1. The Finance Committee took evidence from Finance and Constitution Secretary Derek Mackay for the first time since the Brexit vote
  2. President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins addresses a meeting of MSPs in the chamber
  3. Communities, Social Security and Equalities ministers were in the hot seat for portfolio questions
  4. The government gave a statement for the 2015-2016 provisional outturn
  5. The government led a debate on gender and the workplace

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By Colin Bell and Craig Hutchison

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That's all from Holyrood Live

Scottish Parliament
Scottish Parliament
Scottish Parliament

That's all from Holyrood Live on 29 June 2016.

We're back with the European and External Relations Committee from 9am tomorrow morning.

Until then have a peaceful evening.

'This is a tragedy that should and could have been prevented'

International Development and Europe Minister Alasdair Allan says the genocide at Srebrenica shattered the lives of thousands more people than the 8,000 who were killed.

Mr Allan says: "This is a tragedy that should and could have been prevented."

The minister says it represents a failure of the international community that shames us all. 

Europe Minister Alasdair Allan

He says the Scottish government is proud of supporting the work of Remembering Srebrenica.

Mr Allan also point to the Scots who went to the aid of those in Bosnia praising Edinburgh Direct Aid.

The minister highlights the sacrifice of Christine Witcutt, an aid worker from Wishaw who died in 1993 during the civil war there.

He concludes saying we say never again and we must mean it.

Europe minister says politician's rhetoric can have consequences

If you feed people poison and bile sometimes they will respond and in the most terrible ways.

Alasdair AllanEurope Minister

UN inaction 'shameful'

SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson says whether in four minutes, four days or four weeks it is impossible to do this massacre justice with so many people brutally murdered.

SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson

Mr Gibson says UN inaction was shameful and questions remain as to whether this could have been prevented.

The SNP MSP says the perpetrators have been convicted of war crimes or are dead but whether things could have been done differently to prevent the massacre cannot be discussed enough. 

SNP MSP says we must never forget Srebrenica genocide

SNP MSP Ivan McKee
SNP MSP Ivan McKee

SNP MSP Ivan McKee says he has not visited Srebrenica but in the winter of 1995 he was in Bosnia on an aid convoy with Edinburgh Direct Aid.

Mr McKee says the memories are etched in his mind, from protection for children from snipers to the local hospital using washing machines to provide electricity.

The SNP MSP says he has returned to help build a factory in the north of the country.

Mr McKee says the Bosnian war was one of the most shameful moments in European history.

He says we must never forget Srebrenica.

Labour MSP commends the board of Remembering Srebrenica

Labour MSP Jenny Marra says she visited Bosnia last September and says she had dreaded the trip as she knew she would be greatly affected by what she would find there.

Ms Marra said Ruth Davidson had warned her of the emotional impact of the visit and she was right.

Labour MSP Jenny Marra

However the Labour MSP says she was surprised by the incredible enjoyment of the trip to Bosnia as it is a beautiful country with beautiful people.

Ms Marra says the economy and future of Bosnia rests on the EU.

She says Irish President Mike D. Higgins reminded MSPs today of the moral duty to prevent wars.

The Labour MSP commends the board of Remembering Srebrenica. 

'Difficult to accept' this was only 21 years ago

SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson says it is difficult to accept that this happened 21 years ago.

SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson

Mr Stevenson says many who died were children and this was hardly a long time ago.

Timeline: Siege of Srebrenica

In the summer of 1995, two years after being designated a United Nations Safe Area, the Bosnian town of Srebrenica became the scene of the worst massacre in the Bosnian war.  

Click here for an account of the critical days leading up to the genocide.

'Evil was allowed to flourish'

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson says this last week has been a tumultuous one for Scottish and British politics but this debate is a timely reminder that our responsibilities go further than that.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson
Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson

Ms Davidson says of Srebrenica: "Evil was allowed to flourish on a continent that had sworn never again."

The Tory MSP says she found her visit to Srebrenica moving and praises the Bosnians who have come to live in Scotland for their contribution.

The Scottish Conservative leader says Scotland and Bosnia will face off in Glasgow in the Football Homeless World Cup and she hopes the ties of the two peoples will shine through.

Ms Davidson says: "We must never be complacent and simply presume such atrocities have been consigned to history."

Remembering Srebrenica

The SNP MSP says this debate is about bearing witness.

The 21st anniversary of the genocide at Srebrenica in Bosnia takes place in July 2016.

People beside graves
Srebrenica anniversary marked in 2011

The United Kingdom's Srebrenica Memorial Week organised by the charity, Remembering Srebrenica, will run from 10 to 17 July with the theme, 21: Coming of age - time to act,

Mr Russell says what happened in Srebrenica must never happen again.

Mothers of the victims seek justice

Mr Russell says the mothers of the victims of Srebrenica would not be silenced and have sought justice for the 8,000 Bosnians who were murdered. 

Woman weeps beside graves
Getty Images

The SNP MSP tells of hearing the story of a young boy who was shot and survived having been under a pile of bodies.

Mr Russell says the task of finding the bodies has taken two decades. 

SNP MSP says the world failed to stop the genocide

SNP MSP Mike Russell welcomes members of the Srebrenica UK charity to the gallery.

SNP MSP Mike Russell

Mr Russell says on his visit to Srebrenica he listened in tears to stories of the genocide. 

He says the world failed to stop the genocide.

Background: Srebrenica massacre explained in under two minutes

Men digging

In July 1995, Bosnian Serb forces killed more than 8,000 Bosnian Muslims who were meant to be under UN protection.

How did this massacre happen? And what are its lasting effects?

Myriam Francois-Cerrah explains, in less than two minutes.

Commemorating the 21st Anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide debate

SNP motion
Scottish Parliament

SNP MSP Michael Russell leads this evening's member's debate entitled 'Commemorating the 21st Anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide'. Here's Mr Russell's motion. 

Scottish government motion as amended is also agreed to unanimously

Government motion
Scottish Parliament

Scottish Labour amendment unanimously agreed to

Labour amendment
Scottish Parliament

Decision time now and the Scottish Conservative amendment is rejected

Tory amendment
Scottish Parliament

Decision time now and, as predicted, the Scottish Conservative amendment is rejected with 30 MSPs backing it and 93 voting against.

Solving inequality is the smart thing to do says minister

The equalities minister says solving inequality in the work place is not just the right thing to do but the smart thing to do.

Angela Constance

Ms Constance says the government will continue to support the real living wage and that is why the SNP won't support the Tory amendment. 

Scottish government will uphold women's rights enshrined in EU law

The equalities secretary calls on local authorities to settle equal pay claims.

European Parliament
European Parliament

Ms Constance praises the rights enshrined in EU law and she says the Scottish government will uphold these rights as they have done so much for women's equality.

Minister determined to fight pregnancy and maternity discrimination

Ms Constance says the government is determined fight discrimination of pregnant women and women on maternity.

pregnant woman

The equalities secretary says the full time gender pay gap has decreased but she says the pay gap for the over 50's is particularly stubborn and it may be related to that premium on caring that women have.

She says Labour MSP Pauline McNeill is right when she says this should be looked into further.

Holyrood must guard against complacency on gender inequality

Equalities Secretary Angela Constance

Equalities Secretary Angela Constance says the parliament must guard against complacency despite having a women as first minister, women as leaders of the three major parties and a 50:50 cabinet.

Ms Constance says: "There are very visible and invisible barriers for women the length and breadth of this country."

Call to back Tory amendment

Mr Kerr again says positive discrimination and quotas are wrong and calls on opposing parties to back his parties amendment.

They won't. 

Tory MSP attacks lack of Lib Dems in this debate

Scottish Labour MSP Monica Lennon intervenes asking about the lack of female Conservatives speaking in this debate.

Liam Kerr

Mr Kerr says there are more Conservative women now thanks to the electorate.

The Conservative MSP says the Lib Dems has never had a leader here or at Westminster and points out all five of their MSPs are men. 

He says it is unacceptable that the Lib Dems have not shown up in this debate.

Tory MSP speaks against quotas

Scottish Conservative MSP Liam Kerr says there is some good work being done to address gender inequality.

Mr Kerr says UK legislation on maternity and pregnancy rights goes well beyond the EU legislation.

Nicola Sturgeon, Kezia Dugdale and Ruth Davidson
Tory MSP says three party leaders required no quotas

He says the three largest parties in Scotland have women leaders and they got there without quotas.

The Tory MSP says gender quotas and positive discrimination are counter intuitive.

Labour to vote against Tory amendment

Parents must promote the idea of equal opportunities to their young girls, says Ms McNeill.

The Labour MSP says she will not support the Tory amendment as it promotes the National Living Wage from George Osborne not the real living wage. 

Call for a more flexible childcare policy

Labour MSP Pauline McNeill asks what flexible childcare actually looks like.


Ms McNeill says Labour support free childcare but says a more flexible childcare policy is needed.

'A women's place is in the union'

Ms McNeill says she believes a women's place is in the union and calls on the minister to talk to the unions about this issue.

'Inequalities remain deep'

Labour MSP Pauline McNeill takes to her feet to close for her party and says inequalities remain deep.

Labour MSP Pauline McNeill

Ms McNeill praises the briefing from Engender and says occupational segregation is a serious problem.

She welcomes Mr Hepburn saying he will chair the Advisory Council on Women and Girls.

The Labour MSP says women are the front line victims of austerity. 

SNP MSP says says it is shocking young girls expect a gender pay gap

SNP MSP Sandra White
SNP MSP Sandra White

SNP MSP Sandra White says women provide around 70% of unpaid care.

She says 74% of claimants for the carers allowance are women as well.

The SNP MSP the programmes being devolved to Holyrood provide an opportunity.

Ms White says it is shocking and worrying that young girls expect there to be a gender pay gap.

She says the media are never held to account for the flippant way they portray women and girls and this needs to be tackled.

Green MSP welcomes Advisory Council on Women and Girls

Scottish Green MSP Andy Wightman says more needs to be done to address the gender pay gap.

Scottish Green MSP Andy Wightman

Mr Wightman says segregation in training remains a problem.

The Scottish Green MSP says he welcomes the Scottish government's commitment Advisory Council on Women and Girls to advise on tackling occupational segregation. 

Welcome publication of 'New Perspectives on the gender pay

SNP MSP Ruth Maguire

SNP MSP Ruth Maguire says she welcomes the publication of the New Perspectives on the Gender Pay Gap.

Ms Maguire says the glass ceiling in science prevents women pursuing their individual ambition and points out that it costs the Scottish economy an estimated £170m a year.

Stereotypes have to be overcome to encourage women into male dominated sectors

Conservative MSP Alison Harris says progress has been made nationally and in Scotland with regard to women in work but much more can be done.

Conservative MSP Alison Harris

Ms Harris says stereotypes need to be overcome to allow women to enter traditionally male dominated jobs and sectors.

The Conservative MSP says training and education in these sectors is the only way to balance gender in these workplaces.

SNP MSP says Brexit will impact more on the 'precarious women worker'

SNP MSP Christine McKelvie says Brexit will impact more on the precarious women worker than on any other cohort.

Ms McKelvie says: "Deputy presiding officer, well behaved women seldom make history after all."

Christine McKelvie and Christine Grahame

Deputy Presiding Officer Christine Grahame asks if she is to take that personally, to chuckles around the chamber.

The SNP MSP carries on and calls for an end to the glass ceiling and the sticky floor in the future.

Background: SNP urged to tackle digital skills 'gap' in science and computing

There has been a drop in the percentage of girls taking computing Highers, according to SQA figures

Scottish Labour has called on the Scottish government to do more to encourage young women to study subjects like computing and the sciences.

The party's Iain Gray said Scotland faced a skills gap of 10,000 digital jobs over the next decade.

He claimed numbers of girls studying physics, biology, chemistry and computing Highers had fallen.

But the SNP later said the number of girls studying physics, biology and chemistry had actually increased.

And it said Labour only counted the old Higher in their figures, excluding the Revised Higher and the new CfE Higher, and had therefore presented a "highly misleading picture of Scottish education".

Close the gap

Labour MSP Monica Lennon says young girls are telling her that they do not expect to earn as much in boys in the computing industry.

Female pupils studying

Ms Lennon says the two 11 year old girls accept the gender pay gap and she feels guilty that that "we are letting them down".

She says too many women do not stay working in STEM areas after qualifying which is a waste of talent and resource.

The Labour MSP says old fashioned attitudes persist and she praises the work of Close the Gap.

SNP MSP highlights discrimination she faced for having a baby

SNP MSP Gillian Martin says she faced discrimination in the private sector when she decided to have a baby.

Ms Martin says when she returned from maternity leave she lost the chance of training.

SNP MSP Gillian Martin

She says she moved to the public sector as a teacher and had a far better experience at work.

The SNP MSP says professional women driven into work below their skill set costs Scotland money and she hopes in the future debates like these will not be necessary.

Loss of college places 'does not help'

Scottish Conservative MSP Rachel Hamilton says her party is taking a "common sense approach" to this problem.

Ms Hamilton says the Scottish Conservatives have proposed various measures such as an increase in female pupils studying stem subjects in schools.

Scottish Conservative MSP Rachel Hamilton

The Scottish Conservative MSP says the government are failing to encourage female pupils to participate in subjects such as science.

She says the loss of college places certainly does not help women trying to get back into work after having a family.

Ms Hamilton says in a recruitment process dominated by men in suits, many women are put off. 

"Many women count themselves out before getting to a recruitment process", She says.