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  1. Nicola Sturgeon, Jim Murphy, Willie Rennie and Ruth Davidson debate
  2. Final Scottish leaders' debate before general election
  3. Debate held at Mansfield Traquair in Edinburgh
  4. BBC political correspondent Glenn Campbell chairs
  5. Voters go to the polls on Thursday, 7 May

Live Reporting

By Graham Fraser, Deirdre Kelly and Doug Kennedy

All times stated are UK

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The end

Graham Fraser

BBC Scotland

End of debate

That is it for tonight's debate. You can read a report on it and watch video highlights on the

BBC Scotland news website.

Also, you can watch the whole programme again on the

BBC iPlayer soon.

Invest more

Jim Murphy said governments need to invest much more in social housing.

'Scheme had its day'

Ms Sturgeon, responding to criticism for scrapping the right to buy scheme, said the policy "had had its day".


Ruth Davidson criticises the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon for scrapping the help to buy scheme in housing.

What did the Scottish Conservative manifesto say on housing?

  • Extend the "Right to Buy" to 1.3m housing association homes in England
  • 200,000 homes built for first-time buyers aged under 40, at 20% discount
  • New Help to Buy ISA's for first-time buyers to help them get a deposit for a house
  • Create a £1bn brownfield regeneration fund to unlock sites for 400,000 homes

Create jobs

Willie Rennie agreed with Nicola Sturgeon, and said it is important to build hundreds of thousands of homes across the United Kingdom.

He added that by creating jobs, young people will be able to buy their own homes.

What did the Scottish Lib Dem manifesto say on housing?

  • Increase house building to 300,000 a year
  • Set in motion at least 10 new Garden Cities
  • 30,000 Rent to Own homes a year by 2020
  • Ban landlords from letting out poorly insulated homes

More money

Jim Murphy said 95% of all money spent on housing in Scotland is spent on benefits.

He said it important to regulate rents in the private sector so landlords can't rip young people off.

What did the Scottish Labour manifesto say on housing?

  • Full devolution of Housing Benefit
  • Build 20,000 new homes a year in Scotland by 2020
  • Abolish the "bedroom tax"

Build more houses

Nicola Sturgeon is the first leader to speak about the issue of housing.

She says the SNP, in the Scottish Parliament, want to build 30,000 homes in the lifetime of this parliament.

What did the SNP manifesto say on housing?

  • Immediate abolition of "bedroom tax"
  • Back investment to see 100,000 affordable homes built throughout the UK
  • Continue support for Help to Buy and shared equity schemes
  • Housing benefit should not be restricted for 18 to 21 year olds

Question four

leaders debate question

Tactical voting

On the issue of tactical voting, Ms Davidson said she doesn't believe with it "in principle".


Mr Murphy, meanwhile, said he believes in the first-past-the-post system.

'In favour'

Ms Sturgeon said the SNP was in favour of proportional representation, and adds the House of Lords should be abolished.

'Votes should count'

Mr Rennie said the Liberal Democrats believes every vote should count.

He said that proportional representation would mean you could vote in what you believe in, and not vote in all different directions.

He calls the current voting system is "corrupt".

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Niall Rolland

tweets: Great question about need to move to a fairer electoral system in #leadersdebate


Ms Davidson said proportional representation would be "great for the Tories".

She said at the last general election in Scotland, the Conservatives got one in six votes but one in 60 seats.

Question three

leaders debate pr question

Independence referendum

Jim Murphy says there should be a moratorium on another independence referendum, ruling it out for at least five years.

Ms Sturgeon said the only parties talking about the referendum are the other parties.

Ms Davidson adds that the SNP are not representative of all the people of Scotland.

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Paul Hutcheon

tweets: Nicola Sturgeon on which issues would produce a 2nd indyref: 'I'm not going to produce a list.' #leadersdebate

'Taken a stance'

Ms Davidson said the Conservatives have taken a stance that it would do no deals with any of the nationalist parties from across the United Kingdom.


Ruth Davidson said the "deal-by-deal" vote Labour and the SNP would do is the sort of politics that voters don't want.


What are the arguments around the renewal of Trident which is based on the Clyde in Scotland?


Ms Sturgeon said she would use any clout the SNP has to stop the renewal of Trident.

Balance of power

Willie Rennie said there would be "absolute chaos" if the SNP hold the balance of power in Westminster.

Indyref two?

Ms Sturgeon reiterates "the people of Scotland" will decide if there is another independence referendum.

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Cuts proposal

Ms Sturgeon said that if Labour puts forward a budget that proposes cuts, the SNP would vote against it.

'Keep Tories out'

Ms Sturgeon said she was appalled when Ed Miliband said he would rule out any deals with the SNP. She said any chance to get the Conservatives out should be taken.

'No majority'

Nicola Sturgeon said that neither the Conservatives and Labour would win a majority, according to the polls.

Ms Sturgeon, with experience in minority governments, says parties need to work together by building support for policies.

Changed UK

Mr Murphy says Labour wants to change the country "dramatically".

Labour government

Jim Murphy kicks off the debate on a hung parliament.

He said that if Scotland votes Labour, the United Kingdom will get a Labour government.

Question Two



What is full fiscal autonomy?

  • Full fiscal responsibility or autonomy would see Scotland gain complete control of taxation and spending, including most North Sea oil revenue, with Edinburgh paying London for shared services such as defence and foreign affairs.
  • The IFS analysis suggests that Scotland's fiscal position will improve during the next Westminster parliament as the deficit is reduced, but that the UK's position as a whole will improve faster.

Find out more....

Full fiscal autonomy

Mr Murphy brings up the issue of full fiscal autonomy, and says it will create a black hole in the economy.

He asks how Ms Sturgeon can talk about cutting austerity when full fiscal autonomy would result in more cuts.

'Real people'

Ms Sturgeon said the cuts are hurting real people who don't deserve to pay for austerity and the crash.

Party differences

Ms Sturgeon said when it comes to policy, there is very little between Labour and the Conservatives.

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Helen Mckay

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'How dare you'

Ms Davidson calls Mr Murphy a liar, to which the Scottish Labour leader responds "How dare you."

'I'm angry'

Jim Murphy

Mr Murphy said he is angry that, under a Conservative-led government, more people have had to use food banks.

'Make work pay'

Ms Davidson says changes are needed to the benefits system. The Scottish Conservative leader said they will make work pay.

She says a Conservative government will not make cuts to child benefit.