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  1. The two referendum campaigns clashed during a BBC debate from Stirling
  2. Media bias and further devolution were among the topics discussed
  3. The latest poll of polls puts "No" on 51% and "Yes" on 49%
  4. Scotland's independence referendum takes place on 18 September
  5. Voters will be asked: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

Live Reporting

By Marianne Taylor and Thomas McGuigan

All times stated are UK

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Marianne Taylor

BBC Scotland news

Right, that's all from us at Referendum Live for today.

We'll be back at 06:00 tomorrow with all the latest from both sides of the referendum debate as the final few days of campaigning begins.

Meanwhile, you can keep up to date with developments and read analysis of all the big issues on the BBC's

Scotland Decides site.

Referendum - Get Involved

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K.D. Turner: That last woman summed it up perfectly. We already are living in a No vote..We need a change for the better #bbcindyref #YES

Kerr McColl: All our politicians have failed us. Just Spin Spin Spin #bbcindyref

Sean Gallagher: Pensioners! pensions paid by the working, Independence higher taxation, jobs losses, secure your future vote NO #inderef #bbcindyref

Referendum - Your Views

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Scott, Edinburgh: The word "Nationalism" is being taken way out of context. The SNP (if voted in to a free Scotland) want to open borders. Not narrow them. Elaine Smith is correct: British Nationalism brings us UKIP-like views.

Kate MacKenzie, Leeds: If it's NO on Thursday, Westminster can hardly claim a great victory having brought the Union to this point in the first place.

Anonymous: There has been little said about the fairness of government systems. Westminster still uses the archaic first-past-the-post system which is unrepresentative, but will an independent Scotland guarantee fairness as part of its constitution? Will there be transparency? Can public servants be made to take responsibility for their actions & corruption removed?

Jan, Shetland: How is the Yes going fund public svs, new passport, tax, benefit, agricultural grants, vehicle offices etc. There'll b no VAT, Norway funds its economy without oil, & Shetland nearly went bankrupt by using the capital of the oil fund!

Your views

Anon: I just want to say after watching the last debate from Stirling, James Cook is & has been impartial and fair!!! So refreshing.

Off Air

Can you believe how quickly that hour passed?

The BBC's final Referendum Debate programme, which came tonight from Stirling, has now finished.

Referendum - Get Involved

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Carol, Glasgow: I have worked for two American companies who moved their HQs to England, such moves are purely for tax reasons , no jobs followed. The banks are saying they will do this for legal tax reasons, simply following which legal entity their tax revenues are based, no other reason.

Anonymous: No one has asked a member of the No campaign what they see as some of the opportunities of Independence.

David Strathblane: Vote Yes, if you do you might regret it, if you don't you will regret it.

Challenge for No campaign

James Cook comes back to the audience member who asked the question. She says: "Why don't we have all of the things the No side talks about now?"

'Leads the world'

Ms Davidson says she wants Scotland to be part of a country that "leads the world". She says she is "proud of everything we have built together" and the "cradle to the grave" approach of the UK.

'Independent country'

Mr Hosie says independence is "absolutely normal" and he wants children to grow up in a "normal independent country".

Concern for children

Mr Alexander says he is seriously concerned about the results of a Yes vote for the children of Scotland and urges people to vote No.

'Better Scotland'

Elaine C Smith says for her it is about the children of Scotland, and says a "Yes" vote is the first step to a "better Scotland".

Referendum - Your Views

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Andrew, Dundee: A Yes vote aims to give us 8.5% of all the good things we enjoy now. A No vote gives us 100% of them.

Anonymous: Referring to Ms Smith's point on nationalism - Scottish nationalism is not bad, but one that only emphasises being Scottish while rejecting British nationalism, hence rejecting a union of both glory and common value for 400 years is, pretty short-sighted.

Question five

As a young mother who is scared and unsure of the consequences of my vote for my child, and their children, what is the one thing you can say to me to give me faith in your campaign?

Public services cuts

Ms Davidson says Mr Hosie's claims are "simply not true".

According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies there will be £6bn of cuts to public services following a "Yes" vote, she adds; a point denied by Mr Hosie, who says the IFS also pointed to a cut to the Barnett Formula following a "No" vote.

Privatisation 'threat'

Stewart Hosie says the NHS is a big issue in the referendum, and says "the real threat comes from the privatisation down south and cuts to the block grant".

Audience at Referendum Debate in Stirling

Referendum - Get Involved

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Jade Paterson: We wouldn't be getting any extra powers if it wasn't for this referendum so why vote No?

John Bremner: Regardless of the outcome, we have to come together. No blaming, No shaming.

Patricia Oddie: Keep it going Ruth we need the SNP to take responsibility for what they already have control of.

'American levels of tax'

Mr Alexander says Labour lifted hundreds of thousands of children and pensioners out of poverty during their 13-year term in power.

He adds that it's not possible to have "Scandinavian levels of public services and American levels of tax".

NHS cuts

Ms Davidson says the SNP has cut NHS funding by 1.2%.

Referendum - Your Views

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Anonymous: Can Mr Hosie provide two numbers? How much would Scotland's income be? How much will it cost to run the country? Is there surplus or deficit?

David, Glasgow: "I would like to see"...why not we will do. Because in the UK they can't, we get rhetoric and promises that all too rarely come to fruition. The only way to make a difference and not just hear about pipe dreams, is to vote Yes.

Written constitution

Ms Smith says a written constitution will enshrine the right to a free health service. She says voting Yes is "the start of creating a fairer society".

She blames Westminster for the "current politics of grievance".

Trident costs

Mr Hosie counters that not paying for Trident will go a fair way to making Scotland a fairer society.

The Royal Navy"s 16,000 ton Trident-class nuclear submarine Vanguard

Tax on bankers

Mr Alexander, perhaps unsurprisingly, urges a No vote, and says he wants to see measures such as tax on bankers.

Question four

I want a fairer society: should I vote "Yes" or "No"?

'Unlikely bedfellows'

Ruth Davidson stresses that "there have been unlikely bedfellows on all sides".

Nationalism poser

Ms Smith counters by asking why "British nationalism is good and Scottish nationalism is bad?"

'Dog whistle journalism'

Mr Alexander attacks the "dog whistle journalism" of the SNP. He says the party will want to be able to blame "London-based newspapers" for a "No" vote in the referendum.

Referendum - Get Involved

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Anonymous: Why do we still talk about a currency union when the highest authority on it, Mark Carney said it is incompatible?

Anonymous: I hope the undecided take their time out and do research instead of listening to the no campaign. Scotland will be better off.

'Metropolitan sneering'

Mr Hosie points to the "Metropolitan sneering" of many London-based journalists, and claims the BBC's political editor Nick Robinson is an example of this.

Stewart Hosie

Uncertainties of independence

Ms Davidson says she was a journalist herself, and it is up to the press to take whatever line they wish.

Ruth Davidson

She says many of the newspapers and commentators are simply warning about the uncertainties of independence.

'Barrage of negativity'

Ms Smith says it has not. She says it is a "miracle" that the campaigns are neck and neck considering the "barrage of negativity and bias".

Elaine C Smith

It has not been a fair and balanced debate, a point reiterated to her by "many journalists", she claims.

Question three

Do the panel feel that the media coverage during the run-up to this Referendum has been fair and impartial?

'Job warnings'

"How many more companies have to give job warnings", asks another.

'Haven't thought things through'

An audience member attacks Better Together's "back of a fag packet" offer of further powers for the Scottish Parliament.

"In the words of your own advert: you haven't 'thought things through,'" he adds.

Fiscal strategy

Mr Alexander says in such circumstances another country would set Scotland's fiscal strategy.

Douglas Alexander

"Why would you want that?" he asks the audience in Stirling and those watching at home.

Currency union

"Would there not be less power for Scotland if an independent Scotland entered into a currency union with the remainder of the UK," asks James Cook.

Referendum - Your Views

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Anonymous: If all these financial institutions are experts in the danger of a free Scotland, how come they couldn't foresee all these banking crisis' and depressions?

Vaz, Loch Lomond: People should be less worried about the economics of the situation and more worried about why they can't imagine their own fellow countrymen being capable of running Scotland.

Re-balancing power

Ms Smith says she doesn't understand why anyone would "give up the chance to have all of the power to take back some of the power".

More devolved powers

Mr Alexander adds that further devolution is what "most of us want".

Devolution is 'a journey'

Mr Alexander says he has always believed in devolution and says it is a "journey".

He adds that he is proud of the further devolution that has already taken place, and the latest package offered by Labour, rejecting any suggestion that they have been "watered down".

Referendum - Get Involved

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Big Flash: Surely Scottish Labour must know a YES will revitalise their party and free them from bowing to Westminster Labour?

AnneDon: Remember that the unionist parties kept DevoMax OFF the ballot paper because "people of rUK would have to agree them. #bbcindyref