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  1. Leaders of the three UK parties in pledge to devolve more powers
  2. David Cameron urges against 'painful divorce' from the UK
  3. 'Head, heart and soul we want you to stay,' says the PM
  4. Alex Salmond says a "Yes" vote would grow Scotland's economy
  5. The latest poll of polls puts "No" on 51% and "Yes" on 49%
  6. Scotland's independence referendum takes place on 18 September
  7. Voters will be asked: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

Live Reporting

By Thomas McGuigan and Giancarlo Rinaldi

All times stated are UK

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Thomas McGuigan

BBC Scotland News

That's all from the Referendum Live team for tonight. We'll be back tomorrow to bring you a comprehensive round-up of who's doing what on the campaign trail as the 18 September vote gets closer and closer...

Referendum - Get Involved

Text 80295

Steve, Aberdeen: People are scared of taking risks. People who are afraid to take risks don't achieve anything. Most people who achieve in life take the biggest risks.

Anon: So Cameron Clegg and Milliband, you feel it's OK to sign the English up to the Barnett con job for evermore with out asking the English? Go Scotland, just go.

David, County Down: Want to know - freedom for what? What Scottish people should be asking themselves is, can other British people manage without them?

Referendum - Your Views

Text 80295

John, Edinburgh: Reply to Jamie. If you think that taxes won't rise if you vote Yes you will be disappointed. No currency, lower tax take from oil and higher spending. Result is higher taxes because the books don't balance.

Helen Cameron, Glasgow: Why is Bob Geldof pro-union? Does he want his homeland of Ireland to rejoin the UK?

Anon: It's up to the Scottish people to decide on independence. I do, however, agree that it would be a shame to break up the union, but the rest of the UK's opinions shouldn't be taken into account.

Referendum - Get Involved

Text 80295

Kris, Edinburgh: Daily Record 'pledge' does not guarantee lasting preservation of Barnett formula. Says it is 'continuing'. Until when - December?

Alexander, London: Scotland! Do not fall for phoney love-ins and fake sincerity. In London, the Scottish Referendum has been treated for months as a joke, but now Metropolitan types are fighting tooth and nail to protect their vested interests, political and economic. The day after a No victory, Scotland will be yesterday's news and everything will go back to 'normal'. Don't be cowards! VOTE YES!

John and Helen McAleer: Will independence produce social justice? No is our opinion. Currently disabled adults in Scotland pay more of their disposable income for social care than their counterparts in England and Wales. This is after years of an SNP government. What chance in the future?

All set for Selkirk

Tweet using #bbcindyref

Gary Robertson

BBC Radio Scotland

tweets: #BBCGMS live from Selkirk, Tuesday morning from 0600, as we continue on road to #indyref Guests include
@TogetherDarling &

Referendum - Your Views

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Seb Coope

tweets: Why hasn't there been proper debate in TV with economic experts. What will happen to UK currency value on Friday if Yes?

Charlie Small

says: I have already voted why are the government allowed to start all these vows now #YouYesYet #YesScotland

Daniele Wiseman

tweets: #DontLeaveMeThisWay #WeCanWorkItOut #Tragedy Scotland don't go. Let's change UK together, not tear it apart. #bbcindyref

'End game'

Brian Taylor

Political editor, Scotland

Entirely understandably, there is the sense of an end game. But that does not mean in the slightest that the passion has drained from this referendum. Absolutely the reverse.

Two speeches today exemplify that phenomenon, in different ways. Both Alex Salmond and David Cameron delivered emotive and emotional arguments.

Both were surrounded by supporters but, of course, reaching over their heads to the undecided across Scotland.

Read the full blog here.

Devolve more powers

The leaders of the three main parties at Westminster have signed a pledge to devolve more powers to Scotland, if Scots reject independence.

The pledge, which appears on the front of the Daily Record newspaper, has been signed by David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg.

It has three parts and also commits to preserving the Barnett funding formula.

From left: David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg
Getty Images

The Yes campaign has argued the only guarantee of more powers is a vote for independence.

The first part of the agreement promises "extensive new powers" for the Scottish Parliament "delivered by the process and to the timetable agreed" by the three parties.

The second says the leaders agree that "the UK exists to ensure opportunity and security for all by sharing our resources equitably".

The third "categorically states" that the final say on funding for the NHS will lie with the Scottish Government "because of the continuation of the Barnett allocation for resources, and the powers of the Scottish Parliament to raise revenue".

What's the Story?

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BBC Scotland

tweets: .
@kevinbridges86 has a What's the Story: Referendum Special tonight on BBC One Scotland at 10.40pm

Front page vow

BBC News

tweets: Daily Record: "The vow - 3 leaders sign promise to Scotland" (via
@suttonnick) #TomorrowsPapersToday #BBCPapers

Record front page

Referendum - Your Views

Cadi: Dear Scotland by voting Yes you will set the whole of the UK free to find a coherent sense of direction that will replace the chaotic unplanned system we endure. We may even gain our own constitution. Your freedom leads to ours. Luck and Love from Wales.

M Anderson: The startling appearance and arrival of old Prescott on the scene, adds a sort of 1980s feel to proceedings. And hey, that word 'hindrance' is big word for you John.

Referendum - Get Involved

Tweet using #bbcindyref

Scottish Football Association chief executive Stewart Regan

tweets: What a week! Independence referendum on Thurs, decision on Euro 2020 bid on Fri and Sweden v Scotland in the WWC 2015 on Weds. #alltoplayfor

Scotland 2014

It has been another busy day in the final week of the referendum campaign.

Sarah Smith presents a look at the stories behind the headlines and the issues affecting the country in

Scotland 2014 on BBC2 Scotland at 22:00.

Referendum - Your Views

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Finlay Harris

tweets: Seems like a last minute rush of celebs endorsing a No - vote...too little too late?? Does it even matter?

Wood Tom

says: Love Scotland, Love UK. One island United. #indyref #letsstaytogether #bbcindyref

Referendum - Get Involved

Tweet using #bbcindyref

Vanessa Gillespie

tweets: Sir Bob Geldof - what a disappointment. Clearly now entrenched in the establishment.

Lusty Spring

says: Revolution not devolution #bbcindyref #indyref

Referendum - Get Involved

Text 80295

Jamie, Edinburgh: The No side has never been able to guarantee that taxes or mortgage rates would go up; for any company saying so, another says an independent Scotland would not lead to tax rises etc. Simply put, No campaign cannot scare people when their claims are always debunked. A Yes vote can bring great change to Scotland, to do better for us all, better than Westminster has managed so far!

Tim, West Lothian: I was born and brought up in England (2 Scottish grandparents), but married a Scot and have lived in Scotland for 40 years - now have 3 children all born in Edinburgh and 2 grandchildren born in Livingston. Also have a brother born in Wales, who has a wife with Northern Irish roots - a typical British extended family. I have always felt at home in Scotland (except for England - Scotland games) but if the vote is YES on Thursday, I may have to consider a course of action I never thought likely - a move back down south. Surely Better Together?

Jim, Blantyre: Gordon Brown's 3rd "guarantee" has let the cat out of the bag. Why would Scotland need to raise taxes to protect spending on the NHS? Obviously he is admitting that the NHS is being privatised in England and this will lead to a cut in Scotland's budget. Only a "Yes" vote can save the NHS.

Referendum - Get Involved

Tweet using #bbcindyref

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg

tweets: Proud to be at #TrafalgarSquare showing my support for keeping our family of nations together.

Nick Clegg at Trafalgar Square
Nick Clegg

'Let's stay together'

Thousands of people gathered in London earlier to urge Scottish voters to reject independence and remain in the United Kingdom.

Rally at Trafalgar Square

Those at the rally in Trafalgar Square waved Union Jack flags and held up signs reading "Let's stay together" and "Scotland we love you, don't go."

Organiser Dan Snow, a broadcaster and historian, told the crowd: "We think that unity is better than division, and cooperation is better than competition."

Sir Bob Geldof
Getty Images

Musician Sir Bob Geldof and comedian Eddie Izzard joined those in favour of the union.

Snow, whose referendum campaign Let's Stay Together has drawn endorsements from dozens of high profile figures, said the rally was to show Scotland "that England cares".

"There is such a thing as a big glorious 'No,'" Sir Bob told the rally. "It's a family and we love each other."

Referendum - Your Views

Text 80295

Eric Sutherland: As a proud Scot who has lived in England for the last 32 years I am saddened at the prospect of a YES vote. We are a small island where the fight for social justice and opportunity for all has never been confined to borders. The working class movement has strong links across the UK and creating a new border through separation, I believe, will not be to the long-term benefit of the working class of Scotland.

Dennis Mayes: Please, Scotland, vote Yes on Thursday to regain your nationhood. The English establishment are unlikely to grant you another opportunity such as this.

Keith B, Aberdeen: PM and Ex-PM said what needed to said today. There is not a credible case for independence. There is no credible case for the currency. Every downside to independence is dismissed by the SNP as "scaremongering" and any upsides are the "truth".

Panorama programme

Tonight's Panorama on BBC One is looking at Scotland's Decision.

You can watch it at 20:30.

Referendum - Get Involved

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Big Flash

tweets: Not a bitter time in Scotland but a time of celebration! No more Darling, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband.

Yes Bear Kilt

asks: Can Ruth Davidson answer why are we being offered more powers if we Vote No when devomax was kept + fought off the ballot paper?

Vics McQ

undefined'If you don't know the answers, please vote No.' Top advice Mr Cameron. #ScotlandDecides #bbcindyref

Simon Barrett

says: Just interested in how an independent Scotland will raise the cash required for the sterling reserves required to keep the £ #bbcindyref

Referendum - Get Involved

Text 80295

Dave M, Caithness: Alex Salmond says it's best for Scotland to say Yes on the 18th but are we ready to pay more tax and mortgage rates will go up, are we ready for all of this? Vote No.

Graham Monteath: Please, please my friends in Scotland, don't fall out bitterly. Whatever the vote, a significant amount of people will be truly upset, and will have to live together afterwards. Vote with your heads, not your hearts, and whatever the result, we in England will support you. I am English, with Scottish ancestry, and this is heartbreaking.

Referendum - Your Views

David, Leicester: As English with all Scots ancestry I have always been so proud to say I was from the United Kingdom and now I am just sad. Because of all the rancour this whole issue has raised and no matter what the outcome now I don't think I will ever feel the same about Scotland again.

Nazmul Hossain, London: It is futile to initiate the question of "economy" in the referendum debate on Scotland because "liberty" is priceless! No sane mind would put a "price tag" on independence! The Scots should be free - richer or poorer - no matter what, to be the master of their own destiny!

Dumfries Views

Activists in the referendum campaign told Laura Bicker on Reporting Scotland of the different views they were gathering in Dumfries.

Dumfries activists

Yes Scotland's Steve James said: "People are actually waking up to the idea that Scotland's future is better in Scotland's hands."

But Better Together's Greig Lamont said: "Over the last few weeks the risks of independence are becoming real ... what we are saying is we don't need to take those risks."

Referendum round-up

Need a potted round-up of big, small and unusual stories in the referendum debate?

Here is the latest with just three days to go.

Street 'stand-off'

James Shaw

BBC Radio 5 live Scotland correspondent

tweets: It's a Pollokshields stand-off. No on one side of Albert Drive, Yes on the other.


European project

Gavin Hewitt

Europe editor

Amongst the officials of Europe, Scotland is a topic they recoil from.

No one wishes to take a public stand which could influence the outcome of Thursday's referendum. It is a matter, they add, for Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Yes supporter flying the Saltire

But privately the European instinct is against the break-up of established countries. It is a core defence of the European project that a global world requires countries to relinquish sovereignty and to integrate more.

Now Scotland is not seeking to survive alone in the world but, on the whole, European officials do not want to see EU states breaking up.

Read the rest of Gavin's blog


Reconciliation message

Mark Smith, a pastor and community radio station chairman in Dumfries, has told BBC Scotland's Laura Bicker he will be working towards reconciliation whatever the outcome of Thursday's vote.

Mark Smith

"At the end of the day there will be a lot of people who will feel quite disappointed or elated," he said.

"We have got to join the two sides together."

Referendum - Get Involved

Text 80295

Ian H, Glasgow: So, independence will guarantee social justice! Can't wait to see that when we all just live happily side by side helping each other out and being thankful for our lot!

Jon, Devon: Why leave the union now with all the risks involved? Why become a very small fish with no allies? You'll have 8 helicopters to protect yourselves, no pound, will you be in Europe anytime soon? Jobs will migrate south - just look at Ireland where all the young and skilled leave. Taking a chance on Devo-max is far safer on all points and if you don't get what you want then have another referendum! The rest of the UK wants you by our side Scotland, don't throw it all away please.

Anon: Could somebody help a disenfranchised Scot living and working in a part of my country that is not Scotland. What will happen to my UK passport and rights of residency in the event of a Yes vote? I believe there are 800,000 disenfranchised, rest of UK-based Scots, in the same position.

Referendum - Your Views

James, Glasgow: I wish people would stop asking Scotland to vote No because "we're friends" or such ilk... The UK is broken and no-one is offering to fix that. We need to take this one chance to do right! And don't forget; we will still value England as friends and valued neighbours. We need to do better, we need to vote Yes.

Paul, Rayleigh: Will someone please ask Alex Salmond what he personally requires for himself from independence? Suspect it's the possibility of becoming Scotland's first permanent highly-paid president, remember he has a majority in the parliament. Just a thought, good luck Scotland you will need it.

Referendum - Get Involved

Tweet using #bbcindyref

Tim Reid

Political correspondent, BBC News

John Swinney on #Aviva: The ratings agencies have said Scotland would be eligible for the highest credit rating #repscot

'Biggest decision of our lifetime'

The spirit that led to the creation of the Scottish Parliament will ensure it gets more powers quickly in the event of a No vote, according to former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell.

By rejecting independence, he said Scots had the chance to vote for a "stronger and safer" parliament in Edinburgh.

Former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell
Getty Images

"We are now three short days away from facing the biggest decision of our lifetime," Sir Menzies added.

"The iron man equivalent of political campaigns is drawing nearer towards the finishing line. The choice is clear. People can either vote to leave the UK, with all the risks and uncertainties that independence offers.

"Or they can vote for a stronger and safer Scottish Parliament within the UK."

On Air

Reporting Scotland has just begun on BBC One Scotland, rounding up the day's news in the referendum campaign.

You can watch the programme


Referendum - Get Involved

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BBC Radio 5 live

"Putting up borders means less money for the things we want," says No campaign director @blairmcdougall. #indyref #ScotlandDecides

Referendum - Get Involved

Tweet using #bbcindyref

Jacqui Orme

tweets: Just been at #letsstaytogether amazing speech David Cameron it was rousing and heartfelt. Hopefully will get help get a No vote.


says: I hope Scotland get independence only to make life more interesting. They seem to want it.

Referendum - Get Involved

Tweet using #bbcindyref

BBC Radio 5 live

"The only banks closing in Scotland will be the food banks," says Yes campaign supporter Tommy Sheridan. #indyref #ScotlandDecides

Gordon Brown's aim

Nick Robinson

Political editor

Gordon Brown is calling for three "guarantees" for Scotland to be "locked in" before voting takes place in the referendum on Thursday.

1. A permanent role for Scotland in the evolution of the UK.

Gordon Brown

2. A guarantee of fairness.

3. A guarantee that the Barnett formula will survive and Scotland will be able to raise taxes to protect spending on the NHS if necessary.

Referendum - Get Involved

Text 80295

Anon: British values currently consist of the rich getting richer whilst the poorest in society get poorer and more disenfranchised almost by the day. An independent Scotland will address that imbalance through social justice implemented by people who care about our country, not politicians based in Westminster with no real concept of the Scottish psyche. Vote Yes.

Neil in Gloucester: I'm English and like many Scots I didn't vote a Tory government in, I can't stand them. But for once I agree with what Cameron says, governments change but this decision if it ends bad it's forever. I served in the Royal Navy and I'm proud I stood shoulder to shoulder with my Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and English "Oppo's". If the UK is broken up it will break my heart.

Referendum - Your Views

Jim in Berkshire, replying to Andrew Wang in Herts: I think the history behind the union is rather more complicated. History records that even pro-unionists recognised that 75% or more of the common population were against the union, with the spy Daniel Defoe recording that for every one in favour, 99 were against. This referendum is at last giving the common population the opportunity to choose their future, rather than the elite rulers with financial interests to protect or salvage. Whatever the outcome, this referendum will reveal the actual decision of the people.