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Live Reporting

By Craig Hutchison and Carol Duncan

All times stated are UK

That's all for today

That brings us to the end of our coverage of the Scottish Parliament for today.

Join us tomorrow morning when we will cover the Equal Opportunities Committee as it takes evidence on Having and Keeping a Home: steps to preventing homelessness among young people.

Until then have a good evening.

Scottish Parliament
Getty Images

Welfare minister

Housing and Welfare Minister Margaret Burgess expected the Department of Work and Pensions would have provided support for people to get access to computers.

Margaret Burgess

The minister says a problem arises where the DWP railroads people onto a digital route, when it is not appropriate or they don't have the skills to get online.


In his motionMr Dey says the there is the wider issue of an IT skills deficit in Angus, including Angus South, with only 54% of Angus CAB clients having access to the internet at home, compared to 68% across Scotland.

CAB website
Getty Images

He commends the work done by Angus CAB on the paper, which it considers provides an understanding of the challenges faced by those claiming benefits online and the future pressures that this may place on local services.

Online benefit claimants debate

SNP MSP Graeme Dey is leading a debate entitled 'Angus CAB publishes paper highlighting challenges faced by online benefit claimants'.

In his motion Mr Dey welcomes the launch of

"Digitally enhanced or Digitally Disadvantaged?", a discussion paper produced by Angus Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).

SNP MSP Graeme Dey
SNP MSP Graeme Dey

The paper highlights a concern regarding the Department of Work and Pensions' "digital by default" strategy, which expects 80% of benefits applications to be made online, despite the UK government recognising that only 30% of claimants for universal credit would have no difficulty in moving to online benefit claiming.

The paper also states that often those who are applying for benefits are those who are least likely to have access to the internet.

Decision time

MSPs vote to pass the motion from Sport Secretary on the Ryder Cup unanimously.


MSPs vote to pass the motion from the Scottish government for the UN Climate Change Summit debate , with 63 MSPs backing it and 50 voting against.

The amendments from Labour and the Conservatives fell.

Coming up

Members' Business: Angus CAB publishes paper highlighting challenges faced by online benefit claimants.

Coming up

MSPs will shortly vote on the motion and amendments from the UN Climate Summit debate.

Minister closes climate change debate

Environment and Climate Change Minister Paul Wheelhouse says the scientific evidence for climate change is overwhelming.


"The cost of inaction will be far greater than taking strong action now."


Thousands of people took part in a march for climate action in London last month - one of more than 2,000 marches which took place around the world, including Edinburgh.

Campaigners, including actress Emma Thompson and singer Peter Gabriel, marched along Embankment to a rally in Parliament Square.

Other marches in the UK took place in Manchester, Sheffield, Stroud and Dudley.


Labour closes

Labour MSP Claudia Beamish sounds a note of optimism on climate change saying global action is already having a good effect.

Labour MSP Claudia Beamish

Ms Beamish says economic transformation could take place to tackle climate change to enhance the quality of life of the world's population.

Greens' plea

Earlier in the debate Green MSP Alison Johnstone urged the Scottish Government to decarbonise pensions saying: "climate action means making choices about where we invest but also about where we don't."

Green MSP Alison Johnstone
Green MSP Alison Johnstone

The Scottish Green MSP said: "It is also a question of commitment, political will and funding".

An amendment by the Green party was not selected for the day's parliamentary business.

Conservative close

Scottish Conservative Alex Fergusson closes the debate criticising the Scottish government for having made its "customary dig" at Westminster, asking if it could be that it is trying to divert attention away from having missed all three of its annual emissions targets.

Scottish Conservative Alex Fergusson
Scottish Conservative Alex Fergusson

Un Climate Change Summit attendees

Other attendees at the summit included US former Vice-President and climate campaigner Al Gore, Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, Chinese actress Li Bingbing and Rajendra Pachauri, head of the UN climate panel, which won the Nobel peace prize in 2007.

Leonardo Di Caprio addresses summit
Leonardo DiCaprio addresses the UN Climate Summit

Obama climate change speech: UN Climate Summit

Polar bear

Matt McGrath, BBC Environment correspondent view:

As well as the hallmark rhetoric, President Obama's speech was notable for the absence of big pledges and for its realistic tone.

Every time the president used the word "carbon", he tagged the word "pollution" on the end.

His goal was to underline that carbon dioxide is damaging to humans in the same way as air pollution, and in the US it should be regulated by executive power rather than by through legislation in a very divided Congress.

The president also acknowledged the scale of opposition to his attempts to cut carbon. The most substantial pledge he made was an announcement that early next year he would publish a post-2020 plan to cut emissions.

Summit meeting
Getty Images

Conservative amendment

Climate change

Mr McGrigor's amendment is below

UN Climate Summit 2014-As an amendment to motion S4M-11029 in the name of Paul Wheelhouse (UN Climate Summit 2014), leave out from second "notes" to "climate justice" and insert "welcomes the Prime Minister's speech at the summit in which he highlighted that the UK has cut greenhouse gas emissions by one quarter and was on track to cut emissions by 80% by 2050; further welcomes the Prime Minister's summit pledge to push European Union leaders to come to Paris with an offer to cut emissions by at least 40% by 2030; is of the opinion that the Scottish Government would have more credibility on climate change issues if it had not repeatedly failed to meet its own greenhouse gas emission reduction targets".

Jamie McGrigor

Conservative MSP Jamie McGrigor says climate change is a serious threat, and calls on international leaders to turn "rhetoric into action".

Jamie McGrigor

Labour amendment

The amendment from Labour MSP Claudia Beamish:

S4M-11029.4 Claudia Beamish: UN Climate Summit 2014-As an amendment to motion S4M-11029 in the name of Paul Wheelhouse (UN Climate Summit 2014), leave out from second "notes" to "global and" and insert "recognises the significance of the study carried out by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, the central tenet of which is that an economic transformation leading to a low-carbon economy could take place through coordinated international action, which would not only avoid crippling economic consequences, but would also result in a higher quality of life for the world's population; agrees that Scotland has an important role to play in international efforts but that the Scottish Government must match ambition with action if it is to have credibility; regrets that the Scottish Government has failed to meet its annual emissions target for three years in a row and calls on it to achieve future annual targets and to commit to turning more proposals into policies, especially in the areas of transport, energy efficiency and agriculture, if Scotland is to have any prospect of meeting the 2020 and 2050 targets; calls on all countries, in the period leading up to future summits, to agree that the world's oceans should be included in the climate change agreements between countries, and urges all countries to use the opportunity offered by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties in Lima, Peru to work toward the delivery of a".

Government motion

To judge the government's motion for yourself here it is:

S4M-11029 Paul Wheelhouse: UN Climate Summit 2014-That the Parliament welcomes the successful climate summit hosted by the UN Secretary General in New York on 23 September 2014 and is encouraged by the range of commitments made by countries, business and civil society; notes the latest scientific evidence on rising atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations and the costs of delaying action; welcomes the announcement of the Compact of States and Regions; notes that the UK Government made no new pledges; agrees that new devolved powers to give Scotland a stronger and more clearly articulated voice on the international stage would allow Scotland to play a leading role in encouraging countries to match Scotland's high ambition on climate change and to follow Scotland's example in making the transition to a low-carbon economy and championing climate justice, and calls on all countries, including all EU member states, to use the opportunity presented at the forthcoming United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties in Lima, Peru, to make further progress and demonstrate their commitment toward an ambitious, global and legally binding climate change agreement in Paris in 2015.

Labour view

Labour MSP Claudia Beamish says she feels "deep disappointment" as she accuses the Scottish government of trying to make a constitutional point in its motion on such an important issue as climate change.

'Still on target'

Despite missing the emissions target three years in a row, Mr Wheelhouse insists we are on track to meet a 42% reduction in greenhouse gases for 2020.

Mr Wheelhouse says the Scottish government has also put climate justice at the forefront of its priorities.

climate change can have devastating impacts
Climate change can have devastating impacts around the world

"Climate change is a threat to all countries and all countries have a responsibility to tackle it." Says the minister.

Climate change targets

Environment and Climate Change Minister Paul Wheelhouse says Scotland's commitment to strong action on climate change has come about due to cross-party support.

Mr Wheelhouse highlights Scotland's "ambitious" emissions target, which was set out in law in the

Climate Change (Scotland) Act which the Scottish Parliament passed in 2009.

The act set an interim target of 42 per cent reduction in greenhouse gases for 2020 and an 80 per cent reduction target for 2050.

Environment and Climate Change Minister Paul Wheelhouse
Environment and Climate Change Minister Paul Wheelhouse leads the debate

To help ensure the delivery of these targets the legislation also requires that the Scottish Ministers set annual targets, in secondary legislation, for Scottish emissions from 2010 to 2050.

Government-published figures in June estimated that emissions were 52.9m tonnes in 2012.

This was a 0.8% rise compared to 2011 and means emissions have exceeded targets for three years in a row.

Climate Change Summit debate

The Scottish government is leading a debate on the recent UN Climate Summit in New York

China has pledged for the first time to take firm action on climate change, telling a UN summit that its emissions, the world's highest, would soon peak.

Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli also said China would make its economy much more carbon efficient by 2020.

US President Barack Obama said climate change was moving faster than efforts to address it, and the US and China had a responsibility to lead other nations.

Barack Obama ay UN summit

The summit was the largest high-level climate meeting since 2009.

Ryder Cup debate closses

Sport Secretary Shona Robison closes the debate on the Ryder Cup.

US captain Tom Watson and Europe team captain Paul McGinely
US captain Tom Watson and Europe team captain Paul McGinely

Like the tournament itself the debate has been played in good spirits and has been very consensual

Minnesota Vikings fans Ryder Cup
Minnesota Vikings fans back the US team at the Ryder Cup

Despite vocal support for the US team, Europe emerged victorious and the MSPs in the chamber clearly feel the other winner was Scotland, which has benefited from hosting the Ryder Cup.

Paul McGinley
Allsport / Getty Images
Europe captain Paul McGinley kisses the Ryder Cup

'Golfing god'

Seve Ballasteros

Labour MSP Neil Findlay praises the Ryder Cup and the display of golf he thinks is "the finest we have ever seen in Scotland".

Mr Findlay says "everything went smoothly" at the event, which he visited as a spectator.

He says the sunny weather for the tournament was great, adding "the golfing god, or Seve as he is known, must be looking down on us."

Gleneagles access

Sport Secretary Shona Robison MSP tells the chamber that Transport Scotland have undertaken to review pedestrian access around Gleneagles, the venue of the Ryder Cup 2014.


Gleneagles Ryder Cup dressing up

Thousands of golf fans have descended on Gleneagles golf course in Perthshire for the Ryder Cup.

Some donned weird and wonderful outfits for the occasion.

Europe fans show their support during day one of the 40th Ryder Cup
Europe fans show their support during day one of the 40th Ryder Cup

Some sang the praises of the tournament:

European fans sing swing

American fans made themselves heard too....

American fans flag up their support
American fans flag up their support for their team

The event was founded by seed merchant, Samuel Ryder, in 1927, although there had been two unofficial matches between British and American golfers beforehand.

Ryder wanted to get an official match with the best golfers in America squaring off against Great Britain's best and donated the trophy.

This year's Gleneagles event was the 40th Ryder Cup.

Salmond putter

First minister Alex Salmond was also full of praise for how the Gleneagles tournament was delivered.

Alex Salmond
Getty Images
First Minister Alex Salmond grips a putter

He said: "This event has had the finest facilities, the warmest welcome to thousands of people from around the world, and - with condolences to our US friends - the best of outcomes.

"There can be no better advert for Scottish tourism."

VisitScotland view

VisitScotland chairman Mike Cantlay said the event could be a "launchpad" for future success.

"Scotland has shown through the Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup that we can win any global sporting, business or cultural event and that we have the infrastructure, security and event management capability to host everything from the smallest conference to a world-class sporting spectacle," he said.

Mike Cantlay
VisitScotland chairman Mike Cantlay

"Our American friends have been especially gracious about the result and we know that they will return soon to Scotland.

"After this week, more Americans than ever see Scotland as the home of golf, and increasingly, their home from home."

Liz Smith

Conservative MSP Liz Smith is on the tee, leading on behalf of her party, praising "one of the world's greatest sporting events".

Liz Smith

Champagne event

Hosting golf's Ryder Cup was the equivalent of a £40m free advert for Scotland, tourism bosses say.

VisitScotland has developed a worldwide £2m marketing campaign to reinforce the country's status as the "home of golf" in the wake of the tournament.

It is estimated hosting the event at Gleneagles created jobs for 5,000 people, while the images of Scotland beamed out across the world were worth up to £40m in direct marketing benefit.

Europe celebrate winning the Ryder Cup
Getty Images

Europe beat the USA by 16½ to 11½.

Crowds of about 45,000 golf fans packed Gleneagles for each day of play, with many travelling from across the world to be in attendance.

Scotland currently attracts 220,000 golf tourists a year, while 92,000 other visitors play golf while on holiday.

Labour golf view

Labour MSP Patricia Ferguson praises the Ryder Cup team, staff, volunteers and 45,000 spectators who visited Gleneagles.

Patricia Ferguson

Sport Secretary

Ms Robison concludes by saying the event was not only about the teams and the fans it would not have been possible without the dedicated staff and volunteers.

Shona Robison

The Scottish government supported 50 volunteers through the Scotland's Best project.

The Ryder Cup put the "icing on the cake" of what has been a fantastic year of sport.

Shona Robison's Ryder Cup 2014 motion has no amendments against it:

Jamie Donaldson
Getty Images
Jamie Donaldson sealed the victory for Europe with a stunning shot.

The Motion:

That the Parliament congratulates the European team on retaining the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles; commends both the European and US teams for providing a world-class tournament watched by sell-out audiences and showcasing Scotland to a global television audience in excess of half a billion each day of the competition; congratulates Ryder Cup Europe, EventScotland, Police Scotland, Transport Scotland, Perth and Kinross Council, Gleneagles Hotel, Scottish Government agencies and all the partner organisations for the excellent partnership working that went into delivering the event; supports the Scottish Government and all partners in taking advantage of the substantial business and inward investment opportunities presented by hosting both the Ryder Cup and Junior Ryder Cup, as well as building on Scotland's reputation as the home of golf and a perfect stage for holding world-class events, developing the range of sporting tournaments that it hosts; welcomes work to continue to promote and deliver a lasting legacy for the game through the successful ClubGolf initiative, which, with additional support of up to £1 million from the Scottish Government, will now develop a programme to encourage families to play golf, and leave lasting benefits to the transport infrastructure for local communities around Gleneagles, and agrees that the Scottish Government should continue to drive forward the benefits from hosting the Ryder Cup to build on these foundations, leaving a lasting legacy for Scotland from this remarkable sporting spectacle."

The Kelpies lit up for the Ryder Cup
The Kelpies lit up for the Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup Success

Sport Secretary Shona Robison is leading a debate on the Ryder Cup.

Europe celebrate winning the Ryder Cup
Getty Images

Ms Robison praises the "spectacular success" of the event at Gleneagles.

Mohammad Ashgar

Mohammad Ashgar

External Affairs and International Development Minister Humza Yousaf tells the Parliament that the Scottish government is "extremely concerned" about the welfare of Mohammad Ashgar.

Library and Museum Closures

Labour MSP Margaret McDougall asks Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop what figures are available on the closure of museums and libraries over the last five years.


Ms Hyslop says Scotland's libraries have gone down in number from 628 to 602.

International Development

International Development and External Affairs Minister Humza Yousaf is fielding questions.

Humza Yousaf

Fiona Hyslop

Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop is answering culture questions.

Fiona Hyslop MSP

Iraqi Kurdistan

Labour MSP Hanzala Malik asks the Scottish government whether it plans to use its International Development Fund to provide support to the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Kurdistan region of Iraq
Getty Images

Culture and External Affairs

SNP MSP Gil Paterson kicks off the culture and external affairs questions by asking the Scottish government what the positive outcomes are of the International Culture Summit held in Edinburgh in August 2014.

SNP MSP Gil Paterson