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  2. Health Secretary Shona Robison announces a review of the approach to targets in the health service
  3. Earlier MSPs quiz ministers on Police Scotland finances
  4. SNP MSP James Dornan leads a member's debate on the third sector in Glasgow

Live Reporting

By Craig Hutchison and Colin Bell

All times stated are UK

That's all from Holyrood Live today

That concludes Holyrood Live's coverage of the chamber on Tuesday 7 June 2016, the day when the health secretary announced a review the NHS Scotland targets system

Shona Robison in the chamber
Shona Robison laid out the Scottish government's plans for health in the coming term

We'll be back tomorrow afternoon, and until then, have a good night.  

Minister highlights the crucial role played by the third sector.

Local Government and Housing Minister Kevin Stewart says there are 1.3m people who volunteer annually, adding "that is absolutley extraordinary"

Mr Stewart says Volunteers' Week recognises the amazing work these people do. 

Johannn Lamont and Kevin Stewart

He says the Scottish government has supported volunteers and the third sector.

Scottish Labour MSP Johann Lamont asks for assessment of impact of cuts to Glasgow City Council on welfare projects.

Mr Stewart says that is a matter for Glasgow City Council.

He concludes highlighting the crucial role played by the third sector. 

Third sector organisations do a 'fantastic job' with 'limited resources' - minister

In closing the Local Government and Housing Minister, Kevin Stewart, says the passion for third sector organisations across the city of Glasgow is clear.

Kevin Stewart

Mr Stewart say Glasgow the Caring City is one of a number of organisations providing support in the area.

He says many of these organisations work with limited resources but do a "fantastic job". 

SNP MSP says the third sector has been hit by the impact of welfare reform

SNP MSP David Torrance
SNP MSP David Torrance

SNP MSP David Torrance says the third sector has been hit by the impact of welfare reform.

Mr Torrance says across Glasgow and wider Scotland the third sector are having to provide more support due to the UK government's reform. 

More mature debate required on the consequences of cuts in the Glasgow area - Labour MSP

Scottish Labour MSP Johann Lamont says there must be cross party recognition that all parties respect and want support for the third sector.

Scottish Labour MSP Johann Lamont

Ms Lamont says there are third sector organisations who have a shortfall in funds because of certain European laws that they must adhere too.

The Scottish Labour MSP says there must be a more mature debate about resources because it is "not good enough" to vote through local Glasgow cuts only to "denounce the consequences". 

Rent rises a problem for third sector orgnisations in the Kelvin constituency

SNP MSP Sandra White says there are a number of charity shops and organisations in her constituency of Glasgow Kelvin that contribute to the third sector.

SNP MSP Sandra White

Ms White highlights projects which support older people who would otherwise be isolated. 

The SNP MSP says rent rises have forced some of the organisations to cut back and she hopes this can be addressed. 

Tory MSP calls for grass roots solution

Conservative MSP Annie Wells
Conservative MSP Annie Wells

Conservative MSP Annie Wells says she wishes to see more done to help organisations like Glasgow the Caring City.

Ms Wells says the charity concentrates on grass roots solutions, on health, education and security.

Donations to victims of the refugee crisis welcomed

Mr Dornan welcomes the measures the Scottish government are taking to support carers and young carers.

He points to the efforts of Glasgow the Caring City in donating to victims of the refugee crisis.

The SNP MSP says the charity faces rent increases with the end of the "peppercorn rent" and may have to leave the city.

Ms Lamont says the end of peppercorn rents had cross party support, but Mr Dornan disagrees putting the blame at the door of Glasgow City Council. 

SNP MSP stresses the importance of supporting carers and young carers

Mr Dornan highlights the difficulties carers face.

James Dornan

The SNP MSP says young carers are more likely to experience health issues and bullying than someone of a comparative age.

He stresses the importance of supporting carers and young carers. 

Glasgow the Caring City

Mr Dornan, who is the MSP for Glasgow Cathcart highlighst the important work of organisations such as Glasgow the Caring City.

Glasgow the Caring City
Glasgow the Caring City
Glasgow the Caring City

Third sector debate timely as it's Carers Week and Volunteers Week

SNP MSP James Dornan says this debate is timely as it is Carers Week and Volunteers Week.

Mr Dornan says Scotland's third sector employs 5% of the country's workforce.

'Celebrating Glasgow's Third Sector' debate

SNP MSP James Dornan will now lead the first member's debate of this fifth session of the Scottish Parliament, entitled "Celebrating Glasgow's Third Sector". 

Celebrating Glasgow's Third Sector motion
Scottish Parliament
Celebrating Glasgow's Third Sector motion

Health secretary's motion agreed to

SNP motion
Scottish Parliament

Health Secretary Shona Robison's motion is agreed to with 89 MSPs backing it and 35 against.

Labour amendment from health debate rejected

Labour amendment
Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Labour amendment is also rejected, with 27 MSPs backing it and 97 voting against.

Decision time begins with the rejection of the Tory amendment

Donald Cameron amendment
Scottish Parliament

MSPs do not agree to the amendment from Conservative MSP Donald Cameron.

30 MSPs backed it, 94 voted against.

Mental health minister welcomes focus on her remit in health debate

The mental health minister points to government action on child and adolescent mental health services.

Ms Watt welcomes the many mentions of mental health in the speeches in this debate.

man with head in hands

Labour MSP Neil Findlay intervenes saying NHS Lothian are talking about suspending watiting times targets due to a funding crisis.

Ms Watt says she will address discrepancies in the NHS across Scotland.

The new mental health minister concludes saying the government's review on targets will highlight the good and the bad. 

Minister pledges to give mental health parity with physical health

Maureen Watt, the first dedicated mental health minister, closes the health debate for the Scottish government.

Ms Watt says mental health must be treated just the same as physical health and she says to achieve that parity the government will invest £150m in mental health over five years.

Maureen Watt

The mental health minister says there has been an increase of 15% of people accessing psychological therapies and points to improved waiting times.

She concedes people are still waiting too long to access mental health services.

Ms Watt says demand is likely to rise and there is still more to do.

She says the government will provide a £10m primary care mental health fund.

Tory MSP makes maiden speech calling for improved mental health services

Conservative MSP Miles Briggs makes his maiden speech, which is also a closing speech in this debate, for this party.

Mr Briggs tells the chamber he lost his mother to breast cancer when he was seven.

He says: "Caring for her was the toughest thing that ever hit our family."

Conservative MSP Miles Briggs

The Tory MSP says the demands facing the NHS will only grow in the future.

Mr Briggs says more needs to be done to support patients and their families and perhaps it is time to look at a Scottish drugs fund.

He says there is a real opportunity to improve the mental health services.

Finally he welcomes Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell to her post and says it was not so long ago they went to music practice on the school bus together.

Labour MSP highlights 'recruitment crisis'

Scottish Labour MSP Colin Smyth says the NHS is "unquestionably our greatest achievement" and adds that it will be Labour who defends it.

Mr Smyth highlights the savings having to be made by health boards across Scotland.

Scottish Labour MSP Colin Smyth

He says there is a "recruitment crisis" in the NHS, particularly in primary care.

The Labour MSP says the "appalling health inequalities" must be addressed and this is undermined by Scottish government cuts to local authorities.

He calls for "outright opposition to TTIP" to send a message that Scotland is against any privatisation of the NHS.

Finally he calls on MSPs to back the Labour amendment which sets a target on cancer waiting times.

SNP MSP calls for restructuring of health boards

SNP MSP Bruce Crawford
SNP MSP Bruce Crawford

SNP MSP Bruce Crawford says the structure of the NHS must change to meet the needs of a changing Scotland.

Mr Crawford says the health board structures need reforming.

He says duplication in services must be found to put money back on the NHS frontline.

Assurances on children's ward at the RAH sought by Labour MSP

Scottish Labour MSP Neil Bibby has asked for assurances on the threat of closure at the RAH children's ward.

Scottish Labour MSP Neil Bibby

Mr Bibby calls on Health Secretary Shona Robison to visit Paisley and speak to families there about the closures.

A leaked health board paper in January suggested a pediatric unit at the RAH was under threat of closure.

At the time the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said this was a "discussion paper" not an "approved plan".

Scottish Lib Dem health priorities

Here's where the Scottish Lib Dems stand on health:

  • changing the law to put mental health on the same statutory footing as physical health and double funding for Child & Adult Mental Health services
Willie Rennie and man talking to psychiatrist collage
  • introduce a mental health "rapid reaction force", providing full-time 24/7 cover in police divisions and A&E department
  • recruit, retain and train more GPs
  • commit to funding the Scottish NHS so that it stays ahead of inflation and keeps pace with funding in the rest of the UK

Lib Dem MSP calls on government to address the crisis in mental health and the GP crisis

Scottish Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamliton says his party cannot support the government motion as it is "not ambitious enough".

Mr Cole-Hamilton points to the "slippage in real terms in percentage spend on mental health".

Scottish Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamliton

He also highlights the "burgeoning crisis in our GP sector".

The Lib Dem MSP says investment in mental health will not just help hard pressed, over-worked GPs but will help across society. 

Background: Major Aberdeen trauma centre confirmed by Nicola Sturgeon

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed there will be a major trauma centre in Aberdeen in May.

Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Clinicians' concerns had been raised at a meeting of NHS Grampian's board in April after the Scottish government announced the decision to have four such centres was under review.

Ms Sturgeon said: "There is no dubiety, there will be a major trauma centre in Aberdeen."

She said there would be also be centres in Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

New Tory MSP criticises the 'the SNP's tentacles of centralisation'

Conservative MSP Ross Thomson makes his maiden speech pledging to hold the Scottish government to account.

As is customary, Mr Thomson waxes lyrical about the North East which he now represents and highlights its many attractions.

Conservative MSP Ross Thomson

He points to his "Aberdeen for Ever" tartan tie as evidence of his love for the Granite City. 

Mr Thomson points to the "SNP's tentacles of centralisation" which he says have grabbed local health services from the North East and pulled them to the central belt.

He says the belated announcement about a trauma centre for Aberdeen merits only a cautious welcome.

UK government stopping progress in promoting healthier lifestyle - SNP MSP

SNP MSP Emma Harper says great progress has been made in promoting a healthier Scotland with the smoking ban reducing heart and lung problems.

SNP MSP Emma Harper

The RCN nurse says the UK government have stopped more progress being made by cutting benefits for those with drug and alcohol problems.

Ms Harper says the Scottish government are looking at improving environments and raising people out of poverty which should help improve health.

She says addicts must be treated with dignity and respect. 

Background: NHS Scotland reports staffing at record high

Official figures have indicated the number of staff working in NHS Scotland has reached a record high.

But the use of agency nurses and midwives has increased substantially for the third year running.

Health secretary Shona Robison said the government was providing people with "the high-quality healthcare they deserve".

doctor and nurse

The Conservatives said the use of agency staff showed there were not enough people to cover essential work.

The figures showed that, at the end of March, 161,656 people were employed by the NHS in Scotland.

Since 2006, the workforce - excluding GPs and dentists - has increased by 9%.

Scottish Greens health priorities

Here's where the Scottish Greens stand on health:

  • a "Living Wage Plus" of £9 an hour for social care staff
Patrick Harvie and social care worker
  • push for a levy on retailers and caterers who choose to promote too much poor quality food
  • funding for NHS in Scotland increased to take account of "health time-bomb"
  • 50% increase in the Carer's Allowance to "recognise the value of unpaid care"

Background: Scottish Greens call for 'an end to funding cuts of wider public services'

Money for the NHS
Green MSP Alison Johnstone calls for an end to funding cuts

Alison Johnstone, of the Greens, put forward an amendment, not selected, calling for "an end to funding cuts of wider public services under the Scottish government's control" in a bid to reduce pressure on the NHS.

Ms Johnstone also said parliament should note that TTIP and similar deals "pose a serious threat to the NHS and other public services", and urge the UK government to oppose them.

'Targets only make sense when they are the right ones' - Green MSP

Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone says "Targets only make sense when they are the right ones."

Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone

Ms Johnstone says "We need to know if targets are skewering priorities."

She says her party firmly support prevention in health.

The Scottish Green MSP says too little is spent on mental health research. 

Plans to have a trauma centre in Aberdeen...

Scottish Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald says the plans to have two centralised trauma centres in Scotland in Glasgow and Edinburgh would fail to cover 25% of the population.

Scottish Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald

Mr Mcdonald says he is delighted that campaigns to introduce a trauma centre in Aberdeen were successful with all parties getting behind it during the election.  

Scottish government to consult with NHS staff on health service targets

New MSP Maree Todd 'fiercely proud' of NHS under SNP

SNP MSP Maree Todd
SNP MSP Maree Todd

SNP MSP Maree Todd gives her maiden speech stressing the "exhausting journeys" many rural patients face in the Highlands and Islands and the need to "think clever" in rural settings.

She stresses the need to work with communities on delivering the health service.  

Ms Todd says she has worked as a clinical pharmacist in mental health for 20 years and is "fiercely proud" of what the SNP has achieved in charge of the NHS.

The new SNP MSP says the NHS must deliver the services people want and where they want them.

She concludes saying the government will empower communities and find the right solutions. 

Motion not as inclusive as it could have been - Tory MSP

Scottish Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw says he and Shona Robison have been discussing health for nine years in one way or another.

Mr Carlaw says it is encouraging that there are newcomers to the health benches because it allows a line to be drawn under previous disagreements.  

Scottish Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw

The Tory MSP says he was a little disappointed in the motion because he believes it is not as inclusive as it could have been.

He says there is a consensus in the parliament that there should be a publicly owned, free to use health service. 

Mr Carlaw says there has been conflicting information from the SNP on budget and health spend. 

Our health correspondent's take on the review of NHS targets

Eleanor Bradford

BBC Scotland health correspondent

The Scottish government is to review the way it uses targets to measure the performance of the NHS.

Medics have long argued that they distort priorities, although tougher targets have successfully reduced the amount of time many people have to wait for treatment. 

There are around twenty targets that the NHS aims to meet. 

An expert group will examine the current system and make recommendations by the end of next April.

SNP must stop using the NHS as a 'political football' - Tory MSP

Scottish Conservative MSP Rachael Hamilton pays tribute to Muhammed Ali.

Ms Hamiltion echoes his quote: "Impossible is just a big word thrown about by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it". 

Rachael Hamilton and Muhammed Ali
Rachael Hamiltion follows her colleague Brian Whittle by quoting The Greatest.

Ms Hamilton says the SNP need to stop using the NHS as a "political football".

The Tory MSP says, in order to tackle inactivity, sports and physical activities should be encouraged for young people in and out of schools.

She says the Scottish government have new powers and it is "time to be accountable" by doing something with them.

SNP MSP gives moving testimony to highlight need to fight cancer

SNP MSP Ash Denham welcomes the government's new £100m cancer strategy, launched in March.

The new initiative aims to improve prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare for cancer patients in Scotland.  

In a moving contribution, Ms Denham explained the fight against cancer was, for her, a devastating, personal one.

SNP MSP Ash Denham

She said when she was 17-years-old her father was diagnosed with cancer and she was told nothing could be done.

He died 10 weeks later aged just 49-years-old .

Deaths like these "change things for ever".

That is why she says the new cancer strategy is very welcome.

Former international athlete calls for 'physical literacy'

Conservative MSP Brian Whittle gets to his feet to make his maiden speech. 

It is unclear what his footwear is today, but he is off and running.

Conservative MSP Brian Whittle

Mr Whittle, the former one shoed international athlete, goes on to talk about the importance of sport at schools in relation to health.

He says tackling preventable disease is crucial to avoid an economic health nightmare.

Conservative MSP Brian Whittle

The Conservative MSP says when given the chance, kids want to participate and he calls for physical literacy to be a priority. 

Mr Whittle concludes quoting the late Muhammed Ali: "He who is not courageous enough to take risks will achieve nothing in life."

Infant mental health awareness week highlighted by SNP MSP

SNP MSP Clare Haughey says this week is the first infant mental health awareness week and she hopes there will be many more.

SNP MSP Clare Haughey

Ms Haughey, says this will look at ways in which children integrate socially and mentally from birth until aged three. 

The SNP MSP says some parents have additional needs and family nurse partnerships can help with this.

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