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Live Reporting

By Craig Hutchison and Ailsa Brown

All times stated are UK

Time for a dram ........Sláinte

And that concludes our live coverage from the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 19 May 2015.

Holyrood at night

Remember you can catch up on business from Holyrood at

BBC Scotland's Democracy Live.

We will be back tomorrow morning from 10am. Until then have a good evening.

Commend Blair Bowman

The cabinet secretary says World Whisky Day generates a lot of publicity and that is why we should commend Blair Bowman.


Tourism value

Environment and Rural Affairs Minister Richard Lochhead
Environment and Rural Affairs Minister Richard Lochhead

Mr Lochhead says the tourism value of whisky is significant as is the employment value.

World Whisky Day anniversary

Blair Bowman
Blair Bowman

Environment and Rural Affairs Secretary and "self-styled minister for Whisky" Richard Lochhead says it is quite amazing World Whisky Day is being discussed at Holyrood as it was only in 2012 that Blair Bowman invented the concept.

'World class industry'

Lib Dem MSP Liam McArthur says he is delighted to celebrate this world class industry.

Liberal Democrat MSP LIam McArthur
Liberal Democrat MSP LIam McArthur

Mr McArthur says it produces £5bn towards the UK economy overall.

'Incredible Scottish Product'

Scottish Conservative Mary Scanlon Mary Scanlon raises a glass to this "incredible Scottish product".

Conservative MSP Mary Scanlon
Conservative MSP Mary Scanlon

The whisky visitor experience in the Highlands is highly professional and second to none, she says.

Birthday drinks

Labour MSP Sarah Boyack says whisky is one of Scotland's greatest products and that the number of people now celebrating the initiative is fantastic.

Labour MSP Sarah Boyack
Labour MSP Sarah Boyack

It's about making whisky inclusive and enjoyable says Ms Boyack.

She says for us in Edinburgh whisky is hugely important as part of our economy and our tourism offer.

The Labour MSP insists she will never forget World Whisky Day as it is the same day as her birthday.

BACKGROUND: Origin of World Whisky Day

World Whisky Day was

first celebrated thanks to a University of Aberdeen student in 2012..

Blair Bowman, 21, established what was believed to be the first ever such event as he saw that other drinks were recognised in this way.


His World Whisky Day website encouraged thousands of people to take part.

Mr Bowman, who grew up in Edinburgh, said 30 different countries were involved in 2012.

Cahonas Scotland

Mr Stewart says some charities were cheeky in their celebrations of World Whisky Day, for example

Cahonas Scotland who promote testicular cancer awareness.

World Whisky Day began in 2012
Science Photo Library
World Whisky Day began in 2012, Whisky on the rocks

The charity posted on

Facebook: "Enjoy the whisky don't forget the rocks".

Global recognition

Mr Stewart says that World Whisky Day provides an amazing opportunity to highlight and promote Scotland's national drink, and raises a dram to the event's continued success.

Toasting whisky

He says there was an event in every continent of the world, celebrating whisky.

World Whisky Day

SNP MSP Kevin Stewart is leading a debate on World Whisky Day 2015, which took place on 16 May 2015.


In his motion Mr Stewart says that this global celebration of whisky last year saw 250,000 people attend whisky-themed events in over 40 countries and that the event is now managed by the Edinburgh-based

Hot Rum Cow Publishing, supported by the founder of World Whisky Day, Blair Bowman.

Decision time

The amended motion from the AHPs debate is passed unanimously.


The amendments were also passed unanimously.


Ms Watt concludes saying the move for AHPs to be in the community is being welcomed by patients.

She says AHPs are now being recognised internationally for their work in the field.

Art therapy

The minister is asked to increase the number of art therapists as they have fallen in number drastically.

Art therapy

Ms Watt replies she will look at the issue.

Early intervention

Public Health Minister Maureen Watt
Public Health Minister Maureen Watt

Ms Watt highlights the need for early intervention and enablement with the patient at the centre of care plans.

Minister closes

Public Health Minister Maureen Watt says the debate has recognised the achievements of the AHPs and recognises the challenges ahead.

Quality years

Ms Grant says what we need to ensure is that the additional years people get with the help of AHPs are quality years.

Labour closing

Labour MSP Rhoda Grant welcomes the funding announcement from the minister, there possibly needs to be more done to address the cuts to AHP services.

Labour MSP Rhoda Grant
Labour MSP Rhoda Grant

Ms Grant says the Labour amendment calls for an audit of the

National Delivery Plan for the Allied Health Professions in Scotland, 2012 - 2015 as the Scottish government is not making all of the desired outcomes.

'Real determination'

Mr Carlaw says there is a real determination that more people should be able to live in their homes and their communities.

Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw
Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw

Their homes and their communities are a real part of the equation too - we need to think about the types of accommodation provided in those communities to help prevent falls for example - housing has a part to play in all of this says the Conservative MSP.

He says the Scottish Conservatives believe in a universal health visiting service.

'Death Star'

Scottish Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw says the new Southern Hospital in Glasgow, affectionately known as the Death Star due to its size, our whole purpose and policy is to try and keep people out of it.

South Glasgow University Hospital
Not the "Death Star" I remember from childhood, the South Glasgow University Hospital

AHP needs

Mr Hume says the benefits of enabling people to live more independently, will be felt by doctors and nurses in acute wards freed up to look after other patients.

He calls on the government to be more flexible in responding to the needs of AHPs.

Lib Dem closing

Lib Dem MSP Jim Hume says AHPs are enablers for people to live more independent lives, which is why their input must be taken on board.

Mr Hume says the integration of health and care will be an important factor as the NHS moves forward.

Liberal Democrat MSP Jim Hume
Liberal Democrat MSP Jim Hume

The Lib Dem MSP says when community support is lacking then carers and their patients can suffer due to a lack of resources.

OTs speak out - Under Pressure

Ms Hilton highlights the vital contribution that AHPs make and calls for them to be valued and given the status they deserve in our national health service.

Occupational Therapists speak out
Occupational Therapists speak out

The Labour MSP highlights

Under Pressure Scotland's Occupational Therapist's speak out - Unison survey - which she says found a dedicated but frustrated workforce:

  • 57% were concerned about cuts
  • 60% had to cope with less staff
  • 82% reported increased workload

'Benefited greatly'

Labour MSP Cara Hilton also praises all who work in allied health professions.

Ms Hilton says her oldest son has "benefited greatly" from work with occupational therapists and speech and languages services as well as education services too.

Labour MSP Cara Hilton
Labour MSP Cara Hilton

The sector needs a lot more recognition and needs to be at the centre of Scotland's health strategy, says the Labour MSP.

Drama and arts therapy

Ms Grahame focuses on drama and arts therapists as they are often the only ones that can "bring someone back who is lost".

Musical therapy

AHPs commended

SNP MSP Christine Grahame commends the many AHPs across her constituency.

SNP MSP Christine Grahame
SNP MSP Christine Grahame

Ms Grahame says speech therapists can intervene early to help a child with communication difficulties and prevent them being isolated or becoming bullies and ending up in a life of crime.

Tough 2020 vision

Last Autumn Audit Scotland said the NHS in Scotland was finding it

"increasingly difficult to cope" with the "significant pressures" being placed on it.

The watchdog said NHS budgets were tightening at the same time as demand for health services was increasing.


And it said the NHS had not met waiting time targets, and may not be able to do so in the future.

The Audit Scotland report said progress towards the Scottish government's vision of a more community-based health system by 2020 had been "slow".

Significant challenges

Ms Milne highlights the Audit Scotland warning of significant challenges for the Scottish government to surmount if it hopes to make the changes required by its 2020 vision.

Tory view

Conservative MSP says she is sure the £3m fund will be very welcome to physiotherapists, occupational therapists and all the other AHPs to help to get their patients mobile and independent.

Conservative MSP Nanette Milne
Conservative MSP Nanette Milne

Mental ill health

In his amendment Liberal Democrat MSP Jim Hume says that AHPs are crucial in the treatment and prevention not only of physical ill health but also of mental ill health.

Woman looking up

Mr Hume says the added value that AHPs can have in terms of preventative, upstream approaches and that AHP interventions can significantly reduce unnecessary hospital admission and can help to reduce dependency on care services, resulting in savings to health and social care.

Lib Dems

Liberal Democrat MSP Jim Hume welcomes the debate as a chance to shed light on an important issue of health care.

Mr Hume says AHPs are a vital and core group whose input is most effective and therefore they should be listened to and their knowledge must inform policy making.

Liberal Democrat MSP Jim Hume
Liberal Democrat MSP Jim Hume

Prevention and planning have to start at the earliest stage possible, he says.

Cost to the NHS

Ms Marra says the number senior physiotherapists has fallen considerably.

She says the number of band seven physiotherapists fell from 731 in September 2010 to 652 by the end of last year.


The Labour MSP highlights a sharp reduction in specialist physiotherapy clinicians with specialist skills which prevent early assessment.

This loss of expertise is likely to cost the NHS more in long run and can only have negative impact on care.

Distance travelled

Ms Marra says Labour is supporting calls from AHPs for a national audit to asses how far we've come and what challenges need to be addressed.

Labour amendment

In her amendment Labour MSP Jenny Marra says she believes that the valued role of AHPs would be best supported by understanding the areas that are most in need and therefore calls for an audit of the

National Delivery Plan for the Allied Health Professions in Scotland, 2012 - 2015.

Ms Marra says there should be a specific focus on performance of self-referral as a primary route for access and musculoskeletal.

She says that the

Chartered Society for Physiotherapy has concerns regarding declining numbers of band 7 physiotherapist clinicians, and calls on the Scottish Government to bring forward a long-term plan to reverse this trend.


Labour opening

Labour MSP Jenny Marra commends the minister for her announcement of the £3m active and independent living fund.

Ms Marra says AHPs are absolutely critical to delivering the independent living we want for all our communities.

Labour MSP Jenny Marra
Labour MSP Jenny Marra

These professionals show immense patience and human courage - they are the frontline of the NHS - going daily to people's homes and providing early diagnosis, says Scottish Labour's health spokesperson.

AHPs are also lifting the burden on our consultants, doctors and nurses she says.

Funding announcment

Public Health Minister Maureen Watt announces £3m fund to encourage active and independent living when recovering from injuries.

Ms Watt says the active and independent living fund will allow more people to remain in their own homes.


Ms Watt says Allied Health Professionals (AHP) are helping on the prevention agenda and the need for care homes, says the minister.

She also praises the AHP physical activity pledge.


Ms Watt says she acknowledges "the commitment, energy and enthusiasm that AHPs are bringing to improving care and delivering outcomes across health and social care".


They are driving improvement across a range of priorities embedded in our pillar for public service reform she says.


The minister says for every £1 spent on adaptation of homes there is a saving of £6 on other more expensive health care services that do not enable individuals to remain at home.

Home adaptation