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  1. Angus Sinclair jailed for 37 years for murdering Helen Scott and Christine Eadie
  2. Serial killer given longest sentence ever handed down by Scottish court
  3. Teenagers raped and killed after meeting Sinclair and his late brother-in-law
  4. Sinclair met teenagers at Edinburgh's World's End pub in October 1977
  5. BBC Scotland Investigates: The World's End Murderer documentary on BBC Two, 22:30 tonight

Live Reporting

By Graham Fraser, Calum Watson and Louise Sayers

All times stated are UK

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Sinclair guilty of World's End murders

  • The sentence is the longest handed down by a Scottish court.

Signing off

That's all from the Scotland Live team this evening.

Justice for victims

Kenny MacAskill
Kenny MacAskill is Scotland's Justice Secretary

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said: "This case came to court after the Scottish government brought forward the

Double Jeopardy (Scotland) Act, which was unanimously passed by parliament.

"Double jeopardy is a centuries old principle of Scots law which prevents a person being tried twice for the same offence, but in this day and age, there should be no escape from justice.

"We have acted in the interests of Scottish justice, victims and their families and we hope this news brings some comfort to the families of the victims of these terrible crimes."

DNA evidence

Helen Scott's father Morain praised Edinburgh police for keeping the evidence from that night in 1977 so that it could be used 37 years later when new techniques of identifying DNA samples had been developed.

"They did not destroy one bit of evidence. They kept everything all these years," he said.

Judge's statement

Judge Lord Matthews
Judge Lord Matthews presided over the case of Angus Sinclair

The judge presiding over the case of Angus Sinclair, who was convicted of killing two teenagers 37 years ago,

said in his statement: "The girls [Christine Eadie and Helen Scott] were subjected to an ordeal beyond comprehension and then left like carrion, exposed for all to see, with no dignity, even in death."

More crimes

Morain Scott said he could not believe the way in which Angus Sinclair conducted himself in the witness box when he gave evidence during the trial. "His answers were ridiculous," Helen Scott's father said.

Mr Scott called Sinclair a "beast" and said he was quite sure he had committed more crimes.

'I'll never forget'

Helen Scott's father Morain Scott, who is now 84, said it was what he been fighting for over the past 37 years. "I promised my late wife I would fight to the end of my days.

"It will be closure I hope for some of my family. It will never be closure for me because I saw Helen that night when she was brought up from East Lothian and I'll never forget as long as I live what I saw that day. What they had done to my beautiful daughter."

Legal ruling

"Decades after their deaths, Helen and Christine's legacy is to have changed Scotland's justice system for the better," Mr Scott said.

"Politicians came together for Helen and Christine and the introduction of the Double Jeopardy amendment will prevent other families suffering in the way that we have."

Justice given

Helen Scott's brother Kevin said: "We have waited 37 years for justice. Today that wait has ended. We finally have justice for Helen and Christine. It has been a long, and at times, very lonely battle but in our different ways we did not give up."

Meticulous work

Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland
Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland was praised by the family of one of the victims

Mr Scott said: "Today's conviction of Angus Sinclair is the result of decades of painstaking work by police and prosecutors.

"We, and Christine's family, would like to offer our heartfelt thanks."

Mr Scott also thanked the Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland "without whose years of meticulous work this case would not have been brought back to court".

Beautiful smile

Christine Eadie and her friend Helen Scott
Christine Eadie and her friend Helen Scott were killed in October 1977

Mr Scott said Christine Eadie was a fun-loving girl who enjoyed going out, loved pop music - in particular Donny Osmond - and shopping for the latest fashions. She was a "popular, friendly and likeable girl, who her family dearly-loved".

Helen Scott was described by her brother as a "country girl" who did not quite grasp fashion in the way others did. "Jeans and a T-shirt were fine". Mr Scott said Helen had "beautiful blue eyes and a beautiful smile, never to forget".

Family reaction

The Scott family
The Scott family - [from left] Kevin, Morain and Amy-Helen - made a statement outside the court following the guilty verdict

Kevin Scott [first left], the brother of murdered World's End victim Helen Scott, said the 37-year minimum sentence handed down to Angus Sinclair was "appropriate" as it was 37 years since the murderers took place.

Judge brands Sinclair 'monster'

Judge Lord Matthews told Sinclair: "Whatever dreams they had, they turned into nightmares shortly after they left the World's End Pub, the name of which has become synonymous with these notorious murders.

"Little were they to know that they had the misfortune to be in the company of two men for whom the words evil and monster seem inadequate."

'Waited 37 years for justice'

Former Detective Superintendent Allan Jones added: "It brings a great level of satisfaction to see this verdict rendered. The families of Christine Eadie and Helen Scott have waited 37 years to see justice, and today that has finally been delivered and I hope this will bring them a degree of closure and solace.

"I worked on this case, at varying levels, for 35 years. It was a case that got under the skin of everyone who worked on the enquiry, and indeed, everyone who worked within the former Lothian and Borders Police force.

"After the disappointment of 2007, it brings a degree of personal and professional satisfaction to see a positive result.

"Angus Sinclair is a dangerous man who has several convictions for murder and sexual assault. He should never again be at liberty."

'True heroes'

Det Ch Supt Flannigan added: "Those officers and scientists from 1977 and continuing through the generations are true heroes, for without their care and attention, without their absolute determination to preserve the clothing and samples for some development they could not have dreamt off, then this historic moment could not have happened.

"The actions and the determination of everyone over the years to fight for justice for Helen's and Christine's families is ultimately what has led to this moment."

Police reaction

Det Ch Supt Gary Flannigan, from Police Scotland's Major Investigation Team, said: "Today's verdict is the culmination of 37-years of dedicated police work and continued partnership working alongside the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.

"The World's End murders investigation is a remarkable enquiry. Not only because it is the first where a conviction has been secured following the Double Jeopardy legislation, but also because of the exemplary level of foresight demonstrated by police and forensic scientists during the initial stages of the investigation."

Long wait for justice

The father of Helen Scott made a promise to his wife on the day she died that he would pursue the truth about what happened to their daughter.

Morain Scott

Morain Scott, 84, said: "I made that promise. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I would try to get this conviction."


more here.

Life in jail

Angus Sinclair will be 106 years old before he will be eligible for parole.

BreakingSinclair guilty of World's End murders

  • The sentence is the longest handed down by a Scottish court.

Previous murder conviction

Lorna Gordon

BBC News Scotland correspondent

2001 Sinclair convicted of the murder of a young women #worldsend jury told.

Mark Daly

BBC Scotland Investigations Correspondent

A special documentary will be broadcast tonight on BBC2 Scotland at 22:30.... BBC Scotland Investigates: The World's End Murderer.

Evil past

Lorna Gordon

BBC News Scotland correspondent

Sinclair's previous convictions being listed in #worldsend trial. Culpable homicide in 1961, 3 rapes, 8 indecent assaults of children 1982

Change in law brought Sinclair to justice

The trial of Angus Sinclair was the first to be held in Scotland following the ending of the centuries-old double jeopardy rule.

The first trial of Angus Sinclair for the World's End murders collapsed in 2007

Previously a person could not be brought before the courts for a second time on the same charge after being acquitted.

An earlier trial of Angus Sinclair for the World's End murders collapsed in 2007.

The change in the law meant Sinclair could be tried again because of the existence of new DNA evidence not previously available.

Reevel Alderson explains why the case was a legal watershed

How DNA trapped Sinclair

'When Angus Sinclair voluntarily gave a DNA sample to police in the mid-1990s, he could never have imagined it would lead to convictions for the murders of three women two decades earlier.'

Christine Eadie (left) and Helen Scott
Lothian and Borders Police

Reevel Alderson, the Home Affairs correspondent of BBC Scotland, on how DNA trapped Angus Sinclair.

Sinclair has been found guilty of the murders of Helen Scott and Christine Eadie. He met the teenagers at the World's End pub in October 1977.

World End murders: Sinclair is serial killer

World's End murderer Angus Sinclair is a convicted serial killer already serving life for murder.

Police believe he has killed at least six other women and girls.

Angus Sinclair

Read James Cook's

report on the verdict

Angus Sinclair: Scotland's worst serial killer?

'The long-awaited guilty verdicts in the case of the World's End murders mean Angus Sinclair has now been convicted of four killings. But he is suspected of many more.'

Angus Sinclair
Crown Office

BBC Scotland Investigations Correspondent's Mark Daly on the brutal past of Angus Sinclair.

Verdict: World's End murders

Angus Sinclair has been found guilty of the murders of Helen Scott and Christine Eadie.

The teenagers were raped and killed after meeting Sinclair and his late brother-in-law at Edinburgh's World's End pub in October 1977.

Sinclair was the first man to be tried following a change in the law abandoning the ancient principle of double jeopardy.

Lucky black cat

A cat which fell 20ft into a tank at a West Lothian sewage works has been .

The cat was rescued on Thursday in an operation involving firefighters and animal rescue staff.

Firefighters climbed down a ladder into the tank and coaxed the animal into a cage, which was then hoisted up.

Animal charity staff nicknamed the cat Fireman Sam - though it turns out his real name is Mick Mac.

Naked man seen in park

Police are investigating after a young man was seen wearing only a rucksack in Dundee's Caird Park.

Officers are treating the incident, which occurred at about 10:00 on 7 November, as an indecent exposure.

The man is described as being about 16 years old, 5ft 6in tall, of slim build and with short dark hair.

Anyone who saw the naked man or anyone acting suspiciously is asked to contact police.

Pair charged with fraud

A man and a woman have been charged in connection with a continuing investigation into a £2m fraud in south-west England.


Shameem Mohammed Ali, 43, and Atif Mohammed, 23, both from Glasgow, were arrested in the city on Thursday.

They have been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering offences, police said.

School closure proposed

Dundee City Council has proposed a major shake-up of the city's school estate, including the closure of Menzieshill High School.

Harris academy
Dundee City Council

If the move is approved, pupils from the "half empty" school would transfer to the newly built Harris Academy (pictured) when it opens in August 2016.

Rangers T-shirt apology

Burton has apologised to Rangers for selling a T-shirt with an altered image of the club's founders and the slogan: "underworld division champions".

Fans of the Ibrox club contacted the retailer after images of the T-shirt went viral on social media.

Burton T-shirt
Burton has removed the T-shirt from sale after complaints from Rangers fans

Burton said it wished to "apologise unreservedly for any offence" and said it had removed the item from sale.

Craig Whyte

Police are expected to issue an arrest warrant for former Rangers owner Craig Whyte following an investigation over the sale of the club in 2011.

Craig Whyte

The development came after four men were detained in England.

David Grier, Paul Clark and David Whitehouse worked for Duff and Phelps, who were Rangers' administrators.

Shereen Nanjiani

On Radio Scotland from 10:00 tomorrow, Shereen Nanjiani and her panel of guests will be discussing the week's top stories and talking to some of the people who are making the headlines.

Shereen Nanjiani

This week, author Linda Wise will be speaking about being held captive for 13 days by Iranian forces on suspicion of spying. She'll be reflecting on her ordeal and how it has informed her writing.

Ancient basket removed from beach

Steven McKenzie

BBC Scotland Highlands and Islands reporter

An ancient basket - thought to be 3,500 years old - found on a Western Isles beach has now been excavated.

Basket being unearthed

The artefact was discovered in an area of shoreline where the sea has been eroding the land at Baleshare in North Uist.

Archaeologists have managed to remove the object with help from the local community.

It will be examined by AOC Archaeology Group.

Salmond's speech -Your views

David Forrester, Glasgow: Ludicrous hyperbole in the comments posted. The SNP has achieved little or nothing. Many schools in Glasgow and elsewhere have no students qualifying for University places. Free tuition simply a subsidy for the well off by the poor. Reverse redistribution. What the SNP calls "social justice".

Salmond's speech

On Twitter #SNP14

Rickets Telethon: Anyway, that was a pretty happening speech. Humour and Substance. Should be good for a few thousand more memberships and votes. #snp14

Aileen Campbell: @AlexSalmond has no doubt about @NicolaSturgeon's ability to 'create history' as our new @theSNP leader #snp14

POA Scotland: An exceptional politician exits stage left. Look forward to continuing positive relationship with @scotgov under new @NicolaSturgeon #snp14

Not so Angry Salmond

Severin Carrell, The Guardian's Scotland correspondent,

tweets: @AlexSalmond has parting word for #snpconf14 "conference, conference hashtag sexy social democracy"

'Driving seat'

Towards the end of his address, Mr Salmond also said: "In 2015, the Westminster election offers a real possibility of putting Scotland in the driving seat.

"Let also every voter in Scotland be clear - only a vote for the SNP in 2015 can force Westminster to deliver on its promises.

"And getting that vote in 2015 depends on you - the members of this party."

General Election

Mr Salmond, in his speech, repeatedly emphasised the importance of success at next year's general election.

He said the SNP's job is to now "hold Westminster's feet to the fire", saying "starting now and until we have secured for Scotland what we were promised".

He added: "That is why voting SNP is more important than ever."