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  1. Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond answered questions from opposition leaders in parliament
  2. Johann Lamont kicked things off for Labour, to be followed by Conservative leader Ruth Davidson
  3. Question time came after Tuesday's live referendum TV debate, between Mr Salmond and Alistair Darling
  4. The Scottish independence referendum is being held on 18 September

Live Reporting

By Andrew Black, Aiden James and Jamie Ross

All times stated are UK

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The end

And that ends first minister's questions for this week. You can watch the rest of the day's business in the Scottish Parliament on the BBC's

Democracy Live website.

'Successful' country

Mr Salmond says there is "unanimity" that an independent Scotland can be successful.

Khaleesi: Never thought I'd see the day I watched #FMQs with great interest. The #indyref has changed and revived an entire generation!!

Economic success

The first minister agrees that there is substantial evidence that "small states can be economically successful".

Rachel Hinds: This scaremongering over privatisation of the NHS is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Woeful stuff. #FMQs

Paul Gillen: What does Jackson Carlaw not understand about the Barnett Formula? #fmqs #indyref

Small states

Last question to SNP MSP Bob Doris, on the "Credit Suisse Research Institute report, The Success of Small States".

Public ownership

Mr Griffin asks about a publicly-owned railway. Mr Salmond backs allowing the publicly-owned East Coast to bid against private companies for franchises.

Steven Tait writes

Both Mr Salmond and the UK government seem to agree that having the pound is more valuable that Scotland's share of debt. If this is then seen in the light of the likely balance of risk for the UK to support a currency union it seems all too logical that the rUK would forego sharing the debt in order not to have to provide a fiscal prop to another country.

Rail performance

Mr Salmond claims the performance of Scotland's railways was better than under the last Labour/Lib Dem Scottish government.

ScotRail fine

A question from Labour's Mark Griffin on "First ScotRail being fined more than £2 million since 2011 for running too few coaches".

'No' campaign

"I think we've touched a nerve in the Better Together campaign," Mr Salmond says. He insists there is a privatisation agenda in Westminster.

'Wholly devolved'

Conservative Jackson Carlaw claims the SNP is indulging in "shameful scaremongering" on the "wholly devolved" Scottish NHS

'Yes' vote

Ms McLeod argues a "Yes" vote to independence is the only way to protect the NHS from privatisation and Mr Salmond, unsurprisingly, agrees.

Monica Lennon: Alex Salmond is going to have to do better than quote page numbers of documents most folk won't read. #indyref #fmqs

Mark Newton: *Yawn* The three stooges ask the same coordinated attack on the people of Scotland by trying to claim we have no share in the pound. #FMQs

Peat Worrier: A steady diet of unvarying repetition is the spice of life. #fmqs

UK policy

Mr Salmond claims that UK government policy on the NHS in England will result in cuts to NHS services in Scotland.

NHS 'privatisation'

The SNP's Aileen McLeod asks "what impact privatisation of the NHS in England will have on the budget available to the Scottish government".

Sharing pound

Mr Salmond says the fiscal commission contained respected economists, and returns to the theme of trading a share of the UK's debt for sharing the pound.

Robert Macintyre: FM on fire, using the supposed CU weaknesses as a weapon to turn table on @UK_Together ToryLabLibDems #fmqs #indyref

Euan McColm: salmond says the currency union's a proposal put forward by "the people of scotland". don't blame me, sunshine. this one's on you. #fmqs

David Burnet: Why is everything on stilts these days? We've had nonsense, stupidity & the Hampden pitch #FMQs

Fiscal commission

Mr Rennie says most voters won't have a copy of the report from the Scottish government's fiscal commission at home.

'Sovereign will'

"Willie Rennie will be first to insist that the sovereign will of the Scottish people will prevail," Mr Salmond claims.

Alex Massie: "It's our pound and we're keeping it" says Salmond (twice) in tones anyone who has ever met a 6 year old kid will recognise. #fmqs

Tom Delargy: It's MAD for Osborne to refuse to negotiate over a shared currency. But financial mutually assured destruction cannot be ruled out. #fmqs

'Not fair'

Mr Rennie accuses the first minister of not being fair with voters.

Question hattrick

After a constituency question, it's the turn of Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie, who makes it a hattrick of questions on currency from the three opposition leaders.

Willie Rennie's turn

Willie Rennie

UK debt

Mr Salmond suggests that the rest of the UK will not want Scotland to walk away from its share of the UK's debt.

'Substantial arguments'

Mr Salmond says there are "very substantial arguments" from economists to back his position on currency.

Andrew Mackintosh: Alex Salmond continues to assume that he will negotiating with himself after a Yes vote as he represents both Scotland and rUK. #FMQ

Duncan McLean: Did @ruthdavidson even blush at reminder of Tory commitments to 'lines in the sand'? #fmq #fmqs

Kate Shannon: #FMQ fashion highlights so far: Anne McTaggart's necklace and Christine Gahame's matching hair/jacket combo!

Currency rejection

Ms Davidson quotes UK politicians who have argued a currency union is not in the interests of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Currency backing

The first minister says senior Scottish Conservatives,

including deputy leader Jackson Carlaw, have said they would back a currency union if Scots back independence.

Colin McKinlay: The FM, for the second time, has explained all of the currency options available to Scotland yet Lamont still doesn't understand. Wow. #FMQs

Iain Forbes: Visions of Salmond rocking back in forth in a corner whispering to himself "It's our pound, It's Scotlands pound" #FMQS #DesperateStuff

Holyrood magazine: So many repeated lines, we need a #FMQs bingo...

Same attack

"A currency union is not in his gift to give," Ms Davidson tells Mr Salmond. Both main opposition leaders are adopting the same line of attack this week.

Next question

Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has the next questions. She begins by adding her thanks to everyone involved in the Commonwealth Games.

Ruth Davidson stands

Ruth Davidson

Currency union

Mr Salmond says the options of joining the euro or fixing a new currency to the pound are not as good as a currency union.

Euan McColm: There is not a single new fact in any of this from salmond. nor, indeed, any facts at all. #fmqs

Tom Delargy: Thank God. Alex Salmond has just turned everything around. #fmqs

'No answer'

"Each time I get a response but never an answer to the question that people are asking," Ms Lamont retorts.

Transaction costs

The first minister says that the will of the Scottish people, the interests of the UK and likely transaction costs with an independent Scotland will change minds at Westminster.

George Foulkes: ‏Salmond still unable to answer question on PlanB after clever question by Johann Lamont #FMQs

Duncan McLean: Oh, no, we are getting a rerun of @TogetherDarling - did @johannlamont pick up the wrong script? #fmq

Westminster parties

Mr Salmond says that George Osborne, Ed Balls and Danny Alexander from the main three Westminster parties will change their minds.