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  1. Concern grew about the future of workers who are set to build new navy frigates on the Clyde and it dominated the campaigning in the Holyrood election
  2. In this evening's Reporting Scotland Jackie Bird interviewed Scottish Green Party co-convener Patrick Harvie
  3. Gary Tank Commander got to grips with the major election issues

Live Reporting

By Craig Hutchison and Colin Bell

All times stated are UK

That's all from Holyrood Election on 25 April 2016

That's all from Holyrood Election on 25 April 2016.

Here's hoping Gary: Tank Commander talking to Scotland's party leaders blows the return of Game of Thrones out of the water.

Jon Snow and Gary Tank Commander
PA and BBC
Jon Snow appears to be terrified of Gary Tank Commander, not unlike Scotland's party leaders

Orkney candidates clash over farm payment delay

Our political editor Brian Taylor was in Orkney on the election trail around a blizzard-hit Kirkwall.

He said locals are concerned about farming, the cost of transport and poverty and seem engaged with this election. 

Brian Taylor in Kirkwall

Brian spoke to the candidates standing for the seat in the area and they clashed on issues such as ferry fares, the local economy and broadband coverage.

One of the main areas of economy in Orkney is farming and the debacle over the farm payments was also raised.

Orkney candidates

Conservative candidate Jamie Halcro Johnston said over £20m of payments comes into Orkney per year and the delay has caused a "huge amount of uncertainty" for farmers. 

Mr Johnston said the Conservatives want an enquiry to make sure it does not happen again. 

SNP candidate Donna Heddle said mistakes have been made and lessons have been learned but the SNP have a good relationship with farmers. 

Scottish Labour's candidate Gerry McGarve asks why the NFU were demonstrating outside Holyrood if this is the case.

Lib Dem candidate Liam McArthur said it has been an utter fiasco which could go on for the next five years. 

Independent candidate Paul Dawson said there need to be less bureaucracy and red tape in order for it not to happen again.

Tune into Good Morning Scotland tomorrow live from Paisley...

Coming up tonight on Scotland 2016...... refugees, local or national issues and rural surgeons

Coming up tonight on Scotland 2016:

The emotive issue of refugees, the question of whether the Holyrood election will be won on local or national issues and rural surgeons.

That's from 10.30pm on BBC 2.

Scotland 2016
Scotland 2016

Mr Harvie says you will get a "bold agenda" at Holyrood if you elect Green MSPs

Mr Harvie says the Scottish Greens are clear about why they support independence and they are also clear about the work that needs to be done to get a positive answer to that question. 

He says the SNP currency plans were not enough to convince people last time around and something stronger is needed. 

Patrick Harvie

The Scottish Green co-convener says there needs to be a strong enough position to win the next referendum and convincing people is the focus.

Mr Harvie says you will get a "bold agenda" at Holyrood if you elect a Green MSP in all eight of Scotland's electoral regions.

Scottish Green co-convener says only the greens are looking beyond oil and gas

Mr Harvie says oil and gas decommissioning, renewables and investing in the new economy after oil will be key to Scotland's economy.

He says more jobs will be created in the new economy than will be lost in oil and gas.

Oil and gas

The Scottish Green Party co-convener says we need jobs that last.

He says the oil and gas industry is not going to last and we want to see years of investment in alternatives and only the Greens are offering that. 

Patrick Harvie says increasing tax for high earners is a logical step

Jackie Bird asks about the Greens tax proposals saying it is the most radical.

Mr Harvie says it is not that radical but other parties are being modest in their proposals. 

He says anyone below the national average full time salary of £26,000 per year will pay less tax.

Patrick Harvie on Reporting Scotland

The Scottish Greens co-convener says the new tax powers allow Scotland's parliament to be more creative and increasing tax for high earners is a logical step.

Mr Harvie says those earning between £27,000 to £30,000 per year will pay a couple of pounds more per month.

The Scottish Greens have set out plans to introduce a new 60p rate of income tax for Scotland's highest earners.

The party wants the new rate to apply to those earning more than £150,000 and it also plans a new 43p rate, starting at £43,000.

Scottish Green co-convener committed to independence

Patrick Harvie says the Greens are the only party looking beyond the post-oil economy

BBC Scotland's business and economy editor says the unions thought they had a deal on the Clyde

To the uncertainty hanging over the Clyde shipyards now.

Our business and economy editor Douglas Fraser, who is on the river across from the Govan yard, told Jackie Bird that the unions thought they had a deal, with the sacrifice of hundreds of jobs, securing the remaining jobs. 

business and economy editor Douglas Fraser
Business and economy editor Douglas Fraser

He says the start date is very much later than expected and there is not as much investment as the unions had hoped for. 

There is also the option of English yards getting more work instead of focusing on the Clyde.

Patrick Harvie will be interviewed by Jackie Bird on the extended Reporting Scotland

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Patrick Harvie will be interviewed by Jackie Bird, here he is coming up in our lift......... on his last visit...... with some young companions!

Coming up on Reporting Scotland....Clyde shipyards, Orkney, energy and Patrick Harvie

Reporting Scotland is extended to an hour this evening and every week night this week, to bring you all the election coverage from around the country.

More uncertainty is hanging over the Clyde shipyards and Reporting Scotland will bring you all the political reaction. 

BBC Reporting Scotland
BBC Reporting Scotland

Tonight Scottish Green Party co-convener Patrick Harvie is in the hot seat to be interviewed by Jackie Bird.

Our political editor Brian Taylor is in Orkney on the campaign trail.

And environment Correspondent David Miller looks at Scotland's energy revolution and the challenges facing the country as it goes forward.

Gary: Tank Commander meets the leaders, here's his encounter with David Coburn

Gary: Tank Commander meets David Coburn.

Watch his interviews with all the party leaders tonight on BBC 2 at 10pm.

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Gary: Tank Commander meets the leaders, here's his encounter with Patrick Harvie

Gary: Tank Commander meets Patrick Harvie.

Watch his interviews with all the party leaders tonight on BBC 2 at 10pm.

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Gary: Tank Commander meets the leaders, here's his encounter with Willie Rennie

Gary: Tank Commander meets Willie Rennie. 

Watch his interviews with all the party leaders tonight on BBC 2 at 10pm.

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Gary: Tank Commander meets the leaders, here's his encounter with Kezia Dugdale

Gary: Tank Commander meets Ruth Davidson.

Watch his interviews with all the party leaders tonight on BBC 2 at 10pm.

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Gary: Tank Commander meets the leaders, here's his encounter with Kezia Dugdale

Gary: Tank Commander meets Kezia Dugdale.

Watch his interviews with all the party leaders tonight on BBC 2 at 10pm.

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Gary: Tank Commander meets the leaders, here's his encounter with Nicola Sturgeon

Gary: Tank Commander meets Nicola Sturgeon.

Watch his interviews with all the party leaders tonight on BBC 2 at 10pm

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Orkney and Shetland candidates clash over 'fairer fares' for ferries

BBC Radio Scotland

On ferry fares Scottish Labour candidate Gerry McGarvey said fares in Orkney and Shetland are almost double compared with those in the west coast mile for mile.

Mr McGarvey said the SNP may have reduced the fares but it is not enough. 

Man on ferry
Getty Images

Scottish Conservative candidate Jamie Halcro Johnston said the SNP promised to bring in "fairer fares" five years ago but no real commitment has been made. 

Independent candidate Paul Dawson said "they should all discuss less and do more".

SNP and Lib Dem candidates disagree over ferry services to Orkney

BBC Radio Scotland

Scottish Lib Dem candidate Liam McArthur tells our political editor Brian Taylor: "Transport is an absolute lifeline for an island community and we need to see reliability of our air services which we just haven't seen over the last two or three years. 

"But affordability is also key and I think what we need to see is access for Orkney and Shetland to the Cheaper Ferry Fares Scheme that the SNP government has denied us over the last eight years."


SNP candidate Donna Heddle says: "Actually Road Equivalent Tarrif was brought in to bring the Western Isles up to the level of subsidy that Orkney and Shetland has. 

 "In the last manifesto we promised to look at ferry fares and a proper ferry fare scheme to make sure that Orkney and Shetland got the right kind of ferry service."

Newsdrive and BBC Scotland's political editor Brian Taylor travel to Orkney to hear from all five candidates.....

Orkney Constituency profile:

The Orkney Islands is the UK's second most northerly seat and is separated from the Scottish mainland by a seven-mile stretch of the Pentland Firth. 

The seat consists of 70 islands, only 20 of which are inhabited. 

There are two main towns: Kirkwall, the capital and administrative centre; and Stromness. Both are on the largest island, which is known as "the mainland".   

Bob Jones/Geograph

Time for some perspective on the Holyrood election........out of this world

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Our Environment Correspondent David Miller retweeted this out of this world message.

If you look closely you can see the prize all the candidates want.... Holyrood .... maybe.

BAE Glasgow workforce 'must be maintained' says Lib Dem MP

House of Commons


Liberal Democrat MP Alistair Carmichael said the timing of additional work for BAE Glasgow is crucial.

Lib Dem MP Alistair Carmichael
Lib Dem MP Alistair Carmichael

Mr Carmichael said the workforce on the Clyde are highly skilled and motivated individuals and that the focus of the house should be on them.

He asked for assurances that there will be continuity between shipbuilding contracts so that the workforce is maintained. 

SNP defence spokesman seeks assurances that there will be no redundancies at BAE Glasgow

House of Commons


In Westminster SNP spokesman Brendan O'Hara took the BAE Glasgow job debate back to the 2014 independence referendum.

Mr O'Hara recalled the prime minister's comments from 2013 that Scottish defence jobs were more secure with Scotland as part of the UK.

SNP spokesman Brendan O'Hara
SNP spokesman Brendan O'Hara

He suggested that the government is now creating the conditions to "betray the workers" on the Clyde.

Minister Philip Dunne argued that if Scotland had become independent "no warships would have been built on the Clyde".

He said construction of the eight Type 26 ships will be going ahead "as and when the programme is ready".

Defence Minister tells MPs that the government is "absolutely committed" to ship building on the Clyde

House of Commons


Defence Minister Philip Dunne tells MPs that the government is "absolutely committed" to ship building on the Clyde.

Defence Minister Philip Dunne
Defence Minister Philip Dunne

He says the building of the Type 26 frigates will go ahead as set out in the Strategic Defence Spending Review.  

Shadow defence secretary asks defence minister for answers over shipyard redundancies

BBC Radio Scotland

The Clyde shipyards have been debated in Westminster this afternoon. 

Our Westminster Correspondent David Porter told Newsdrive that the subject is being treated as an "urgent question here".

Shadow Defence Secretary Emily Thornby
Shadow Defence Secretary Emily Thornby

He said the Shadow Defence Secretary Emily Thornby asked Defence Minister Philip Dunn why BAE systems have not denied press reports that there will be redundancies at the Glasgow shipyards.

Ms Thornby said "this is a matter of national importance for the United Kingdom. The future of hundreds of people in Glasgow hang on the minister's words this afternoon".

BBC Scotland's economics editor says workers on the Clyde felt there would be no more redundancies

Douglas Fraser

Scotland business & economy editor

Our Business and Economics Editor Douglas Fraser tells Radio Scotland's Newsdrive that workers felt the deal had been done and there would be no further redundancies on the Clyde and there was long term certainty about jobs thanks to building these ships. 

Since then the timetable has slipped considerably and it looks like very late next year before building will begin on the hulls. 

Although over £1bn is being spent on designing and procuring equipment for the ships. 

"It now looks like the drumbeat of building ships has slowed down considerably." 

Fewer workers may be needed although its not clear and some work may go down to England.

Election fever is building - or is it?

There are fewer than two weeks to go until polling day on Thursday 5 May.

Excitement is building - or is it? For most it seems election fever has yet to take hold. 

BBC Scotland political correspondent Nick Eardley has been trying to find out why.   

Analysis of concerns about the future of workers who are set to build new navy frigates on the Clyde

BBC Radio Scotland

Analysis by Political Correspondent Andrew Kerr

The Prime Minister is being called on to intervene as concern grows about the future of workers who are set to build new navy frigates on the Clyde. 

Unions at the BAE Govan and Scotstoun yards are warning that as work on the Type 26 frigates is delayed, as many as 800 jobs could be lost. 

The issue has dominated campaigning in the Holyrood election today.  

Workers have been kept busy on the Clyde with building two aircraft carriers and five offshore patrol vessels. 


They were meant to start work on building eight, Type 26 frigates later this year. 

However the UK government has extended the so-called demonstration phase of the vessels by fifteen months that's when the design is matured. 

That means there is a gap in production. 

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said she'll be speaking to the Prime Minister as this betrays promises made to shipyard workers made before the referendum. 

The Labour leader Kezia Dugdale agrees that promises made must be kept. 

The Liberal Democrats' Willie Rennie agrees with that and says the ball is now in the Conservatives' court. 

The Scottish Secretary David Mundell told the BBC there's been no change in position and it's up to BAE to deal with operational requirements.

Coming up on Newsdrive Clyde shipbuilding, Northern Ireland and US elections...

BBC Radio Scotland

Coming up on Radio Scotland's Newsdrive this afternoon, there will be more reaction to the Clyde shipbuilding Type 26 programme from Scotland and Westminster. 

You can hear what voters in Northern Ireland think ahead of the election of a new devolved Assembly. 

And if that's not enough politics for you, there's the latest from across the pond on the US presidential race.

Call out to young voters, get in touch with Nick Eardley with suggested questions

Analysis of Clyde shipbuilding issue from BBC Scotland's business and economy editor

Douglas Fraser

Scotland business & economy editor

This isn't a bad time to exert pressure on the Ministry of Defence over its commitment to building ships on the Clyde. There's an election on, and a referendum.

The last referendum featured a lot about the prospects for keeping the yards busy by building complex ships for the Royal Navy. Unions say the pledges made then are not being honoured now.

A £200m plan to invest in a covered shipyard at Scotstoun - modern and efficient enough to win export orders - has come to a much lesser plan, focussed more on Govan. Shop stewards say there's little sign of that happening so far.

The big challenge is to keep the big workforce busy when there's only one big customer, but with an austerely squeezed budget.

Ship building

The aircraft carrier work is winding down, though 250 Clyde workers are now engaged in assembly work at Rosyth in Fife. Three Offshore Patrol Vessels are under construction, with two more being ordered. It looks like a plan that has more to do with shipbuilding capacity than the Royal Navy's needs.

The Ministry of Defence says it still plans to build eight Type 26 frigates on the Clyde, having committed a lot of money to planning and procurement. The plan until December was for 13. But there is a shift of £750m in the budget, stretching it into more distant, less constrained fiscal years.

If the start of work is further delayed, and it then ramps up more slowly than planned, the consequences for the workforce look obvious. Hence the lobbying effort to re-instate that money.

And although the end of the current planning period is ten years away, it's not too early to be asking if the Clyde yards will be fit for purpose then, without a lot more investment.

Urgent question on ship building jobs on the Clyde to be asked at Westminster at 3.30pm

House of Commons


There will be an urgent question from Shadow Defence Secretary Emily Thornberry to the UK government on the it's plans for ship building on the Clyde. 

It should begin at around around 3.30pm in the House of Commons.

Uncertainty over Clyde causes frustration for Scottish Lib Dem and Labour leaders

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has called for clarity on whether there was going to be any gap between the current contracts ending and the work on the Type-26 frigates beginning, and whether an upgrade of the Clyde shipyard facilities will take place as promised. 

Clyde shipyard
The Clyde shipyards at Scotstoun and Govan employ about 2,500 workers

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie also expressed frustration about the uncertainty. 

"There are serious concerns about the future of orders at the yards and it's important that the Conservative government gives an absolute commitment. We've got to end this feast and famine of orders at the yards," he said.   

Sturgeon calls on prime minister to meet shipyard promises

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has met trade union representatives at the Govan yard and pledged her party's support.

Ms Sturgeon called on UK Prime Minister David Cameron to meet his promises to the industry.

Type 26 Frigate
The original plan to order 13 of the new Type-26 frigates was downgraded to eight in last year's defence review

The SNP leader said: "It would be an absolute betrayal if David Cameron was to go back on his word now.

"The SNP will always do our best to support Scotland's shipyards, to protect jobs and to ensure promises made to Scotland are kept.

"The SNP in government has worked closely with BAE and the trade unions to support the yard and we will give them our full support over the coming months."

Scottish secretary insists 'no change' to UK government plans for the Clyde shipbuilding

Scottish Secretary David Mundell has insisted that there has been "no change" to the UK government's plans to build eight new Type-26 frigates on the Clyde.

David Mundell said the government was "absolutely committed" to building the Royal Navy vessels at the Govan and Scotstoun yards.

Unions at BAE Systems, which owns the shipyards, have warned that work on the ships could be delayed by up to a year.

Clyde Shipyard
Unions have claimed 800 jobs could be lost at the Clyde shipyards if work on the frigates is delayed

Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson has accused the SNP of playing politics with Royal Navy Shipbuilding contracts on the Clyde. 

Voting system for the Scottish Parliament explained here..........

The voting system for the Scottish Parliament is the Additional Member System. 

This combines a form of Proportional Representation (PR) with First Past the Post (FPTP). 

Saltire and ballot box

The Additional Member System attempts to benefit from the advantages of the two systems while avoiding their problems. 

56 MSPs are elected through PR by regional lists, while more, 73 MSPs, are elected by FPTP in the constituency vote.

And Reporting Scotland will also chat to our loquacious political leading lights.........

There will also be a chance to see the party leaders grilled on Reporting Scotland every night this week.....

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Listen again to Gary Robertson's interviews with the party leaders....

Now, don't say we at Holyrood Election are not good to you, but first here's your chance to catch up with the other Gary's interviews with Scotland's party leaders.

That's Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland presenter Gary Robertson of course. 

Gary Robertson
The other Gary has also interviewed all the party leaders on Radio Scotland's GMS

Listen again as he interviews Nicola Sturgeon, Kezia Dugdale, Ruth Davidson, Willie Rennie and Patrick Harvie.  

Another fan of Gary Tank Commander's political prowess....