increased in the Scottish NHS.

She says the Scottish government has chosen to protect the NHS less than Westminster, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Your Tweets


Aidan: That wee guy with the braces and the green blazer should be the first minister of a new Scotland! #BigBigDebate #indeyref

"How many times has Scotland voted Labour, only to end up with the Tories?" asks the deputy first minister.

"We are not subsidised," says Ms Sturgeon. "Don't let anyone tell you that we are."

Thoughts on text

Text your views, including your name, to 80295

Muriel Robertson: Whichever way the vote goes next Thursday we are all going to have to sit down on the 19th & make it work. That means we all must shoulder our responsibilities.

By email...


Alex Macdonald, Inverness: Should someone suggest to Nicola Sturgeon that she's coming across in this debate, and others before, as a nasty person who wants to win the argument by shouting other people down?

It's reminiscent of the aggressive turn taken by heated discussions in the football world. Listening to this kind of debate is, indeed, more akin to the less desirable aspects of the football supporting rabble.

Galloway predicts Labour win

Mr Galloway says "a Labour government will be here in May" and the privatisation agenda will end.

Audience points

An audience member says the Barnett Formula will be scrapped if Scotland votes No.

Another asks why we should risk the free services we have now by voting Yes.

Your thoughts on email


Sharon Coggins: I am a No voter but after watching this I may reconsider. The audience tonight represent what are probably the most independently informed voters, they have put a lot of research into forming their opinions.

They have been rewarded by the No campaign treating them so seriously they send a Conservative who are definitely a minority vote in Scotland. As for George Galloway he is definitely not an influential face for the campaign. The Yes campaign are definitely the better ones in this debate.

Harvie on NHS

Patrick Harvie says there is a difference between controlling policy and finance.

He says the NHS in England is being privatised, which will "impact on the Scottish budget", which will "degrade the quality of care" available.

He says Scotland needs its own voice to avoid "privatisation by stealth".

Your Tweets


Abby Wilson: Love that #indyref has given a voice to Scotland's youth. more that they demand answers to intelligent, relevant questions #BigBigDebate

Councillor Nicolas Barlow: What an excellent, well-educated, articulate group of young Scots people debating on #bigbigdebate #indyref

Malcolm Harvey: Poor @BBCJamesCook. Tough gig. He's doing terrifically though #BigBigDebate

Question Four

If we stay in the UK, will privatisation of parts of the NHS be inevitable?

Mr Galloway asks "Any chance of getting a word in?"

He says he is as concerned about food banks in other UK cities as much as he is about them in Glasgow.

He adds that he is here to argue for the young people in the audience, and says there is "super devo max" on table.

Campaign reaction


Yes Scotland: We think Westminster has been deliberately downplaying potential of the UK Continental Shelf #VoteYes #bigbigdebate

Better Together: Leading oil expert Sir Ian Wood says the SNP have over-estimated North Sea oil by up to 60% #bigbigdebate #indyref

An audience member says Westminster has "squandered Scotland's oil".

Your Tweets


William Cameron: George Galloway is making VERY sound points about oil pricing and reserves #BigBigDebate #indyref

Martin McKenna: it's not all about the oil, we have so much more to offer than oil, its about being in control of your own affairs #bigbigdebate

The Sunday Herald's Paul Hutcheon: Seems odd there is no @scottishlabour representation on #bbcbigdebate

Davidson on oil predictions

Ms Davidson says it is industry experts who say the oil is running out - not Westminster.

She quotes Sir Ian Wood, who says the SNP has "over-estimated oil revenues by 60%".

Sturgeon - 'Billions' of barrels of oil left

Nicola Sturgeon says there are "billions" of barrels of oil left in the North Sea, with a value of around a trillion pounds.

She says Scotland must decide how to "best steward" oil development for the next 40, 50, 60 years.

An audience member accuses the SNP of "lies" with regard to oil revenues.

Mr Harvie says clean energy sources are also an important part of Scotland's future economy.

Your Emails


John Henderson: Whilst this is not a vote for SNP or Alex Salmond, if the result is Yes they will be leading negotiations for the terms of independence. On that basis in the name of democracy should we be promised a general election to decide who represents our interests?

Martin and Margaret Elder: Why is it in every debate she appears in, Nicola Sturgeon is allowed to constantly interrupt everybody and seems to think that the louder she shouts the more people will believe her? She is so rude and simply misleading in everything she says.

Josh Wingate: No party - why is it you are wanting us to stay in the UK so badly? I believe personally it's because you are worried you will have no money coming back into Westminster from Scotland.

Galloway on oil

Mr Galloway says oil prices are volatile and it is unclear how long North Sea oil will last.

Question Three

Oil is expected to run out by the year 2050 when many of us will be grandparents, so who or what will pay our pensions?

The Scottish Conservatives leader says "we are part of a wider union that allows us to pool and share resources".

"That's why public spending in Scotland is £1200 per head more than in other parts of the UK," she adds.

Your Tweets


Broadcaster Lesley Riddoch: Patrick & Nicola are on fire. And teen audience r on form. What a great post #indyref future beckons. #BigBigDebate

Dr Richard Simpson MSP: #BigBigDebate lots of people dont know Scotland controls Education Health Justice Transport Agriculture and the NHS+ from 2015 more powers.

Anas Hassan: The STV and BBC debates between @AlexSalmond and @TogetherDarling should have been held in @TheSSEHydro. #IndyRef #BigBigDebate

The deputy first minister says Westminster "decides how much of our own money comes back to us".

She says independence "means we keep the taxes hear and decide the priorities - like free education".

'£6bn black hole'

Ms Davidson says an independent Scotland would have "a £6bn black hole" and that education budgets have already increased in Scotland.

Harvie on education 'scandal'

Mr Harvie describes making the younger generation pay tens of thousands of pounds for higher education as "a scandal".

He says independence is about better public services but also responsible spending plans.