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  1. MSPs take part in a two-day debate on whether to ask for a second independence referendum
  2. Permission for a new poll has to come from the UK government which said "now is not the time"
  3. Prime Minister Theresa May confirms she will trigger the start of Brexit negotiations next week
  4. Reporting Scotland put the issues of Brexit and the referendum in the spotlight for a special debate
  5. The panel included the SNP's Fiona Hyslop and Conservative MSP Adam Tomkins

Live Reporting

By Steven Brocklehurst and Catherine Lyst

All times stated are UK

Continue following the debate on the possibility of a second referendum

At 17:30 on Wednesday, MSPs will vote on whether to make a request to the UK government for permission to hold a second independence referendum.

The first day of the debate took place on Tuesday and it will continue after 14:00 on Wednesday.

What will Brexit mean?

Brian Taylor

BBC Scotland Political Editor

BBC Scotland Political Editor Brian Taylor said there was a "parity of uncertainty" on both sides in the debate. He said there were doubts all round as to what Brexit meant.

The debate comes to a close

Fiona Hyslop answers the final question from Glenn Campbell by saying that the Scottish government has been trying to play a constructive part in the negotiations over Brexit.

'Good to welcome EU citizens'

Fiona Hyslop said "our respect for EU nationals is central to the type of country we want to be".

She added that it was also good economically to welcome EU citizens.

The SNP MSP also questioned whether EU nationals would want to come to the UK any more. 

Mr Tomkins said there was no need for the EU nationals to be a difficult part of the negotiations.

Fiona Hyslop says UKgov has failed to show "decency and respect" by using status of EU nationals as a "bargaining chip" #RepScotDebate

Adam Tomkins says he wants PM to guarantee status of EU nationals as soon as possible - but holdup is down to EU members who won't negotiate

'Immigration enriches society'

Adam Tomkins said it was "not appropriate" to make the guarantee on the future of EU nationals until there was a reciprocal agreement with other UK countries.

Mr Tomkins said he felt immigration enriched society and he wanted the prime minister to make the guarantee but it had to be part of the deal.

'Bargaining chips'

Fiona Hyslop said there were 181,000 EU nationals living in Scotland.

The UK government has chosen not to give guarantees to those people about their future, Ms Hyslop said.

They cannot be used a "bargaining chips", the SNP minister added.


Your views on the debate

#repscotdebate if the people of Scotland are sovereign - then listen - the majority don't want another referendum.

#repscotdebate why do we have to respect democracy by barring democracy? I can't understand the basic hypocrisy at the heart of this debate

'Land grab'

Fiona Hyslop asks for assurances that the UK government will not take the powers for agriculture and fisheries in Scotland when the are "repatriated" from Europe.

Adam Tomkins responded that she wanted them to remain with Europe.

The Tory MSP said he wanted to nail the "myth" that the UK government would have a "land grab" of powers that come back from Europe. 

New powers 'inevitable consequence'

Adam Tomkins is asked if the Scottish Parliament will become more powerful after Brexit.

He said it was "an inevitable consequence" of Brexit that the Scottish Parliament would get new powers.

Single market 'absolutely vital' to exports

Fiona Hyslop is asked if the UK can make a success of leaving the EU.

She said the EU single market was "absolutely vital" to Scotland's exports.

She said every country in the world could have access to the single market but Scotland wanted to be a member to get the best terms.

Ms Hyslop said any deal we get with the EU after Brexit would be worse than what we currently had and it would cost jobs and growth.

'Free-est access to single market'

Adam Tomkins campaigned for Remain during the EU referendum but he said he now wanted the best Brexit deal for the whole of the UK.

He said the prime minister wants the "free-est access to the single market" but also the ability to make trade deals with the rest of the world.

He said Brexit contained risks but we should "all pull together" to get the best deal possible.

EU question four

'Out of European Union'

Fiona Hyslop said: "If we let Scotland drift for the next two years we will definitely be out of the European Union."

She said the Brexit terms of reference would be set out by Autumn 2018 so that was the time to have an independence referendum. 

'Not standing in the way'

Adam Tomkins said the prime minister was "standing up" for Scottish majority opinion NOT "standing in the way of the Scottish majority opinion" as Ms Hyslop had claimed.

What if it's a 'no' to referendum?

If the prime minister says "no" to a referendum will the Scottish government still hold one?, asked Glenn Campbell.

Fiona Hyslop repeatedly said the Scottish government was going through the process of getting a second referendum but did not clarify whether it would hold a referendum if the UK government would not allow a legally-binding vote.

'Very dangerous'

The SNP's Fiona Hyslop said it was "very dangerous" to be held hostage by the UK government over Brexit.

She said Theresa May had to "respect the sovereignty of the Scottish people".

If she does not, it would be an "outrage", Ms Hyslop said..

'Non-binding' on UK government

Mr Tomkins says the vote by the Scottish Parliament on independence was "non-binding" on the UK government.

He said that now was not the time for a vote when Thersa May was embarking on the Brexit negotiations.

'Different to first referendum'

Tory MSP Adam Tomkins said what happened last week was different to the first referendum. Nicola Sturgeon issued a "unilateral" demand, he said.

Mr Tomkins said the prime minister was absolutely right that now was not the time to ask this question again.

The Edinburgh Agreement that set up the last referendum said it must be "clear, fair, legal and decisive".

Mr Tomkins said it would not be "fair" to make people vote before they knew what the Brexit deal would be. 

'Brexit has changed everything'

Fiona Hyslop said: "Brexit has changed everything."

She said it was important that the people of Scotland had a choice when the "headlines" about the Brexit deal were available in about 18 months time.

Question One

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Background: Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland's future 'should not be imposed'

Nicola Sturgeon has insisted that Scotland's future should be decided by the people who live there rather than being "imposed upon us".

The first minister was speaking as she asked Holyrood to back her call for a second independence referendum.

Ms Sturgeon wants a vote to be held in the autumn of next year or the spring of 2019.

Nicola Sturgeon

However, the UK government has already said it will block the move until after the country leaves the EU.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson claimed voters were "sick to death of the SNP's games" over independence as the pro-UK opposition parties argued that there was no appetite for another referendum just two and a half years after the first one.

Ruth Davidson

MSPs Tomkins and Hyslop go head-to-head

After the first day of a two-day Holyrood debate into whether there should be a second Scottish independence referendum, Reporting Scotland is hosting a live debate on the country's future.

Adam Tomkins and Fiona Hyslop
Conservative MSP Adam Tomkins and SNP minister Fiona Hyslop