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  1. Economy Secretary Keith Brown gave evidence to MSPs following Brexit
  2. Nicola Sturgeon announces an expert group to advise on aftermath of Brexit vote as MSPs debate the EU referendum.
  3. Education Secretary John Swinney announces Education Delivery Plan

Live Reporting

By Craig Hutchison and Colin Bell

All times stated are UK

That's all from Holyrood Live

Nicola Sturgeon
Scottish Parliament/Andrew Cowan
Nicola Sturgeon announces a standing council of experts on EU

That's all from us here at Holyrood Live on 28 June 2016.

This day at the Scottish Parliament was dominated by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announcing the setting up of a standing council of experts to provide her with advice following the Brexit vote.

Ms Sturgeon said she was "utterly determined" to protect Scotland's relationship with Europe.

We're back tomorrow morning from 9.30am with the Finance Committee, no doubt looking at the fallout from the Brexit vote.

Until then have a lovely evening.

Minister says Scotland has been excellently represented in France by its refereeing team

Sport Minister Aileen Campbell reveals she played for her university football team, only selected, she says, because she was the only player that could drive the bus.

Sport Minister Aileen Campbell

Ms Campbell says she is enjoying Euro 2016 and wishes Wales, as the only home nation left, well in their forthcoming quarter final.

She says it has been too long since Scotland reached a tournament.

The minister says Scotland has been excellently represented in France by its refereeing team. 

'It takes a wide network of people to make sport work'

Brian Whittle thanks Douglas Ross, not only for bringing the debate to parliament, but also for not sending him off in a recent match between MSPs and the RAF. 

The former athletics European medal winner says his football career was "sadly cut short by a lack of talent".

Brian Whittle

Mr Whittle says many referees and officials give up their own time to train in their own discipline to allow athletes to take the field of play.

The Conservative MSP says it takes a wide network of people to make a sport work.

He says some of these contributions go unheralded. 

Green MSP says referees and officials are essential

Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone also praises the men in black for their efforts.

Ms Johnstone says it is important to encourage youngsters to become referees.

Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone

She says she supports sport for all and a 1% increase in activity rates can save the NHS £3m a year.

Referees and officials are essential to increasing sporting activity. 

Labour MSP praises Scotland's refereeing team

Willie Colum has a disagreement with France striker Olivier Giroud
Getty Images
Willie Colum has a disagreement with France striker Olivier Giroud

Scottish Labour Lewis Macdonald says its sad the Scotland footaball team did not make it to France.

Mr Macdonald says he is glad the refereeing team did so well at Euro 2016. 

Call to join the men in black and take up the whistle

Mr Ross says if the performance of Willie Collum and his team encourages just one MSP to take up the whistle it will have been worth it. 

Euro 2016: 'Willie Collum strolled through the match'

With Scotland's players failing to qualify, referee Willie Collum is the only Scot on the field of play at this summer's European Championship. BBC Sport Scotland takes a light-hearted look at his performance in his first match, France's defeat of Albania in Marseille.

As the cameras panned along during the anthems, Willie Collum took this first opportunity to display his impeccable impartiality, and refused to sing the Albanian national anthem.

Willie Collum
Willie Collum

And if the resounding Marseillaise gave the Lanarkshire school master a trace of goosebumps, there was nothing on show but professional determination. "Evra? Martial? Giroud? I'll have any one of ye! And if Pogba gets on later, I'll have him tae!"

A smooth coin toss, a quick thumbs up, and Willie effortlessly blew this match into life.

Within one minute and 40 seconds, we had the first howler of the evening, when the ITV commentator Clive Tyldesley called Willie a Glasgow schoolteacher. The whole world knows Bellshill is not in Glasgow!

One Scottish team did make Euro 2016...

Scottish Conservative MSP Douglas Ross says his motion is about Scotland and Europe but he does not think we need to resurrect some of the arguments from the earlier debate.

Scottish Conservative MSP Douglas Ross

The MSP who is a Scottish referee says the country follows the national team through its highs and lows and it is disappointing they haven't qualified since 1998.

Mr Ross says he is here today to congratulate a team that did make Euro 2016.

The referee Willie Collum and his team. 

Member's business begins.... its celebrating the Scotland team at Euro 2016.... there is one appartently!

Scottish Conservative motion
Scottish Parliament

Scottish Conservative MSP Douglas Ross now leads a debate entitled 'Scottish team at Euro 2016'.

Here's his motion. 

BreakingNicola Sturgeon's motion from the EU referendum debate is passed

SNP motion
Scottish Parliament

Nicola Sturgeon's motion from the EU referendum debate is passed with 92 MSPs backing it and with 31 abstentions.

The Conservative amendment is defeated

Tory amendment
Scottish Parliament

The Conservative amendment is defeated with 34 MSPs backing it and 68 against and 21 abstentions

Looked after children a priority

Mr Swinney says looked after children are the young people with the greatest challenge in achieving good outcomes and addressing this lies at the heart of the delivery of meeting the attainment challenge. 

Teacher judgement on national assessment

Lib Dem MSP Tavish Scott asks how reducing teacher workload can happen when he has announced national assessment.

Mr Scott also asks if passing these assessments will be decided by teachers.

Mr Swinney says he is not suggesting increasing teacher workload but overhauling tests that are in place already.

The education secretary says ultimately we will be dependent on teacher judgement but this should be better informed. 

Pledge to ensure every child gets appropriate educational support

Mr Swinney says the key is to ensure every child is able to receive the appropriate support they need in their education.

The education secretary says more needs to be done to meet the needs with children with additional support needs.

Support for learning posts

Scottish Greens Alison Johnstone asks if support for learning jobs will be created to ensure those with additional needs have the support they require. 

Background: International schools advice panel for Scottish government

The Scottish government set up an international panel of education experts during the first cabinet meeting of the Holyrood term.  

The international council of educational experts will advise the government on improvements to schools and lessons which can be learned from other countries.

The new cabinet during its first meeting of the new Holyrood term at Bute House last month
The new cabinet during its first meeting of the new Holyrood term at Bute House last month

The Scottish government said the panel, which will be formed over the summer, will include authorities on closing the attainment gap in schools, achieving equality and educational system reform.

Ms Sturgeon said the announcement "demonstrates our determination to learn lessons from around the world to ensure that Scotland is a global leader in education".

Summary: Education Delivery Plan published

Education Delivery Plan confirms the Scottish Government will:

  • focus on closing the attainment gap by extending the reach, scope and investment of the Scottish Attainment Challenge over the next five years
  • launch a governance and funding review to examine the system changes required to empower schools, devolving funding and more decision-making to schools and communities
  • simplify Curriculum for Excellence and significantly streamline the current range of curriculum guidance for teachers, and introduce a simpler set of key resources for the profession by January 2017
  • invest in teachers and their skills to ensure we have highly qualified and empowered staff
  • move from a “culture of judgement” to a “system of judgement” to provide robust information on the education system to support improvement

Report on reducing bureaucracy and workload will be published

SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth asks what steps are being taken to ensure local authorities are tackling unnecessary bureaucracy.

SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth

Mr Swinney says there will be a report on reducing bureaucracy and teacher workload.

Delivery plan details ery significant funding for education says Swinney

Education Secretary John Swinney

Mr Swinney says he wishes to enable teachers to be free from bureaucracy and able to teach.

The education secretary says he wants the teaching profession to be able to focus on learning.

He says the government will look at inventive and innovative ways of getting new teachers, but they must be of "sufficient quality".

Mr Swinney says the delivery plan details the very significant funding that is being put in place to support education in Scotland. 

'No commitment here to protect education budgets'

Scottish Labour MSP Iain Gray welcomes the pledge to de-cluttering the curriculum and addressing the teacher workload.

Scottish Labour MSP Iain Gray

Mr Gray says there is is no commitment here to protect education budgets.

He says the deputy first minister should commit to protecting education budgets.

Funding allocations based on levels of deprivation

Mr Swinney says the government has already made allocations for local authorities and schools based on levels of deprivation.

John Swinney

The education secretary says he is reflecting on the issue of subject choices.

On the issue of early years, he says the government is making provision for the 600 hours of early years child care.

Question on allocation of funding for the most vulnerable pupils

Scottish Conservative MSP Liz Smith asks asks how the funds are going to allocated to the most vulnerable pupils.

Scottish Conservative MSP Liz Smith

Ms Smith also asks about subject choice and parent's concerns that this varies from school to school.

She asks where equity lies when nursery entitlement is not the same across the board.

Shared national endeavour

Mr Swinney concludes saying that closing the attainment gap and raising standards for all – delivering excellence and equity for all of our children and young people - must now be our shared national endeavour.

Head teachers funding

The minister says the government will invest £1.5 million over the next 3 years to support up to 160 aspiring headteachers every year to benefit from the “Into Headship” programme and nearly £1 million this year in Masters level learning for teachers.

Funding formula

The education secretary launches a review of governance alongside the Programme for Government. 

He says he will develop proposals for a fair and transparent national funding formula to ensure that resources go where they are needed most.

Pledge to encourgage everyone to participate fully in school life

Mr Swinney says the third theme of the plan is to create the right structures to encourage and enable everyone to participate fully in school life - children and young people, parents, teachers and communities. 

The education secretary says doing so represents the biggest opportunity to improve the outcomes and life chances of all our children and young people. 

Minister pledges to de-clutter the Curriculum for Excellence

Teacher in classroom

Mr Swinney says the second theme of the plan is the need to ensure the curriculum, applauded by the OECD, can be delivered so that teachers are free to teach and children have the opportunity to learn.

He pledges to de-clutter the Curriculum for Excellence.

Closing the attainment gap is an 'imperative'

Closing the attainment gap is not a choice but an imperative to creating a fairer and smarter Scotland

John SwinneyEducation secretary

Close the attainment gap


Mr Swinney announces his "tangible and deliverable plan for delivering excellence and equity in Scottish education with Parliament":

He says the first and overriding theme is to close the attainment gap between children from the most and least deprived backgrounds

Equal chance to succeed

The education secretary says: "We must ensure that every child no matter where they are from or how well off their family is has the same opportunities and an equal chance to succeed."

'A new journey for Scottish Education'

John Swinney

Mr Swinney says: "Today marks the start of a new journey for Scottish Education - a journey that will ensure we realise our ambition for excellence and equity for every child and young person in Scotland."

'A Delivery Plan for Excellence and Equity in Education' statement

Education Secretary John Swinney will now deliver his statement on A Delivery Plan for Excellence and Equity in Education.

'We must find a route forward'

Ms Hyslop says if Scotland is to advance its interests in the EU, the options must be identified.

Fiona Hyslop

She says we are now in unchartered waters but together "we must find a route forward".

The minister concludes by urging members to think forward to where we want Scotland to be in the future.

Call for direct engagement with EU and UK

The external affairs secretary says there must be direct engagement with EU institutions as well as the UK.

Hyslop says no-one has any idea what the Brexit plans are

Ms Hyslop says the government is committed to ensuring all Scotland's interests are protected at these difficult times.

EU flag

The external affairs secretary it is very important the Scottish government explores all the options in relation to the EU.

Ms Hyslop says no-one has any idea what the Brexit plans are and Tory MSP Oliver Mundell's call to wait and see is not good enough. 

Minister seeks to reassure EU citizens here in Scotland

External Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop says the Scottish government has a responsibility to provide reassurance to the EU citizens that have made Scotland their home.

External Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop

The minister says she has spoken to the ambassadors of France, Germany and Slovakia and underlined the government's commitment to their citizens.

She says the SNP have always argued the benefits of EU migration.

Minister blames the Tories for Brexit

It is about time the Conservatives faced up to what they have done.

Fiona HyslopExternal Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop

Do not focus on IndyRef2 warns Carlaw

Mr Carlaw says the fact Donald Tusk has turned down the first minister's call for a meeting does not auger well.

Donald Tusk
Donald Tusk

The Tory MSP says Ms Sturgeon began preparing the way for IndyRef2 before anyone began eating their breakfast on Friday.

He warns the SNP not to focus on IndyRef2 and says the first minister should be in London not on a bus tour of Europe.

Tory MSP attacks Jeremy Corbyn

Scottish Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw says few decisions taken by an electorate will have such a profound impact, as the EU referendum.

Mr Carlaw says he accepts the result but he shares the dismay the first minister expressed on Friday.

Scottish Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw

He congratulates the first minister for her efforts for the Remain campaign, but he says the Scottish party with the largest percentage of its members voting Leave was hers.

Mr Carlaw adds to Mr Corbyn's troubles by accusing him of shockingly bad leadership.

He says Kezia Dugdale should "stew in the shame of her own juices" after the performance of Jeremy Corbyn.